The Dale Earnhardt Jr Prune Juice Diet

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For the first 8 days of his diet Dale Earnhardt Jr drank prune juice. Then he switched to carrot juice. For the record he likes the prune juice better.

Earnhardt noticed he was gaining a few pounds last year when he began having trouble getting onto his firesuits. Like most of us he thought the suits were shrinking. “Man, something is wrong with the washer,” Earnhardt said. But the scales were telling a different story.

In the past Earnhardt has been able to eat what he wants without giving much thought to his waistline. But at the end of last season he realized it was time to slim down a bit. During the NASCAR off-season he did just that. “I lost a lot of weight. 15 or 20 pounds. Just trying to do a better job of managing my calories and stuff like that”

“It was pretty tough too. I was surprised I was able to make it,” said Dale .Jr

Besides counting calories and watching what he eats. Junior spent 15 days on a de-tox diet suggested by a friend. No steaks. No burgers. Just veggies, chicken and fish. For 2 days it was nothing but fruit and vegetables. Prune juice to drink for the first 8 days, then carrot juice for the last 7. “It was pretty tough too. I was surprised I was able to make it,” said Dale .Jr

Did you notice Junior was gaining weight? What diet recommendations do you have for him?





17 Comments on The Dale Earnhardt Jr Prune Juice Diet

  1. Paula on
  2. Dale needs the Paula workout! I will keep him moving! lol

  3. Stephanie on
  4. I didn’t notice anything but maybe Amy is a good cook and that’s how he gained the weight. My husband swears its my cooking that made him gain weight :) Kind of an odd diet but whatever works or him I guess.

  5. AZomah on
  6. I didn’t notice weight gain either. Glad that diet worked for him. Not a diet I could live on, no Mexican food!

  7. Mavis on
  8. I didn’t notice any weight gain but I noticed his fire suit doesn’t seem as tight now. I like the prune juice but a person might have to stay home for a few days. I don’t think I’ve ever drank carrot juice but I like carrots so it might be okay. I could handle a diet like that if I was alone in the house and getting my own meals. I’m proud of him for taking the initiative and losing the weight.

  9. Tom on
  10. I did notice he look like he gotten thinner which is good for him.

  11. Matt on
  12. Haha, i love it. Don’t be shy!

    I did notice that Dale Jr was gaining weight, at the end of last season. Then when the daytona 500 started, I noticed he was slimmer. he does look better, course, he looked good at the end of the season too. He always looks good. But, I can understand him wanting to loose weight.Poor old Ryan Newman needs to loose some too, he could hardly run Sunday when he wrecked. I have a diet, it is called the 4 day wonder diet. You loose 20 lbs in 4 days, but if you are not careful after the 4 days, you will gain it back and then some. Maybe Jr. should stick to the carrot juice diet. You look wonderful Junebug.

  13. Mama Donia on
  14. I love Jr. regardless, I guess it’s better to be healthier, but to me he looks good either way. Like someone else said maybe Amy is a good cook, along with Jr. liking to cook himself, maybe they were staying home and cooking a lot, that will make you gain weight. I did notice, before the 500, his suits were more baggy than they were at the end of last season. Take care Jr., we love ya, any way you are!!!!!

  15. ladyred on
  16. What site is the most popular driver vote on this year?
    Need to get my vote in for Jr…….

  17. mare on
  18. just log on to and you will get the info

  19. shortime on
  20. Dale’s just sexy-dont matter which firesuit he wears. He still fills it out in all the right places. Looks really good in that red Tax Slayer suit though!!!!!

    lady red go to and that is where you vote.

  21. Tammy Chaney on
  22. Sorry I can’t say what say what I am really thinking! But Jr. doesn’t need to worry, he looks good either way. I personally thought the rear view looked better when it was a little snug, but I got no problem with the way he looks either way, his jeans, firesuit, the birthday suit, would be my preference! I can’t even believe I just said that! But God sure blessed the man.

  23. Tracy on
  24. I have to agree with all the other ladies, Jr looks good in what ever he wears,wrangler jeans or his Birthday suit. LOL.good luck Jr in 2013. Your doing great so far,keep up the good work.

  25. Carla C on
  26. Jr. was starting to look a little pudgy at the end of the season. He looks better trimmer. Better for his health also.

  27. Ernie on
  28. Why vote him as most popular driver ?HE CANT DRIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is going to end up in the same spot 15 th or worse !Give up marble mouth and quit running on your fathers coat tails ! O well you guys have to make him rich with buying his garbage at the track ! and he is not even a business person ! Couldnt do it with out his sister ! And his father was a great driver but how many of you ban wagon jumpers remember when he started ! UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM he wasnt loved because he was a take no prisoners kind of guy ! He was there to win ! Not like JR that just knows how to sell dinky cars to you guys that jumped on the ban wagon after SR passed

  29. mamad donia on

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