How One Small Mistake Costs Tony Stewart Vegas Win

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You may want to vent. You may want to cheer. But here’s your chance to have your say on the Kobalt Tools 400 in Las Vegas.

Tony Stewart looked to be the driver to beat as the laps wound down. But as the race ended he could only wonder how he lost the race to Carl Edwards.

It was pit strategy that won Carl Edwards the race. Edwards took just 2 tires on the final pit stop while Stewart’s crew chief Darian Grubb was forced to take 4, having took only 2 on the previous stop.

The quick stop put Edwards in the lead and he never looked back.

What really cost Stewart the win was a penalty mid-race for leaving his pit with an air gun. That put him far back in the field and led to the decision him to take only 2 tires on the second to last pit stop in order to make up ground. This meant that on the final pit stop Edwards had the option of 2 tires or 4. Stewart had no options.

Dale Earnhardt Jr had a fast car for short runs, but was not so good on longer runs. He was faster than eventual winner Carl Edwards at one point late in the race, easily passing Edwards’ No. 99 Ford. But was unable to maintain the speed as the race progressed.

There was definitely an issue with the Goodyear tires today, with several drivers including last week’s winner Jeff Gordon and points leader Kyle Busch crashing due to blown tires.

Some teams are still trying to get the hang of the new self-venting fuel cans. Greg Biffle had more than one problem getting fuel in his No. 16 Ford. At one point the fuel man even dropped the can trying to fuel the car.

So whether you want to cheer or whether you need to vent here’s your chance. Have your say on the Kobalt Tools 400.




30 Comments on How One Small Mistake Costs Tony Stewart Vegas Win

  1. mick on
  2. In the gas man’s defense .. drop the can or get your wrist broken, those are your choices now. Don’t understand this tire issue. Makes no sense going back to a track you’re raced for years and suddenly have a bad tire on the track. It’ll be fixed, like it always is, but it sure was costly to a few teams. Nice to see Jr. in the mix, and all in all, I enjoyed the race for a change. Smoke has a temper, always has – wouldn’t want to be there where he chats with his pit crew.

    The gas man didn’t have any choice but let that can go. He lost control of it from the start when he missed the coupler. The tires were definitely an issue, but the crew chiefs may have been a little aggressive in the setups as well.

  3. tammy on
  4. it was tony,s fault he took off to fast with that hooked on his car he was the 1 driving not no 1 else its not the pitts guys fault its his because he was the behind the wheel too , he just a cry baby because he did not win does he still push the camera ,s out of his face too ? i seen that at the indianapolis speedway last year he went in to his motorcoach to hide from them

  5. Robert on
  6. they picked to get 2 tires at the wrong time — the best team WON

    Tony left the pit when the jack man dropped the jack. That is what he is always supposed to do. not sure if the jack man dropped too soon or the tire changer made a mistake, but definitely not Tony’s fault on that one.

    The 99 team out-strategized everyone and made a quick stop. If Stewart’s team had not made the mistake with the air gun they wouldn’t have needed to make a 2 tire stop. That is what cost them the race.

  7. Jack Cochran on
  8. Tammy,

    You have no clue what you’re talking about. If you listened to the announcers, they stated it was the pit crews fault, not Tony’s. In the past Smoke has a bad temper. But, over the past couple of years, I think he’s mellowed a lot. When you have two cars that finish in the top ten and lead the points standing, that’s not too shabby.

    Sob Sob Sob for Smoke. Maybe his past is catching up with him. So Sad!!!!!!So Glad he didn’t win. The right person won the race, strategy paid of for CW. Glad to see Jr. doing well. Keep it up Jr. Go 88

  9. lady red on
  10. All I care about is Jr. moved up to #11 in the points standing!! And where do we vote this year???

  11. AZomah on
  12. Actually lady red he moved up to 10th in the standings. Yes he did slow down towards the end of the race, but I didn’t care, he kept a top ten finish and didn’t blow up his engine. He and his new group are working well together. I really like the fact that when he talks about a handling problem it gets fixed correctly. Hopefully the last 2 races are the start of a good year for him. Jr., you done good!!

  13. Anne Farrell on
  14. Sure it might have been Tony’s fault. I still wanted Tony to win or any one else besides winning Carl Edwards. He is such a cry baby. He wined all week because of a accident that took him out of wining the race.

  15. Anne Farrell on
  16. Even when he gets 2nd place he still wines like a baby. I hear no buddy likes him in his garage.

  17. Anne Farrell on
  18. Did any one hear what Carl Edwards said on tv the other day. He acturally took a sugar cookie away from his preagent wife and threw it in the garbage. How would you like to be married to some one like that?

  19. Anne Farrell on
  20. She’ll get fed up with him and leave him some day.

  21. Anne Farrell on
  22. Carl says he lives modestly then what’s he flying all around in a plane that takes a lot of money. so who is he trying to kid.

  23. goldie on
  24. Have mercy, you ladies, quit picking on Carl and Tony. We all have bad days. Maybe Carl had good reason for his wife not to eat sugar, especially if she is pregnant. Tony is a good driver, not my favorite, but good and I’m sure he had a “brotherly” talk with his crew. It does seem a shame to lead so many laps and then something happen that someone can snatch the race right out from under you. Well, still being a Jr. fan, I am really pleased with his finish today and I do believe he is well on his way to a great improvement as long as he is given the right equipment. Good going, Jr.!!!!

  25. Chuck on
  26. I was glad to see the 99 car win its been a long time, I also like Tony and I don’t think he was whining, he just said one got away and second sucked. I do not blame him but he and the others will tell you that is part of raceing

  27. Chuck on
  28. can’t spell racing

  29. faren on
  30. A few things to say,, Smoke and his tire man need to have a chat with his spotters and crew chief, TEAMS need to be watching each other when it comes down to laps on the front right tire, to many cars were [torn] up after the first one into the wall cuz of a failure!!!!!!! Maybe its time for NASCAR to provide a tire temp sensor on the right front to stop the wrecks and huge amounts of money lost on cars cuz of right front failures!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize that a lot of the fans love the big wrecks, but lets make the big wrecks happen cuz the boys were racing hard, not cuz again a right front went down and ruined a million dollar car!!!! If we are going to go with fuel injection next year and add more computer crap on the cars than why not try to come up with a better right front management system to allow the teams to save thier cars from getting trashed by tire failure, makes sense to me!!!!!!

  31. faren on
  32. And to add to this, in this day and age I dont know why the team owners havent jumped on the bandwagon and said WTF. Weekend after weekend cars are ripped up cuz off right front tire failures!!!!! Some people can say that its all part of racing, I call [BS] on that!!! The economy sucks and to allow these teams to carry on within a budget, lets give them the window of maybe we now have a way to monitor this problem!!! And these are just the thoughts of a rig welder up in Canada who loves the sport and tries to turn LEFT whenever possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. lady red on
  34. I like Tony and was glad to see he still has some fire in him despite his “anger management classes”. Carl is trying to be top gun and he isn’t. Everyone wants to win and complain when they don’t, it is always someone else’s fault. Don’t hear Jr. complain, he takes it as it comes. But,
    he is coming right up to the front and top. I think he has finally found a chief that cares about him and Jr. is responding well. He sure out did #48 and #24, it is his turn and if he can stay out of wrecks (he doesn’t cause any and equipment stays together) we’re going to see a much different Jr. this year. He is going to be where he should have been the last few years as he is still one of the best out there. Boo-hoo, the hometown “heroes” didn’t do well, was so glad to see Kyle wreck out and lose his points. Go Jr., can’t wait for the next race!

  35. Mavis on
  36. Didn’t really want Carl or Tony to win but better Tony than Carl. Someone said it’s been a long time for Carl but I believe he won the last 2 races in 2010. Glad Dale Jr got a top ten and moved up in standings (whether it’s 10th or 11 th – he’s tied with Mark Martin). Hope he can keep it up at he was doing good last year at the beginning of the season – I believe he was around 14th. And then the wheels fell off in the latter half of the year.

  37. marcel on
  38. No one is to blame for Stewarts loose except him. He is a cry baby, things didn’t go his way. Does he expect other drivers to slow down because he made a mistake. Carl deserved the win, you take your chances, its called racing.

  39. sandra on

    I am seeing chemistry between Jr and Letarte. The pairing is going to work fine.


  41. AZomah on
  42. I agree with RacingWin. The wheels aren’t going to fall off this year. The communication is there. Jr. has even started to get his confidence back. Not to mention the fact that Jr. is not the only member of the team with his reputation sort of in shreds. Steve Letarte has to rebuild his also. The media has put Jr. way below the radar. Heck on one network they don’t even show his qualifying runs, they interview what they think are more important drivers. Oops, tv off!

  43. Kristina on
  44. Marcel there is a big difference between a cry baby and a man who was emotionally overwhelmed at the end of a long work day. Tony raced his heart out and lead the most laps for the race. Tony is one of the best out there and very smart to boot. He definitely didn’t expect others to slow down. Do you know anything about Smoke? Tony did a great job racing and he certainly knows more about racing than you do. Carl may have won this race but Tony is currently leading in the points and he will win one soon. You can bet on it!!!!

  45. Jim Higgs on
  46. Sounds like you have a crush on him and want him bad

  47. susan on
  48. I agree, all that matters is Jr. moving up in points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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