Black Number 3 Returning to NASCAR

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Richard Childress Bringing Back the Black No. 3

A black No. 3 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet will race in NASCAR this weekend for the first time since Dale Earnhardt ran his last Daytona 500 in 2001.

Austin Dillon – Grandson of Richard Childress – will drive a black No. 3 Chevy Truck in Saturday’s Camping World Truck Series race at Iowa Speedway.

If Dillon’s career takes him to the Sprint Cup Series I fully expect him to be behind the wheel of the No. 3 car then, too.

Some Earnhardt fans will be unhappy about this decision  — but the No. 3 was Richard Childress’ number before it was Dale Earnhardt’s.

Childress had 285 NASCAR starts before he stepped out of the No. 3 car and put Earnhardt behind the wheel. But it took Earnhardt to drive the car to 6 championships.

Are you happy to see the No. 3 back on the track even though someone whose last name is not Earnhardt is behind the wheel of it?

Taylor Earnhardt on Her Father Dale

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The daughters of two American legends came together recently to raise money for their Father’s charitable foundations.

Dale Earnhardt’s daughter Taylor Earnhardt and John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux were at the Stockyard in Fort Worth Texas to unveil the Dale & The Duke car.

Here are a few words from Taylor and Marissa.

Taylor Earnhardt said “To be able to continue both of their legends is a great thing.”

John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux spoke about how they were both American icons. “We get to celebrate these men and their legacies, their causes. ”

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation has set about ‘To fight cancer around the world and find a cure.’

Pictured here are Taylor Earnhardt (right) and John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux.

Sales from the project will benefit the Dale Earnhardt Foundation and the John Wayne Cancer foundation.

The Dale Earnhardt Foundation has set its mission as: ‘To Continue the Legend through charitable grants that sustain Dale’s lifelong commitment to education, children and Environment / Wildlife preservation.’

Photos courtesy Nikki Fox.

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Kannapolis Boots Earnhardt Flags

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Dale Earnhardt No Longer Good Enough For His Home Town

It seems that city officials think that Dale Earnhardt is no longer good enough for his hometown of Kannapolis, North Carolina.


The city put up a series of banners along the “Dale Trail” honoring the 7 time NASCAR Champion following his death in the 2001 Daytona 500.

Now California billionaire David Murdock wants the banners removed, and the city of Kannapolis has agreed.

Murdock owns the North Carolina Research Center, a science research conglomerate that is being developed in Kannapolis.

The Salisbury Post has reported that Murdock’s company wants to “put the best face on the city” for a high profile visitor  who is visiting the city. It turns out that visitor is Martha Stewart.

The Dale Train begins at I-85′s exit 60 and travels through downtown Kannapolis on Dale Earnhardt Boulevard. It then passes Ralph Earnhardt’s grave and the old Edelman’s Garage where Ralph learned how build fast engines for bootleggers like Junior Johnson. It continues through a section of Kannapolis known as Car Town, where the Earnhardt clan once lived.

Martha Earnhardt, Dale’s mother, still lives in Kannapolis.

The Dale Trail passes Dale Earnhardt Plaza, where Dale’s friends have built a park with a 9 foot statue of ‘The Intimidator’. From there the trail heads out of town and past Dale Earnhardt Inc’s race shop and corporate headquarters in Mooresville.

City Manager Mike Legg has told the Kannapolis city council that the banners will be permanently removed. Is that any way to honor Dale Earnhardt?

However, the Cabarrus Convention and Visitors Bureau wants to put up new markers along the Dale Trail. A plan that Legg says may not fly.

“There may be a conflict as to what happens later,” Legg wrote, says the Salisbury Post. “There are many that do not want to see anything ‘Dale-related’ going back up.”

If you want to contact Mike Legg – the Kannapolis City Manager — to let him know how you feel here’s how to reach him:

Mike Legg

City Manager

246 Oak Street

Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081

Please let other Earnhardt fans know about this.

What do you think about the way Kannapolis officials have handled this? Comments left here will be forwarded to the Kannapolis City Manager.

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