Does Kyle Busch Need a Driver’s License to Race in NASCAR?

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Kyle Has Lost His License


Kyle Busch has lost his driver’s license for 45 days after pleading guilty to driving 128 in a 45 mph zone. The NASCAR points leader was ticketed last May while driving a yellow Lexus LFA sports car outside of Charlotte.

Busch appeared in court Tuesday where he received the 45 day license suspension along with a $1000 fine. Busch was also placed on 1 year of unsupervised probation. He pled guilty to the speeding charge and no contest on the reckless driving count.

Attorney Cliff Homesley represented Mr. Busch and tried to convince the court that Busch was a highly-skilled professional driver and that driving 128 mph on a public road wasn’t considered reckless when performed by Kyle Busch.

The attorney also argued that the Lexus had superior handling and braking capabilities compared to other cars on the road and that driving the Lexus at that speed would be like driving any other car at 60 mph.

The judge didn’t buy any of that.

Now the question is will NASCAR allow Busch to race without a driver’s license. The answer is almost certainly yes. But is that the right call – should Kyle Busch be allowed to race at the highest level of NASCAR with no driver’s license?

Kyle Busch Gets a Whipping — Literally

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Following Saturday’s truck series Richard Childress is one of the few who can say he beat Kyle Busch – literally.

Childress grabbed Busch – put him in a headlock, and landed several punches before bystanders could separate them.

Childress was angry with Busch after contact with RCR driver Joey Coulter in the closing laps. The latest in a string of incidents between Busch and RCR drivers.

There is no doubt that Richard Childress intended to get Kyle’s attention. Just before the incident Childress was seen slipping his expensive watch into his pocket.

Childress was barred from pit road at Sunday’s STP 400 at Kansas Speedway. NASCAR also told him not to attend the pre-race driver’s meeting.

NASCAR President Mike Helton considered banning Childress from the speedway entirely before deciding that Childress should be allowed to stay as a team owner.

NASCAR officials have indicated that a statement regarding any punishment for Childress would be forthcoming on Monday – a day earlier than most penalties are announced.

What do you think an appropriate punishment would be?

Kyle Busch Speeding Ticket May Cost His License

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Ticketed for 128 in a 45


After receiving a speeding ticket for doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone Kyle Busch is facing a possible suspension of his North Carolina driver’s license. North Carolina law allows up to a 60 day suspension for violations in this category — 83 mph over the limit.

Busch was test-driving a bright yellow Lexus LFA just south of Troutman, NC on Perth Road when a deputy caught him on radar. His wife Samantha was in the passenger seat.

“Today I received a traffic citation in Iredell County,” Busch explained in an official release.  “I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment.”

So far NASCAR has no plans to bar Busch from competition over the speeding ticket. Do you think a valid driver’s license should be required to compete in NASCAR?

Kyle Busch’s Smartest Move Yet

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It was a first win for Regan Smith and another chapter in the dramatic story of Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick at Darlington Saturday night.

Smith’s Chevrolet was fast on old tires as he held off Carl Edwards’ Ford in the final laps. Smith even hit the wall at one point but was still able to hold off Edwards.

But it was after the checkered flag when the action really started to pick up. Kevin Harvick wanted a word with Kyle Busch. Maybe more than a word.

In the final laps Harvick slowed just enough to allow Busch to pass, then got back in the gas and gave a shove to the rear of Busch’s No. 18 Toyota.

But Kyle Busch was having none of that. Kyle intentionally drove Harvick’s No. 29 Chevy down the racetrack causing Harvick to wreck his own teammate, the No. 33 of Clint Bowyer.

Then Busch came around and took another swipe at Harvick’s Chevy sending it spinning. It was two for one shopping at Richard Childress Racing for Kyle Busch.

Harvick stopped his car directly in front of Kyle Busch and climbed out of his car ready for a fight. At this point Busch made his best move of the night. He waited until Harvick was out of the car and drove away – clipping Harvick’s Chevy in the process and crashing it one more time into the pit wall.

It’s a good thing Busch got away. My money is on Kevin Harvick in a street fight like that. That may be Kyle Busch’s smartest move yet.

What do you think? Could Kyle have taken him, or was he smart to run away.

Does Kyle Busch’s Gas Mileage Victory Mean as Much?

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Kyle Busch won Saturday night’s Crown Royal Presents The Matthew & Daniel

Hansen 400 at Richmond by conserving enough fuel to make it to the checkered flag. He actually ran out of gas doing victory burnouts.

“It was important to save fuel there under the cautions,” Kyle said of the race winning strategy. “Fortunately we had that long caution flag. That probably saved us.  I didn’t expect to run out on my way back to the winner’s circle.”

So is a race won on fuel strategy as meaningful as a race won on speed or driver’s talent?

Strategy is a big part of NASCAR racing. But so is building fast cars and having the courage to drive them beyond their limits.

Kyle Busch is not going to be giving the trophy back anytime soon, but do you think a fuel mileage win means as much to him as a duel to the finish?

What do you think of fuel mileage races?


Kevin Harvick’s Amazing Last Lap Pass

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Kevin Harvick Comes Out of Nowhere to Shove Jimmie Johnson Out of the Way for the Win

Kevin Harvick led just one lap in the Auto Club 400 at California’s Auto Club Speedway today. But it was the one lap that mattered. Harvick chased down both Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson in the final laps – making a last lap pass for the lead on Johnson’s No. 48 Chevrolet just a few hundred yards from the finish line.

“Yeah, we led the right one, that’s for sure,” said a beaming Kevin Harvick of the battle to the final trip across the start finish line.

I have to admit that as I watched Harvick slice into the lead of Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson I thought he had taken 4 fresh tires on the final pit stop. I was surprised to learn after the race was over that Harvick had managed to not only catch, but pass the two leaders on old tires. You’re not supposed to be able to chase down Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch like that. Especially not at Auto Club Speedway, a race track the pair has dominated.

Why was Harvick’s No. 29 Chevy so fast on those tires? “Our car was able to get some air pressure built up in the tires and we were able to really fire off there right off the bat up top,” explained Harvick.

The key to Harvick’s victory – other than a fast car that came to life on old tires – was an aggressive push against the bumper of Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 Chevy down the backstretch at 200mph on the final lap.

That push allowed Harvick to build up a full head of steam going into turn three. And it cost Jimmie Johnson a split second of concentration. That was all Harvick needed to make the pass as Johnson’s car broke loose ever so slightly.

“I was after one thing,” said Harvick, “that was to run the very top of the racetrack.  I was hoping that he thought he was going to be going too fast to run the top of the racetrack and get loose.”

“I just wanted to roll in as easy as I could and lay back to the throttle, go into the center of the corner, hopefully be able to leave it down on the exit.  It all played out okay.”

What did you think of Harvick’s strategy and what else do you have to say about the race. Here’s your chance to have your say or talk about your driver. Have at it in the comments below boys and girls.


Kyle Busch Has One Coming

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Has Kyle Busch has just been crowned the new King of Bristol? With his victory in the Jeff Byrd 500 Sunday he has won the past 5 NASCAR events there across all 3 series at the Tennessee track: Cup, Nationwide and Truck.

After the race Kyle Busch had some comments for the fans who were booing him during driver introductions – and whether he could ever change the way they felt about him.

“I don’t know about the fans. I don’t know if it’s that easy to change opinion sometimes,” said Busch.  “It’s definitely fun to have a good attitude about things and to come into this weekend and have good results, good success out of it.”

When asked why he seemed a little more thoughtful and laid back this year Kyle laughed and responded “what are you talking about.” Team general manager J.D. Gibbs simply pointed to Kyle’s new wedding ring.

Carl Edwards felt he could have won the race if he had paid Kyle back for an incident at Phoenix with a harder hit at the end.

“When he got to me that one time, I’m like, oh, man. That was your shot, so nice try,” said Busch of Edwards attempt at the bump and run. He didn’t get it done. I thought, Man, if I could just get away from him, I wouldn’t have to worry. Concentrate, get going.

“It didn’t happen. Just basically ’cause you buckle in and you try to wrench down, get going, get gone. Fortunately I was able to do that. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you get passed and you lose ‘em late in the going. That would have been ultimately frustrating. Somehow I got back on the horse and rode it home.”

Carl Edwards said he still owes Kyle Busch one from Phoenix, so keep an eye on those two. But Busch doesn’t know what all the fuss is about.

“I have no idea what I’m owed from, so you’ll have to ask Carl,” said Kyle, who seemingly had no memory of a previous run-in. “Normally when it’s against you, you’ll always remember it forever. I don’t remember what I did that made him mad.”

“Carl says what Carl says. I don’t know. Apparently I have one coming. When and where it comes I do not know. I would say the same thing if I owed somebody else something, that I still owed him. When and where it comes is more to you than the other guy, so…”

Dale Earnhardt Jr proved the No. 88 team can make improvements and advance during the race. After starting 22nd Earnhardt managed an 11tth place finish and was visibly upset that he didn’t get a top ten, citing a late race pit road speeding penalty. Maybe the Dale Jr era isn’t over after all.

What does Dale Jr attribute it to? “It is hard to really point to and put a finger on it right now, “according to Dale Jr. “He just does a good job of keeping me calm and keeping me focused on trying to do good,” said Earnhardt of his new crew chief Steve Letarte.

Here’s your chance to vent, rant or cheer. What do you think about Kyle’s win, the feud with Carl or Dale Earnhardt Jr’s improving fortunes this year.


Kyle Busch Can Dish It Out — But Can He Take It?

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Kyle Busch had no problem spinning David Reutimann into the infield on lap 51 of Sunday’s Price Chopper 400.

But when Reutimann returned the favor 100 laps later Busch was livid.

Kyle was racing just behind Reutimann as the two cars were running near the front of the field. Kyle had a faster car and could have passed Reutimann at that point. Instead Busch drove through Reutimann and turned him.

“He wrecked me,” said a red faced David Reutimann after the race. “I’m going to put it this way — I don’t care if you’re in the Chase or not, you need to think about who you’re running over when you’re running over them.”

After making some quick repairs Reutimann returned his No. 00 Toyota to the track and on lap 154 found himself along Kyle Busch. Reutimann pinned Kyle’s No. 18 car against the wall doing extensive damage to the rear suspension.

“I have a serious problem with what just happened,” Busch said immediately following the wreck. “I don’t think anyone in the tower is going to do anything about it. And if they don’t, we’re going to have a meeting about it.”

At the time Busch was running in the seventh position, just 11 points off the championship lead. If Busch had practiced a little give and take he would be in the hunt for a Sprint Cup Championship.

Instead he now sits 80 points back in seventh.

So who was right in this situation – or were both drivers wrong. And should NASCAR do anything about it?

Has Kyle Busch Earned Your Respect?

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Does Kyle Busch deserve more respect from NASCAR, it’s fans, and it’s drivers?

Kyle Busch may never have as many fans as Dale Earnhardt Jr or Jeff Gordon. But after his sweep of Bristol this weekend he has earned the respect of a few of them.

“It’s so cool to be here three nights on this weekend,” said Kyle Busch of his sweep at Bristol.

With his victory in the Irwin Tools Night Race Kyle Busch capped off a sweep of all three of this week’s NASCAR National Touring series races at Bristol becoming the first driver in history to do so. He went to Victory Lane in the Camping World Truck Series, the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup series.

“It was pretty special,” said Busch. “This team has worked so much through the past few weeks to try to get ourselves back on track. Coming to Bristol you could say, yeah, well, we’re supposed to run well here. But still, it’s cool to be able to put it all together in a complete weekend, with the truck, with the Nationwide car and with the Cup car.”

But with Kyle being Kyle he doesn’t always do things to help his standing with the fans. After winning the Nationwide race Kyle climbed from his car to a chorus of boos raining down on him from the grandstands. In response Kyle wrung his eyes in mock tears just to taunt the booers a little more. But, that is just Kyle.

“I saw it, but I passed it.” Kyle Busch on Keselowski’s car

Brad Keselowski called Kyle Busch “an  ass” during driver introductions prior to the Saturday Night Sprint Cup race and nearly brought the house down. But that would not deter Busch.

When asked about Brad Keselowski’s declaration after the race Busch responded blankly, “who?”

“Brad Keselowski,” the reporter repeated.

“Yeah, I don’t know who you’re talking about,” Busch insisted.

“He drives the No. 12 car,” the reporter said in a bewildered tone.

“I saw it, but I passed it,” Kyle responded with a sly grin.

Still, there were more cheers than boos when Kyle took his victory lap after the race.

“I just come out here to do my job,” said Busch. I do what I’m supposed to do, and to win races is my job and what that entails.  The fans are what drives this sport and what makes us go round and get us here every week. So it’s cool to have them here, and they’re passionate about who they like and who they don’t like.”

Yet what Kyle Busch pulled off is a remarkable feat. It is hard enough just to win a race in any NASCAR series. It is hard enough to win a race at Bristol. Kyle Busch went 3 for 3 in 3 completely different race cars and trucks. One was fielded by his own race shop, and the other 2 by Joe Gibbs Racing. In the truck race Kyle even started from the back of the field to take the win.

He deserves just a little bit of respect for that. Like him or not.

Kyle Busch’s Biggest Feuds

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One thing about Kyle Busch. He doesn’t shy away from mixing things up with his fellow drivers. Cory McCartney over at put together a list of Kyle’s 5 greatest feuds.

The list includes Dale Earnhardt Jr, Casey Mears, Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin and Jeff Burton.

Can you think of any more?

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