Wild NASCAR Finish at Phoenix

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It was Kevin Harvick in Victory Lane at Phoenix after passing Kyle Busch with just a few laps remaining to take the win. But no one is talking about that.

The two big stories of the day were Jimmie Johnson losing the points lead to Brad Keselowski after a late race wreck, and Jeff Gordon waiting on Clint Bowyer in order to intentionally wreck him and the fight that followed.

Jimmie Johnson came to Phoenix the Sprint Cup points leader, and a sixth championship seemed to be in sight. But a blown tire sent Johnson hard into the wall and then to the garage for repairs. Johnson left Phoenix with a 20 point deficit to Brad Keselowski. A 15th place finish next week at Homestead will give the title to Keselowski no matter how well Johnson finishes.


Fights, Wrecks and Championship Hopes Gone

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer were involved in a minor racing incident that escalated to a major melee late in the race. The two were racing for position and made contact which resulted in Gordon brushing the wall and cutting a tire.

An angry Jeff Gordon slowed on the racetrack and waited for Bowyer to come around. Gordon then crashed Bowyer hard into the wall in retaliation taking out Joey Logano and very nearly Brad Keselowski in the process.

After Gordon climbed from the No. 24 Chevrolet on pit road he was mobbed by Bowyer’s crew and a huge fight broke out between the two race teams.

But it did not end there. When Clint Bowyer heard about all that he made a run for Jeff Gordon’s hauler, and made it to the front door before being stopped. Bowyer was looking to even the score.

Jeff Gordon was wrong to crash Bowyer like that. Plain and simple. That wreck and its aftermath resulted in a lot of wrecked race cars, and nearly took out the championship leader.

Gordon and Bowyer were both summoned to the NASCAR hauler after the race, along with several members of both teams. NASCAR should do the right thing and park Gordon for one race as they have done Kyle Busch for a similar incident in the past.

What would you do if you were NASCAR?




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  1. Mama Donia on
  2. I got disgusted with the whole race and turned it off before the end, I missed all this but Jeff can be a big A– HOLE and I agree that he should pay for some of his stuff, that he does. It seems he feels no-one is suppose to get near him, in other words he thinks he is MR JEFF GORDON, better than anyone else!!!!!

  3. Jerry Dumer on
  4. Yes, Gordon should sit out the last race.

  5. j narron on
  6. jeff had enough of beening pushed around so, take care of business like they did in the old day,s (richard petty. dale earnhart , cal yar and a few of the old drivers

  7. Merle on
  8. Hold on, go back through the season and see the times Mr Clint bower thought he was Mr. hon sho…….Gordon did it and I would have took him out also……..when you have been tested so long, show them you are not going to take it……..End of season anyway and look at his whole crew jumping on Gordon and no I am not a Gordon fan, but right it right……Nascar is not going to do anything with Bower or hasn’t so when you can’t get any support you take it in your own hands I am for Gordon racing next week ……….

  9. Dawn Hayes on
  10. I think Jeff Gordan should be parked for more than one race and lose points. If his last name was Earnhardt that us exactly what would happen without any thought to it. I remember Dale Sr. being black flagged for a missing lug but & come to find out it was there just not the same color….position and time could not go back the damage for that race was done. Gordan has been given too many handouts from NASCAR as it is !!!!!!!!

  11. Deb on
  12. They parked Kyle Busch when he did it so Gordon is no better.

  13. vivian on
  14. i think he did what he had to do. jeff had enought from bowyer. since bowyer started winning races he think he can do whatever he can and get by with it. bowyer should have been called down before any of this happen. bowyer love to push, but he dont like the results of it. all i can say is GO JEFF GO

  15. John on
  16. Mama Donia on—–It,s plain that you have never been around a race team. You get tired of someone taking you out, so you retaliate just like we used to do in the-good-ole-days. A lot of the fan’s JUST-GO TO SEE THE EXCITEMENT,QUIT COMPLAINING AND THINK HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF your driver GOT PUT INTO THE WALL by Bowyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR BETTER YET IF YOU HAD TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. walter on
  18. Good for Jeff. Was not a Gordon fan but Jeff should whip that boys butt. Let him race, he earned it.

  19. John on

  21. John on
  22. Yes park his butt. Rules apply to him just like anyone else.

    down for one race

  23. Frank on
  24. WAY TO GO JEFF. Don’t park him. He stuck up for himself!!

  25. Gabe on
  26. Reminds me of years back, when retribution was sure and swift, if you intentionally wrecked another driver…It may fill up the stands again…Let ‘em race! :)

  27. Mavis Rideout on
  28. I compare this to the Busch-Hornaday truck incident in 2011. Not quite the same but close enough that I feel Jeff Gordon should get the same punishment and be parked for a race. It’s not going to hurt him except financially as he can’t win the championship anyway. Last year Hornaday had a chance to win the championship and Kyle took that away. I would say park him. Wish drivers would learn to settle things off the track.

  29. Melinda on
  30. Yes. Jeff should definitely be parked. It was discussed as usual in the drivers meeting to NOT get in the way of or wreck a chase contender if you are not in the chase. And Jeff thought he was above common courtesy and the unwritten rule did not apply to him. Then he runs from the fight and has to be escorted to his hauler-what is he afraid of? I guarantee that if the tables were turned he would be just as upset as Clint was and it would be “just racin”. His behavior was childish-he would have done better to seek his revenge in a later race.

  31. Joe on
  32. Racing is a dangerous sport. Todays cars are far safer to drive to day than any time in the past. However, Dale Senior was killed while attempting to protect two of his “own” team drivers, Dale Jr. and Michael Waldtrip while they led the Datona 500. He was driving just a little bit “TOO” agressive. Suppose Gordens agressive act had caused someone their life. It didn’t have to be Bowyer. It might have been anyone else following behind Bowyer. If that had happend, Nascar would likely park Jeff for life. Dupont would likely pull their sponsership. As a matter of fact, someone else might have teeboned gordon and crippled him for life, or worse, killed him. There are ways to resolve issues without risking the lives of fellow racers who are having nothing to do with Jeffs petty whining. PARK HIM, TAKE AWAY THE MONEY HE EARNED TODAY, AND DO NOT REWARD HIM FOR ANY MONEY HE MAY BE ENTITLED TO FOR FINISHING IN THE CUP AT ANY PLACE.

    Yea! I know this sounds like an excessive penilty, but the sport too dangerous for “spoiled child tactics”. Bumping and grinding are just a part of the sport. Cars are often sucked into each other when one overtakes and passes the other. I am not a Clint Bowyer Fan. And I am not a Jeff Gordon fan either. The respect I have for Jeff regarding his success on the track has been tried.

    “Jeff, you have been measured, tried and found wanting. Git a grip!

  33. Judie on
  34. It works both ways.Bowyer,has taken enough crap from Gordon too.You can bet if he waited for Gordon,& wrecked him,his ass would probably be out. Gordon is the biggest cry baby in Nascar,always has an excuse for everything. It’s time he gets hit with the rule book too.I don’t care if it is the last race ,he needs to set out,& think abt the trouble he caused. Between Gordon,& Johnson,they seem to play by there own rules.If they get caught doing something wrong, it get candy coated,& Henricks takes care of it.I THINK FANS NEED TO COMPLAIN LOUDLY TO KEEP GORDON OUT THE NEXT RACE,& HIT HIM WITH A HEAVY FINE,& PROBATION, GOING INTO NEXT SEASON.HE’S NO BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE,& NEEDS TO REMEMBER THAT..BUSCH GOT BY WITH ALOT TIL NASCAR FINALLY DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  35. J R on
  36. And he should set out Daytona the first race of the year… I have lost all respect for Jeff and will not change my mind. If it happened to him when he was in the chase he would cry cry cry… By Jeff… Previous, but no more fan.

  37. Brenda Magee on
  38. I feel they both should be put on probation. Boyer said he was going to kill him and ran to Gordon’s hauler. Boyer whole team was inappropriate behavior after the race. Also, Brad K. language in the media center was uncalled for. That is not good representation for NASCAR. At one time NASCAR deducted points for drivers using profanity.

  39. john greenwood on

    GO JEFF, YOU ARE MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. john greenwood on

  43. john greenwood on

  45. Art on
  46. Mr. Boyer has always been a dirty racer and its time he pays the price. I’m not a Jeff fan – but do beleive he had to give Mr. 5 hr a taste of his own medicine.

  47. AZomah on
  48. I really don’t give a darn about jg, he is what he is! Was very happy to see Mr. Hendricks little jj finish badly!! GO BRAD!! I say that because I am fed up with seeing my driver do so bad! I will admit that he is and always will be number 4 on the hms list of importance! hms only signed him for t-shirt sales and like a dummy his sister got him signed for another 5 years! Then that JERK hendrick fired Uncle, Pops, just because ball baby smasica p, can’t handle the cars, course she couldn’t handle indy cars either! Could not attend race today, my body would not let me, but it is just as well, got really irritated with my Jr. running in the 20′s! Highlight of race was Brad!! I have an autographed car of his when he was driving for JRM! Driving for US Navy!! GO BRAD, anyone but crybaby jj!

  49. Sammi Adkins on
  50. Bumpin and rubbin in races are one issue but not when you deliverately wait for a car to come around so you can have at it.

  51. Semdelsyst on
  52. Jeff should sit out for at least the next race. Not for taking out Boyer, but for risking the lives of other drivers and wrecking 2 cars not involved in their personal spat. Off the track is where that should have settled.

  53. AZomah on
  54. Little jeffie got called into nascar hauler, probably have to wait until Tues. to find out reaults.

  55. Jim V on
  56. Racin is Racin. Looked to me like the old day’s, Have At It.

  57. wayne bratton on
  58. I just think it it is hard nose racing,and I think it is very exciting.That”s what Stock Car Racing is,tough aggressive driving.The Fans were all cheering as this is NASCAR Racing at it”s best.As for the brawl,happens all the time in hockey so what is the big deal.I like both drivers, and hope there is no suspensions.

  59. Lewis K on
  60. Yes Jeff & Clint should be parked
    next week at the last race.

  61. Big Mike on
  62. Hey RaceFans,Yesi do think that Jeff Gordon & Clint Bower as well as the should be suspended indefinitely because racing is to dangerous to be showing tempers and having hotheads behind the wheel of 750 HP race car.

  63. Bill on
  64. He should sit out several races

  65. Judy on
  66. Park him and fine him. He is no better then anyone else and he should have to pay up.

  67. Swampy on
  68. This reminds me of playing pool. Emotions will surface when things aren’t going all that well. Park him and don’t fine him.

  69. Grandma on
  70. Gordon should be parked next week and probably fined…..it was way too obvious that he was waiting for Clint! His actions also took out several others!

    BUT, Nascar blew it at the very end of the race…..there should have been a caution flag!

    I think they both should be parked for the next race, altho, I can’t blame Jeff.. Boyer had it coming.

    I totally agree. They do it to everyone else.

  71. ladyred on
  72. I’m not a Gordon fan but like Bowyer even less. He has gotten too big for his britches, thinking he is one of the stars. He and Gordon have been going at it for a while now and finally something had to give, Bowyer probably would have done it if he had the chance….he is a little too proud of himself. Fans want excitement, they got it.
    PLEASE TAKE THAT 5-HOUR ENERGY OFF TV..enough of the prancing around…


  73. Pegi on
  74. Gee John, shouting doesn’t make you right!!!

  75. frank on
  76. @ John…….another one of those if you keep getting wrecked by boyer stuff…………….your an idiot just like gordan and his crew chief……….if they give that answer to nascar they should all be fined and suspended. Btw John….watch the replay of Gordan hitting the wall and you will see after the initial contact gordan never lost control until he came back down and hit Boyer and then hey put himself in the wall……………..such a cry baby…………….how would you feel if you driver kept getting pushed into the wall…………waa waa waa……………………NO CRY BABIES!

  77. Mama Donia on
  78. JOHN, for your information, I have been going to races, probably before you were even born, don’t give me your crap!!!!! My husband use to work on race teams and furthermore, he also use to work at Atlanta doing rescue when the drivers would wreck. I don’t like Jeff and I don’t like Clint, but Jeff is just what I said, an “A– HOLE”. If you remember he got hot and heavy with Jr. when Jr. got up behind him and took the air off Jeff’s spoiler, a few races ago, and you don’t mess with Jr when it comes to us fans of Jr. I say park his “BUTT”, he needs to learn he is not the only driver out on the track. Maybe somebody will whip his “A–”, away from the track where they will not be fined, period!!!!!

  79. Elaine on
  80. Gordon fully intended to take Bowyer out without a thought about how many others he took out with him. Logano and Almarola were innocent bystanders. Logano had a very good finish coming his way and was taken out by some idiot retaliating. Whiny Bag was in the wrong but the end result was exciting.
    Nascar should have thrown the caution flag with Danica hit the wall and took out nearly the whole field with the oil on the track. That was just wrong.
    I am really sick of hearing how great OLD FIVE TIME & KNAUSS are. There are many good drivers and crew chiefs out there on pit road that never get any credit for doing what they do and It is like Hendricks drivers are the only drivers on the track. Why not let those four drivers run a seperate race and leave them off the track when the other 39 drivers are racing. They interview JJ after every race regardless of where he finishes but don’t bother to interview any other drivers finishing in the top 10 like they should. It is getting really ridiculous at how the other drivers are treated compared to the Hendricks drivers. I’m pretty sick of it myself and I know for a fact that others are too.
    I think Gordon should have to pay for the cars he took out by his childish ways and be parked next week.
    I hope Joey Logano comes back with a vegeance in the #22 next year and shows them all what a fantastic driver is has become. Maybe he will be a little more aggressive and win some races. GO JOEY!!!!!!!!!

  81. Jo-Anne H on
  82. No Gordon should not be parked he stood up for himself.

    Clint shoyuld be parked and Clint’s crew should be benched

  83. KDBones on
  84. I have never been a Jeff Gordon fan, but I am starting to like him. I do not like Bowyer whatsoever he has always pushed people around to get whatever position he wanted. I have watched him wreck my driver and his own teammate in the process a few years back and no one parked him. If they park Jeff they should park Bowyer too. I feel this was not just today though that this had been brewing. Bowyer and Gordan have been going at each other for weeks. Most drivers who will retaliate if they feel they are treated badly on the track. They do not think of the consequences to other drivers unfortunately. I have heard it time and time again. I am sorry. This is a sport where people get hurt and what have I heard so many times? “Rubbing is racing” I am sorry but I do like to watch for those crashes they make the sport interesting how many people love to watch a race where there are no Red Flashing Lights. They only exciting part is the last 3 laps. If all races were like this how many people would honestly watch it. You have to let them race. Keep them safe and you are doing better each year. If you are going to fine them fine. OK, but keep it the same for all. If you crash some one for bumping then both drivers should be parked. Not all drivers were as honest as Jeff was yesterday and I do applaud his honesty it is refreshing to hear him admit he did it on purpose. Most of them do but are not man enough to admit it. Jeff you are teaching your children honesty very well and I hope you handle the consequences as well as the honesty. I just hope NASCAR treats you both the same.

  85. joe on
  86. i think jeff should be required to miss the next race what he did was stupid if anything he could have taken more out that is so stupid

  87. LadyE on
  88. Enough is enough as they say have at it boys, well, Jeff had it, IT WAS CLINT THAT NEW WHAT HE WAS DOING he has done it 5 times this year to jeff and others. So, you play with fire you get burned Clint got burned. Lets move on to the last race with everyone racing just like the good old days,. This is what makes nascar one of the best sports. I’m already having withdrawel for Dec. & Jan. can’t wait to Feb to get here. Happy Holidays to all.

  89. Ref on
  90. What they should do is set up a ring in the infield before the next race and let them go 10 rounds… take bets and make the looser drive a pink “i’m a big P” car for that race…….. come on.

  91. Sandra on
  92. Do one you should do all. Kyle Busch last year got parked, and sponsors was talking about leaving him.
    Goodbye AARP, that can sponsor Jeff Gordon, but can’t afford to help the elders and disabled in feeding them. Take the sponsor money and feed USA, and park Jeff Gordon for Homestead and Daytona.

  93. craig on
  94. mama,

    don’t mess with JR fans? really ???? this jackass is riding his daddy name. no talent redneck who would be homelss if it were not for his dad.

  95. Charlie on
  96. They should park Jeff and fine him. Clint shouldn’t be charged anything. His crew members should but Hendricks team will walk away unscathed because money rules all.

  97. peggy on
  98. Park Gordon,you did it to k busch.nascar should have called a caution are they trying to kill D patrick? she was still on the track they would have called it for anyone else out there

  99. Mary on
  100. Jeff Gordon should be fined and suspended. He needs to grow up. Actually waiting to wreck someone? How about the innocent drivers that were caught up in it? How about the dollars for the wrecked cars? Do what you feel you need to do OFF THE TRACK. Oh wait, doing it the way he did, GIVES HIM ALL THE ATTTENTION!!!!!! Doing it like a grownup off the track, may be kept quiet. Oh no, that wouldn’t work for the CRY BABY.

  101. Maggie on
  102. I don’t believe pay back should take place on the track. With the speed, there is enough that can go wrong to cause wrecks and destruction. Jeff and Clint were both in the wrong, and if their crews were already in a brawl before the drivers even entered into it, then fine and omit them all from the last race.

    Something that no one has addressed is the foul language used by Brad Keselowski in the media session after the race!!! If a fellow with his driving ability, and seemingly a smart young man, cannot express himself without using such foul language, then I think he should be disciplined also. What is this kind of behavior teaching the young drivers coming up in the racing ranks or the young people who watch Nascar and try to mimic their favorite drivers????

  103. Donna on
  104. I think if Gordon is parked for the next race Boyer should be too for going after Gordon. I am not a big Gordon fan but both of them were wrong for what they did

  105. Mama Donia on
  106. Say what you want, it takes a man to get out there and run 200 mph, I’m sure you’ll can do it!!!!! I will like whom I please, I still say Jeff Gordon is an A– HOLE and some of the other drivers as well, so BUG OFF OK!!!!!

  107. Carole on
  108. Bowyer should in no way be parked. He did nothing wrong. Jeff waited for him after he was black-flagged by Nascar and was to get off the track, but instead waited for Bowyer and intentionally wrecked him and Logano an Almirola. It was pre-meditated, the same thing that Kyle did to Hornaday and Jeff should get the same punishment, nothing less just because his name is Jeff Gordon.

  109. Carole on
  110. @ Craig…back at you. Looks like your parents raised someone they would never be proud of. You just made a huge idiot of yourself, showing your IQ is no bigger than your shoe size. Your obsession with Jr. is a sure sign YOU ARE IN LOVE!!!!!!

  111. Carole on
  112. Go Brad!!!!! Don’t listen to him if it bothers you.

  113. Mama Donia on
  114. I personally think, most of the drivers out there, have made a little money, got noticed by the reporters and news and have let it go to their heads. They think they are better than anyone and that they can do whatever out there to each other and it’s ok. Nascar needs to come down on all of them when they don’t play by the rules and Jeff Gordon and Clint Boyer each needs to be shut down for awhile!!!!!

  115. Sharon Cook on
  116. Not Clint Bowyer, It was Jeff who instigated the whole thing and I think he should be fined and sit out the final race…….

  117. Sharon Cook on
  118. Amen to that. Thank You

  119. Sharon Cook on
  120. There should have been 2 cautions that weren’t called.

  121. sandy Burdette on
  122. Its have at it boys for sure but if nascar parks Gordon then they need to also park Boyer as well simply because he is not innocent either.

  123. lady red on
  124. Well, old Clint got by without even a slap on the hand. The only consolation is that he has lost out on the chase which I am happy for as he is way down on my list and don’t care for him at all, never have, never will. I am not Jeff fan but he has been around long enough and put up with enough that he should have the right to blow once in a while altho not the way he did Sunday simply because he caused innocent drivers to lose out and possible injuries
    But, Bowyer has been asking for it for a long time and he picked the wrong guy to rub the wrong way Maybe this week he won’t be quite as cocky as he seems to think he is one of the super stars which he isn’t. As far as the whole mess is concerned, I really don’t care, all I care about is Jr. getting back to winning and look forward to 2013 when I think he is going to come out strong and be a competitor again. He had a chance this year till the concussions knocked him out, one driver that thinks of others….don’t remember him wrecking anyone intentionally but he has got it several times, namely Vickers and Busch. So, Gordon and Bowyer can carry on their fight and I will be thinking of #1 – Jr. & #88!!!

  125. Barb Ward on
  126. I agree with Sandy!

  127. Barb Ward on
  128. I personally dont think they should park Jeff Gordon…Clint Bowyer has caused Jeff Other problems in Nascar, just this year,..,Bowyer got what he ask for…

    I think they both should be penalized. Bowyer got gordon in the wall to the wall..So he was to blame also.Bowyer acted like an A=hole running to the hauler Also when Bowyer got jeff in the wall Nascar should have threw the caution. If it had been one of their Favorites it would have they would have.

    Bowyer got Gordon in the wall first ,Check it out..Lets be fair Penalize Both.

  129. rick d on
  130. That cry baby Jeff Gordon needs some reprocussion for his actions! His run-in with buddy Jimmy Johnson and his attack on jeff Burton in Texas I havent heard of anything being done to Gordon. Nascar has scolded hot head Kyle Busch, D. Earnhardt, D. Waltrip, Yarborough just to mention a few. You cannot pick and choose who you penalize. I love a good fight as much as the next man but that crybaby Jeff really needs his diaper changed and his ass whipped!!!
    I use to be a Gordon fan but I got tired of all the dam crying. Be a man Jeff and take rough housing that you deal out AND QUIT ALL THE DAM CRYING!

  131. John on
  132. Once again Nascar has A double standard. Just like the past with Rickey Rudd, The big hendrick who should be in jailed.he had a diease so called on house arrest. Then he got pardon spending 5 million on 2000 when cigar man Clinton gave him a clean slate.Jeff should be parked or no points will be earned at Homestead.he should be off the stage this year.and on probataion for the next season for 4 races.Its OKAY for Nascar to punish Klye Busch instead of Jeff Gordon. He clearly cross the line as big Mike said before when Klye did.This sport is fix by nascar they control the game Just like at Richond this September not calling one to go after the caution flew. What double stantard this is why i dont watch nascar that any more as much now they lost most of us from the old days. Thanks Mike,

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