Since when is NASCAR not a real sport?

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My friend Sandy just doesn’t get NASCAR. She thinks it is just a redneck pastime. Not even a real sport. She asks me questions like “how can you just sit there and watch people drive around in circles?” Sandy even told me that the only reason to watch a race was to see the wrecks.

She just doesn’t see the personalities behind the sport like the speak your mind frankness of Tony Stewart or Kevin Harvick. Or the intensity of Kyle Busch or Dale Earnhardt Jr. Or the usually unspoken inter-team rivalry between Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.

Sandy thinks that anyone could drive a race car. “How hard is it to make a left turn, after all” she asks me. When those left turns are coming up every 15 seconds at 190 miles per hour. I wonder how she would do coming off turn 4 with Kurt Busch on her rear bumper and Danica Patrick to the inside.

The strategy of the race totally escapes her. Sandy doesn’t realize that races are won and lost on pit road. The decision to pit.  2 tires or 4? Gas only. These decisions can make or break a race team’s day. To Sandy they just stop when they run out of gas.

How about you? Do you have a friend like Sandy who is totally clueless when it comes to NASCAR? I’ll bet you have some funny stories. I’d love to hear about it in the comments.




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  1. Mama Donia on
  2. Greg: I was watching “The Five” on FoxNews, this afternoon, they were talking about Daytona, Danica Patrick and her turning 196+, to win the pole. The girls on there just didn’t get it either. Sandy needs to go to some race somewhere and then she’ll probably have a different opinion of what’s really going on. I know back in the 1970′s, it didn’t impress me too much but once I went to some races Atlanta, Charlotte, Darlington, Daytona, and Nashville, just to name a few, then I really got hooked, we met some of the driver’s then, they became not only a number on the race car but a face you could relate to, seems now I’m probably just as hooked as my husband. It’s like we got to meet Dale,Sr. several times and when he was taken from us, it was almost like a family member had died, I still cry to this day, and when they are racing at Daytona, I get the nervous jitters. The last two times I went to Talladega, Dale Sr. was in horrible accidents, I haven’t been back since. Give Sandy time, she’ll see the light!!!!!

  3. Mavis on
  4. I have had people say the same thing to me. You’re just watching cars turning left and going around in circles. I guess it’s just something you get into and certainly more exciting than golf which is considered a sport. I know there’s a lot more to it than that and I can’t imagine driving that fast with 42 other cars and not hitting one or more of them and then having to pit and know what adjustments I need for my car. It’s a lot more than it looks.

  5. Tom on
  6. My dad said the same thing to me back in 1993 when I first started watching Nascar and after watching a couple of races, he began to like it.

  7. angel on
  8. Well i know it is a sport, to much hard word goes in it all fron pit crew to spotter and driver . Going that fasr and taking the chances they have to do is as bad as all other sports and some people think that cheerleading not a sport let me tell you it is both my daughter had things to learn that none of us would think of aand togo to there copution they make there on mony by trying to sell things and my 1 daughter passed away almost 2 yrs now and she loved it and both them cheered from 4 grade all throught high school oh i brt lots think the daufgter that has passed got help from older sis no they are 5 or were yrs apart and live in different places and there jr, yr, both made Varsity , nascar is a sport.

  9. Dave K on
  10. as an ex driver on the west coast,late model/sprint cars…i hear people say stupid things like that and i just laugh and walk away,i remember back in the 80s when i was running,we had a pro football player from the bay area say he could do it (drive) ,so we set him up with a quality sprint car,taught him how with some private track time..when he ran a “real” feature “A main”,he finished dead last ,5 laps back,and when got out of the car he was drenched. He was so sore he couldnt move his arms for two days……yeah drivers are not athletes..

  11. Pegi on
  12. Well said, Dave. Sandy is clueless because she doesn’t understand how strenuous driving a race car for several hours can be. She also doesn’t see all it takes to win a race. Her loss.

  13. roberta on
  14. Well it us to be a more exciting sport–now to many stupid rules– and it has all turned into a big money game–

  15. Jim Logan on
  16. As NASCAR’s has called it before it’s not a race any more it’s a show, let’s get back to racing!

    yeah, people have told me the same thing, like, how can you sit there and watch a bunch of cars go around in circles, it has to be boring. But believe me, when Dale Jr moves up toward the front, it is no way boring. I get so excited some times that I scare my dog, and he looks at me like I am an idiot. Nascar is NOT BORING.

  17. Mama Donia on
  18. Those people that says the drivers are not athletes, then lets let them get out there and run 195+ around a high banked track, and let them see what’s it’s all about, I think they will change their tune. We’ve gone out after a race and walked on the high banks, and it is really hard to stand up, much less drive on it. Nascar is and has never been a BORING sport. I do agree, however, that some of the drivers don’t need to be out there because they are good for one thing, causing wrecks. On todays Nationwide Race, Sam Hornish, Jr. nearly caused several wrecks, he is one that if I had a million race cars, he would not drive for me, he is really dangerous out there.

  19. AZomah on
  20. I will admit to Daytona & Dega being sometimes boring, see if you can get her to
    watch a short track race. Alot of folks think that there is more action there. As a
    long time drag racing fan, there is a heck of alot more action in circle track racing!
    I will be cheering on Jr. at Phoenix this coming weekend! Several of the drivers talked about Phx. and Vegas coming up, they seem to prefer short tracks also. You don’t see single file at a short track! I would like to see Sandy sitting in a car that reaches the temperatures inside that those stock cars do, that is why they are all so slender.
    Galad your back Greg, I have been bored outta my goard with no racing!!!

  21. kev on
  22. I am a drag racer,as was my father.We both love nascar until dad passed.I still love it.Besides the physical side of the sport,it is mentaly challenging.So much happens so fast,and my race only lasts 7 second,. It must really be rough doing it for 2 or 3 hours!

  23. GLENNO on
  24. This Message is in response to Mama Donia’s message above. I agree with her that Sandy does need to go to some of the Races to see the Race Action up Front to Realize that these Drivers and Cars are real and that it takes Speed, Pit Strategies plus the mentality and physical strength to win a Race. I have personally attended Talladega Races six times in the past as I live in the Great State Of ALABAMA and live within 1 1/4 hour from Talladega. I was able to see Dale Earnhardt Sr. Race there three times prior to his tragic passing at Daytona in 2001. If anyone wants to see the TRUE FORM OF REAL FAST SPEEDS IN NASCAR RACING at a RACE TRACK then I would Highly Recommend going to either Daytona or Talladega. I can’t say I have been to Daytona although I would love to go someday but I can testify that I have been to and experienced one of the best Race Tracks in the United States in Talladega, Alabama. So Folks, come on out to Alabama and see the Race!!!

  25. Hiram on
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