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Just a couple of quick notes as we get ready to kick off the 2011 NASCAR season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr was fastest in the first practice for the Bud Shootout posting an average speed just shy of 200 — 199.862 MPH.

SPEED is airing The Day: Remembering Earnhardt tonight at 7:30 PM ET. It has been 10 years since we lost him on that final lap. According to the SPEED website The Day: Remembering Dale Earnhardt takes viewers back to Earnhardt’s last day, from the pre-race ceremonies during which he gave wife Teresa and son Earnhardt, Jr. what would be a final hug on the starting grid before climbing into his black No. 3 Chevrolet, to the race, the fatal accident in turn four and the aftermath.

The drawing for starting positions in the Shootout is tonight, and the race is Saturday night. It’s time to go racing.




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  1. SouthernGuy8503 on
  2. I have it set to record on my computer. Now that there’s been practice for the Shootout then it’s officially the 2011 season and I love it.

  3. AZomah on
  4. I love it also. My Jr. got the pole for the Shootout and I hope he does well. He did well the first practice, top speed, but second, did not do many laps. I am pleased with practice. Hope he is not influenced by outside criticisms and just be himself and drives the heck out of his cars all season long. In other words, swear if you want Jr., folks can always turn off their scanners!!! This Omah says—go for it. Drive the fire out of the cars. With you all the way!!! Go Jr.!!!!!!

  5. Sissy on
  6. Yea! Jr.’s got the pole!Hope it’s the start of a good season,

  7. AZomah on
  8. Where on earth is everyone? We are celebrating at my house! Jr. won the Pole for the Daytona 500! Good show Jr.

  9. racefan on
  10. Well Jr. is starting this season just like he finished the last one. He gwts the pole then screws up, pounds the inside wall and has to go to a back up car and start at the rear! Typical Jr move. This guy needs to just go to owning cars and let the “real” drivers do the actual racing. He’s as much a hazard on the track as Danica is.

  11. REGAN on
  12. people lke you piss me off so bad that i cant even type right — the 48 was slower all you have to do is look at the replay

  13. AZomah on
  14. Right on Regan except the 48 backed off first, then Jr. had to and the folks behind them couldn’t see what was going on. I also don’t think very much of the person above you!!!!!! You did an excellent job of calling that!!!

  15. REGAN on
  16. we will see what happens on sunday

  17. REGAN on
  18. what i reaaly said about the so called “racefan” has been removed but thats ok all who read his stupid remarks know what the deal is with him. i bet he does not know the difference between a fuel can and a oil can.

  19. REGAN on
  20. sometimes the “racefans” are the hazard

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