NASCAR Chairman Brian France Explains 2011 Changes

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Brian France talks about the new NASCAR point system and other changes coning in 2011 in this quick video. Watch it and let me know what you think.





12 Comments on NASCAR Chairman Brian France Explains 2011 Changes

  1. Mavis on
  2. Time will tell how I feel about the point changes. Right now I am skeptical. I’m not sure I like the wild card for the chase because from what I heard before they can never make it any higher than 11th so what’s the point of being in the chase. I don’t think the whole picture was explained very well. It’s almost like it was almost spur of the moment and they haven’t really thought it out.

  3. Dean C. on
  4. No matter what they do with the amount of points awarded the CHASE still sucks I think it shafted 3 drivers out of a championship.I will watch the first 26 races to see who the Champ is.And watch the NFL GAMES THE NEXT TEN RACES.l

  5. Phil on
  6. I agree Why have 26 races and someone lead all season long only to have a sandbagger hold back and only make the chase then run for the trophy? That screws the folks that work their butts off all season long. Jimme can’t win without the chase format.

  7. Joe on
  8. Agree!

    Last REAL champ, DALE EARNHARDT!

    Now, GO STEELERS!!!

  9. Kathie on
  10. Did anyone else pick up on the fact that Brian France called the truck series the “Craftsman World Truck Series???”

    Or did anyone else notice that the extra points for leading the most laps appears to have gone away as well???

    Since my Jamie Mac would have been in the chase last year, I both like and understand where the new wild card thing came from…

  11. lady red on
  12. Whoever wins the most races is the champion period!
    Forget points, forget 26 races, forget the chase, just race, great for drivers, great for fans, forget Math 101!

  13. AZomah on
  14. I have read a couple of blogs by folks that listed the champions by year if there had not been a chase system. Guess what, JJ only had one championship. That tells me alot. But as a fan, I have no knowledge or business sense, and I don’t see empty seats at the track or the low television ratings. Please Brian France, do not insult me by claiming it is the economy. Look to your own house first! You are the one taking down what your Dad built!

  15. Thelma Pace on
  16. You are so right about the chase and I am with you when it comes to watching the last 10- races. Not worth my time the way it is now.

  17. Glenn on
  18. I still believe and will always believe they should take a real close look at how F-1 points are awarded. That has created some pretty close races all season long with the championship going right down to the last race and they had to race thier butts off then. None of this sit back and ride it out stuff every weekend. Maybe this point thing will work out but for heavens sake get rid of the dang chase. Thats the stupidest idea they have come up with since restrictor plates!

  19. lady red on
  20. I agree. When drivers can just ride around in the back and still win the championship (re
    JJ a couple of yrs ago) that is not racing nor competition. Turn them all loose and we’d see some old time racing again.

  21. AZomah on
  22. I bet lady red that jj will do the hold back thing in all the restrictor plate races this season. I don’t think he is that good at bump drafting and running in the back is his only choice.

  23. Ethel on
  24. I think that Nascar has finally ruined the racing for fans. The race today was such crap, it was like powder puff racing. What happened to letting the man race each man and depend on another Dirver to help them compete in Talladega. Team racing is so lame. It is like riding a bike with training wheels, after you have been riding for a few years. To top it off why hasnt kyle b. been winning so many races out of wrecked cars. He is a crappy driver. I for one will not watch anymore nascar races. You limit the drivers to much. I am not wasting my time to watch that thing win anymore races. There are to many teams driving. I wish it would go back to individual drivers. No longer a fan.

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