What’s Wrong with Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Car?

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What’s Wrong with Dale Jr’s Car?

There’s something wrong on the No. 88 team. How can 2 cars from the same race shop run first and second at a high speed race track like Atlanta, while a third car finishes mid-pack in 19th?

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson battled tooth and nail for the win in the final 10 laps of the Advocare 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway with Jeff Gordon holding on for the win. Dale Earnhardt Jr finished 19th.

Is it the car that is the problem? I know one vocal Earnhardt fan who believes Dale Jr is getting Jeff Gordon’s cast-offs when it comes to having the best equipment, while Gordon and Johnson get the latest and greatest. Is that really what is going on at Hendrick Motorsports?

Is crew chief   Steve Letarte getting all the research and development data he needs? Hendrick Motorsports does a ton of R&D work and they have some of the brightest engineers interpreting the data. Is that data filtering down to the 88 team?

Steve Letarte knows how to strategize and call a race. And Dale Earnhardt Jr certainly hasn’t forgotten how to drive the car. At least the No. 88 is firmly in the Chase standings with one race to go.

What is going wrong with this race team?





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  1. tina on
  2. Dont you have anything better to do with your life than to continue to bash Dale Jr. Come on man ge a friggin life

  3. mary on
  4. I love him but maybe he needs to drive it like he STOLE it.

  5. Rose on
  6. I agree with Tina, Jr. only drives the car he doesn’t set it up, he’s a far better driver than Johnson or Gordon will ever be, he gets all the s— that they don’t and Knaus is a cheater when it comes to being a crew chief

  7. Rose on
  8. also agree with Mary, Jr. needs to drive like his Dad, wreck everyone……………………

  9. Bob on
  10. I do not understand it, one thing that is wrong is his crew chief brings him into the pits too often & they are slow getting him out but his car is rarely fast. He is not getting the info he needs from the other teammates, I feel Jr. is a good driver but with out the other teams working together to help each other it is not going to get any better. Hendricks should step in and get things fixed. They are his teams & he is boss.

  11. Rita on
  12. I am not bashing Junior or the 88 team but something is wrong. Juniors fans know he CAN drive… is he not driving or is his equipment not so good? I don’t know but I do know this cannot go on forever.

  13. SouthernGuy8503 on
  14. He was fighting the car all day. It would start off way to tight then suddenly get too loose. JR said he didn’t want to use that base setup anymore. I remember JR saying the front end felt like it was to hard, like the splitter would hit the track or would hit the bump stops to early. Got to remember this was their first time at ATL as a combo. As long as they run decent at Richmond they’ll make the Chase. Also notice Mark finished just 2 spots ahead of him so JR wasn’t the only Hendrick car to not finish well.

  15. Jack on
  16. Jr.can’t drive & he don’t care he just signed an expensive 5 year contract.

  17. Rita on
  18. Note: if my memory serves me right last year and this year he was up front in points at the beginning of the year, ahead of the other three teams. What happen?

  19. nastygirl on
  20. dale jr. is to nice of a driver. if daddy was around he would kick his ass and
    tell him he has to be more aggressive.whe was the last time you saw a driver
    mad at jr. because he pushed somebody out of the way.get on top of the
    wheel and drive it like you stold it and start bumping some of these drivers
    out of the way. nice guys finish last which is’nt worth a s–t.

  21. Sharon Kennedy on
  22. I hate to read headlines like this!!! I would love to see Dale up there fighting it out with Jimmie & Jeff!!! But really, where was Mark Martin and why didn’t the headline mention him!!! I can’t wait for the day when Jr makes all of ya’ll eat your words!!! Now to Dale….keep the faith, you have a great team this year, and I know you can drive!!!

    Your memory is very sharp.

    He did just sign a contract — that was because of his driving ability. There are no driver’s at this level who are hired for their lack of ability.

  23. Jeff on
  24. It’s not bashing Dale….It’s a legitimate question. He’s had how many crew chiefs? How many different teams? They used the excuse at Earnhardt racing….Saying he wasn’t getting the good equipment….Dale is having his best year yet…and kudos to him….but let’s be honest….he’s not producing on a grand scale……

  25. Jum V on
  26. No need to be a winner he is making the same $$$$$ as a winer without the working at it.

  27. Danger on
  28. all you doubters and naysayers,tighten them “kerosene”rags up around your candy asses!!!Dale Jr is going to start coming thru the field like a 400hp John Deere Riding Lawn Mower(Fast & Furious)!!!!!!!!

    I hate to say it, BUT- He hasn’t been into racing since he almost burned up in that Corvette.( when he said hid dad pulled him out) He had a near-death experience and he has lost his drive to win. They changed crew chiefs and everything between him and Jeff, and look where Jeff is at. I used to deliver at his dad’s delearship and always looked for Junior at the dealership but always just missed him. I have been around racing for over 40 years and seen things like this before, but I think Junior has to look at himself in the mirror and deside for himself if he can compete anymore.

    Excuse the spelling above!

  29. Jeff on
  30. Good observation John…..

  31. Tina on
  32. I think that if he can gun it, Steve Letarte should tell him so when it’s safe to do so. That might help him gain some positions on the track. His crew chief should also let him know if they really have a good car or a so so car, but able to get up there in the top ten if he tells him to drive it hard, not hurting the car though or other drivers.

  33. Dave on
  34. I was kinda hoping Jr. would have went to another team after 2012 because it seems that Jeff and Jimmie (they’re good) are the best at Hendrick and I m sure Mr. Hendrick will do everything he can to help Jeff win his 5th Championship or Jimmie to win his also (I am rooting for Jeff) so Mr. Hendrick is not going to put his energy into helping Jr. Mr. Hendrick is only thinking of $$$$$$ when it come to a name like Earnhardt. Making big money using Earnhardt name.

  35. john on
  36. Mark Martin can drive as well as anyone out there. He always seems to run better than Jr. until someone wrecks him Is he and Jr getting the cast off parts from the other two?

  37. chris on
  38. I watched this race today and they couldn’t do anything right. Hendrick doesn’t care whether jr wins or not because it is all about the money and he knows jr will make him a ton of money without winning. Why do you think he resigned someone who can’t win a race ? It is not that jr can’t win a race if he was getting the same equiptment as the 24 & 48 but he is not neither is mark martin.. Next year Hendrick will be focused on Kasey Kahne and jr will fall to 4th in line..Him signing this contract extension was a big mistake !!!!!!!

  39. Sharon on
  40. Steve Retard is the problem…I’m a Gordon fan and was estatic to find out Jeff got a new crew chief! And now look at how good Jeff is running…it was definitely the crew chief and feel bad for Jr.

  41. Sharon on
  42. Junior gets the same equipment….the crew chief doesn’t know what to do with it!!

  43. cecee on
  44. Mark and Jr finished mid pack. Maark has had many new cars thishis yearand seems to be R and D. 88 team seems to be losing ground. They may achieve their goal of making he ChaseL but seem to have nothing more in the works. Looks like this will be jeff gordon’s year. 5 more years of this will be a deal breaker for me. Bye nascar.

  45. Barbara on
  46. I don’t think Jr. gets as much attention as the others! I know he can drive!

  47. Terry on

  49. steven on
  50. dale you need to start driveing like sr did you got it in you

  51. Jason on
  52. Jr. Is not the driver you all think he is …!!!!! and i am not a Chad and jimmy fan but get real they r true competitors not cheaters .. get a life

  53. Mavis on
  54. Reminds me of 2008. Jr was great the first part of the year. Then he won a race and after that the wheels fell off. I think it’s equipment. I don’t believe Hendrick knows what they are giving Jr. He got Gordon’s cars from last year so they probably had run their course. If he can run decent next week he can make the chase and then he has the same chance as anyone else if they can get the cars set up. I don’t know if he requires a different setup or what the problem is that he can’t seem to get the setups he needs. I didn’t see all the race today but it seemed the car wasn’t set up for the long run. He also seems to have slow pit stops and is always playing catch up.

  55. Sandra on
  56. Dale wants you to believe he cares. He does to a point, but if he gets out of racing there goes his income. He has more money from fans buying his items than any other driver. Also Dale drives a lot like his Granddaddy Ralph, he wants the car to come back all in one piece. Money is no concern to Dale, but at the same time it is everything.
    Before Dale, Sr passed away Dale Jr his goal in life was to become a actor. New career Dale? Looks like Regis is retiring soon from Kelly and Regis, you can always start there. Dale has his 2 Whiskey Rivers, his real estate, Jr Motorsport. Didn’t I say money was no concern to him. Right now with him being in 9th in points, his earnings in racing alone is 3 million dollars, and no wins. Ride the pocket of fans Dale.

  57. Mama Donia on
  58. Greg: I have said all along that Jr. and Mark are getting the left overs at Hendrick. We have only been home about 10 minutes from the race in Atlanta. Our seats were at the beginning of pit road, coming off of turn 4, we could litterly see the whole track, we were on the top row, #33. It seemed to me Jr. was driving his heart out, most of the time it seemed to me the car was not handling. Jr. would come off of turn 4 with the rear end of the car going one way and the front end going the other. Jr. and Mark ran pretty much within 2 spots of each other all day. I still say something is wrong at Hendrick, they are not getting the equipment that JJ and Jeff are getting. The only good thing that came out of it was Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards got showed that the Roush engines couldn’t handle the Chevy engines. It seems Jr. is still in pretty good shape to get in the Chase, I just hope Stevie can figure something out. Still LOVE that JUNEBUG!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mama Donia on

  61. superpoof on
  62. Seems to me,that 88 pushed the 48 across the finish line in one plate race,and in the next plate race,the 88 was hung out when his dancing partner,again the 48, pitted unnessacarily, leaving him in about mid pack with no drafting help.Seems to me there might be an ego struggle going on in the HMS camp. And Jr.is just too nice a guy to retalliate.Hell,he didnt even go after the 18 a cpl of years ago after getting fenced at the end of the Martinsville race.Love ya Jr,but they got backbones on sale at Walmart.Go get one,and maybe a set of balls.

    Jr is still ridding on his daddy’s coat tail. If he’d forget who he was and just be his self he’d be a lot better. just saying

  63. Jim Harmon on
  64. give Jr. a break. I think he doing the best that he can right now. With the lost of of his Father it been very hard on him.One day he will come around and things will change. Let us pull for Jr and not beat him up. Hi needs our help.

  65. Carole Toney on
  66. To all you Jr. bashers, get a life. You all obviously aren’t fans of his, so why spend so much time WHINING about him!!!!! The bunch of you sound like a bunch of cry babies that need to go suck your pacifiers. If you pay any attention, his cars have been JUNK right off the hauler, (imagine that), they qualify like a piece of JUNK, (go figure), and they have no speed, (which must have gone to the 24 and 48)!!!!!!! So, if Jr. isn’t you choice of drivers, stop WHINING about him and go root for YOUR driver.

  67. Jim Higgs on
  68. Junior is washed up. He is riding on the coat tales of his Dad . Junior has had many chances and he keeps blowing them. Even when he gets close to the front with a few laps to go he always finishes way back in the pack . He’s done and should quit. All his so called fans keep saying he is going to start winning but that hasn’t happened in quite a few years since 2007 I believe . Give up he’s never going to be a winner .

  69. AZomah on
  70. First of all different drivers have different styles of driving. Big E. was a bump and run. Little e is a finess and areo dynamic driver. I am confessing to being the one that threw a fit when I read the article several months ago about the 24 driver getting new cars and Jr. getting his old ones. I forget which race it was that Jr. said he had a new car, today he told Steve that he didn’t want to take todays car out again. Old cars don’t stay adjusted. You would think that HMS would want to stay at the top of the chart with all their drivers, the benefits of that would not only be good for them but also the sport. I’ve got to shut up now, I don’t want to out ramble SouthernGuy!

  71. ben on
  72. If you folks can remember steve letarte on ly got 2 wins with jeff gorden, HMS should have put gordons crew chief to jr. he put mark martin in the chase 2 yrs. ago. MM almost won the championship

  73. ben on
  74. steve letarte only got 2 wins with jeff gordon, jr should have got marks old crew chief, gordons got him

  75. RIchard Ross on
  76. Each engine should be taken apart and inspected before they get used again. Today he said the engine did not have the power and he is driving it. Just as in NHRA the engine needs to be rebuilt. You can’t expect it to last more than a couple of races at the speeds they run. He can drive and as Steve said, Jr understands how to setup a car and what it is he wants it to do. Ricky Craven and Kevin Harvick said, you give him horsepower and he will win. Today the horsepower was lacking. They are being conservative trying to complete their goal…to make the chase. If not for 2 races where Steve tried the fuel strategy, he would have had 2 wins!!!! He will never drive like his dad because he cares about his image more. He does want to win, but, not in that fashion. I hope he gets a win this year, hopefully at Dega since I am going to my first ever NASCAR race next month.

  77. Glenn on
  78. I have watched for a pulled for JR since his career began. I have always liked his attitude and humility. To listen to him speak and see what he shares with people is amazing. He isn’t without talent, or character. He has helped many get a start in this sport and always seems willing to reach out and help others. The whole garage area, from what is told, has a great deal of respect for him not only because of who he is on the track but off the track as well.
    There may be some fans willing to have him give all that away to become an aggressive run em in the grass kind of driver. There may be some fans that would love him to mirror his father or even become more like some M&M flying mad hatter with the ability to drive a tornado through a pin hole without leaving a mark, only to ditch those fans and claim all the credit. There may be some that think he is being used by Hendrick or that he gets all JG and JJ’s left over crap. Maybe there is some truth to all that at one level or another.
    Personally I do not think he has the drive to succeed like he used to. If he were driving Jeffs car today he still would not have finished inside the top 10. If he manages to stay in the chase I would be shocked. He needs help and it will take not only the whole team but his willingness or hunger has to be lifted up. Thats an inside job. I told my stepson today that you can give someone the best of everything but if the don’t have the desire then it is all a waste.
    We can all speculate on what changed for Dale. Was it his dad’s death? the way he was treated after that by his stepmother? Was it that burning corvette wreck. Is it these new cars? tougher competition? bad luck? Low self esteem or no confidence?
    Only Dale knows the real answers. Maybe he just ain’t saying or maybe he is afraid to say. We put alot of pressure on him because of who he is. Maybe if people backed off he would get better, maybe not. Maybe he will hang up his helmet. I won’t stop watching every race he runs until he stops and I won’t turn on him either. I was an elliott fan for years so it has nothing to do with who his daddy was, its who he is that makes me a fan.
    If people think he is getting screwed by Hendrick, maybe they need to ask Kyle Busch. His career took off as soon as he got out of that car.

  79. Carole Toney on
  80. Hey Jim…Give me your address, I’ve got a dozen pacifiers to send you. Another Jr. WHINER!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Carole Toney on
  82. @ Glenn… If you take Kyle out of that Toyota and put him back in the #5 or the #88, let’s see how many wins he has in those cars. When he WAS driving the #5 car, how great was he? And what crystal ball did you look in that told you Jr. would not have won if he was driving Jeff’s car! “You people with your so called “I know Jr. inside out”. How he thinks, whats wrong with him, what he eats, what his inner thoughts are, what time he goes to the bathroom, what his personal problems are , REALLY. Where did you get your pschycology degree?

    The equipment is not at all equal. You are right.

  83. Glenn on
  84. Hmmm I think what I said was, Kyle did not start winiing until he got away from that car (Hendrick). I think what I said was, that only Dale knows what goes on inside his head. I think what I said was that we all like to think we know whats going on with him ,the team, blah blah blah. I have heard it said in interviews that his car is not set up like jeffs or jimmies or marks that they are all tuned to the driver because some like it looser than others. And if what some say is that he is driving jeffs cars from last year then he isn’t winning in them either. I wonder if they ever switch cars to see if they like the way the other teams car handles? I think that was done between jr and jimmie earlier, or was that kyle and denny. good idea. Look, I am a jr fan. I never claim to know everything about him. All I know is what I see hear and read from his performance, comments on the scanner, interviews with him and articles about him and books written. I know he was awesome when pops was on the box, we saw that last year. We saw that in busch racing. If that chemistry worked so well how come it isn’t entered now.
    Like I said I will pull for Jr until he quits. Maybe Casey Kane will be next years r&d driver.. Have a nice day Carole. Bless you

  85. Sandra on

  87. REGAN on
  88. I am not sure what the problem is for JR but it needs to be fixed and fixed now. I am a JR fan and always will be but something aint right there, he has had many crew chiefs andit does not seem to make any differance. Sometimes i feel that his heart aint in it and i wish he would just his mojo back. To all the JR bashers yall all can just kiss our (JR FANS) A$$. cry baby bush never really went anywhere with the 5 car. Come Rick give him the same stuff the 24 and 48 gets and give it the 5 as well , Ithought this was suppose to be a team effort and there are 4 drivers on this team. Also i hope JR does not forget that the 48 left him unlike when you pushed him to a win. Turnabout is fair play. Give em hell JR when the chase starts do whatever you need to do to get that win!! GO 88 !!!!

    I think Steve has Jr come in too many times, especially yesterday, if Jr would stay out and catch up some. maybe he could get up front and stay there. Yesterday he was a lap behind for awhile. I just don’t understand, what the problem really is, but I know Jr can do better. I get so frustrated at times, like yesterday. I think that is the worst he has drove all year . Jimmy has only won one race, and he would not have done that unless Jr had not pushed him to the finish line. Chad forgets that he owes Jr, Let Jr drive the 48 car one time and see how he does. I would love to see Jr win as well as all of his fans, so let’s keep on cheering for him. Love you, junebug.

  89. IRONHEAD on
  90. How many crew chiefs have built cars for JR.????? Other drivers have won with cars built by these crew chiefs yet JR has not been able to……………..does that tell you anything…………….the problem is not the car but the DRIVER…………….he does not want to be a driver and it shows, he is making a mockery of the EARNHARDT name…………………..Hey JR. give someone who wants to drive and win your seat, they will make it happen.

  91. Loisann on
  92. I’m sorry, but I have to say it: Get him a new crew chief, Everham, yes! there is something wrong. Jr. knows how to drive, Knows how to win. We went thru this when Steve was Jeffs crew chief, where was Jeff running in the back same as jr. Steve is good I’m sure, but he is missing something, something big. Maybe Steve should talk to Everham and get a handle on what he is missing. Mr Hendrick are you listening?

  93. Bill Bolek on
  94. I have been reading all these comments posted one year and all that is talked about his car set up, crew chiefs and not getting the same parts as the other drivers in Hendricks motorsports.

    Has anyone ever considered that it may be Dale Junior himself that is the problem? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that he’s a bad driver. What I am trying to make a point of is his history in racing. Knowing and understanding that he was born and raised in a family that’s made its living on the race track you have to consider the following things. Junior grew up at the track watching his father race until he was old enough to climb into the car himself in 1996, look at how much carnage and death he has seen from then to now.

    Dale Junior has seen the deaths of Alan Kulwicki, Davey Allison, Clifford Allison, Tony Roper, Rodney Orr, John Nemechek, Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Junior, Neil Bonnett and most of all his own father Dale Earnhardt Senior. He is also seen cars leaving the track and going into to catch fences, cars flipping upside down and catching fire among others too many to mention.

    Seeing this people need to realize that Dale Junior is only a human being and every time he climbs into that race car, you know that there have to be thoughts going through his head that the same fate could become him. Personally, if I was in his situation seeing all of this happening I know that I would have the same psychological fears going to my head. Not to be smart but, I wonder if in his personal life he has ever gone to some kind of therapy to deal with this situation. Again, I know I would.

    Remember I am not trying in any way to offend any Dale Junior fans as I have became one with him joining Hendricks Motorsports. I too am looking forward to him making a comeback and winning more races and hopefully one day holding up that championship trophy.

    Thank you for listening and God bless those who risks their lives on a racetrack every weekend for our entertainment.

  95. Cupcake on
  96. THANK YOU GLENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You said all that I wanted to say only better.Glenn do you ever notice in the background at the races, that he is alone alot. His choice??? He seems to dodge prerace interviews more and more, and when he is interviewed he almost always has his head down. He seems to lost his spark along the way. I miss the old Jr.,little e, etc. I still have my hopes up that he will start winning again, to see his reaction when he won the Nationwide race, I just knew being with Pops and his team, that would be an inspiration for him. Well I still am going to root for MY favorite driver #88 forever.

  97. Jeanette on
  98. A lot of you have good and valid points of view. I still get mad when Jr is compared to his dad. And when you say he rides on his dad’s coat tails where were you when he “was” winning races. I still say he can win races.Wants to win races. He was not riding on Sr’s coat tails when he was winning. I’m a die hard Jr fan ! Yes and always will be. I was not a Dale Sr.fan. Jr has the heart of a racer. Yes there is something wrong .
    I hated when Lance was Jr’s crew chief. I think Pop was his best . But although Steve is new with Jr. and they don’t always agree,I still think Steve has been good for Jr. He listens to Jr. (may not get it fixed) and seems to value Jr’s input. There could or may not be chemistry between them. But at least Jr. is in 9th in points. More time could be the answer. I honestly don’t know. And won’t pretend I do. But watching every race this year so far I’ve noticed he is fighing the car more and more. Cast offs ,maybe. But there is a problem somewhere and I honestly don’t think it’s Jr.
    I have taped the races as I watch them and when he was doing real good this year he had good cars. But it seems now the cars don’t run or even come close to preforming right.
    I still believe in Jr. and will continue watching the race. I’ll still go threw withdraw when the races stop for the season. And will still support my favorite race driver as well as a few others who I like. Stewart,Harvick,Martin,Kane,and a few more. Nope not Gordon or Johnson lol.
    I say if you don’t like Jr why go on a Jr fan site. Support your own driver/s. I will continue to support mine. I wish him all the luck I can.I will continue to shout for joy when he does good,and get upset when he doesn’t. He will continue to make money from me when I buy his things in the store. He doesn’t ask me to,I do it from free will like any other fan.
    You Jr haters go support your driver and buy his items,lol. Go to your drivers sites and say how great he is when he loses ,when his car sucks. And shout when he wins.
    To me Jr is the man.

  99. Mama Donia on
  100. TO: Bill Bolek———-I agree with you 100%, seeing all those people dying may have made a difference in Jr. Also remember when he, himself, Jr. was almost burned alive testing the Corvette. I don’t think Jr. has been the same tho since his father was killed at Daytona. But, I also think Jr. and Mark are not getting the same equipment as JJ and Jeff. Maybe when Jeff retires in a few years and the #24 is taken over by Bill Elliott’s son, then maybe Jr. will get to the front of the pack at Hendrick, I don’t know. As long as I live, I’ll stick with Junebug and keep supporting him when and whereever he races.

  101. ladyred on
  102. I agree that if you are not a Jr. fan then you should just stay off of here when the discussion is about him. We really don’t care about your opinions. I don’t get on any other driver’s site because I don’t care to know about them and I sure wouldn’t waste my time there bashing them. This site is to support our driver, Jr., and how we feel about him and cheering him on. His supporters far outweigh the ones that want to tell us he can’t drive so give it up….we don’t care! I hope he gets in the chase even if he doesn’t win, it will be a boost for him and some
    thing to work on next year going in with being in the top 10. He and Steve will probably work it out. It is like any new job, you have to adjust. Go 88-Jr. – you aren’t the most popular guy out there for nothing. Maybe that is what ticks off these people, their driver will never be #1 ~

  103. AZomah on
  104. Ladyred, I agree 100% , but, the other web sites are full of Jr. haters, and they do prevail, how should we go on to shut them up? Keep in mind that our Jr, reads this stuff, alot o down time!! In your opinion how can we best help him as long time supporters?

  105. Lorri on
  106. I have said this all along……doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out…..it’s happening time after time after time after time,,,,,need i go on? Yeah, their (the fast ones) dancing on their toes b/c of their finishing results……whereas, when JR. gets down about not doing well, he mite think it’s himself,,,,,but we all know different!!!!!! Give him a good car, and he can drive it to a first place finish. Now, they always say, it’s this or that, we’ll fix it before next time, oh mistake on this or that……well that’s normal stuff for anybody ,,,,,,,,even jj and gordon and they still finish in front……now what the hell is going on? do they not want Jr. to do well? well, i hate to say it , but i kinda am leaning towards that…..i don’t care how NICE anybody is….i didn’t hear hardly anything about JR. during the race, or any other time as a matter of fact……they want him when it’s “tv” time or interviews b/c they know that JR. is the most popular and everybody in their rite mind love him, as a driver and a person…….contract is signed……oh well. i sure hope i’m wrong.

  107. ladyred on
  108. Personally, I have never looked at another driver’s website as I don’t care to read about them or read what the Jr. haters have to say. Jr. will be #1 with his fans, win or lose.
    Don’t you know it galls those people that Jr. has always been the most popular driver all these years even when he is not winning. KEEP VOTING! No, the only time they will mention Jr. is when he is running up front and then the roar of the crowd is so loud you can hear it over all those loud engines. As for him always having problems, part of it is plain luck, like the ones that win on luck no accidents, no car trouble, a car that runs good, not because the driver is the greatest. I don’t understand why he can’t get a car all of the time that runs good and not just once in a while. How long as it been since we heard them say “Jr. has a brand new car this race?” I can’t remember when. I think he deserves a new car once in a while and to quit being pulled into the pits with just a few laps to go. He says himself when you get stuck in the back behind a bunch of slow cars it is hard to pass. I guess all we can do is keep supporting him, let him know he is #1 to us and we are behind him no matter what. The ones that want to pull away from him after being a fan for a long time aren’t true fans. Jr’s time will come, look how far he has come this year after two miserable years.
    They are building a new team and it takes time and patience. Fans have to have patience too if you are a true fan. I do not like Randy Pemberton as he is always downplaying Jr. saying he can’t do this or do that. He needs to watch some of Jr.’s interviews. The last one he did he said he considered himself to be in the middle of his career and would still race another ten years. Old Randy said Jr. wouldn’t be racing after five more years.
    How does he know that? I tire of these announcers who think they know everything, they all guess and try to make us think they have the scoop when they are rarely right about anything. Who made them experts? Because they have been around the tracks for far too long they believe they know everything. I don’t pay any attention to any of them. I don’t need them to explain things to me, I’ve watched racing long enough to know a little of what is going on. Jr. once said at a rodeo appearance that racing was a cut-throat business and I believe it. For now, I’m behind Jr. all the way and always will be no matter what. Sometimes good guys finish last but Jr. is going to the front when it is his time!

  109. AZomah on
  110. He stayed in the idiotic chase driving a piece of junk that never did handle good. Way to go Jr., hang in there!!!

  111. AZomah on
  112. Forgot to say, Jr. , you have alot of long, long time fans that are your moral support! We are all here for you, no matter what!! Do what you can with the junk you are given to drive. We understand!

  113. ladyred on
  114. For all those that said he wouldn’t make the chase…tough
    s—! He’d have finished up further because I think he had a good car for a change, but something always happens beyond his control…..but he is there and we rejoice!!!!

  115. Mama Donia on
  116. Ladyred: I agree with you, I don’t go to the other drivers web sites because I don’t give a “Happy Rats A–” about any other driver but Junior. He will always be number one to me regardless if he ever wins another race. Some people get on whom evers bandwagon if they are winning and then change when someone else is winning, not me, I’M JUNIOR’S FAN 1000%. Also go to Most Popular Driver every day and vote, they have backed the voting down to “O” and whomever gets the most votes in the next 10 weeks will be the winner. “VOTE EVERY DAY FOR JR.”

  117. Mama Donia on

  119. old days on
  120. I miss ole #3. He had one goal, to win at all cost. He knew with winning the money would come. Unfortunately with #88 with losing the money still comes. If Juniors grandpa could reach down, he would empty his bank accounts an say, go earn it the hard way boy.

  121. Rattling cages on
  122. Well put. It’s kind if hard to race hungry when you have never been hungry. Ralph and Dale Sr. raced to pay the rent and feed their family, they had to win or shit went wrong. Lets be honest, Jr had not wanted for anything ever, nor ever will. It’s okay to be done with racing, it really is. Certainly we would understand him losing the desire to run over his head and risking his dads fate. It’s okay and I for one wouldn’t hold it against him. What I can’t accept us years of no wins because the risk no longer means more than riding laps. He has a future as an owner an cute rolls on shows like fast and loud. It’s cool Dale if you are done and lost the “rattle his cage” mentality. Just don’t continue to blow smoke up my ass and tell me that “anything other than first, sucks.

    Much love,

    Your dads fan

  123. Bill Schmit on
  124. Amen brother! AMEN! That pretty much sums it up. Yes we still live him. Yes we’ll still watch and root for him. Yes all you huge fans he will win again someday. Plain odds suggest that 1 in 43. But man call a spade a spade and know when to walk away.

  125. Fan on
  126. Unfortunately being a pure race car driver with the burning desire to win doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with also being a very successful multi-multi millionaire. Luv ya Jr!

  127. JustAFan on
  128. Okay,
    Let’ start by saying I am a Jr. fan and have been since 2001. I have never jumped ship and will watch and cheer Jr on until he decides to call it quits. That being said….

    Maybe a lot of us old Nascar fans are stuck to far in the past, I know I probably am. Racing isn’t like it use to be and neither are the drivers. Lets take the late Ralph and Dale Earnhardt as example. When these guys started racing, they raced to pay the rent and put food on the table for their families. Winning was the only way or at least driving hard to get in the money that particular week. They raced to win out of the basic need to win. They raced hungry! Junior has never wanted in his life and surely not in his racing career. He was born into greatness and I’m happy for him but, to think that he has the “anything other than first, sucks” attitude that his daddy had is unfair to Junior. He is still young and is a successful business man with no wants. Like “old days” above stated, the money comes in wheel barrows if he wins or not. Listen, I don’t blame him for not taking the risks that his old man took. What a tragic experience that was for us #3 fans, imagine if it was your dad? If JR would walk away today I would understand it and not be mad. However, I do get mad if he is no longer out there pushing himself and his machine to the limit to win and not just take name marketing laps. I love you Junior and enjoy following your racing career and other endeavors. Do this one old fan a favor and if you aren’t in it to win it, let me know. That’s all I ask and understand. This chase will end up no differently then the last seasons and it’s cool.

    I’m sure I’ve rattled a few cages here but in closing let me ask you all one question… even if Jr is getting the worst Hendricks car, which is better than 85% of the rest of the competitors best car…. what if you put a hungry young racer in it one week and set him loose? What if he had a mortgage to pay or groceries to buy only if he won…… Hmmmmmmmmmm? Or are we all so close minded, stuck in the past of paint swapping racers that we expect Jr to run that set of tires to the end of a race when he doesn’t really need to.

    God bless #88 and the USA

  129. Disappointed Again on
  130. Same ole same ole. Dude above is right. Just driving around marketing yet again today. Mediocre finish for at best and what is now a mediocre driver. Same chit, different season.

  131. You Expected Different on
  132. They say the sign of stupid is doing the exact same thing over and over expecting different results. Just another substandard season with about the same results. Time to hook the wagon to a new horse. Wish you die hard fans luck and enjoy dying hard!

  133. BrokenHearted on
  134. YAY!!!!!!!!!! 1st Loser!!!!!!!! do they give trophies for that?

  135. Losing again on
  136. Wow I think I just saw Junior putting on copper tone suntan lotion on his left arm during a green flag. Wonder if he’ll stop in the pits and take Harry up on that ice cream offer. Lmfao. Sad sack season…. AGAIN’

  137. Here We Go Again on
  138. We’ll #88 fans are we ready for another mediocre year with high hopes and broken dreams?

  139. JustBLOme on
  140. Epic FAIL

  141. dan mathis on
  142. I think since he got married, his mind has changed him because I think he’s worried of what could happen to him. He doesn’t want to end up like his dad.he wants to have kids, and wants to run Dei. He’s been through alot but he wants to live to see his family grow.

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