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The daughters of two American legends came together recently to raise money for their Father’s charitable foundations.

Dale Earnhardt’s daughter Taylor Earnhardt and John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux were at the Stockyard in Fort Worth Texas to unveil the Dale & The Duke car.

Here are a few words from Taylor and Marissa.

Taylor Earnhardt said “To be able to continue both of their legends is a great thing.”

John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux spoke about how they were both American icons. “We get to celebrate these men and their legacies, their causes. ”

The John Wayne Cancer Foundation has set about ‘To fight cancer around the world and find a cure.’

Pictured here are Taylor Earnhardt (right) and John Wayne’s daughter Marissa Wayne Ditteaux.

Sales from the project will benefit the Dale Earnhardt Foundation and the John Wayne Cancer foundation.

The Dale Earnhardt Foundation has set its mission as: ‘To Continue the Legend through charitable grants that sustain Dale’s lifelong commitment to education, children and Environment / Wildlife preservation.’

Photos courtesy Nikki Fox.

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