Time for Dale Jr To Go Somewhere Else

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It’s time for Dale Earnhardt Jr to go somewhere — anywhere — besides Hendrick Motorsports.

With one win in 95 races Hendrick Motorsports has not delivered for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When Earnhardt signed on with Rick Hendrick he wanted a 3 year contract. It was Rick Hendrick who convinced Junior to sign up on a 5 year plan. Now we know why.

In a normal NASCAR contract Dale Jr’s contract would be almost up. He would be free to go in a few weeks. Instead Dale Jr has 2 years remaining.

Rick Hendrick needs to do the right thing and release Junior now. At least give Dale Jr the option to stay or go.

I say go. What do you say?




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  1. Cristy on
  2. I do not think that the “invisible line” in the Hendrick garage is gone at all! I think they are giving Jr crap to drive and he needs Tony Eury SR. not Jr to be his crew chief. I think that Hendrcks has let Jr down BIG time and he needs to be let out or change the order of the “crown kings” in that organization….

    I knew when he joined them it would not work, I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when it happened….just not right!

  3. jeff pettrey on
  4. i dont think jr should go i think he should stay cuz rick would have not signd jr to a 5 year contract… So i say he stay’s and fineshes his contract out and he will win more races… i also think that tony sr should come back as jr’s crew chef and then we will see hr really pick it up….

  5. Sam Simpson on
  6. I think it’s time Jr. to quite ridding on Daddy’s coat tail an start doing his own thing. He’s not as good as Sr. was and never will. He has had all the opportunities to be a great driver but has his mind on other things. JUST SAYING YOU KNOW.

  7. Gabe on
  8. It sure was fun to see Dale running the #3 car and winning with the Eury’s on the pit box! Finally! Folks that know what they’re doing! Maybe, getting away from Mr.Hendrick, and just running a Eury backed car in Nationwide next year. It has to become fun again, and will when he starts winning once more.

  9. Mare on
  10. Let’s just see what Hendrick can do—I’m still believing the four teams are not working together as other owners and teams are doing. You won’t see Gordon getting in Jr’s car and driving it to see how it drives like Kyle and Denny did last week. Those two prima-donna teams in that Hendrick garage may try and make it look as though everything is hunky-dory with all four teams, but any one with a brain can see it isn’t. Are you kidding—Chad share his double set of books???? Not on your life. There are some who think Jr can’t drive, but Richard Childress states he can drive and is a good driver, so I do believe Richard should know what he is talking about otherwise he wouldn’t say that in public.

  11. Hootie on
  12. I think that many are hoping that Jr. will bring his operation up to Cup and drive for himself. If Rick did release him from HMS and Jr. wanted to drive for himself, how would Rick feel about that plan since he is part owner in JR Motorsports? By signing Jr. for 5 years instead of 3, Rick must have had a motive. The question still remains – why would Rick Hendrick not want Jr. to win and be successful? By giving him inferior equipment, Rick would indirectly be hurting himself and HMS.

  13. Fed-Up! on
  14. oh Geese…. What a cheesy article. The writer makes it sound like Rick Hendrick is to blame for all of Junior’s woes. I suppose we’re gonna have to listen to Junior’s supporters begin making the same OUTRAGEOUS accusations about Rick Hendrick that they made against Teresa Earnhardt 3 years ago, eh??? Are we gonna keep putting this punk on the same undeserved pedestal of piety that too many fans and media placed him on 3 years ago when he overtly tried to blackmail the rightful owner of DEI out of their equity in the company they were an equal founder and partner of??? Are we gonna continue to GLOSS-OVER this brat’s lifetime of reprobate behavior and wonder why he never measures up??? Are we gonna continue to fawn over this dope and make it sound like he can do no wrong or can never be to blame for anything??? 3 years ago, Junior [and his equally bratty sister] DELIBERATELY MADE [a never-before seen] circus out of his free agent departure from DEI. He DELIBERATELY manipulated the entire fan-base and NASCAR media into believing he was being so terribly mistreated at DEI. Then he and his sister DELIBERATELY marketed himself as a VICTOM. 3 years ago – I was one of the few who ACCURATELY predicted Junior’s demise, and I accurately predicted it to happen “within 3 years”. Here we are – 3 years later. Junior is done. He’s history. He’s TOAST! No mercy to him either. When are people going to wake up??? His wicked behavior has backfired on him – PUBLIC;LY, and he’s screwed. The only solution for Junior is get out of racing and its time for fans and writers to stop fawning over this disgraceful idiot. It’s time to permanently IGNORE Dale Junior and chose more reputable drivers to follow, write, talk about and focus on.


  15. Gabe on
  16. Riding on his Daddy’s coat tails? When you’ve won a couple of Nationwide championships, then you can throw rocks at him….And, There’s nobody that can do things with a stock car that Sr could! It’s unfair to compare Jr to his dad! If his name was George, he’d be left alone by the media!

  17. mick on
  18. Rick should do what’s right.. not sure that’s in him, though. Racing is a business. I want Jr. out of there before HM Sports sucks the life out of him.

  19. Joe-III on
  20. Dale Jr. has been much, much better this year and needs to stay with Mr.Hendrick’s operation. Not winning but once in 95 races is really not to bad. Some drivers never win or win very few. Jr. is the Jr. on the race team and will win races within the next few years. Jeff G. has not been as successful either recently and neither has Mark Martin. Jimmie Johnson has done the best, but has had some problems recently. Do not count Dale Jr. out – he is a good driver and businessperson with his sister, Kellie. Racing has changed completely since Dale Sr. passed and Dale Jr. continues to adjust. I can only end this by saying: GO DALE, JR. YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!

  21. Too Mean on
  22. Jr. should have never went to Hendricks in the first place… He should have drove for Childress, they would have given him what he needed.
    Hendricks dose nothing for Jr. because he don’t want him to out run his two main men, Jeffy and Jimmy. McGrew totally sucks as a crew chief if Jr. running good at the start of the race we will come into the pits and Lance McGrew will do an addjustment then Jr. goed strait to the back… Hendrick don’t F’n care about Jr. but he dose care about all the money Jr. brings into the company.. If I was Jr. I would tell Hendrick to go screw him self and start his own team with Childress backing.

  23. Tammy on
  24. I really would like to see him stay with Hendricks but if leaving would make for a better crew and car then he should go. I think the Crew Chief is a problem I like Lance but I don’t think he makes good calls for Jr sometimes. I am with Jr no matter what decisions he makes for himself in the future to come as long as the decisions he makes are going to be better for him and his team.

  25. Sherri Tolley on
  26. Some of these people making comments on here are really sickening, they can’t spell words right nor can they use them correctly in sentences. Go take a flying leap jerkoffs, go back to school, learn to read and write, use proper English, and quit bashing someone that is number one with the fans. Dale, Jr. can drive, and is going to win, he just needs a decent car instead of that “junk” that Hendricks gave him to drive. Get a decent car, a decent crew chief, and watch the boy go!! He isn’t trying to be like his Dad, there was only one Dale, Sr., and that will never change, but he is his Daddy’s son, and he will rise to the winners circle again. Go Dale, Jr. and God Bless.

  27. Jim Chalmers on
  28. Jr. should stay put and fulfill his contract. Bring back Eury Sr. as his crew chief, and that would give Childress some time possibly to align his Company maybe to receive Jr. after his contract is finished. Or maybe he could get on the winning side right where is with Eury Sr. The point is, it would give everybody some time to adjust.

  29. Jim Mohn on
  30. No question that JR. needs to do something. He is not the driver he was a few years ago and I can’t blame HMS completely. They all have a dog in this show and no one is blameless. JR haters are loving this as is proven by “Fed Up.” Perhaps Junior needs ot own his own team to prove it once and for all. Either he is a driver, or he is a Richard Childress and needs to give up his seat and build and own race cars. He did not set the stage at DEI, again, everyone had a hand in it. DEI was the one that was doomed to failure until they negotiated their new racing relationship and now thankfully they are coming back. How are they doinging it, they made the changes that Junior insisted upon long before leaving. I am a race fan and I like Junior and most of the Nascar drivers, but there is a lot of pressure on a guy that came up fast and successfully and all the nay sayers in the world can’t change that. Junior still needs to muscle up, bear down and earn his stripes as a top notch driver.

  31. NIN on
  32. Hendrick Motorsports has excellent equipment.To see what’s right and wrong – let’s get Chad to be a temp for Jr. and see if JR CAN STEP UP!!! If Chad is THAT great (not Jimmie), then we’ll see what the heck is going on. Hey, Stewart and Newman are doing great with Hendrick equipment, etc., so let’s see what happens.
    If JR wants to prove himself – let this change happen.

  33. HERMAN on
  34. Yep it is time for Jr. to go………..he needs to go hang his head and think of what he is doing to the Earnhardt name by his weekly antics on the track,,,,,,,,,,,,how in the world could anyone have that many ill handling cars in a row, even someone off the street could build a car that would handle in that many tries…………Shame on you Jr.———-Now get your head out of your butt and DRIVE………………..STILL A FAN BUT DON’T KNOW FOR HOW MUCH LONGER.

  35. goldie on
  36. If Jr. wants to leave Hendrick,he’s got the money to buy out his contract, so what is he waiting on?

    Yes if he is going to give JJ all the good stuff……

  37. Mike on
  38. Dale should beg to get out of his contract and if he still wants to “at least try to win” go with Stewart Hass. Not only would it bring more for Him, as a friend of Tonys, I think it would help them both—money and experience—a good match.

  39. AZomah on
  40. Thanks for the article RacingWin. I am returning to my silence is golden act.

  41. Barb F. on
  42. I believe it is time for junior to leave Hendrick after not winning a race in all this time it is just not right. He is getting junk cars to race and this is not right. I believe Junior has it in him to win but he needs either Tony back as crew chief or branch out on his own.

  43. racefan on
  44. couldn’t have said it better myself mr. fed up. Junior is done and what’s sad is that all of these hanger ons (like dingleberries) can’t see it and blame everyone and everything except the person responsible…dale jr.

  45. Brian Groen on
  46. Yep time to move on, when your not the number one in the garage you just don’t feel like you have to carry the load, your skill is there but the mental game lacks the will to win at any cost. Jr is a leader and needs to be in a situation were people depend on him, this might step up his game, and the folks around him, kinda like the great football and basketball players who can carry a team to the championship on their backs when even they might not on paper be the best team out there, but teamates are able to step-up and do extra ordinary things. Man there are better situations out there and many owners would give there lug nuts to have him, Rick Hendrick is a cool guy a good owner, but Jr needs something or someone to get this guy over the hump. Something is missing, I wish I could put my finger on it, he is a talanted dude, Hope the pieces of the puzzle come together soon!

  47. Curtis on
  48. To all these people that keep saying Jr need to go, I ask you where is there for him to go and still have a competive car. You don’t understand that it not easy to
    put a group together and think they are going to product victory, next year you will
    be saying Jr should stay because he is getting what he want. After his two year are up I think Jr wil resign with Hendrick, because he has said he was not going any where and that he wanted to be there a long time, so get off the man back and let him drive.

  49. EyesWideOpen on
  50. The writer and the so-called “fans” who agree need to wake up. It isn’t Hendrick’s fault, the crew chief’s fault….it isn’t even Junior’s fault that he isn’t racing any better than he is or has been all these years. The man is doing the best he can. That’s right, the BEST he can. And so is everybody else. He isn’t getting short changed. He never was!! What you see is what you get, folks! So, shut up and be a TRUE FAN. We all want our driver to win every race, run the best, be the best one out there. But, like it or not, sometimes we have to face the fact that our driver is DOING the BEST HE CAN. Period. No excuses. No one is to blame. Nobody is scheming against him. Sometimes…well, to be honest, most of the time, “our” driver is not going win every race, heck he may not even win at all. BUT….if you are a TRUE fan, you will still root for that driver, wear his colors and want the best for him. And you have to also accept that he is DOING the best that HE can do and nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is to blame for him not winning, or running better, or anything else. SO SHUT UP already and BE a TRUE FAN!!! I have never, in all the years I have been a fan of NASCAR, seen so much pressure put on one driver by HIS OWN FANS to be better than what he is when he goes out there and gives all he can, when he’s been given the best equipment possible!!
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not SUPPORTING the driver you claim to be a fan of.

  51. REGAN on
  52. why all the hatred for jr?i dont get it. jr is not his daddy never has been never will be! i think if you give him top notch cars he can win. i hope he goes with rcr and tony sr is the lead man. the man can drive. it is easy to sit back and throw stones.people think he should win all the time and that aint happening. come on rick let the man go. you have riden this cash cow to long now. GO JR WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. EyesWideOpen on
  54. Regan, you talk of throwing stones, then do the same thing. In the same breath, you say Jr. isn’t his daddy and never will be, then say give him top notch cars and he will win. He HAS top notch cars. I don’t think he should win all the time. It is hard, in this day and age, to win one race, let alone all of them.

    I have a question………has Junior even ASKED to be let out of his contract?? Does he even WANT to leave HMS?? I mean, seriously……….does anybody know for a fact, that either of these things have been brought up by Junior to Rick??

  55. Sandra on
  56. Why should Dale Earnhardt Jr perform? Dale Earnhardt Jr is in what 16th place now, and is earning more than Kevin Harvick, who is the points leader right now.
    Why bang up a good car, drive it and bring in home in one piece and still make more money than the winner.
    What it is people with Dale Earnhardt, Jr, He knows how to race, the problem He doesn’t know how to set up a car. Who set up his car when he was great? Dad.
    Dale tells his team the car is tight on the radio, and you see it on t.v., it is loose. Dale Earnhardt needs a mentor. Dale needs to admit, Hey I know how to race a car if everything is great and it corners like it is on rails. But if it is off, Dale does not know how to communicate that. Dave Marcis use to set up Dale Earnhardt Sr’s, maybe Dale Earnhardt, Jr needs to do the same.

  57. EyesWideOpen on
  58. Sandra, got any stats to back that up? I’ll tell you why Junior should perform, if he isn’t already doing the best he can…..pride and fans. Kasey Khane (sp?) had the same problem, (knowing how to set his car up), a few years ago. He learned fast. Junior grew up around racing, he knows the ins and outs of the car, how it works, what it needs. Dale taught him all this stuff. What he doesn’t know, he has a crew chief, an owner, and his teammates to help him with. I’m telling you, the man is doing the best he can do. Which is more than ok. I wouldn’t be surprised IF this were to happen: Junior’s fan quit griping and pushing and start cheering him on for what he can do right now……stop putting all that pressure on him……which he then puts double that on himself. Then, lo and behold, he actually DOES start running better and winning some races!! It’s bad enough with ONE person over your shoulder constantly barking “what’s wrong, why can’t you do this!”, let alone thousands.

  59. Frank on
  60. Nope, don’t think he needs to go anywhere. Jr needs a crew chief that will get him on the right track. The one he has know is a joke. One that will stop babying him and put his foot down. Put the 48 crew chief over there for 3 to 6 months and you will find out the problems with Jr or is it something else. Jr needs to grow up and get his head straight to either race or go home. Like his step mother said do you want to race or be a movie star…….One more thing, he needs to get with Hendrick and say we need to fix this now not tomorrow or the next day, Now..

  61. Patch on
  62. Eyes, Sandra and several others have a good attitude. Jr has a great life. He pretty much gets to do anything he wants including starting his own racing team. He makes a lot of money and has a lot of fans. Only 43 drivers get to race in the cup each week and he is one that makes it every week. We cheer for him and buy his gear. It would be nice if he won a race now and then but it is not the end of the world if he does not. Let us be happy just cheering for him – lots of good people out there working in the field but only one driver, one crew, one owner gets to come in first. You have to root for your driver and say thank you at the end of the day for him doing his best. You would cheer for your child and respect how they did as long as they tried. We can tip our hat to those that finish first but we don’t have to quit liking our child or our driver or get mad at the coach just because they were not first. Enjoy the fun and excitement of it all; please.

  63. Rick Moss on
  64. Absolutely get away from HMS. It seems to me he only wanted Jr. for publicity. His “pets” get the pick of the litter when it comes to the better/best. I hope he (Hendrick) does the right thing and let Jr. pursue somewhere that will give him a fighting chance to show what an Earnhardts do best………

  65. Glenn H on
  66. Thank you for your comments eye wide open. Could not have said it any better….. I will always be a JR fan until the day he quits!

  67. lady Red on
  68. To all of you that have nothing but something bad to say about Jr., I say get on someone else’s list like the Busch brothers, they need the fans. As Kyle Petty says, Jr. has and always has had too much pressure put on him and needs to be left alone. You are either a fan or your not and I’m tired of all the negative comments about a great racer that is going through a rough time. He will return at some point and win again many times. In the meantime all you armchair quarterbacks, go mow your lawn.

  69. Ben on
  70. I think Jr. & Martin is in the research 7 development part of Hendrick. Martin drove great cars last yr. Jr won his first 2 races with HMS. at Daytona, i think HMS saw that, thats why he is in R&D., now.

  71. Ben on
  72. I think Jr. & Martin . Martin drove great cars last yr. Jr won his first 2 races with HMS. at Daytona, i think HMS saw that, thats why he is in R&D., now.

  73. Ben on
  74. Where else can Jr. go the Chevy camps are full now. He should have went with RCR in first place. He has to drive Chevys, B/C of his Nationwide program.

  75. marcel on
  76. It’s not Hendrick’s fault, it’s 75% the driver. Rick should let him go so JR could see what bottom feels like. His car is as good as the rest in the stable, set up might be off a little bit, the rest of the problem is JR.

  77. Pegi on
  78. Eyes wide open & Patch…enjoyed reading your thoughtful comments. A true fan is something some folks just don’t understand.

  79. Mama Donia on
  80. I don’t know what would be best for Jr., only he really knows. I think RHM has let Jr. down. I think Rick didn’t live up to his promise to Jr. I’ve said it over and over, but as long as JG and JJ are at Hendrick, any other driver will get the left over equipment, those two drivers are gonna get the best at Hendrick. I use to have a lot more respect for Rick, but he seems a little wishy-washy, maybe all he wanted from Jr. was for Jr. to bring in the big sponsor money. As far as Lance McGrew, when Jr. tells him what the car is doing and still they can’t fix it, I don’t think he is the crew chief he’s cracked up to be, they had terrible pit stops last Sunday at Michigan, over 16 seconds, was that Jr’s fault, heck no. If the pit crew members can’t do their job then they need to get the heck out of the way, they don’t need to be at a race track. I know Jr. is a good race car driver, he’s showed everyone he can drive a race car, when it is worthy of driving, but given terrible equipment and a bad pit crew, no-one is gonna do any better. I’ve been a Sr. and Jr. fan as long as they’ve been driving, and now Sr. is gone, but I’ll stick with Jr. regardless of what he does, I do know things would have been totally different had Sr. not left us so soon, I thought Rick was gonna take Jr. under his wing and look after him but again Jr. was let down, I guess all Rick thinks about is the almighty dollar. I guess we’ll see what plays out. I’ve been told that Kasey Kahne’s crew chief is going to Hendrick for the #5 car in 2012, maybe Alan G. will take over for Jr. if he stays at Hendrick, we’ll see.

  81. Tom McDonnell on
  82. I like Jr. and been a fan of his since 1999 but just because he has a famous last name should not make him a great driver like his daddy. Look at Richard Petty, he was a great driver too and look where Kyle ended up, not as good as his daddy.
    So, the same situation with Jr., Dale Earnhardt was a racer and the best one and
    I don’t think anybody will match Dale’s records and his driving. So, for Jr. I would say drive the best you can and not worry about what people think he should do.

  83. Tom McDonnell on
  84. But, if Jr. was to go to another team, I would love to see him go to Richard Childress Racing. Give it a shot and see what happen. Look how he won
    at Daytona in July this year.

  85. Maureen on
  86. My response to Fed-Up………….GO FIND A LIFE, FRIENDS, WHATEVER! Dale Jr is the best and most popular in all NASCAR. Only thing hurting him at the moment is the girl he stole from her husband, got her a divorce, etc. Jrs. mind is just not on racing these days. All in all, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is a good racer and can get the job done if her really wants to. Kyle Busch can drive a piece of junk and still win races but we will not compare the world’s greatest racer of all time (Kyle Busch) to Dale Jr. or any other racer. Hendrick gives JJ and JG all the best equipment……..especially to Jeff Gordon; who cannot race as well as he used to either. LAY OFF OF DALE JR. ! Jr. needs to start his own cup and race for himself like Waltrip, Stewart, Harvick and others. He did nothing wrong at DEI. Quit picking on Dale Jr…………..THE WORLD LOVES HIM EVEN OUTSIDE OF RACING. I get mad at Junior, but I will always be there to defend him too.

  87. superpoof on
  88. Look at the history.Jr took Casey Mears’ ride,which never produced.Martin took Kyle busch’s ride,and we all know how he did at Hendricks.Seems to me,after Martin was a front runner in the chase last year,and Jr. was an also ran,Hendricks never had a plan to make Jr. a front running car.Why? It’s yet to be revealed.But anybody who followed the sport knows Risk and Sr. never were “good friends”. Rick used the excuse that his son and Jr. were good friends.It is an evil person that uses his deceased son to get revenge on an enemy using HIS son. Leave Jr., someone will buy out your last 2 years of your contract!

  89. Jim on
  90. Isn’t interesting that when any of the Uncles or Cousins were Jr’s crew chief, everyone wanted them to be changed because Jr. wasn’t winning enough. Now with Hendrick, they have changed crew chiefs and still the same complaints. Perhaps Jr. should have stayed with the Eury’s and DEI and helped them to become one of the premier teams in Nascar. Have been a fan of Nascar for 50 years and a Dale Sr. fan from his second year. Jr may have a lot of pressure and he may never win or own his own Nascar Sprint Cup team, but I agree with “eyes wide open” and will always be a Jr. fan, just not as hot as I was on his dad. When he died, a lot of Nascar personality and drive died with him. I still feel that a lot of Jr’s. problems are in conditioning and his personal drive or lack of it to win. Still a fan and will stand by him win or not!

  91. Donna on
  92. Well all I am going to say is Jr. has to do what is right for him ..We can all comment on what we think but who is gonna care what we say ..I say let Jr. be his own man and leave him alone every time I come on the net there is something about Jr. on here and it isn’t very pretty at the best of times I am getting sick of these people that have nothing better to do then write stuff about Jr. that just doesn’t need to be written at all ..I say Let Jr. decide what he wants to do ..I have comments I can make and tell you what I think but I am getting tired of doing so ..So that is my take ..Leave the man alone ..He is the most popular driver in nascar and he has a lot of fans jealousy sometimes is what is wrong with alot of people ..So kudos to you Jr. love you man ..

  93. Susie Powell on
  94. Whatever he does, we love him and support him! Good Luck and God Bless Dale Jr.

    For everone of you out there that think Jr is getting junk to drive wake up and smell the truth when he went to Hendrick he but alot of pressure on him self and also made it bad for himself because he had to perform with top notch team and if he didn’t he would prove that his head isnt in the game he got what he wanted he brought his own crew chief and everthing and still no performance and Rick isnt going to give that team 2nd rate equipment because he knew that the Jr fans would say everthing that you guys are saying he knew that from the start and look he was right that is what you are doing So time For Jr to step up and prove who he is or is not and you fans need to do the same shut up and let him drive and be happy with what ever he does he is doing all he can and thats all anyone can ask for

  95. bob on
  96. i strongly beleive that tony eury jr should be the crew chief then watch jr win races again like it was before when he was with him and the no#8 everybody saw how good things were and now look how awful things are earnhardt knows how to drive he’s a good driver he should do something now get out even and form his own team with eury jr then see some changes.

    Folks I think Jr.’s problems could be deeper than we think. Listen to him, he just don’t sound right. My hobbies are long range competitive shooting(1000yd+) and golf. The point is, you have to have a Superior Mental Edge to WIN. Your mind has to be in the Zone, or you are just flapping in the wind. Mental preparation is essential and paramount to success. Dale Sr. had a mental killer mindset, that is not to say Jr. don’t, but Sr. would take no prisoners. Like “Cool Hand Luke” he had his “mind right”. I think there may be more than we know. When Jr. won in the #3 at Daytona we saw that spark in his eyes, the sound in his voice was the Jr. we know.

    EyesWideOpen nailed our part, we are his fans win or lose, no matter what we have his back. Jr. has to gather it up, and he will, get back in the zone. When you have the edge, and the mindset, it won’t matter if he has a ill handling car he will be ahead of the curve. I have seen Dale Sr. with a car that wasn’t the fastest, or the best handling and STILL WIN. Think about it people, if we had to follow in the shadow of a father who was the best of the best that can really be tough act to follow, especially if you are having problems. You NEVER really know someone until you get into their skin, put it on and walk around in it. Then, maybe then, could we understand how they feel.

    I don’t know if Jr. should leave HMS or not, I just don’t think he is getting a bad car, I just think the gel is missing for some reason. We all know Jr. don’t want to ride around all day in the back of the pack. The truth is you have good and bad times and you have to hit it straight on deal with it and on to the next. We haven’t seen a failure, we are seeing a phase that every driver and team goes through. Now is the time to root harder for him than we ever have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jr. Fan Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Penny on
  98. All I want to say is to Fed Up move on we do not need you.

  99. Pat 88 on
  100. I dont know how many people..fans …have been to Hendrick garage in NC…we have and let me tell you all ..Jr & Martin are in a garage(building) by themself’s
    You leave one, walk down to JJ & Gordons building. garage. Didnt we hear a long time ago that they were working together all 4 teams..dont believe it.
    The only thing you can believe is that there was a lot of fans at Jr. Garage and 0 at jj. That is the truth not even someone at the desk. empty.. You could see Jr. & Martins team working on cars but you couldnt see anything at the other one.

  101. LINDA S on

    I think JR. should be allowed to go!!!!! Hendricks is not putting as high a stand on JR.’s car as his other racers!!!!!! He’s not allowing JR. to perform at his full potential!!!!!!! I think that JR. is weighed down with the truth of the circumstances!!!!!!!!

  103. PATTY FITTRO on



    I personally feel that there is something in the works for next year involving Jr. Will he bring his own team to the cup series? What happens when Casey Kane is in the mix? It will all unfold and then we will know if he is leaving Hendrick’s early or what drivers will be sitting in the #5 and #88. I am a Jr fan and always will be, win or lose. Everyone has a right to their own opinion about him, but what other driver out there has lost their Dad to this sport and kept on going, under even more pressure than before since they now want Jr to try to replace our beloved Dale Sr. I don’t know how the kid does it. He must be very strong. I think we should not criticize any of them as they have tough jobs and if you have to slam Jr just because you don’t like him then I suggest you stay off this site because in case you haven’t noticed there are more Jr fans on here than anyone else and we love him to death.

  105. eyeswideopen on
  106. Patch,
    That is exactly what I am saying.

  107. Marilynn Bell on
  108. I still say Chad and Jimmie aren’t sharing everything like Rick says they are. I’m not sure Lance is the Crew Chief for him either. I too would like to see Pops as his crew chief, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Pops doesn’t want to dedicate the time and energy needed for Sprint cup. But after just finishing watching NNS at Bristol and Dale coming in 4th, I sure wish Pops would think about it again. So good to see him happy and smiling like the old Dale. Don’t think he gets the support he needs and deserves from Rick. Rick made out like a bandit on that deal, part owner in JRM plus Dale’s sponorship draw and souvenier money. Rick needs to step up and give him the equipment AND manpower to compete.

  109. Frank on
  110. I tthinkj he should go and go now. Surely Hendrick would realease him to do so. Sorry, but Ray Charles could see that he is not getting the same equipment or advice from the from the box.

    How many times in the first part of his career did you see him blow an engine. And that’w just one of the many mechanical problems that nag the team week in and week out.

    Mark Martin is beginning to get the message now.

    Go JR!!!

  111. lady Red on
  112. Jr. coming in 4th last nite after moving up from 34th
    place should tell everyone something….he had a car he could drive and possibly win with. He knew what he had when he said before the race that he felt he had a top 5 car and he did. Let’s see what tonite brings, another car that backs up instead of going forward because someone didn’t know how to put it together? If he doesn’t get up front tonite it is what everyone is saying, there is something wrong at Hendricks. Jr. hasn’t lost his desire nor his talent to win. I wanted to throw up when Kyle stood up and acted like he was crying when he won, his message was “too bad Brad”. He would have been crying real tears had he lost like he always does…hear any cheers? KEEP VOTING FOR JR! Show everyone he is still
    the most popular and #1 despite his difficulties.

  113. Reno3 on

    GO JR

  115. Jeanette on
  116. I don’t understand why there is so much hate on here. I don’t think it’s fair to any driver. Forget who Jr’s daddy was. He is not his father,knows he is not his father,does not want to be his father.He just want’s to race, win and be allowed to be happy again. Darn you people are just plain mean.
    I don’t like a lot of drivers,but If I don’t have anything more to say than some of you I’d just not speak.

  117. Dottie B. on
  118. Sam Simpson the next time you or someone else says that junior is riding on his fathers coattails i will hit u upside the head with my ball bat okay now i have had it with bashers and band wagoners and the infamous FAIR WEATHER FAN..If you dont like junior thats fine dont tell us “TRUE BLUE FANS” your problems just leave him the heck alone. go KISS KYLE BUSCHES ASS and leave poor junior alone.. Oh yes I am very protective of Junior I am like an angry cougar..
    thank you:

  119. Steve L on
  120. JR just needs to do whatever he wants to do. Trust me all 4 teams at Hendrick isn’t the same. As someone else said Jimmie and Jeff are in one garage while JR and Mark are in another. Ya Mark made the Chase last year but look how much more experience in NASCAR let alone racing altogether than JR does. JJ is a 4 time consecutive champ and partly owned by Jeff which is another 4 times champ so it’s common sense that they will get the best stuff. The since Mark has seniority over JR because of how much longer he’s been in NASCAR then hell get a little better stuff than JR does. Now i know JR said the equipment can do it which i believe but something else is going on because some tracks they can make great adjustments while other tracks they either don’t improve the set-up or make it worse. Also JR does know about cars and racing, him and his sister Kelley would work on their own cars when they ran modified and JR before that went to school to be an automotive tech (mechanic) so he does know cars. also it’s not completely up to the driver, it’s the crew chief’s call, ya sometimes the driver can make a call but it’s still up to the crew chief. JR uis a great driver, he just needs a good car. He can easily move up in the field at any track (except road courses since he doesn’t like those that much) and move up fast, just needs the car to do it.

    In my opinion JR either needs to do 1 of 2 things…..
    1: Branch his Nationwide team over to Cup while still have at least 1 team in Nationwide (since JR loves Nationwide) so it will be at least 1 team in Cup and at least 1 team in Nationwide or
    2: he cam maybe go to RCR where the equipment seems to be equal no matter who you are.

  121. Deborah on
  122. It does not matter what any of you say Jr will do what Jr wants to do. Like it or not.

  123. AZomah on
  124. So many folks walk in his shoes, they make me laugh. I’m with you Jr!

  125. REGAN on
  126. eyes wide shut just where do you get your info from? how do you know jr has not asked to let be out of his contract? i dont know that he has or has not but what i do know is the man can drive given good cars! you are right nobody wins all the time but he has been just a cash cow for hms say what you will but it is true! he never will be like his daddy heck no one will ever be like him. i too wish people would let him be his on person and back off! jr and his fans will have their day and i cant wait!

  127. James Wheeler on
  128. I don’t know where half of you people get your information from, because of right now, a total idiot named Lance McGrew is Dale, Jr.’s crew chief, and according to a story on NASCAR.com he may not be in that position after the end of 2010!! Why Hendrick ever asked that idiot to be his crew chief is beyond me, after he was in his “R&D Department” for well over two years previous to that!! Dale, Jr. is not the problem here, or can you people not see that??

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