Mustang, but not Camaro in Sprint Cup?

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Ford wants to race the Mustang in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series according to Edsel B. Ford II. But so far Chevrolet is balking on racing the Camaro.

Chevy needs to get with the program and get the Camaro back into competition. Their reasoning for not racing the Camaro seems a little weak.

“Part of what makes Camaro is the styling and the look of that vehicle,” said Terry Dolan, the head of Chevrolet Racing. “As we look at NASCAR, we wanted to maintain the integrity of the iconic brand and the brands that we race with. We just didn’t feel we could accomplish that vision by adapting the car to the common template format that we have here in this sport. We’ll always look in the future and see what opportunities exist, but within today’s boundaries, it just didn’t feel like it was the right business decision for us to make.”

Yet Ford and Dodge have made it work in the Nationwide series, and Ford is pushing for the Mustang in Sprint Cup.

“The sooner the better,” said Ford’s head of racing and board of directors member Edsel B. Ford II.  “Motorsports enthusiasts are not going to buy Fusions because they see a Fusion win here, are they? It’s not our performance model. Mustang is. To have a Mustang on the track in NASCAR is the right direction. The Nationwide car looks like a Mustang. It meets the criteria.”

So what do you think, would you like to see Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers in Sprint Cup?




127 Comments on Mustang, but not Camaro in Sprint Cup?

  1. Dean on
  2. yes bring the CAMARO back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. George on
  4. Would love to see the Camaro in racing trim. come on General Motors,,,Get in there and get your feet wet

  6. CHEVROLET IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bonnie mccoy on
  8. I wouldn’t buy a Chevy car they look like Hendricks a bunch of crap let them keep it ain’t made here anyway keep it at the border that’s where they belong with Hendricks…go Rousch Ford

  9. sonny on
  10. i`d like to see an all pony car sprint cup series. and nationwide series.

  11. AZomah on
  12. Bonnie, I don’mind the jab at HMS, but don’t forget Childress and others!

  13. AZomah on
  14. I would not like to see the fine lines of the Camaro ruined because of the cookie cutter template of NASCAR. I can also hear all the critics complaining about Chevrolet getting involved to the extent of bringing the Camaro into racing when they are not completely out of debt yet! That is probably something Mr. Dolan does not want to talk about.

    Oh Bonnie, I forgot to mention that Ford just closed down part of their Mexico operation a couple of months ago.

  15. Bev.Estabrooks on
  16. Definitely should have the Camaro in Nascar . I agree that they should throw this common template crap away . Let them bring in the Camaro and then it will be the end of the Mustangs, cause they could never keep up .

    I think NASCAR could allow the cars to have enough of the stock lines so that the cars resemble the street counterparts. Especially on the front end and sides. And still keep the cars aero equal between manufacturers.

  17. Mavis on
  18. Since all the cars in cup are basically the same and dont’ look like their name sakes why do they need names? Why not just Ford, Chev and Dodge. Once they start looking like cars that are on the market again they could change back to using names on the cars.

    Mavis, I had not thought of that but you are right on. The race cars look nothing like the street cars now.

  19. AZomah on
  20. You have a good idea, but forgive me for being a sceptic. The question of the day is would they?

  21. AZomah on
  22. Right on! $200K or in that neighborhood and unrecognizable from the stands!

  23. Ron on
  24. I totally agree with you, these cars all look the same. If not for the Decals and Paint work they all look identical in Primer!

  25. Ron on
  26. Bonnie, I will take my Corvette over ANY F-O-R-D anyday of the week!

  27. Ron on
  28. NASCAR would NEVER allow that to happen. NASCAR wants all cars equal, identical in looks as well as body design. As I stated earlier, ALL these cars look identical in Primer and that would ruin the awesome looks of the Camaro!

    In true stock trim the Camaro is the fastest of the three and a much better handling car. It gives a much better ride, has great looks inside and out and is just plain BETTER all the way around in stock Factory Trim. It even STOPS faster…

    If NASCAR would allow these cars to be like years earlier, when they took them from the manufacturers to the Track, then I would LUV to see all three of them Race in that fashion.

    This question appears to be bringing out the old rivalry of Chevy, Ford and Dodge! It certainly would bring more people to the track each week and I would hope it would help sales of these True American Icons! Those were certainly the Glory Days of the Muscle Car Era! I LUVED IT and still do.

    Why don’t they allow the Corvette to Race in it’s TRUE form? It would be a winner on most weeks, probably every week. Look how well they do in the LeMans Series, big winner every year!

  29. Ron on
  30. Your completely right, I have a large screen TV as most people do today and had to really strain my eyes to see which ones were a Mustang or Challenger! NASCAR is only hurting themselves by not running the cars in their original factory form, as they always did in the old days.

    Again, I would LUV to see them go back to how they USE to Race these cars! Remember when the Manufacturer had to sell something like 500 of the models they would run in NASCAR, or they could not use them on the Race Track? Bring back the old ways, the new cars are much safer and could be made just as safe as the NASCAR rules dictate.

    They are ALL certainly fast enough in stock form, the Team mechanics could alter the suspension of each car for each track but LEAVE THESE CARS the way they come off the assembly lines!

  31. Ron on
  32. Back in 2006 the Corvette was the Pace Car at Daytona. It was said that it was the first time in NASCAR History that the Pace Car was actually FASTER then the 43 cars they were Pacing!

    Let these Muscle Cars Race in true factory form, or not at all! NASCAR is truly ruining the cars they presently race. In Primer you can not tell one from another, they are truly all the same car!

    Look at what happened “Clint Boyer”, he was Fined and Penalized for a 1/64th of an inch too high, on ONE (1) corner of his car. Now please somebody tell me I am not alone in thinking that was totally ridiculous and put Denny Hamlin back in 1st Place.

    After the Win by Boyer, it put Boyer from high in the standings into 1st, it seems suspicious that the car was fine in Pre-Race and Post Race Inspection. How could a car PASS both Pre & Post Race Inspections and Fail a 3rd Inspection, WHY was a 3rd inspection even done?

    I think, no, I BELIEVE that NASCAR was doing it’s best to FIX the race so Toyota could be back in 1st place and hopefully WIN the Championship! Denny “Cry Baby” Hamlin, like his partner, Kyle “Cry Baby” Busch” are given every possible opportunity to finish in 1st place, no matter what NASCAR has to do to get them there!

    Both whine and cry when they do not get their way and NASCAR seems to put up with them, even Joe Gibbs puts up with them! Now I would never expect this of Joe Gibbs, not the Joe Gibbs of Football Fame! He would certainly NOT put up with any player that wasn’t a TEAM Player or Cry Baby!

    Sorry these are just my opinions and don’t expect anyone to agree with me!

  33. Sandra on
  34. This new car of tomorrow has become a IROC series. I applaud for the safety inside, but Brian France needs to remember who started this sport his granddaddy and dad carried it on. Before Bill France Jr gave it over to Brian France he told him if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Brian France has gotten so greedy after taking over NASCAR to make a name for him, that the sport isn’t fun anymore. Notice since Brian France has taken over the stands are not full and people are not watching it on t.v.
    You can turn on the station before the race listen to the reporters of who they have picked for that race, and one out of three race car drivers they pick will be the winner.
    This car they made is costing more than the old car. In the days you could race a torn up car at Bristol and have a chance to win.
    It is just gotten to the point How Can Brian France and his sister fatten up their pocket book. They could careless about NASCAR and its history. They having taken the sport out of NASCAR.
    So next year with the mustang coming back, and since the race after Carl Edwards jump the restart in the Nationwide, all of sudden Carl Edwards is the hottest Ford driver. Roush has not had a champion since Kurt Busch, so 2011 Ford will be the champion, probably selfish Carl Edwards. I was not impress with Carl at Homestead would not let his own teammate led one lap.
    Mustang out 2011, Carl Edwards will be the 2011 Champion. Don’t believe me wait and come back to my opinion and see if I am right. There is too much politicans in NASCAR, how much money you give to Brian France. Bet you that Carl Edwards car was illegal at Homestead, but Roush gave Brian money to look the other way. When a car ups and leaves the way Carl’s did at Homestead you know it is illegal.

  35. AZomah on
  36. Me also, don’t have a Vette, but do have a truck with the sweetest sounding exhaust system. For some reason I keep getting challenged at stop lights. My truck has pulled neighbors Ford to repair shop. After all Ford=Found on road dead or fix or repair dailey among other things.

  37. Donna on
  38. Donna I totally agree with both of you.

  39. Bruce on
  40. I’m a BOW TIE MAN………….BRING THE CAMARO BACK !!!!!!!!

    I don’t think it has become an IROC series — but NASCAR needs to do something to make a Ford look like a Ford, and a Chevy like a Chevy.

    I don’t think you can leave the cars the way they come from the factory. But I think the cars need to have some of the same lines, trim and grills that the ones on the showroom have.

  41. 10dancer on

    With cars built in the “great white north”(Canada) and by “Hose A and Hose B”, I will not be buying anything new. I watched a TV program where a Camaro and a Mustang were all turbo and super charged claiming 1000hp each(????). Each had their strong/weak points. That said, Government Motors should put their dog in the fight.

    I, like most all hear just HATE the cookie cut specs that NASCAR has long used to make it an even field, but only seceded in “dumbing down” in a way the field. We fans set with eyes glazed over, nodding out to the point I go to the net to find out who won. IROC is fun to watch ONCE A YEAR. These cars are like the homes being built around here in the subdivisions that thanks for navigation satellites or I could not find some one’s home. I miss the old days where the body style was not the point, it was how much power your engine made and how well the driver could handle the car. They should let you “run what you brung”, the big 427 Chevy was the cat daddy until Petty showed up at Daytona in 1964 with a big “HEMI” and cleaned house that day and went on to take the next 7 Daytona races. Ford came back with its tunnel port 427-cubic inch engine. And Ford had a well-handling race car. Following the Daytona 500, the fourth points race of the season, Ford won 11 out of the next 15 races — 13 of which were on short tracks. Plymouth and Dodge won two races apiece in that stretch.

    Lastly, my PET PEVE”, how many more car companies are going to infiltrate AMERICAS STOCK CAR RACES? Toyota is in drag racing too. F1 has all brands but you can expect that from accross the pond. I despise the JAP CRAP!!! Yea I said it, and I won’t take it back. I know it is a “kom by ya” deal, but I will NEVER get use to it. I know you can’t have anything that is mabe in the USA these days, I spent almost 20 years with Harley Davidson and they have sold their souls to “Charlie Chan” too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dawn on
  44. YES YES YES!

  45. Dawn on
  46. Bring em all on! I drive a Ford F150 and a Chevy Silverado and they both do me well! Chevy is going on 400k miles and still running strong. F-150 gets me where I need to be. I love them both! Camaro has the super yummy look to it but the mustang has the super fast look. OMG I would love to see them on the track!

  47. Dawn on
  48. I so agree with you!

    That’s where they belong — on the racetrack.

  49. Shelley on
  50. What the hell is wrong with Chevrolet???They need to keep up with the other manufactuers if they want to sell their cars.

  51. Becky on
  52. AGREED!!!

  53. Kelley on
  54. What difference does it make what each manufacturer “calls” their cars? They all look exactly the same on the track. Before the COT, each manufacturer’s car looked like the actual car. Now there is no resemblance, so who cares what they call it, it’s still a COT on the outside.

    A rose is still a rose, by any other name!!!

    The point is the cars are actually going to look like the stock versions — to a point.

  55. James Wheeler on
  56. Chevrolet did not make the decision. It was reported on two days ago that NASCAR would not allow the Chevrolet Camaro to be used in Sprint Cup competition. I think that it is a stupid decision, but that’s NASCAR for you!!

    Chevrolet executives say it was their decision. One thing is certain, if GM went to NASCAR and said “we want to race the Camaro,” then the Camaro would be on the track.

  57. James Wheeler on
  58. Then NASCAR must have wanted their name retracted from making the statement. But I only wrote what I read according to them on their website!!


  62. we all know what happened you hit the nail on the head. NASACAR did it again and they think we are stupid… they are helping toyota gain a better spot on top.. they cant do it the real way racing!!

  63. SouthernGuy8503 on
  64. Well GM is talking about trying to use the Camaro when Cup changes to another COT for the 2012 season. Ya Dodge and Ford got their cars to work but the Mustang and Challenger also aren’t the Camaro. I’ve read over and over that GM would have had to change the Camaro look so much to comply with NASCAR’s template that it wouldn’t have looked like the Camaro anymore and would have looked bad. So GM did actually try the Camaro first and wanted to use it but GM didn’t want to sacrifice the looks just to use the Camaro. Obviously the template will be different for the 2012 Cup COT so maybe they’re getting it to work because I did read somewhere that GM was going to use the Camaro in Cup.

    By the way, even though I’m a domestic guy so I do like all 3 of the “Big 3″, I’m a diehard Chevy guy. So “bonnie mccoy” I’ve gotten my 98 Chevy Silverado 1500 do more than a Ford F-250 of the same year range. Both trucks basically stock to, all I have on my truck performance wise is exhaust and a K&N air intake kit so nothing real special.

  65. SouthernGuy8503 on
  66. Well I’ve read from a lot of different places straight from GM that they tried the Camaro and wanted to use it but after changing it for NASCAR’s template it didn’t look like the Camaro enough to satisfy them. So since it didn’t satisfy GM they went to the Impala. Now I know some people said “well if the Mustang and Challenger worked then the Camaro should have” which I thought that to but the Camaro front end isn’t the same as the other 2. I’m thinking what you read might have been where GM submitted a Camaro that they did like but NASCAR didn’t like it because it wasn’t close enough to the template, so when GM tried to massage it to match the template it wasn’t good enough for GM looks wise.

    Plus think about it, if NASCAR let the Mustang and Challenger in for Nationwide don’t you think they would have let the Camaro?

    Also I read that GM will use the Camaro in Cup, and either the Mustang or Challenger is awaiting NASCAR approval while the other one is.

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