Pave Daytona?

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Is it Time to Re-pave Daytona?

The last time Daytona International Speedway was re-paved Jimmy Carter was President, and the No. 1 song was Night Fever by the Bee Gees. That was 1978.


Time and weather finally took a toll on the racing surface in Sunday’s Daytona 500 when a hole in the track caused the race to be red flagged twice for over 2 hours.

There are at least 2 good reasons why Daytona has not been re-paved since:

One – The rough and bumpy surface brings both handling and speed into play as the keys to winning, and makes for some great racing.

Two – It would cost $20 million to re-pave the historic 2.5 mile speedway.

Do you think the track should be re-paved?

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28 Comments on Pave Daytona?

  1. John on
  2. No do not pave.

  3. marcel on
  4. the rough and bumpy track makes good racing, but we cant have it starting to break up at every race. Owners should start with the weakest section and start repaving large sections at a time. Repaving costs are not going down in price as time goes on

    they need to repave that old girl, i have been going to ‘dega for ten years now and when they repaved it, it seemed to be better racing and better on the cars and drivers. that was crazy yesterday at daytona, for the biggest race of the year and have to finish it with a 2 hr 45min break total, was not a good showing for the track. i feel sorry for all those people who planned on being on the road at 4.30pm, instead it was after 8.00pm. but at least they finished it and didnt call it and we got to see our first 3 attempt at green/white flag, which by the way is a good thing for us the fans who pay big money to see it end like that. i would rate that as one of the better plate races i have seen since i saw jr win at dega back in the day, and since the old man won at daytona, that will never be topped.
    B.H.— peru, indiana

  5. Evie on
  6. Yes, repay the track

    Our roads uo here in northeast Ohio are smoother then the track. And we have 21 inches of white stuff cal SNOW.

    Yes repave the track before JULY

  7. Don on
  8. I agree it should not be repaved however i would advise that the surface been looked at for areas were the blacktop is coming up and have them addressed. According to many of the drivers they love the way the track races right now with the bumps and all. According to Nascar as of last year they felt that the track had a few more years before it should be addressed. Daytona’s president addressed this on the radio after it was brought up last week. They are waiting until they are told it should be repaved. Should we tell the other tracks that have water weep problems to remove the surface and put in a drainage system. To make the track smooth and bump free is to make a 2.5 mile drag strip.

  9. goldie on
  10. why of course, the track needs repaving. It reminds me of some highways I’ve traveled on and not at 200 mph. It is a danger to the drivers if one should hit the potholes. Yesterday’s race was a good example of the need to repave. Even tho it may cost 20m, they can surely keep some of the bumps the drivers seem to like. That track has made enough money in thirty-somethings years to provide for those men the best ride they can get, by repaving. By the way, good ride Jr. Keep it up………

  11. Marie on
  12. Definitely should be repaved before it gets any worse. Those potholes can wreak havoc on cars.

  13. Tom on
  14. It should have been checked between July 2009 to January 2010 for cracks, holes, etc. I loves Daytona 500 but this year, a beautiful day, no rain and I thought OK this is going to be a heck of a 500 only to have it stopped for a couple of hours to repave
    the holes. Where are the people who keep a check on these tracks? I know it hard to check the whole racetrack, but they should have driven the some cars on it during the off season for checking and making repair. It just seems strange that only half of the race was ran and the holes appeared? I would like to see the whole track repave before July.

  15. Jack on
  16. Absolutely should be repaved……now!

  17. George on
  18. Yep I think she should get a Face Lift before the July Race for sure

  19. Chris Mechler on
  20. If there was a 2 hr delay to fix the turf in the SuperBowl, heads would be rolling
    today. Given its $20million, I would at least start to re-surface part of the track.
    I’m sure FOX lost some of its viewers during the delay. I almost gave up on the race myself. Great ending to a boring race. This should be the biggest race of the year and yet yesterday it felt like a Nationwide race with the delays.

  21. Barbara on
  22. It should be repaved and the restricter plates be removed before someone gets killed. Nascar is gettiing stupid .I don’t think wrecking ,crashing and tearing up cars that cost the money that they do. Hendricks and hilton might have it But not everyone else does Maybe you ought to just let Hendrick cars race. I like racing but this is getting ridiculous. I will not watch another restrictor race It.s not racing

  23. barbara on
  24. No I did not already say what what you said I said You just don’t want to hear the truth

  25. Too Mean on
  26. NO, NO, NO
    I think they can do a good patch job like Pocono and let the rest of the track be, keep the bumps so the drivers can drive and not be bored just riding around on a smooth track..

    All the $$ these speedways make and they can’t afford to pave when needed?, something is up with this, I say pave now…

  27. Mama Donia on
  28. Whatever the drivers want, is what they should do. The France family surely have the money to do so, if that’s what they want!!!!!

  29. Ed.Garbacik on
  30. To have the Nascars Jewel race of the season,delayed two hours because of poor track maintenance is unforgivable.Daytona Speedway the jewel of NASCAR A disgrace.What should have been the best race of the season got a black eye from Nascar itself. What a joke! What’s Next..

    Many different types of racing are conducted on an annual basis at Daytona International Raceway and to continue to expect the highest level of racing and safety for the vehicles, drivers, pit crew members, and general public one must assume that any paved surface open to outside weather elements cannot be maintained forever. Thirty-two (32) years have passed since the last paving was completed. In the interest of quality racing, NOW is the time to quickly proceed with a re-paving of this speedway. Yes, it will cost many millions of dollars and a ticket increase will, most likely, result among other things. But it needs to be repaved, and the sooner the better.

  31. Terry on
  32. Yes repave and before July race. The money the track brings in for one race and there has been how many since 1978. The status that track holds and what it represents. Time to be done and before July.

  33. Tom on
  34. If BIG Bill France was still running this track, he would have people fixing it right now.
    All they think about is saving money, but will be losing fans if the races start getting boring or delayed. I think we should bring in someone to run the show. Remove Brian and Mike and let someone else take over running NASCAR.

  35. Doowah on
  36. What’s the big deal? Just repave the turns and let the rest of it stay as is.

    It is way past time for this track to be repaved in it’s entirety not just a patch here and there. If anything shows a great amount of wear…….you get a new one. Same thing go for real estate ! Keep it up and Daytona races will be run on SAND AGAIN !!!! Hey guys, keep up with progress. This is 2010 and not 1910

  37. Cal Boyles on
  38. Texas Motor Speedway, owned by Speedway MotorSports Corporation, opened in 2007, and it has been resurfaced twice since it opened. If Daytona was owned by Speedway Motor Sports, The Frances would have demanded it be repaved years ago. Since NASCAR and Internationlal Speedway Corporation are both owned by the France family, they won’t spend the money to repave it until they klll someone…

  39. Flightman on
  40. Has anyone ever seen a sink hole @ a Super Bowl Game,This racing surface is a joke! All Nascar is trying to do here is keep the cars running under 195mph for the sake of safety,This is BS!, Dale,Sr.said it like it should be, Get ridd of restricter plates and get back to real racing and may the man with the fastest car win. I have been attending the 500 since 1976 and the track has always had surface problems,bathroom problems , grandstand, & parking problems!, And this is The Super Bowl Of Events!,Get Real!,Spend some of the Money you are making from the working class folks who are keeping you in biz.!!…

  41. Stonyman on
  42. They might as well spend the $20 million and repave the whole track like Talladega did. The safer the drivers are, the better!!! And get rid of the restrictor plates and let the drivers drive the hell out of that place, people pay good money to see a good race, Give them what they pay for!!!!!

  43. Stonyman on
  44. Several drivers have already been killed at Daytona. Including our Lengendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. but you are right, a pothole like that can cause a bad wreck to happen and someone is gonna get hurt. A piece of track / asphalt could fly through the window of a race car at the speeds they drive.

  45. REGAN on
  46. AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Wildman from Texas on
  48. I was at the race. The delay really sucked. The worst part was we all froze our butts off after the sun went down. Some people were in just a tshirt.

    When the second delay came out people started leaving. This was great for us. We were able to stroll down to the first row by the start finish line. I’m happy for Jamie but wish JR had another lap to take that victory. I hope this is JR’s year!!!

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