NASCAR Is Too Easy on Carl Edwards

NASCAR penalized Carl Edwards 60 Championship Points and placed him on probation until December 31, 2010 for knocking Brad Keselowski into the wall and causing 9 other drivers to wreck on the last lap at Gateway International Raceway Saturday Night.

Edwards was also fined $25,000.

After Edwards took the checkered flag he admitted that he intentionally dumped Keselowski in order to collect the win.

Probation and a 60 point penalty did not go nearly far enough. NASCAR should have parked Carl Edwards for a minimum of one week. And that includes Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Truck Series racing.

This was the second serious crash Edwards has intentionally caused this year. Does someone have to be seriously injured or killed before NASCAR parks Carl Edwards?

Edwards needs to sit at home for a while.

NASCAR added insult to injury by placing Brad Keselowski on probation alongside Edwards. But Keselowski was not penalized with points or fines.

NASCAR, why would you put a driver on probation for being wrecked on purpose?

When Edwards turned Brad Keselowski sideways Saturday night and Kieslowski’s car was nailed at high speed one man said “Don’t kill my boy!”

That man has 87 NASCAR racing starts. He is also Brad Kieslowski’s father, Bob.

Bob Keselowski has threatened to dust off his firesuit and take care of Edwards himself. I don’t think he will have to. Someone will put Carl Edwards in his place soon enough

Who do you think will take care of Carl Edwards first?




56 Comments on NASCAR Is Too Easy on Carl Edwards

  1. racefan on
  2. If it were Dale Sr or Jr. who had spun Brad all would be good. As for Carl.. you go boy! You won and that’s the whole idea.

  3. john wesson on
  4. More and more I’m watching this junk yard derby less and less. There is just too much money available from sponsors so tearing up equipment means nothing. A driver hit Dale Earnhart and killed him . . . who is next? I’ll tell the sponsors that they have lost me as a customer as long as this junk yard racing goes on.—j

  5. SHEILA on
  6. If I were one of the other owners I would be getting PRETTY TICKED at having to spend the DOLLARS to keep fixing all the cars that Edwards is so blatently taking out. If he kept it between him and Keslowski I’d say “have at it boy’s”. But this is the second time his immature racing has caused ALOT of wrecked cars which cost ALOT of money, to innocent teams who don’t deserve to caught up in a fued nobody gives a rats butt about anyway. And Edwards doesn’t care about what damage he’s caused anybody either. I’ll bet the both of them have been very well recieved in the garage area. You think?? :o) Great thing about Karma…….it’s oh so very sweet.

  7. mike manning on
  8. yes nascar to easy on carl edwards. he the one with the problem here. maybe he should write a check to all the car owners that got ther cars tore up just becouse he wanted to win . this needs to be stopped before some one is hurt or killed . nationwide races would be better with out all these cup drivers .watch the nationwide race on saturday then you dont have to watch on sunday.if there at the same track its the same race

  9. John on
  10. penalized Brad is the work of a fool.

  11. Larry on
  12. Yes I agree John Wesson Sterlin Marlin did KILL Dale Sr. and nothing was even done to his dumb Ass by Nascar when he clearly was under the yellow line when he cut right into the left rear of Dale.s car causing the ( Greatest Driver EVER DEATH)

  13. Sam Simpson on
  14. For sure NASCAR has it’s PETS, and Carl is one of them, If he admitted it NASCAR should of penalized him a lot more.

  15. wm berkeley on
  16. what about all the other people brad has dumped to win.lets look at the other side of the coin.i can think of at least six or more so he just get pay back and there is more to come.and bye the way carl is not my favourite driver.

  17. Glenn H on
  18. I am thinking that Carl was trained on a playstation and if it is good there it is good anywhere. Maybe the third time will be the charm. Rubbin in racin is fine but to intensionally take someone out doesn’t even fly to good in the saturday night bull rings. Carl basically spit in NASCARS face and they stud there like a bunch of sissys.

  19. jimmy lay on
  20. I’m not a Carl Edwards fan or a Brad Keselowski fan but you have to admit it adds excitment back into racing.Just for the simple fact,that its not all about money and money can buy wins, sometimes it takes balls,not to mention any names (3). The 48 car seems to win alot of races,(bought) because you cant have both.Money cant buy balls,only wins.I’m not a Jimmie Johnson hater.I’m just a Chevy fan for life.

  21. Dave on
  22. Brad is a punk, and that’s it. As for big bad Bob, I’m sure Carl is shaking in his racing shoes knowing that he might dust off his fire suit. Come on Bob, try and qualify for a race. And now to the idiots that think Sterling killed Dale Sr., what are you snorting up your nose? Yes,Sterling hit him, kill him?, No!

  23. Pegi on
  24. Carl blew it when he honestly answered in the winner’s circle. He should have used the same cop out excuses most drivers use. This is “old time” racing and it’s obviously too rough for the current crop of fans. Brad isn’t the first driver to get drop kicked at the finish line and he won’t be the last. Brad plays rough and what goes around comes around. He tried to move Carl and it didn’t work. Disagree with Brad’s dad…Carl wasn’t trying to kill him for heaven’s sake. Shame on the announcer that just had to interview Brad’s dad during that heated moment.

  25. Chelle on
  26. Carl should have recieved a larger fine ,been parked for 6 race and more than 60
    points taken away. He has a serious issues and unless they make him face them he will keep driving like he is til someone ends up dead .
    To punish Brad is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard .

  27. cookie on
  28. Brad and Carl should have received the same penalties. Brad has a lot of years for racing and he certainly is not makeing any friends. Did anyone ever tell either one of them that they are not Dale,Sr. When Dale moved someone out of the way, he did it with dignity . He made racing fun. Brad is worse than Kyle ever thought of being and Carl has never grown up. It is obvious with his stupid back flips. What is with these father’s getting involved when their boys have a problem. This is the adult world, guys, stop acting like a child. If you can’t take the heat then leave.

  29. tomp on
  30. He’s a menace, and deserves to be parked.

    But at least it wasn’t the Jimmy Johnson Show again…..

  31. Dennis on
  32. NASCAR is corrupt…………Edwards should be parked for two weeks in all series….Sprint Cup drivers should not drive in Nationwide…I’m ready to quit NASCAR for sure this time.

  33. Jean on
  34. Carl is an idiot–plain and simple. Never have liked the guy and never will. Maybe he needs to go back and drive a tricycle. Grow up Carl.

  35. Mavis on
  36. The punishment to Carl wasn’t enough. In a way I can see Nacar adding Brad to the equation because they don’t want retaliation but I don’t think he would anyway. Carl is an idiot in a race car. I wonder what his little girl will think of this when she is old enough to understand what her daddy is doing. He admitted to doing it on purpose because it was his race to win and Brad was taking it from him. I don’t understand that reasoning as Brad led most of the race. That just goes to show where Carl’s head is – buried in the sand.

  37. #88fan on
  38. the other 9 drivers who got wrecked also will be the ones to take care of Edwards and I hope that it’s a really bad one and it puts Edwards out for the rest of the season.

  39. Shelley on
  40. What NASCAR did to Carl is plain bull —-!!! Then NASCAR needs to penalized brat Brad also. NASCAR PLAYS FAVORITES. NASCAR tells the drivers “to go at it” and when they do they penalize the drivers. THIS IS BULL SHIT!. I am losing more respect for NASCAR then ever before. NASCAR WILL LOSE ALOT OF FANS THIS WAY.

  41. knm327 on
  42. Yes Carl did dump him on purpose and should have faced a bigger penilty just like they did to Harvick when he did the same in the truck race years ago and park him for a week in all 3, no racing at all hell look what they did to tony made him take anger mang classes well i think they need to make Both Brad and Carl go to class to gether and work on there issues this all started when Brad won at Talladega and Carl could not handle being up staged by then a Rookie part time cup racer in a some what unknown team and Carl has been trying ever since to be the bully on the play ground well Nascar needs to stop catering to these ( Nascar Divas yes thats what they act like and Kyle Busch is the leader off the pack ) Drivers

  43. alicia on
  44. I don’t think Carl’s punishment was strong enough. I feel like he should have to sit out how ever many races it takes for Brad to get the points that he lost from this wreck back. And for those who think Brad does the same thing, there’s a difference between bumping someone out of the way and then there’s trying to hurt someone by wrecking them.

  45. Carole on
  46. All I have to say to Nascar is what a JOKE!!! This whole deal with Carl is starting to look pretty shady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Susan on
  48. Come on, if any of you were in that same position and your honest with yourselves. Any of us would of done the same thing to win. Brad would have done the same thing too. I like both of these drivers because they are very competitive. I hate that the wreck became that severe, but let’s be honest, it made the race..that’s what we watch to see. If that wouldn’t have happened, what would we be talking about this week?

  49. frog1468 on

    I agree with most, who have commented on here. That Nascar, is way to soft of Carl Edwards, and that the penalty was way to lite. When I raced on the short tracks, if you dumped another driver, so that you could win the race, then you were denied the win, and was put in last place. I agree that Carl, should have been parked for one, or even two weeks from all three divisions, and not allowed around any of the tracks where nascar was running a race. One of these days Carl, is going to get whats coming to him, and it won’t be pretty. We need another jimmy Spencer to police things, remember what happened to Kurt Busch when he intenionally wrecked Spencer, he received a fat lip and a black eye, so Carl better becareful. I think the reason that nascar is soft on Carl, is because they are scared of the sponsors. And Finally to all of those jackwagons who think that Sterling Marlin, crashed Dale Sr. on purpose, please get your heard out of your
    Ass, you must be high on crack to make comments like that.

  51. mamadonia on
  52. Racing Win, I agree with you 1000%. I think Nascar only saved face, why would they pentalize Brad, he did nothing wrong. I don’t know who will put Carl in his place but someone should and will, maybe Kevin Harvick, Montoya or someone like that. Carl will not try some of the drivers, I think he is scared of them. The only reason he kept doing it to Brad is because he had Nascar on his side and if Brad come back on Carl, Nascar would give Brad the boot. Carl Edwards is Nascars little Golden Boy and they have to protect him. When someone is killed or seriously injured by the hands of Carl, then what will they do, slap his wrist again? Like you’ll said he needs to be parked for awhile, in all racing series, Cup, Nationwide, and Truck!!!!!

  53. Tom McDonnell on
  54. Again, NASCAR’s fault. I think the organization is being run by a bunch of 3 years olds. Carl Edwards should have been taken out of 2 to 3 races and been given a
    hefty fine but because it is so cheap (pennies to Carl). Now Carl thinking, it ok for me to wreck anybody including Brad that I can do it again. NASCAR won’t hurt me pocket and I can win another trophy and more money by racing the way I like to… Carl. I think Brian and Mike need to be taken out and have better people running NASCAR again. I wish Brian’s father was still with us as he knew how to run it. I like to see Brad get back at Carl next year and give him the same kind of treatment and see how much Brad will get fine.

  55. Helen C on
  56. When Brad hit Carl at Talladega and sent him through the air and into the fence, what kind of penalty did Brad get? He got a trophy!!!!! He could have killed Carl, but I didn’t hear any criticism of Brad. He was “only racing.” When Brad spins someone out or bumps them out of his way, he innocently says he is only racing. He never gets penalized like everyone else and I have seen him do exactly the same things. I’m not saying Carl did the right thing, but I can understand the retaliation after Brad slammed into Carl. If Nascar would penalize Brad for aggressive driving, Brad might think twice before knocking someone out of his way. Brad always gets a free pass and apparently thinks he can do no wrong and Nascar backs him up.

  57. Tom McDonnell on
  58. Where’s the Wheeler’s boy?

  59. Robert on

  61. Goldie on
  62. I agree that Carl needed probation and fines, but I also believe that Brad should pay the price also. He has been known to tag a few drivers a little too rough to be called bump and runs. Why has NASCAR ignored Brad’s severe aggressive driving such as Helen C mentioned in her comment. Have we forgotten Carl flying through the air, hitting the fence,injuring spectators???? We fans do not forget…

    I also saw what Brad did to Carl at Talladega, Did Nascar miss that race? I,ve also seen Harvick wreck people and get away with out even a slapped wrist.
    Brad is a wise ass PUNK. I,m sorry about the nine wrecked cars,Thank God no one was hurt. If i were Carl I would have wrecked Brad the same way . As for Kevin, he will also get His. I,m from a part of the country where garbage men,s kids get RESPECT.
    Go Carl Go

  63. Carole on
  64. Helen, go back and watch the rerun of Talladega. Carl caused that crash!!!!! Just because you people don’t like Brad is no reason to blame him for this fiasco. Take your blinders off and see it for what is was. All Brad did was a simple bump and run, the same as ALL drivers do. Carl got pissed. He knew Brad had a better car. He, in turn, decided to do a bump and wreck!!! That’s why his left front fender was bashed in. If you take the drivers names out of the equations, you will see the incident more clearly. Brad is an agressive driver, but look at Carl’ past actions. He is definately getting out of control and gets physical with drivers, i.e Kevin Harvick. They even tested him for drugs after this incident.

  65. Deb Smith on
  66. Putting Brad on probation is stupid. Is NASCAR going to put every driver on probation from now on that bumps during the races and then gets wrecked?

  67. Tom McDonnell on
  68. I think it would be wise to tell the drivers they can race hard but do not intentionally wreck someone on the last lap and if you do, there will be a
    BIG fine, remove from a couple of races (in all of them), and probation will be
    severe. Someone is going to get kill if they don’t make it tougher on the drivers
    to obey the rule. I just wish NASCAR hasn’t said “GO AT IT BOYS, HAVE FUN”.
    They are only thinking of making more money by having people get all excited
    about people trying to hurt or kill one another. You got to remember, these cars
    are going almost 200 mph and and where this accident happen, there wasn’t much room for other drivers to get out of the way. I used to like Carl, met him at
    Fort Washington Nascar Expo and he was, to me, a mild, calm person, but now
    he really changed a lot and becoming a Kyle Busch kind of person.

  69. Carole on
  70. I agree Deb. What was the point of putting Brad on probation? He didn’t do anything.. Carl is a big joke and so is Nascar.

  71. Colleen Burdette on
  72. Larry: Sterling Marlin did not causethe accident that lead to Dale Earnhardts death!!! That was just a tragic accident!!! I am and always will be a HUGE Dale Earnhardt fan!!!!!!!!

    As far a Edwards…I’m glad they are punishing Edwards….when ur stupid enough to admit what you did, you deserve to be punished, and because he admitted it the punishment should have been stiffer!!!!

    I think they put Brad on probation just to calm the whole situation down.. don’t think it’s fair, but I kinda understand it!

  73. sharon louk on
  74. Hey Helen and Goldie……………. the Talladega wreck was Carl’s fault!!! He drove down into Brad to try to block him, and didn’t have as much room to do that as he thought. Brad was just holding his position. This is twice now that Carl has admitted that he deliberately wrecked Brad on national TV, Brad’s action was a typical “bump and run” which all the drivers can handle, (and Carl admitted it was)but to admit that you deliberately took out another driver and wrecked 9 other cars because he thought it was HIS RACE is inexcusable!!! and Nascar OMG! what were you thinking???? Get your heads outta your a$$es before someone is killed or seriously hurt! rubbing is racin and deliberately calculated wrecks because the driver feels he’s entitled to win the race are not what we watch the races for. “Have at it Boys…………….” doesnt mean you can wreck someone on purpose because his car is better than yours and thats the only way you can win!! What a total Jerk (nicer word than what I’m thinking) Carl you have opened a whole new can of worms and soon it will be you on the receiving end, lets see how you react. If there is anybody left who will show you the “respect” you think you deserve. JMO.

  75. Tom McDonnell on
  76. I agree with Colleen about Dale Earnhardt’s accident and it was not caused by
    Sterling Marlin. Even Dale Jr. said the same thing. Now if Sterling had acted like Carl Edwards, then there would have been a lynch mob after him. But if Brad had been killed, who would handle the situation? Nascar or the US Govenment?

  77. Tom McDonnell on
  78. I just read Jeff Hammond’s comment and maybe you should all read that.
    It is very clear as to why NASCAR did what they had to do. Although I still don’t like what Carl Edwards did, but Nascar had to do it to both drivers to keep the water calm. Go to and read the article. Jeff made some good points and now I am not so angry at Nascar. If you never been to Jeff Hammond’s website, you should read it, he is very good at trying to clear things up. He’s good and I enjoy reading it.

  79. Donna on
  80. Ditto as per Helen C. Keslowski gets away with the same actions on others and nothing happens.

  81. Marie on
  82. Brad Keslowski did absolutely nothing wrong. Yes, he clipped Edwards and got him loose; he did NOT intentionally wreck Edwards, nor has he ever intentionally wrecked anybody else. Accidents happen, but intentionally ramming another car and causing that car to wreck as well as 9 others, should not be tolerated. I cannot understand why Brad has been put on probation because he did nothing wrong; the only thing I can surmise is that he was put on probation in order to keep him from retaliating against that monster Edwards. I just arrived home and reading the comments I see that several others have the same thought. Carl Edwards was not punished harshly enough. He should have been docked a helluva lot more points, fined a helluva lot more money, and been SUSPENDED, NOT PUT ON PROBATION. Also, his car owner should have to pay for all the cars his driver caused to wreck. He is a maniacal idiot and needs to be reeled in before he does some real harm. The way he flies into a rage on the track, he is likely to do the same someday on the highway if another driver does something he doesn’t like. As long as no one is killed or injured, that might be a good thing. He wouldn’t get away with it there and his no-good ass needs to spend some time in a jail cell. I cannot understand NASCAR’s leniency toward him. In the past, other drivers have received more severe penalties for lesser incidents. Maybe one of these times, he’ll miss doing his stupid backflips, and land on his damned hard head.

  83. Too Mean on
  84. Stupidstar will get his, someday he might wreck Ryan Newmen or Kiven Harvick and get his nose busted.. He can’t do that all the time and think everyones his buddy.. nascar treats him like hes there baby boy and never will fine him to where it hurts him and its BULL SH*T!!

  85. Carole on
  86. Donna, your another one that needs to get a grip as see things as they really are. Brad has never done to anyone what Carl has. Carl has been on probation before this for doing the same thing. This is number 2. Does that tell you anything? Brad is agressive, but, not a raving maniac, and by the way Philip, you have no room to call someone a PUNK!!!!!!!! They also tested Carl for drugs, not Brad.

  87. Ed on
  88. If the wreck would of hurt some one badly,they would have been put on probation too.just for getting hurt,they shouldn’t have been in the way.That;s how Nascar thinks.Putting Brad on probation for getting wrecked shows where Nascars brains are at.They should quiet sitting on them and start using them.Come on Nascar ,Get your (S- – t ) together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Joe on
  90. I believe Carl Edwards was saved by his team’s owner who probably told NASCAR that he would pull all his cars out of racing if Carl received suspension or other severe punishment. Racing cannot afford team owner’s threats about pulling out of racing. Carl needs to understand he is not a “great” race driver. He’s a good driver; however, to wreck someone Carl cannot be sloppy. Spinning Brad out was stupid; therefore, Carl Edwards is STUPID and even more so when he stated that he hit Brad on purpose just to win a race. To put Brad on probation for sliding up into Edwards is simply poor judgment on NASCAR’s part. Actually, it’s unbelieveable that that’s what NASCAR did to Brad. I believe NASCAR is heading down the wrong road – WAKE UP NASCAR – or you will end up like Riverside and Ontario, CA Speedways. Replaced by homes and office buildings because you will have chased away all your fans who want to see good, clean racing by good drivers who do not wreck another driver just because he/she wants to win at any cost.

    Both Carl and Brad are “HOT HEADS” and if NASCAR were smart , they should allow these two guys to put on the boxing gloves and beat the crap out of each other. It’s the other drivers who have to suffer.
    If they need to get even as to find out who is the bigger bully, then don’t involve all the other drivers and put their lives in jeopardy…… I said it before and I say it again! Sprint drivers should NOT be allowed to run in the Nationwide Series and give the up and coming young drivers a chance to prove themselves. If you want to wear big boy pants…then run with the Big Boys! “NUFF SAID”

  91. daniel on
  92. yes i think nascar should have been tougher on Carl. he is just taking it for grantit that Brad would get out of the car ok. what is going to take for Nascar to get tougher on him? is it going to take someone dieing or getting hurt really bad to do something. because what he did goes past the boys have at it rule

  93. helen on
  94. It is getting very hard to watch, abunch of good ole boys wreck.
    It is time to say I’m sorry and get on with racing.

  95. chris on
  96. nascar went easy onedwards because of his owner { Roush} he should have been parked for at lleast 3 races and fined $100,000 and 100 points!!!!!

  97. Donna on
  98. I think Carl is an ass! I saw him slam his fist up to Matt Kenseth’s face years ago. Greg Biffle said the public finally sees what we see all the time! His own teammates think he’s an ass and a bully. I like Brad, think he can also be a little aggressive sometimes but overall he doesn’t whine. NASCAR fans prove the theory that you can’t please all the people all the time and lucky if you please some of the people some of the time! There are just too many drivers that have fans! If only 2 drivers could have fans, NASCAR would do the right thing 50% of the time!!! Sorry Brad got probation and Carl, you should have to pay for the cars you wrecked! Glad you’re 1 point farther behind Brad now! Home Depot was the best ever sponser! They threatened to pull their sponsership from Tony if he didn’t calm down. He became a nicer and more likeable Tony, and on to be the Smoke we love today! Come on Sponsors, STEP UP! Make your drivers make you proud!! Yea Home Depot for calming a beast!

  99. john on
  100. Brad started the whole thing earlier. Its time those two stop before some innocent person gets hurt. Put them both on the sidelines for awhile.

  101. Sandy Steele on
  102. Has anyone watched when Brad hit Carl and turned him upsidedown and I wa afraid he was going to be killed about three or four years ago? How can anyone in their right mind go against Carl for pushing the little baby out of the way when he, Carl was going to win anyway. Politics. NASCAR is getting like the government any more. We’re behind you Carl, and not because you are from Missouri either. You are a good driver and we like the way you drive.

  103. James Wheeler on
  104. “Big Brat Brad” was the one that started it all, and as far as I’m concerned, if NASCAR had taken the proper measures, he would have been sat out of races in any of the three major series for at least five seasons, and possibly had also been told that if he wanted to drive “demolition derby” style, that he should go back to either ARCA RE/MAX, or the K&N Pro Series!!

  105. James Wheeler on
  106. By the way, Tom McConnell, I am NOT a BOY, this is going to be giving my age away but I am one week younger than Mark Martin. Which means that both of us will be 52 in January. Which I would assume is about 17 1/3 times your age!!

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