The Taylor Earnhardt Life Story

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Taylor Earnhardt Biography

Taylor Nicole Earnhardt is the daughter of 7 Time NASCAR Champion Dale Earnhardt and his wife Teresa Earnhardt.

Taylor Earnhardt was born on December 20, 1988.

Fame came early for Taylor Earnhardt. As an infant in her mother’s arms in 1990 Taylor and Teresa were watching as Dale was leading the Daytona 500 on the final lap. TV cameras zoomed in on the two as Dale appeared to be headed to his first victory in that race.

But Taylor Earnhardt’s joy quickly turned to sorrow when Dale cut a tire and his victory slipped away.

No. 3 Driven by Taylor Earnhardt

Taylor became the first Earnhardt to drive the Black No. 3 since her dad when she competed in the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed in England in 2009. She drove the Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet that Dale won his final race in at Talladega in 2000.

Taylor Earnhardt has been active in the Dale Earnhardt Foundation, a charity started by her father. She worked with the John Wayne Cancer foundation to create the Dale and the Duke Car, a special paint scheme race car featuring Dale Earnhardt and John Wayne.

In 2008 Taylor won a World Championship Equestrian Barrel Racing event in Texas.

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15 Comments on The Taylor Earnhardt Life Story

  1. AZomah on
  2. Good for you Taylor. Happy to see you driving the #3. Your Dad would be proud of you and as a fan of his, I am happy for you.

    that be really cool to see her out on the track like her brother dale jr and his sister out on the track together and see taylor out there going around i root for her if she started raceing to

  3. george on
  4. that would be great to see taylor in the #3 car i tooooo am a fan of her late father dale sr taylor good luck make sr and jr proud ill be a fan of yours for sure from nulls racing#75 street stock to u taylor

  5. Rose on
  6. I disagree she is not a race car driver and never has been. She has spent her youth learning to show horses. She should continue to pursue her career in Equestrian, it is what she is good at and not listen to her mother and try to copycat her brothers..It won’t happen for her. It’s actually embarassing. Teresa needs to accept she ruined DEI and Dale Sr’s legacy. She lost her cash cow when Jr left DEI It’s sad that she is now using her daughte to try and cash in on the Earnhardt name. Sr’s legacy will always live in Jr and Terry. Jr will be driving the No 3 in July. She was a fool not to see it was, and will always be Jr the fans want to see follow in Dale Sr footsteps. It was Jr the fans wanted not her. I think Taylor is very pretty and sweet but nobody is going to take her seriously.

  7. gary on
  8. I am as much an Earnhardt fan as anyone, when we lost it was like I lost a part of my family.
    When are these Jr die hard fans going to realize Theresa was right, Jr does not have that burning desire, focus and concentration on winning.
    Theresa is out of th picture and he is STILL loosing!
    He is getting back behind the wheel of a 3 car, what is that real motivation$$$$$!
    When the old man was around he pushed Jr to excell now there isn’t anyone to do that. He is like a spoiled kid.
    Grow up, suck it up and go Back to DEI and make it what Dale had dreams of it being…The Best team out there Just a she was the best driver out there!
    Everybody has to remember Dale said himself, Before he married Theresa he borrowed money from the bank. After he married he he got mney from the bank and he was proud of that. She worked hard with Dale to develop what they had, she had no reason to just hand it all over to Jr.

    Get over it, move on and make DEI the team Hendrick, Rousgh and Gibbs look at for direction,
    Go after whatever you want Taylor, show as much focus as Dale did and you will be at the top. Just like Theresa is doing, even when your down you have to keep on giving it all you got. Just like we always saw Dale driving wrecked cars , several laps down and driving like he was going for the win.
    THANKS DALE!!!! We miss you.

    Gary, I don’t think this is about money at all. i think it is about respect for his Father. Dale Jr certainly doesn’t need the money he will earn form racing in a Nationwide race.

  9. Vincent on
  10. agree… and dale jr said he had to put in money into the car too becasue the sponsorship is so tight right now..jr make 20 million a year by the way

    Taylor, you are a wonderful woman and your mom is a lady loved and respected by many. You have your life ahead of you. I believe it will be a life of many adventures.As you go foward through these adventures, let your mom walk with you. I have been a fan of your father’s sence he first began his career.He was always a great driver, but at first he needed some direction, Richard childress was able to give him some of that when he teamed with him. They were a great team,but your dad still didn’t have the kind of direction he needed untill he met and married your mom.Your continued being a great driver, but your mom is the one who built Dale Earnheardt INT. If your dad were hear today he would be the first to tell you the same thing. So never doubt your moms knowledge and ability because if anyone knows, she does. I think you will find as you go through life that the people who were fans of your father are also fans of you and your moms as well as the rest of your family. I hope it’s ok if I concider myself as one of those fans.


  13. taylor on
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  15. Kernel Guidry on
  16. Taylor follow your heart !!! its what your dad would want you to do
    Good Luck

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  17. Steve McGowan on
  18. Does Taylor have a sister ?

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