Mark Martin Needs Driving Lessons According to Juan Pablo Montoya

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Mark Martin is the last person in the Sprint Cup garage to need driving lessons – but Juan Pablo Montoya doesn’t see it that way.

On the final lap of the 400 at Chicagoland Speedway Saturday night Mark Martin passed Juan Pablo Montoya and the 2 cars made contact as a result.

Martin was angry with the resulting contact and drove his No. 5 Chevy directly to Montoya’s hauler after the race to find out what the contact was all about – and Montoya was parked on the opposite side from Martin.

“I ain’t gonna take no shit!” ~ Mark Martin

It was there that Montoya questioned Martin’s driving.

“He didn’t like the way I passed him there on the last lap,” explained Martin. He called it “borderline stupid driving and suggested I take some smart driving lessons from him,” said Martin as he headed back to his own hauler on foot.

“I ain’t gonna take no shit,” Martin explained bluntly.

Montoya was a little short on his explanation as well. “I gave him room out of four and we got into one and he nearly wrecked me, wrecked us both,” Montoya said.

Who do you think needs the driving lesson?




25 Comments on Mark Martin Needs Driving Lessons According to Juan Pablo Montoya

  1. Michelle on
  2. Are you kidding me? Montoya needs to go home a race around his drug fields! He’s got NO BUSINESS being here, let alone in NASCAR. GO HOME AND RIDE YOUR JACKASS!

    Montoya is the one who needs driving lessons, he was in diapers when Martin started driving….

  3. Debbie Roberts on
  4. What an incredible ego-maniac! JPM has wrecked so many people, I can’t believe he would say something like that about MM. I’m glad Mark gave a piece of his mind, good for you Mark. I bet a lot of the other drivers will sound off on this one. You just got yourself into some deep doodoo with a lot of drivers, JPM. Mark deserves an apology, and a public one at that.

  5. poofer on
  6. That idiot needs to learn NASCAR politics. DO NOT screw with the drivers all other drivers respect!(I.E. Mark Martin,Jeff Burton). Seems like this year,a lot of newbies are trying to root the old pros out of the nest.Only thing is,the powers that be will let the old guys punt the young guns out of the stadium,and not even slap them on the wrist.Pay backs are pretty much OK,if you have been out on the France family yacht,with Helton and crew.Only boat Montoya has ever been on is a ciggarette boat speeding into the harbors of Miami in the dark.

  7. Dee Kilpatrick on
  8. Montoya, go back to your open wheel kiddie cars and let the men race NASCAR!
    You will never be a Mark Martin, if you drive until you are 100 years old.

  9. Michelle Zimmerman on
  10. JPM is alwayz looking for a place to cause an accident! I’m with the rest of these guyz~ go back where you came from jackass & leave our men in Nascar free to run 200mph without the fear that your around to wreck them! Way to go MM!! Wish I could of seen that one!! Oh yea jackass~ feel free to take those busch boys with you when you go! Nobody likes them either!!

  11. Pegi Chase on
  12. JPM is a joke! Nothing is ever his fault. What a crybaby! Telling Mark he needs driving lessons is his dumbest utterance yet. Believe Mark was driving when you were still in diapers! Shut up for a change and learn something!

  13. Jeanette on
  14. Montoya need the lessons. He seems to think he is the only one who is never at fault. Every time he wrecks he calls anyone near him stupid,reckless and other derogatory words. He thinks he is never at fault. He needs to learn that in racing you have to earn respect .And he does nothing to earn it.
    Mark has been around a long time. Would never wreck someone on purpose. So if he ran his car into Montoya’s hauler.He had been pushed to far.
    And did anyone besides me notice Montoya did not honor the pledge of allegiance. Every one always put their hand over their heart and Montoya stood there smirking.I have no problem with him but he should honor our ways if he want’s us to honor his.

  15. tom p. on
  16. So Juan “wrekum” Montoya thinks he should give Martin some driving lessons? JPM isn’t worthy of liking Martins balls much less giving ANYONE driving lessons. I hope NASCAR see this and slaps him around good.

  17. Mavis on
  18. Didn’t see the action in question but JPM never seems to admit he’s at fault and most of the time he is. Can’t see why he’s still here!

  19. mamadonia on
  20. I agree with #1; Montoga needs to go back from where he came. But when he stays here he’s the one that needs driving lessons, he is one CRAZY driver . Every week he gets into it with someone. I tell my husband what a crazy man he is. If I was one of those drivers out there I wouldn’t want to be near him on a race track. As I’ve stated before along with some others he is too aggressive and absolutely wild, he wrecks himself and someone else every time he goes racing. GO MARK MARTIN, whip his rear!!!!!

  21. Rick on
  22. No doubt,Mark Martin could,FOR SURE,give Montoya driving lessons!

  23. Tom McDonnell on
  24. I said this before and I ll say it again, Nascar did says, “go and be aggressive drivers now, and bang the hell out of one another”, so until Brian and Mike address this problem, there’s going to be more people fighting. I wish Brian’s father was still around. The racing back in the 90′s were the best.

  25. Tom McDonnell on
  26. Mark Martin is a calm person and if Mark is mad, then there’s something wrong.
    Montoya need to be patience and if he is not happy, then he should go back to
    open wheels.

  27. William on
  28. If I thought for 1 minute that Mark or jpm or the puke bros or any of the drivers in Nascar would read these answers to the article, I would post my comment. My opinion is that Mark Martin is and has been the cleanest driver ever to sit in or drive a race-car, PERIOD.

  29. REGAN on

  31. Deborah on
  32. Mark is the cleanest racer in nascar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve know Mark, Rusty, Ernie, Dick Trickle, Davey Allison, since their ASA Racing Days. If JPM is so dam goo, why don’t his numbers match Marks’, in wins, (Busch/Nationwide), consecutive statrs, Laps led, and persons who admire him, Does anyone remember that Mark GAVE UP his Busch seat in The Carolina Ford Dealers T-Bird, to a young driver he pick as a new and upcoming GOOD Prospect…ie., Jeff Gordon, later to become The #1 Baby Ruth car????What has JPM done, except win a race in Mexico..Hey Juan, why don’t you only go half way back to Columbia, and jump OVERBOARD???? Mark is and has been my hero, and shall awlays remain so..Mark, start dirving like you did in ASA, and Busch?Nationwide in you #2, or your #60 Winn Dixie cars, and show JPM how to really drive a Nascar Machine…GO, GO GOOOOO!!!!!

  33. marcel on
  34. I will have to say I agree with all 16 . Its nice to see were Marks fans are when you need them. He has been one of my favorite drivers since I met him in his ASA racing in Cayuga On. in the early seventies.

  35. Donna on
  36. This comment by JPM doesn’t even deserve my time!

  37. Dottie T. on
  38. what the heck, MONTOYA go back to IRL and COLUMBIA your the one who needs the driving lessons mark has been racing for years while you were still just an itch in your daddys pants

    My Comment #2 has been waiting moderation since this article came out, what’s taking so long?

    Can anyone else view it besides me?


    I agree with all of the comments posted on here about JPM. Mark Martin has forgotten more about racing than JPM will ever learn. Juan, should go back to Columbia, and peddle his cocaine. The only reason he won that nationwide race in mexico, was because he pulled a Carl Edwards, and crashed his own team mate. The problem with Juan, is the fact that he has always driven over his head, and always will, He is like a bull in a china shop. Juan, and Carl Edwards, are alienating themselves from the rest of the drivers in the garage, with the comment that Carl made after the nationwide race, and the comment that jpm, made about Mark Martin. One other comment that I would like to make is, I don’t think that Carl Edwards, gives a rats ass, about nascar putting him on probation, for wrecking Brad, I don’t think that we have seen that last episode yet. And if Jack Rousch, is any kind of an owner, then he should sit Carl down and have a real heart to heart with him, about his future.

  39. Dave Schultz on
  40. I googled speech of young drivers and the article of Juan Pablo Montoya being mad at Mark Martin showed up. I just have to ask this…even if it after the fact, but does Jet Drier ring a bell?

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