Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Brother, Sonny?

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Dale Earnhardt Jr said today that he has another brother.

“I got a brother named Sonny nobody knows about,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr during a Speed TV interview during practice at Chicagoland Speedway.

Junior never said his brother was Sonny Earnhardt, just Sonny.

Dale Jr was talking about his plans to return to Australia — and his hopes to take his family, including his Mother Brenda and his Brother Sonny. He seemed to be implying that Sonny was Brenda’s son.

Who is Sonny? I’ll let you know as this story develops.

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24 Comments on Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Brother, Sonny?

  1. holle on
  2. sounds like his brother just like the man said, duh. Now go worry about your own life.

  3. Jason on
  4. Could be Sonny Crockett, Sonny Perdue, Sonny Bono, Sonny’s Bar-B-Q, etc…

  5. Donna on
  6. It could be a brother why does it matter ..Jr. has a life like everyone else out there and he is entitled to it ..so if he has a brother thats great news..I hope he enjoys him ..but we will all find out oneday I am sure someone will dive into this story with both feet ..

  7. Maureen on
  8. 100% it’s his real Mother’s son from another marriage.

  9. Maureen on
  10. I told you, Sonny is Dale Jr’s half-brother. His Mother, Brenda, does have another Son. Hellooo, it’s Sonny!

  11. Phil on
  12. Who cares, If Jr. has a brother that’s great. I’m sure he loves himjust like all the rest of his family. looks like someone might be lookin’ for some dirt. If so get lost………

  13. joyce on
  14. so what if dale jr. has a brother name sonny. how much of this is our business? thats his life. let him alone.

  15. joyce on
  16. dale jr. and kelly are going on with their lives so what is it to us how many brothers are sisters they have. i think people are being to nosey where they are concerned. go get a life of your own and let them alone.

    Sonny is his Half Brother, He also has a Half Sister.

  17. joyce on
  18. thats great! i don’t believe jr.and kelly are hideing any of their family. they just want a non nosey life.

  19. joyce on
  20. It seems as tho people think famous people like the earnhardts should just tell their whole life story to the world. would you? i see no shame in haveing other brothers and sisters no matter what their last name is. are they ashamed of each other? i don’t believe so do you? why don’t everyone just let them say what they want to and quite making a big deal of everything.

  21. Carolyn Robinson on

  23. BETTY on
  24. I think that it is great.Please leave Dale JR. & family alone.


  25. ChevyJr on
  26. I really have searched everywhere. After he said that there is NOT A WORD. Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. Laure on
  28. He was probably just screwing around ot has a close friend that he refers to as “his brother” It is possible that his mother has more children, but it is odd that we have never heard of them. I am interested, I thought that I knew quite a lot about him and the family.

  29. Lee Arnold on
  30. It is strange we have never heard of “Sonny”. Even Kyle Petty said he had never heard of a “Sonny” before. But then Kyle Petty mentions his son “Austin”! Anybody hear of him?

  31. jules on
  32. #1 not our business, #2 his mom did re-marry!…duh..#3 GO JUNIOR!!!

    jr. has a good friend that he considers him as his brother.

    This page certainly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  33. missourimom on
  34. Sonny is really dale sr! He had to give up his racing career, racing teams and his idenity due to US gov was pressing tax evation charges on sr. He had all that $$ and didnt pay his taxes. The deal was struck with nascar and IRS to keep sr out of prison and nascar kept there good name and #3 & sr re now replaced by pop pop’s grandson. Just saying. Thats the reason all sr autopsy info and tax evasion problems are all sealed!

  35. missourimom on
  36. Dale Sr is still alive and kicking elsewhere.

  37. Kevin on
  38. He’s talking about Sunny Lunsford, he’s hos property manager and I think is married to his cousin

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  39. Tom Mills on
  40. Sonny’s my brother too.. along with the rest of f the Dirty Mo posse!

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