NASCAR Goes Point-less

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Saturday night’s Sprint All Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway is set to be one wild ride. With no points on the line drivers will be racing only for the gory of winning, a nice trophy, and oh, by the way a $1 million payday for the driver who brings home the checkered flag.

To put it simply, it is 90 laps for $1 million.

This is one race when it really is “checkers or wreckers,” and “I’ll bring back the trophy or the steering wheel!”

“It’s win or nothing” says Jeff Gordon, a three-time All Star winner.

But not just an All Star event, the race is also a tune-up for the following week’s 600 mile race on the same track. Drivers who find the right set-up for the All Star duel will have an advantage when the 600 rolls around. In 2010 Kurt Busch won the All Star and went on to win the 600.

5 segments will make up Saturday night’s All Star race. 4 20 lappers, and a 10 lap finale for $1 million.

So far Dale Earnhardt Jr is not qualified for the race, but he still has a chance to race his way in during the Sprint All Star Challenge before the main event. Should he not make it in there is still a chance he would get in with a fan vote.

Who do you think has the best shot to win?




18 Comments on NASCAR Goes Point-less

  1. Sandra on
  2. Whoever get out in front, they can drive a bicycle, lawn mower…If out in front clean air that person will win. Cheering for all my favorite men in NASCAR: Dale, Kyle, Kurt, Tony, Jimmie, Martin, Ambrose, Trevor, ….

  3. bonnie mccoy on
  4. i will never go to face book but would vote dale jr any day but not face book

  5. Tim Bailey on
  6. Dale jr or Special K for me, anybody but Joe Gibbs.

  7. Donna on
  8. Jr will be in quarantee it ..he has his fans behind him ..we will get our man in the all star ..or he may just race his way in so anyways Go Dale Jr. Go !!!!

  9. lady red on
  10. Always rooting for Jr., he’ll be in it one way or another.
    Wishing he could win this one. Kyle and Kurt?? Off the subject, but Kurt may not even have a ride after his latest temper tantrum and in one of his rants he said he hated his freaking job…..thot he loved it! He may be reduced to driving for baby brother…..can’t even get a sponsor! Jr. hasn’t lost any of his fans….will be looking for him Saturday nite!

  11. Mick on
  12. Rootin’ for Jeff Gordon .. he deserves a break. A million will put a smile back on his face.

    I think Jr. will get it again. he usually does. I sure hope so.

    By the way racing win, why is Jr not qualified? and why does the all star voting have Jr.s name on there to vote for him? You mean I have been voting for nothing?

  13. lady red on
  14. I don’t do Facebook either, don’t want anything to do with it so if it isn’t on here, I don’t see it.

  15. Earline on
  16. Go Jr. go!!! I can not believe how Joe Gibbs puts up with Kyle and the sponsors put up with him also. He seems to be a Christain man , but please these Bush boys need to be kicked to the curve,

  17. lady red on
  18. AMEN! Kurt especially is a disgrace to Nascar!

  19. Loisann on
  20. Me too!! Rooting for Jeff Gordon for the win. Go Jeff!!!

  21. Loisann on
  22. Kurt is so frustrated not an excuse for his remarks. Have some faith in his growth.

  23. Penny on
  24. If Jr wins the 20s he will race his way in, if not his fans have to vote him in so keep voiting to make sure our guy gets in the race. That is what Racing meant.

  25. lady red on
  26. Can’t see where he has grown any. His anger management class he took doesn’t seem to have done him any good, he’s right back to ranting again. Other drivers get frustrated too but you don’t see them out there driving like a maniac and not caring who they run over. He now hates his job, wonder what his owner thinks of that comment when he supposedly loooved this new ride. He is ruining his career himself because he can’t stand to lose. Kyle seems to have settled down some but Kurt is getting worse and he is going to keep on till he really hurts someone.

  27. Addie on
  28. Oh ya baby Go Dale, Jr. Go!!!!! His fans are dwith him allll the way. Lady Red I like what you said.

    Penny, what do you mean if Jr wins the 20′s? The 20′s what? i don’t understand that part. I am going to keep voting for him anyway.

  29. Dora Rhodes on

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