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Twitter Forces NASCAR TV Truth

Fox Broadcasters weren’t giving viewers the entire story when the Daytona 500 was red-flagged due to a large hole that developed in the track during the race.

It wasn’t until an uprising on Twitter occurred that FOX admitted there would be a lengthy delay.

As track workers made a fast but unsuccessful attempt to repair the track Fox Broadcasters stated that racing would resume in 10 to 12 minutes.

That turned into 1 hour and 40 minutes on the first attempt, and 40 minutes on the 2nd attempt.

It didn’t take long for the print and online media folks gathered at the track – along with fans in the grandstands – to start giving the facts via Twitter. And it wasn’t long after that Fox admitted there was a bigger problem.

I don’t blame Fox for wanting to hold onto its TV audience, but we weren’t getting the full story.

Twitter brought us the story instantly, and without filters.

I suggest you sign up for Twitter today, if you haven’t already.




10 Comments on Twitter and NASCAR Fans

  1. billy on
  2. Dale is comming back , look out,

  3. Deborah on
  4. Dale is back!!!!!!!! One more lap and he would have been our winner.

  5. jim on
  6. That was the greatest finish i ever saw. Even better then his dad’s at Talladaga.
    Boy he’s something to watch.

  7. Rita on
  8. I don’t think the Daytona500 is a true indicator on whether or not a driver is back.
    Let’s hope Junior is, but does that mean Jimmie is finished????
    Don’t think so.
    I was getting my facts from Twitter so I knew what was going on, I sat thru a rain dely at the track so I know what a bummer it is to not know what is going on. Twitter is the greatest.

  9. JJ on
  10. One more turn and he would have had the win! So happy he came on so strong there! Happy for Jamie , Roush got rid of him and he wan the Daytona 500,! Very proud of how he did. Would have loved to see Dale Jr. get the win, but was really happy for Jamie! DALE JR. is back!

  11. Evie M. on
  12. I loved Jamie’s win it’s like “How do you like me now, Jack Roush???” hehehe

  13. goldie on
  14. I can truthfully say how happy I am for Jamie, butttttttttt, here comes that 88 right behind him and I’m sure Jr. could have passed him if there had been one more lap to go. I am pleased that Jr. showed all of us that he is a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait for the next race. We Jr. fans have never given up on his talent and ability to be one of the best racecar drivers ever. So there, all you naysayers that were Jr.’s fans and became disloyal simply because he was having a pretty bad year, just wait for the next race and the next and the next.
    You made us true fans really proud of you, Jr. Keep doing exactly what you did at Daytona and go get em……

    One more lap and Jr. could have been 10th — and McMurray 15th. You never know at Daytona.

  15. Angel for Jr on
  16. LMFAO!!!! It is truly awesome, isn’t it!!!!

  17. Carole on
  18. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that didn’t happen! Jr. Nation rises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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