Why Dale Earnhardt was the First Man to Win NASCAR’s Brickyard 400

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First of all let me apologize for asking a tricky question like Who was the first man to win the Brickyard?

Now let me tell you the back story of where all this is going.

Jeff Gordon did in fact win the first Brickyard 400 on August 6, 1994. But the question was not who won the first one.

Dale Earnhardt won the second Brickyard 400 on August 5, 1995.

Earnhardt was making the TV talk show rounds to talk about the race the following week when he proudly proclaimed “I’m the first man to win that race.”

The host looked a little puzzled and asked Earnhardt about Jeff Gordon’s win the previous year. Dale simply flashed that sly trademark grin of his and said  “Wonderboy?”

Dale was a master of intimidating his rivals both on and off the track, and the rivalry between Earnhardt and Gordon was about as hot as it gets at that time. One of the two had the car to beat almost every week.

Dale’s Wonderboy comment was just another of his calculated moves to gain a slight edge over Gordon.





26 Comments on Why Dale Earnhardt was the First Man to Win NASCAR’s Brickyard 400

  1. mamadonia on
  2. Thank you so very much!!!!! After answering Jeff Gordon the first time, I kept thinking about it and it came to me that “MAN” was the key word. That’s when I submitted the correct answer. Thank you again!!!!!

  3. Joel Bailey on
  4. Who the hell are you to not call Jeff Gordon a man. Just because Dale Earnhardt
    says something does not make it the truth. Jeff Gordon won the first Brickyard
    400. End of story.

  5. Jay on

  7. marcel on
  8. This was a pathetic question and answer. If this is coming from Racing Win I will subscribe asap.

  9. marcel on
  10. Sorry I meant unsubscribe immediately.

  11. Anne on
  12. This is to Jay who said that it was because Gordon was only 20 at the time of his brickyard win. That is not true. Gordon was 23 at the time of the first brickyard race. He was born in 1971

  13. William on
  14. Jeff Gordon was born August 4, 1971 in California, so he actually was 23 years old when he won the first Brickyard 400, even if Dale Earnhardt did not think so!!
    Ask me who won the Indianapolis 500 in 1950 and I can answer that and it was rain shortend.

  15. Mavis on
  16. Just because Dale Earnhardt said so Jeff Gordon should have been considered a man so your answer is wrong. Here in Canada the age of being a man is 18. Of course they don’t always act like men at that age but that doesn’t change the age factor.

  17. Beverly on
  18. All true NASCAR fans, and especially 24 fans, know the true answer to this trivia question. Jeff Gordon won the inaugural Brickyard 400 and we all know he was and is the Man!!!!

  19. Jean on
  20. I do not like the answer that Racing Win is giving. Jeff Gordon was the
    winner and that is it!!!!!

  21. Dan on
  22. Lighten up everybody…GEEZ

    Joel, I am not the one who is saying Jeff Gordon was not a man. It was Dale Earnhardt who said so.

  23. jim on
  24. YES indeed Jeff Gordon was first in winning the Brickyard 400…..BUT he won it under caution;HOWEVER Dale SR win was a green checkered flag win;I DON’T LIKE caution flag wins and APPLAUD Nascar for the THREE ATTEMPS at green checkered flag wins.

  25. John Gee on
  26. Greg B, I bet you’ll never ask that again…

  27. John Gee on
  28. But I won’t act like my shoe size and unsubscribe, your answer did make sense after I thought about it, Dale The MAN & Jeffey G a boy……….

  29. Marie on
  30. Lighten up people! It obviously was all in fun and actually was pretty funny! Like Greg said, it was a “trick” question; it was a JOKE for goodness sake! He did not say “who won the first Brickyard 400;” he said “who was the ‘first man’ to win the Brickyard 400.” After I got offline, I figured it out but didn’t bother to come back on and submit my answer. Oh, for the days of “the MAN and Wonderboy!” With all the strife going on in the world and in this country included, it’s like a breath of fresh air to have something to laugh about.

  31. Larry on
  32. Dale SR. will always be ( THE MAN ) because there wasn’t ever a time when he got in a RACE CAR that he didn’t do his level BEST to WIN every race! And if I was a Car owner that is the (MAN) that I would want in the seat ! Not SOME CRY BABY WUSSY THAT WHEN HIS CAR WASN’T PERFECT HE WOULD CRY AND COMPLAIN !! DALE WOULD ALWAYS DRIVE IT THE BEST HE COULD even if it only THREE WHEELS NOT GO TO THE GARAGE BITCHING ALL THE WAY HOME !!! LIKE IT OR NOT ( DALE SR. IS THE MAN ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Bill Bolek on
  34. Instead of trick question, that should be considered a bonehead question. What you are trying to say is that at the age of 23 someone is not considered a man right. Dale Earnhardt was 43 years old when he won it. Maybe you should have said who was the first senior citizen that won the Brickyard 400. As I stated to you before in a previous e-mail Dale Earnhardt was a great driver but he was not no Superman… Personally the sooner people start to realize this the better off things will be. I know this will probably piss-off a lot of people but I call it as I see it. I will also be glad when Richard Childress does what the number 3 back when the racetrack. After all if he was still alive he think Earnhardt would appreciate seeing the number 3 sidelined?

    I second that Larry.

    Everyone checkout my website on Dale Sr, just click on my name.

  35. William on
  36. Dale Sr. WAS the man and Jr IS the man.

  37. clay on
  38. Dale Sr. will always be” the man” .and Jeff Gordon will always be….. WELL Jeff Gordon . Both are or were very great drivers but jeff can never match the things that Dale could do with a car.I am sure that Dale was just rattling his cage lol….Great question

  39. Joel Bailey on
  40. To Jim. Jeff Gordon DID NOT win the first Brickyard 400 under caution.
    Get your facts right.

  41. Mark G on
  42. Jack should fire Carl Edwards!
    I know NASCAR can’t make him sit out due to sponsor obligations, but if I was a sponsor of Carl’s, I would be pulling out.

    @ Bill Bolek, must be a Gordon fan or KB…….

  43. Marie on
  44. Bill Bolek, if Dale Earnhardt were still alive he would still be driving the #3!

  45. Marie on
  46. Note to Mark G….I agree wholeheartedly regarding Roush firing Edwards.

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