Today is Dale Earnhardt Day

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Today, Monday April 29, 2013 is Dale Earnhardt Day. What is your favorite memory of Dale? Let us know in the comments below.

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42 Comments on Today is Dale Earnhardt Day

  1. Susie Powell on
  2. Winning the Daytona 500 and seeing everyone congradulating him on pit road was ONE of my favorite memories….but there are many, many others too! STILL MISSING HIM TODAY!!!! Happy Birthday, Dale!!!!

  3. Rita Harrington on
  4. winning Daytona 500 is allways a favorite memory..but I like the jokes he played on the other drivers,Dale allways had a sense of humor,but also had a serious side.
    miss him every day,not just because its his isn’t as fun to go to
    anymore, Jr never does anything on the track, I don’t expect him to be his dad
    but get it together for your fans
    Happy Birthday Dale!!!!!

  5. Brian Fitzpatrick on
  6. Yeah Susie that was a pretty good deal finally seeing Dale get his Daytona 500 win and watching all of the other teams congratulate him on Pit Road. (I was sitting in the front Grandstands)
    But probably the one that still sticks out in my mind was back in 2000 at ‘Dega when he was running like 18th or so with only 5 laps to go and literally plowed his way thru the field and won the Race. ( I was there too and I think that was his last win too ) it was an amazing thing to have witnessed…. and that’s coming from a Bill Elliott Fan.
    I was also at the Daytona 500 when he was killed on the last lap and the dated February18th, 2001 Daytona 500 Race Day shirt I bought, got put in a drycleaners bag and has never been worn out of respect for Dale.
    Happy Birthday Dale and RIP

  7. Traci Arnold on
  8. Dale winning the Brickyard 400… it was my first Nascar race! Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of race fans that day!

  9. B-Bro on
  10. The 2000 Pocono 500 when Mayfield bump #3 Earnhardt and Mayfield won the race. Too bad Jeremy had to turn out like he did.

  11. wes on
  12. the most that i loved about dale was him winning the daytona 500 and aslo meeting him and his wife in person at watkins glen., and having lunch with them and talking nascar . his was my favorite driver in nascar . i have all the 164 die cast car that he ever drove. also have a signed 8/10 photo of him

  13. Harold Dawkins on
  14. Just being a fan of his through out his great career. Happy Birthday Dale !

    Dale was not only a great father,he was a wonderful outgoing person that would help anyone.The best race car driver I have ever followed in my 63 years ! His picture will always be on top of my dresser.

  15. Frank Foley on
  16. one of my favs is at Bristol when he took out Lebonte and after the race said I didn’t mean to wreck him I just wanted to rattle his cage a little!!!!!!! forever a fan forever the man

    I agree with the prior statement….finally the big one. I always say, if you are leading with less than two to go and he was in your rear view, better move over :)

  17. Barbara Worrell on
  18. He was the most exciting and greatest racer of all time in my book! I miss you, Dale.

  19. Amelia on
  20. My memories go way back when he came to the Greenville Pickens Speedway every Labor day to do autographs. That’s when autographs were free. When he was 12 he came out when Ralph raced and sat on the pick-up that his Dad drove to the track and watched him race. Those were the good ole days. My favorite race car driver for ever’!'!!!!!!!!!!

  21. michael granger on
  22. Another good one was,when He told them all that if they were scared of the speeds at Talledega and Daytona they needed to tie some kerosene soaked rags around there ankles so that the ants wouldn’t crawl up their legs and eat their Candy Asses!!!

    My favorite memory of Dale Sr. is the famous, pass in the grass, although he did not really pass in the grass.

    I liked this one too.

    That one was also a good one too.

  23. Emily Pugh on
  24. My favorite memory is when he won the Daytona 500 and when he was racing his son dale sr and dale junior is my all time favorite drivers by far I just wish dale sr was still alive I miss dale sr a lot he could be winning so many races nd could even be helping his son win races things would be different if he was alive

  25. Mama Donia on
  26. All the wins he had, was always glad to see that. One of my favorites was the Sunday afternoon “Pass In The Grass”, when he came in to the pits, he was pretty upset with Bill Elliott, that look on his face, I can still see! Another, I had the great privilege of getting to meet his several times, but next to the last one was up where “Gresham Motorsports Park” is now, was then the old “Jeffco” , he and Kenny Schrader came up there, Dale was so sweet and friendly, I will never forget that one in particular. Still miss him to this day!!! “God Bless and Happy Birthday Dale” There will never be another like him!!!

  27. Rob on
  28. I belive that his win at sonoma back in 1995 was real special because it was his first and only road course win. im sure if he was here today DEI would be the top nascar organization. happy 62nd DALE you are missed a lot everyday.

  29. dale smith on
  30. I just remember the fear of some rivers seeing him in there rear view mirror,always loved,always will be remembered

    The best memory of DALE was winning the Daytona 500 . That is every ones .
    The funnyest thing was gitting out of the ambulance after sitting there and saying
    The DAM WHEELS ARE STRAITE the. Gitting out and driving the car to the end of the race.the best thing I’ve ever saw was tapping wonder boy on the check and telling him that was not wright .becouse Jeff Gordon had wricked him .
    He wricked Rusty Wallace at Bristol the he said I did’nt mean to wrick him I just ment to rattle his cage . I could talk all day about him he was like a brother and I never had the pleasure of meeting him .boy but did I LOVE HIM.


  31. Carole on
  32. My favorite memory of Dale is the day I met him. I bought a 1998 Z28 Camaro that he drove at Rockingham and he was gracious enough to meet me to sign an authenticity certificate for me. He was very nice with a great sense of humor and to take time to do that for me is something I will never forget.

  33. Shirley O`Brien on
  34. MWe went to Dale Earnhardt`s Open House in Newton, N.C. for 13 years & we have so many memories, but my most favorite is at D.E.I. one day when we went to get Kerry`s autograph, while we were standing in line we over heard someone say that Dale Sr. was going to be interviewed at the Radio station that was set up over in the corner, so I went over & waited for quite a while & he had not came, so I turned & started to go back to the line for Kerry & I bumped right into a man & I said Oh Excuse me. When I got back to the line everyone was laughing at me including my husband, They said turn around & when I did Dale was standing there with the biggest grin. Needless to say I was embarrased to death. But I did get my diecast autographed by him. That was priceless.

  35. Ron on
  36. Dale winning the Daytona 500 in 1998

  37. Charlene Kammer on
  38. Just being a die-hard fan…….The 1998 Daytona 500 and Jr’s first win in Texas when Dale was just a proud dad. Too many to list. On a sad note, I will NEVER forget the look on Teresa’s face as Dale got in the car to begin the 2001 Daytona 500

  39. Swampy on
  40. In 1992 at the Daytona 500, Dale spun out and instead of tearing up the front fascia, he drove the car backwards. He must have been doing 90mph when he got by the pit road entrance, he did a 180 and down pit road he went! It was great!

    The story about Dale Sr always callin Bill France at 0600 on Mon morning to talk about the weekend races wuz good,
    The story about Dale Sr putting a 4 wheel drive vehicle on a trailer and him & a friend taking it to Ashville n.c where Jerry Punch lives and leaving the vehicle and Dales friend there cuz Jerrys wife wuz due to have her baby & Jerry wuz in Wisc, announcing a basketball tourney, it was snowing & weather crappy.
    This man – Dale Sr did so much for so many and Dale Jr is doin the same.
    Nascar not the same without him – R.I.P. friend..>

  41. David Crouchet on
  42. August 1997,Dale came to Austin to sign autographs.My wife and two very young children waited 2 huors in Texas heat. When we got to the end of the line my wife took my two children,Dale and my picture.and gave us an autograph after the picture the “handlers’ attempted to escort my wife and I out of the way for the next person. Well Dale stopped them and asked my wife did she want an autograph as well.of course she did. I truly beleive that Dale Earhardt.cared about his fans more than any superstar i have ever known. Incidently we were at Talledaga on April 29 1996 when he won the winston 500 on his birthday ( also the day Senna was killed)

  43. David Crouchet on

  45. Bobby on
  46. Dale was the greatest stock car driver that ever was. He drove back when racing was racing. Now all they do is ride around the track and complain about their car not handling or something else.

    Winning Daytona was Great but anytime I think of Dale Sr. I feel a little sad because he was taken from us WAY TO SOON. I was a Huge fan and am still today. I am a big Dale Jr. fan now but nothing could ever replace the memories of Dale Sr. Happy Birthday Dale. Enjoy driving that #3 around Heaven.

  47. Patti on
  48. I have many favorite memories of Dale Earnhardt but I have to say that 1 of my all time favorites is the day I met him in person. I had a picture of his car that I had taken at the racetrack when he was practicing…I took it to be autographed by Dale…He told me that the pic was not one that was in his series of pics…I told him, “No, I took the pic myself”…He was amazed. He asked me if he could have a copy of the pic & I said yes. He autographed the pic for me & I have it in my personal collection of Dale. The autograph is my prized possession. Dale was & still is my hero. I value the day I met him. He helped make Nascar what it is today. May he rest in peace. I will never forget him.

  49. Sandra Sorells on
  50. We Won It We Won It, It is Ours, Spun little grass after the win.
    Every crew member, every team coming up to Dale after he won the Daytona 500.
    Also his last race he won Talladega 2000, won million dollars for a fan. Came from 18 18 laps to go and won the Talladega Race.
    Dale Earnhardt was a great down to earth person who never forgot where he came from and remembers the struggles to become the very best NASCAR driver. He was always professional on and off the track. He cared about people, especially disabled people / Special Olympics. He was a private man, and do anything for his fellow man, his family. Dale Earnhardt gave you hope, you feel like throwing in the towel and turn on t.v. and watch him on commericals, race and I get out try again until I accomplish whatever I need to do simply by taking a step back and watching Dale. This country needs Dale so much and there will never be anyone close to Dale, he truly was a hero. Dale Earnhardt Sr was and is always my hero.

  51. Willie Bonifay on
  52. We shared the same birthday

  53. Sandra Sorells on
  54. When Dale Earnhardt Jr won his first race in the Busch Series and won in Texas. Dad ( Dale ) pushed anyone out of the way to get to Dale after that win. Dale was a dad to his proud son, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Also when they both went to Japan and raced and Dale called Dale Jr a teddy bear instead of a polar bear which was on his car.
    Dale loved his family. He loved racing, but his family was his life. He loved Teresa, Kerry, Kelley, Dale Jr, and Taylor Nicole. Loved his mom, brothers and sisters. Made sure that no matter what nobody in his family would do without food, roof over there head. He struggle to make a living, caused some divorces, but he was a survivor, and the road wasn’t easy. Dale never gave up, and when he got to the top never forgot where he came from. Still drove his old pickup on the farm. I could go on and on about my hero. Dale Happy Birthday. See you and my Grandma Boyd again someday. Love Ya

  55. brenda on
  56. DALE,,first of all i want to WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.I was a fan of yours for many years.I proudly wear your #3 everyday. MISS AN LOVE YOU.

  57. Mama Donia on

  59. Pegi on
  60. Well said, Wayne. Losing Dale was a huge loss for us all. He was what racing is all about!

  61. Dale Foerster on
  62. My favorite Dale Earnhardt day was being at the brick yard 400 in 1995 and Dale won. Nothing better that to go to a race and see you favorite driver win. It will be a memory that I will never forget

  63. jim webb on
  64. There are so many moments, but I think one of the most thrilling moments is when he won Daytona, after years of ‘close’, it is heart felt to see success from a true believer.

    Well my favorite Memory is od Dale winning Daytona 500, all the peple greeted him and he was so happy, and the he had done it all .

  65. terry mansfield on
  66. just wanted dale jr to know that no matter what he is always first with me

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