Tony Stewart Wins All Star Race

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Tony Stewart Proved That an Owner-Driver Can Win

In winning Saturday Nights’ Sprint All Star Race Tony Stewart proved that an owner-driver can still get the job done in NASCAR.

Tony Stewart combined sheer will and determination to win with a fast, well-handling car to pull off a late race pass for the win.

Stewart scored the first win ever for his Stewart-Haas Racing and won $1 million in prize money by passing Matt Kenseth with just 2 laps to go – Stewart would lead to the checkered flag.

Tony Stewart and his crew chief Darian Grubb have learned a secret to making Stewart’s No. 14 Chevy fast off the corners, and Stewart isn’t interested in sharing that secret.

“You tell them that, I’ll kill you.” ~ Tony Stewart

When his crew chief was asked what they had done to make the car so fast at the end of the race Stewart cut in and said: “You tell them that, I’ll kill you.”

With NASCAR headed back to Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600 next Sunday Tony Stewart likes his chances to repeat. Stewart said he had a better car back at the shop than the one he won with Saturday night.

Hendrick Connection

Stewart’s win left some Dale Earnhardt Jr fans puzzled. Stewart gets his cars and engines from Hendrick Motorsports, and one Junior fan wanted to know if Stewart’s cars were being built by the same people who were building Dale Jr’s cars.

It was pretty unusual that Rick Hendrick would call Tony Stewart on a cell phone in Victory Lane. Is Stewart-Haas really just buying equipment from Rick Hendrick, or does Hendrick have a stake in the team?




27 Comments on Tony Stewart Wins All Star Race

  1. Sylvia Nuckles on
  2. It made me feel badly. Charity begins at home and something sounds fishy to me.

    I’m very happy for Tony on his win….He and Junior have always been friends and make for great drafting partners when needed. I would be happy too to be where he is today. I’m sure he found it very diffuicult working with the Shrub and he is back with an American car in Chevrolet. That’s the connection he has with Rick Hendrick, the fact that both teams are Chevy cars.
    Again, congratulations on your win !!!!! GO TONY….GO JUNIOR

  3. Rose Misner on
  4. Congratulations, Tony. It was only a matter of time, and Tony’s time has come! This is absolutely the BEST BIRTHDAY WISH, of this I’m sure. Jr.’s time will come as well. Mysecond choice of drivers.
    As so previously stated “Your First After Me”!
    I’ll be in Charlotte on Sunday,lets go for another win. P.S. I have a garage pass and I hope to meet both drivers.Tony should be in a great mood.

  5. Laura on
  6. I am a huge Jr. fan but like many have said Jr. and Tony are great friends and I am so Happy that Tony won and I know that Jr. is just as happy….Way to go Tony.

  7. Elaine on
  8. I just want to say that Stewart-Hass Racing did a fantastic job in the All Star Race. Smoke is my favorite driver, but if Newman had not had the tire cut down, he would have put the 18 in his place, and I admire Newman, but where did he come from at the end of the race. It was like he came out of nowhere and did a hell of a job. But it came to Smoke being into Victory Lane and I was on my feet because I thought there was no way he could get past Matt in 2 laps, but he did. MY HAT’S OFF TO SMOKE. YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He will be up there the rest of the season and if he’s not, THE ROCKET MAN WILL BE. Start new and finish in the TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kathy on
  10. I’m a Junior Fan but I was glad to see Tony win as a owner, driver.
    Its almost like when Terry Labonte drove the 5 car, he couldn’t buy a race if they cost $1.00 is the same thing happening to my man Dale Jr.?

    Maybe its time for a shake-up. Even Mark Martin has won 2 races this year. What in the world is going on?

  11. Elaine on
  12. Forgot to give Denny Hamlin hat’s off for his finish. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Marie on
  14. Congratulations to Tony on his win! So glad he’s back in a Chevy again.

  15. Bill on
  16. nice to see an American car and driver in victory lane. Congratulations Tony and many more victories in 2009.

  17. Peggy on
  18. I am a Jr. fan, but I too was glad to see Tony win. I have to admit it…….I was dang glad it wasn’t whineybaby Busch!!

  19. Randy King on
  20. you think thats puts more pressure on jr and the 88 team now that smoke won too?

  21. Jim Chalmers on
  22. Great job by Tony, he was an up and comng driver and proved it, now he’s an up and coming owner, and in very little time he’ll prove that too. CONGRATULATIONS TONY ! ! !

  23. Lynn on
  24. Maybe, Jr. ought to go race for Tony!! Way to go Tony!!!

  25. jim on
  26. It should. It showes Tony WANTS to win. JR. needs to take lessons. That is I dont think JR even wants to win, allhe cares about showing up, blameing others, ect ect ect. GO TONY GIVE UM HELL.

    The heat is on the 88, now more than ever. Personally i think Junebug needs to take a year off and get thet fire burnng again in his belly. When i see him race, it’s not the same Jr. i’ve been watching all of his racing career, something’s bad wrong. I’m estatic that “Smoke” won that race, i would have puked if the Rousch car would have won.

    Get it together Junebug, we love you man.

  27. Reno3 on
  28. Hendrick better do something soon!!
    Go Jr. we are behind you all the way!!!!

    Good job Smoke.

  29. meme on
  30. Great job Tony. Maybe JR should drive for you, since you all are great pals. I still believe JR can do it.

  31. Doug, Sweet( S hamrock) on
  32. OK! Smook.
    You smooked them again.
    Well done!

  33. Evelyn on
  34. Why can’t people just face the fact that Dale Jr just an’t what he once was. Tony worked hard to get where he is and should get the credit for that. He and Rick Hendrix are long time friends and why is it that people can’t except what is there and leave it alone. Tony won the race and should have won weeks ago. Go Tony I hope to see you win lots more races. It is time Nascar let the true drivers shine. A true to heart Tony Stewart Fan..

  35. Helen Johnson on
  36. It is time, but not Dale Jrs time, he is not doing anything, he can’t Same thing happen to Jeff Gordon, He is back, so will Jr. come back, it is just not time.

  37. Mama Donia on
  38. Congradulations, Tony!!!!! I think the #14 and #39 cars are just an extension of Hendrick Motor Sports, if so, I am glad, Tony and Jr. have always worked well together and maybe they can in the future. Rick Hendrick is a good man and I’m sure he will help those that help themselves.

  39. Goldie on
  40. Gee Whiz,what can we say? Why didn’t Jr. get an engine and setup like Tony did? I still say Jr. is getting left out with Hendrick. It appears all the others are doing so much better. He sure can’t do much if he doesn’t have the right equipment and don’t tell me he does not want to win races. He was, is, and always will be one of the best drivers. Thank Goodness Smoke won and not that younger Buschhead.

  41. Karren on
  42. Of course, there would still be the Jr. fan who would whine like he does that he doesn’t get the “good ” setups. If he would get rid of Tony Eury,Jr. and start with a complete new team, he would still whine when he didn’t win and blame everyone else. Tony doesn’t need him on his team; he has a winner with Ryan- go Smoke and Ryan!!

  43. joe on
  44. way to go smoke

  45. Maureen on
  46. Enough said everybody! Junior doesn’t win races because he DOES NOT PUT RACING FIRST! Amen. If Junior drove for Tony, I do believe he would win races. Why? Because he would pal with Tony who loves, dreams, talks and lives for racing. Then, and only then, will Junior start to SHOW HIS STUFF and outdo ‘em all! Junior could be #1 WITH SOME FIRE UNDER HIM! I am a die-hard Dale Jr fan but, TONY IS THE MAN! We all love a winner…..we love #14 TONY STEWART!

  47. harry kimmey on
  48. move on, lets leave jr.out of this for awhile. move on and quit trying to find reasons for a drivers slump. i think its a lot like boxing, horse racing, sports in general. must be a little on the cheating side to be a winner. ask all the crew chiefs to take a lie detecter test, you talk about a bunch to refuse that. some never get caught with cheating. just look at all who have been caught. jr needs to figure out how to do this and not get caught.

  49. karen on
  50. Goldie, I have been saying the exact same thing.

    Harry I agree.

    There is definitely a ‘piece of the puzzle’ missing in the Jr. Camp.

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