Tony Stewart Smokes Johnson for Vegas Win

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NASCAR’s reigning champion Tony Stewart felt the pressure from Jimmie Johnson as the final handful of laps wound down. Stewart was so concerned with Johnson that he asked  his team to ask NASCAR to make sure that Johnson did not lay back to get an extra bit of momentum on the final re-start.

When the green flag fell for the last time Johnson and Stewart rocketed ahead of the field and it was Stewart getting to the checkered flag first for the win.

It was the first Vegas victory for Stewart, leaving only Kentucky and Darlington as tracks Smoke has not won at.

Ironically the move Stewart warned about was the same one he himself had used with about 3o laps to go to grab the lead from Brad Keselowski on another re-start.

Dale Earnhardt Jr was fastest at the start of the race leading 73 laps early on, including the first 43. But Earnhardt’s shot at victory faded when he took 4 tires on a pit stop, while most other teams only took 2.

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6 Comments on Tony Stewart Smokes Johnson for Vegas Win

  1. PBRED8 on
  2. Looks like Tony had ben to the Roy Hill Pro/ Stock drag race school. Excelent restarts. Any there wsa definite head games going on.

  3. Mavis on
  4. Loved to see Dale Jr leading the race. Too bad he lost so many positions taking 4 tires when those in front of him took 2. He just couldn’t seem to get going again after that. Not a bad finish and 1 position gained in points. As for Tony I guess rules apply to other drivers, not to him.

  5. shortime on
  6. Did I also hear him complaining about the same thing regarding the 2 car? Don ‘t tell me Mr. Tony Stewert is turning into a whinner!!! Now onto a better subject, DALE, JR.. I was so proud of him today. He did a real good job and would be up there in top 5 or could have battled Tony whinner for the win because I think the 4 tire stop held him back. But he will re-bound and get a win next week. Go Jr.

    My thoughts were on Dale jr. the whole race, I wanted him to get back up to the lead again and win the race. I was proud of him for the 73 laps he led. I was glad that Tony won instead of Jimmie though. It was a good race, just wish Jr had won.

  7. AZomah on
  8. I only paid attention to Jr., he had a good race going for himself until he tangled with the biggest whinner on the track mm. mm can’t take what he dishes out. He got mad at Jr. when he cut him off and Jr. gave him a nudge. Big E would have put him in another state. I am glad that Jr. handled the situation the way he did. He finished good and moved himself up in the standings. I was impressed with Steve when he admitted that he should have gone for two tires instead of the four. I look forward to the rest of the season because the 88 team is working as a team! Go Jr.!!

  9. Mare on
  10. Stewart wasn’t worried of Johnson, he just didn’t want Johnson to get the best of him. Stewart got by with the “move” on Brad and didn’t want Johnson to get by with it on him— so he brought it to NASCAR’s attention. It may not look like it, but Stewart only thinks of himself

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