Kyle Busch’s Smartest Move Yet

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It was a first win for Regan Smith and another chapter in the dramatic story of Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick at Darlington Saturday night.

Smith’s Chevrolet was fast on old tires as he held off Carl Edwards’ Ford in the final laps. Smith even hit the wall at one point but was still able to hold off Edwards.

But it was after the checkered flag when the action really started to pick up. Kevin Harvick wanted a word with Kyle Busch. Maybe more than a word.

In the final laps Harvick slowed just enough to allow Busch to pass, then got back in the gas and gave a shove to the rear of Busch’s No. 18 Toyota.

But Kyle Busch was having none of that. Kyle intentionally drove Harvick’s No. 29 Chevy down the racetrack causing Harvick to wreck his own teammate, the No. 33 of Clint Bowyer.

Then Busch came around and took another swipe at Harvick’s Chevy sending it spinning. It was two for one shopping at Richard Childress Racing for Kyle Busch.

Harvick stopped his car directly in front of Kyle Busch and climbed out of his car ready for a fight. At this point Busch made his best move of the night. He waited until Harvick was out of the car and drove away – clipping Harvick’s Chevy in the process and crashing it one more time into the pit wall.

It’s a good thing Busch got away. My money is on Kevin Harvick in a street fight like that. That may be Kyle Busch’s smartest move yet.

What do you think? Could Kyle have taken him, or was he smart to run away.




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  1. max on
  2. Kyle doesn’t have the guts to stand toe to toe with a real man.I wish nascar would kick him back to Vegas!!!

  3. Danny on
  4. Kyle’s post race actions are exactly what i would have wanted and expected that “The Man” himself would have done, and no he did not run, he played it safe and gave Nascar the edge to continue this for all it is worth. If a true fan of “The Man” doesn’t respect Kyle for what he can do with his car, then he has forgotten or never ever saw what Dale was born from. I have a few mid 80′s race dvds for you to watch. Good times for sure. Thanks Kyle for keeping memories alive for me of the great one, you fill his shoes like Dale Jr. was supposed to.

  5. john on
  6. I think they are two of a kind. They deserve each other . As long as they wreck the other, but they wreck everybody else too.

  7. Tina on
  8. What ever happened to the term “boys have at it”? If The drivers want to take care of biusness after the race, they should be aloud to. Nascar keeps stepping in too soon, before the can get their frustrations out and over with, then the Nascar officials can call them to the hauler and have that wounderful talk and decide then what pentalties should be given.

  9. Gerry Legro on
  10. I love the ending with the firewoks going off when Harvick got out of his car, I hope Nascar fines Harvick & takes points away. I dont think Kyle did anything wrong.

  11. dee on
  12. Harvick, hit Bush first. He thinks he has the right to be the track police but no one has the right to touch poor Harvick. I say it’s about time some one gave him what he deserved. Harvick is a bully and I can’t wait until he screws up and tries this with Edwards. Edwards will kick his ass big time.

  13. Joe on
  14. “Shrub” is a punk puke kid. Kevin should of moped the track with him !!!

  15. Joel Bailey on
  16. It don’t matter if you like Harvick or not, he didn’t wimp out like Busch did.
    I lost what little respect I had for Kyle. He is brave and bad when he is in
    his car but he don’t have the guts to face a man face to face.
    He showed his true color. YELLOW

  17. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  18. Kevin started the on-track mess. Kyle is good enough to give it back to him on the track. As for what happened after the race: Kevin took his steering wheel off but then put it back on because he couldn’t take Kyle in a fight without help. Then (whether Kevin asked for it or not), his jackman comes running up to help Kevin. Kevin THEN takes the steering wheel off a 2nd time and climbs out to try to punch Kyle (NOW that he has his jackman there to protect him). Kyle did the right thing and drove off. Proud of him for that. Kyle can take Kevin any day just as Carl Edwards did so long as it’s one-on-one. Hope Kevin gets physically beaten by someone this year. He deserves it!!!!!

  19. max on
  20. Remember carl tried that once and found

  21. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  22. Oops – forgot to say that his pants-wearing wife was probably on her way to the confrontation on pit road, too. Sure would like to have seen where she was after getting off the pit box since she showed her fists on the pit box as tho she could stop Kyle!!!!

  23. william o. on
  24. I would love to see KH or any one of a few other drivers just litterly kick the livin’ CRAP out of the smart aleck punk coward. THAT would make my day, and maybe, just maybe, I would go back to attending NASCAR races if the punk got an atttitude adjustment. ( That is exactly what we used to do back in the day (when doors opened and the cars looked like the ones people drove.) At least, that is my opinion. Bill

  25. Lloyd Danklefsen on
  26. Right Max anyone who doesn’t think he’s a chicken and a baby face whinner hasn’t followed him very long

  27. chris on
  28. if harvick was gonna be fair but he left his helmet on and did you see the bear he had with him?

  29. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  30. One last comment: Really think Kasey would have won that race IF he was not called into the pits. He can out-drive those with fresh tires just as Regan did. Kasey set the track record in qualifying and had a great night. Sure was pulling (and yelling) for him to win!!! GO KASEY – got to get into that chase……

  31. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  32. If ANYONE kicks the crap out of Kyle as Willliam o wrote – it WON’T be the sissy Kevin Harvick… Remember when Carl got him around the throat after the notes left in Dega???? Took Kevin’s crew to pull Carl off. Kevin won’t face anyone by himself (as Jimmy Spencer did).

  33. Peggy Thacker on
  34. Ok….To the few remarks about Edwards being able to take Harvick! Good grief..either you are blind, or you don’t watch all the races. Edwards “tried” to take Harvick in the garage, and found his A$$ slammed on top of the hood of the car by Harvick!!!! And for those that doesn’t think Whiney baby bush didn’t do anything wrong…well Ahem… Yeah Harvick bumped him…but he sure didn’t wreck him. You could see clearly what Bush did, then on pit-road…Oh yeah, he is one brave soul there. You know..did he stop to think what might have happened if someone had been standing by that wall when he pushed Harvick’s car into it? I noticed that he had to have several guys escort him to “The Office” too! What’s the matter Kyle? LOL! He better watch his back for a long time to come, cause I imagine Harvick will take care of him. Just like Tony did his brother “TWO times! Once in “The Office” right in front of the “Big Boys”! It straightened Kurt out, so I figure Harvick might straighten Kylie “Boy” up too. MAYBE…!! Darrell said that Kyle has matured…I didn’t see it Sat. night. My opinion is that even if Harvick is fined, points taken, put on probation, he will still find his chance to get Bush! At least I HOPE he does! And people…Please don’t insult “Dale Sr.” by comparing bush to him. To me bush is just a whiney mouth, crybaby little weasel!

  35. Greg Hitchcock on
  36. I’ll admit, I haven’t been a big fan of Kyle’s in the past, mainly in the behaviour department, but even this Jeff Gordon Super Fan will have to admit that Kyle sure knows how to drive a race car. It was good that he and Samantha got married on New Year’s Eve. She has had a huge positive influence on this young superstar. I’ve actually been watching more of Kyle this year and enjoying his new found maturity.
    Last night, I must applaud Kyle’s actions. Given the chance, I would have done the same thing, bumping Harvick around. Prior to this year, well let’s just say, Kyle probably made more enemies than friends on the race track with his immature nature. These guys race together all year long, you’d think they would at least try to get along during the year. But Kevin Harvick is another story all together. Here is a driver who has some talent, let’s face it, you don’t compete in Sprint Cup or even Nationwide, Trucks too, unless you have a fair amount of talent. But somewhere along the way in the last few years, Kevin has gotten his noise out of joint, some say and I agree, pointed skyward. He has had some success and this has inflated his ego along the way. He has taken on the role of “Nascar Cop” on the track and is out to try and “police” Kyle and a couple of drivers. Maybe Richard Childress is trying to elevate the 2.9 driver to the 3.0 level and become say, a Dale Sr, wannabee. In the past there have been others who have tried to be tough guys on the track. Ryan Newman, Carl Edwards and others who have tried to be “Mr. Tough Guy” on the track. I do know that the fans like this type of behavior on the track, just like the like the burnouts from the winner after the race. (They’re probably hockey fans too as pro hockey is at times a ridiculous sport.) So after last night’s race in my book the score was Kyle +1 and Harvick -1. I might add, as you review last season and this season to date, Kevin’s arrogant nature has caused many other crews to rebuild their cars on Monday, unless they’re to scrapped out, alot of them with Harvick to thank.
    And who knows who would be the victor in a Kyle Busch/Kevin Harvice scuffle, to me the proof is performance on the track and the number of notches on your win belt! In closing, I’m also a huge Hendrick fan for I think Rick Hendrick is a CLASS ACT? It’s too bad that the relationship between Kyle Busch and Hendrick Motorsports couldn’t have been salvaged otherwise you would have been seeing a Chevy many more times on top of their dominance in Cup racing. (OK, so I was a Chevy dealer in my 20′s!)

  37. Peggy Thacker on
  38. NO…Dale Sr. would have been a man!! He sure wouldn’t have run from Harvick on the track, and he would not have stayed in the car on pit-road like the lily-livered punk Bush did! And he wouldn’t have pushed the car into the driver-less car, into the wall. I followed Dale Sr. when he first started, and clear up to the sad ending! So… just because Dale Jr. is his son, that means to you that he is supposed to do everything on the track just like his Daddy did??? Dale Jr. is his own man, and he has more integrity..etc. in his little finger then Kyle Bush ever will. I sometimes wish some of the Earnhardt temper would come out, but, that isn’t Jr. And I was a true fan of Sr.!! Just like I am a true and loyal fan to Jr. no matter what. He has earned my respect by being who he is..not who he isn’t!!

  39. J gamble on
  40. With regards to Kyle – the remark above regarding “Kyle played it safe….” Kyle did not play it safe. He says he got out of there to get away from Harvick…. No, he was impulsive and did what comes naturally to Kyle. Butted the car and left but not to get away from Harvick but to retaliate. The problem with it is that he could have really hurt someone. The way the car hit the wall shows what would have happened to someone if someone had been there. Stupid move and impulsive. In true Kyle fashion, act now think later. Reminds me of a step son I raised with big ADD problems. Act impulsively and then come up with a story to cover his butt.

  41. Amish Al on
  42. Racing is supposed to be the man with the fastest car passes the car ahead of him, if the car in front of him is holding fastest car up, fastest car bumps or moves slower car over, if need be, to the fence area, thereby fastest car continues to the front and ends up in victory lane,,, you people who have been watching NASCAR for a few years have everything figured out, you are nothing but a bunch of whining peeps, Harvick started it, Busch started it, Newman started it, get a life, racing is about wrecking and winning… NASCAR has went to racing to a bunch of,,, I am so glad that I lived in the era where a man went to the track to race and not to bitch about another driver,,,

  43. Peggy Thacker on
  44. Carl Edwards…DID NOT EVER…take Kevin Harvick!!!!!!! Harvick took him, when Carl thought he was gonna be a bad-A$$ in the garage! He found out quickly though!! Heck, Harvick didn’t even lose his glasses in that deal. Lmaooo!!

  45. J gamble on
  46. The big difference between what Harvick did and what Kyle did is that Harvick wasn’t going to hurt anyone else. But Kyle seriously could have really hurt crew members, etc. There were other people around that car if you watch the video. And if there had been one person in between that car and the wall… Well, Kyle would have been history as a “professional” driver and some unlucky person would have been seriously injured.

  47. Jo Ard on
  48. Kyle did the right thing staying in his car so that NASCAR can’t fine him for staring trouble. Way to go Kyle and Keven I pray you will understand racing is racing and that is all there is to it.

  49. tom on
  50. So, everyone is applauding Kyle for INTENTIONALLY wrecking Harvick??? KYle came down and bumped Harvick, who in turn bumped Bowyer. Then while harvick is obviously going down the track towards the aporn to get away from a possible wreck, Kryle tags him on purpose. Then, to send his car rolling down pit road where there are people that could have been hit was just assinine. If he didn’t want to get “punched in the face” (duh) he just should not have taken his helmet off. This just proves that Kryle is a baby who doesn’t like it if someone gets in his way. he’s a douche who needs to be parked for a few races.

  51. J gamble on
  52. by the way, I am neither a fan of Kyle OR Harvick.

  53. Merle on
  54. OMG, go Kyle…………Heck know he wasn’t afraid of Harvick….just a smart quick thinking more……Someone needs to put Harvick in his place up against the wall during the race……….He sucks….all for Kyle and Kyle could handle his own with that jerk……

  55. dee on
  56. I guess that’s why all the old timers got out of their cars and beat the crap out of each other. I don’t have a problem with that if I was racing and this happened I would gladly teach any driver that I will not be bullied. Edwards has showned all drivers that he will not be bullied on the track or off. My kind of man..

  57. Bill on
  58. Harvick doesn’t wear the pants in his house, his wife does. Bush could have taken care of business if he wanted too. But he knows that Gibbs would not want him to show the same ignorance as Harvick did. How long will you people allow Harvick to continue pushing his way around on the track, and then getting mad when somone responds?

  59. Ken on
  60. Harvick is not supposed to leave his car unattended on pit row. He must have been stupid and left it out of gear because it rolled to the wall after Busch it instead of stopping. I don’t doubt that Kyle was trying to get out of there especially since Harvick got brave after his pit crew stated to show up. Who know what Nascar will do. They both screwed up. Harvick tried to take Busch out and wrecked his teammmate but Busch should not have wrecked him after the yellow came out , Both are rough drivers but Harvick has taken a lot of cars out just because he thought they were in his way . Whatever he gets on the track he asks for. Ditto Busch.

  61. Bev. on
  62. You must be as stupid an idiot vas Bush is if you think Bush is anywhere close a man or a driver as Dale senior was . Kyle did as any coward would do RUN I guarantee that Dale senior woould not have run. . So Danny are you the coward that Kyle is and run away from your idiociesas well .

    Well sometimes all the drivers needs an attitude adjustment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Donna on
  64. I think harvickwould of kicked that little fags a$$

  65. Donna on
  66. Kyle will never fill his shoes no one will not even Dale Jr

  67. Donna on
  68. Kyle is the one that need to be fined and suspended for at least 4 races

  69. Donna on
  70. Kye is the one that’s the bully look at how many times he wrecked Dale Jr in one season

  71. Donna on
  72. woooohoooooooo I agree with you Joels Busch is a whimp

  73. Donna on
  74. Kyle and Jeff Gordon should get together their both whiney babies

  75. Donna on
  76. wanna be is all he’ll ever be Greg

    Very interesting! Just a few years ago no one really liked Kyle; however, as time went on he matured. His driving skills are fantastic and reminds me of Dale, Sr. who was somewhat agressive with his driving style also. I enjoy watching Kyle; however, my favorite driver is Dale Jr. As far as Kevin Harvick, he also is a very good driver but can get very upset when things do not go his way. I understand this; however, blocking another driver’s race car and then climbing out of his own race car, without using common sense to turn off his engine and put the car in gear so it would not go anywhere is wrong on Harvick’s part. Harvick has always had a temper and yesterday he sorta lost it. I think Kyle did indeed do the right thing by driving off. He did not flee a fight with Harvick or Harvick’s Crewman who was also there – Kyle simply drove back to his car area, got out, spoke in a very calm way to a TV person and walked down to the NASCAR Place to meet with Officials and Harvick also. Hopefully, Kevin will think twice about intentionally wrecking Kyle in the coming races. Any race driver who would do that should be banned from any and all NASCAR events for a period of six-months, fined $100,000.00, and the car owner would lose all points earned up to the time of the wreck and be fined $250,000.00. So, go at it boys but keep your temper in check or you may not be racing for quite awhile.

  77. Sandra on
  78. Let’s see the replay in slow motion. Clint Bowyer is the one who came up hit Harvick, and Harvick hit Kyle. Kyle could not go any farther up, he was already against the wall. Dumb— Harvick thought Kyle hit him, and went and hit Kyle. Therefore fair is fair. But how many times has Harvick, Short man Syndrome Harvick gone and hit someone with his car. I like for Harvick to mess with Kyle Busch, be more than Juan did to Harvick. Kevin Harvick needs Anger Management. I love you Kyle, you be driving long more than Harvick.

  79. ladyred on
  80. Oh, my, -quote- DW- “Did you see that car just roll by itself”? They just have to defend Kyle no matter what he does. Before he went in the hauler he had the usual smirk on his face, “just hard racing” but he wasn’t smiling when he came out and had nothing to say. Harvick is a hard driver (not trying to be #3) and he bumps a lot of people out of the way but Kyle deliberately runs into people to wreck them re Dale Jr. a few years ago that took a win away from him. K keeps talking about his “fans” but one of the announcers before the race said Montalvo got booed as well as Kyle as usual. Doesn’t sound like many fans to me. If K thot he would get in trouble by getting out of the car to meet Harvick, deliberatly pushing that car in the wall to me is a lot worse and I hope Nascar punishes him for it. He looks like a big sloppy guy that probably doesn’t have the guts to fight anyone. He’s been pushing his luck for a long time and I hope his time is up soon…..makes me want to throw up! Matured? I haven’t seen it yet. He just can’t stand to lose, thinks he should be the only one to win, got news for him, there are 42 other guys out there that want to win too and most of them do it fairly. I think his
    “fans” are ones that just like to see trouble, not racing.

    Hey, I’d suggest that you learn how to spell: The correct spelling for Kyle is “KYLE”; not KRYLE as you seem to think.

  81. mick on
  82. I like the boxing gloves idea. Let ‘em square off for one minute on the start/finish line – that’s it! Now – go home to your families.

    Hey Joe, I don’t think “Kryle” is a misspelling — I think that was meant as a descriptive term.

  83. Mavis on
  84. I don’t think what happened on the track matters as much as what happened off the track on pit road. The on track antics probably would warrent warnings to both drivers. Kevin probably should have stayed in his car. Kyle should not have pushed Kevin’s car into the fence therefore endangering lives of any crew members or officials that were in that area. In my opinion that should warrant a suspension or at the very least a large points fine. Also it effects people who would had nothing the do with the dispute because they have to fix or replace the car. People keep saying Kyle has changed and matured but I still don’t see it.

  85. Shirley on
  86. How dare anyone compair Dale Sr to the likes of Kyle Busch, yes he can drive a car, but he drives like the world is supposed to move over and just let him win and if that doesn’t happen well last night was an example but he picked on someone that is a MAN someone that has the spunk to not turn a cheek and run, I don’t think it’s over and believe me there are more people hoping it’s not pver then hoping it is, as for Dale Jr no one said he was to take over for his father, he is his own man so for God sakes let him be just that.

  87. Shirley on
  88. I agree with you Donna, no one will fill Dales shoes and for sure not the likes of Kyle, J rdon’t want to fill his shoes he just wants to be himself.

  89. Shirley on
  90. Kyle pushed Kevins car into pit road it showed him doing clear as day n tv.

  91. Dan Jones on
  92. 18 divided by 6 = ’3′ Go kyle,
    You ain’t Rowdy,
    You tha ‘WILD THING”
    Thanks for the ‘SHOW!!’ Dale would be proud!

  93. Jack Sams on
  94. Kyle Busch is a punk

  95. Alicia on
  96. That was the dumbest thing Kyle UGLY Busch has done. He’s a very bad sport when it comes to situations like this. He never admits to anything he does wrong. He’ disrespectful to the other drivers. He runs and hides from his mistakes.

  97. AZomah on
  98. First of all, using Big E’s name and the driver of the 18 car in the same sentence is just plain wrong. Big E bumped, but did not try to wreck people. His goal was to win. Yes, he did alot of good off the track and at the track. On the track he was all about taking a win home. He was a good man. The two drivers you are discussing will never be half the man he was. What I enjoyed the most about the race was Regan Smith’s win. Right place at right time (not in the pits)! It was also good for the single car teams. Good for their morale and sponsors. Proved that they do have a place in NASCAR. At least we are getting to see different drivers winning in spite of who the media wants to talk about and see win. Now they have to connect more drivers with car numbers.

  99. Len on
  100. I’d like to see that!

  101. Dean on
  102. you talk about blocking and cryle is the biggest blocker in all series racing… yes cryle was scared… he ran like a little girl… and if nascar does what you say then cryle would be out of nascar forever……jmho

  103. Dean on
  104. how do you figure dale jr should have been like his dad? are you “just like you dad” you should think before you type.

  105. Dean on
  106. if he was not afraid of harvick why not get out and face him like a man? if you paid attention to his interview he was shaking an pale as a ghost…. and a lot of you campare him to earnhardt not even close…

  107. Glenn on
  108. Racing is racing. Tempers flair. Both these guys were pushing their cars over the limit. Bowyer was the real victim there. Kyles last hit (on the track was a real cheap shot) had he not done that things might not have gone the way they did after the race. His second hit, (on pit road) was not only a cheaper shot but a foolish and dangerous one and one that should be followed up with fines and suspensions. Innocent bystanders could have been seriously injured. That was a stupid move KYLE!

  109. ladyred on
  110. Dale would have put Kyle in his place real quick. Dale was rough but he wasn’t a cocky SOB that thot the racing world owed him.

  111. ladyred on
  112. Since when does Kyle worry about Gibbs or anyone, he only thinks of himself.

  113. myrna perkins on
  114. I’m not a fan of KH but in any dispute I”l go for the one against KB. From the onset of his racing he has been only for himself. His parents set that up when they broke rules to get him into races back in his early days.

  115. myrna perkins on
  116. I wait for the day when someone beats the crap out of that creep. Hopefully they do it in the dark of night and break at least one arm and one leg.

  117. Rita on
  118. I agree with you Joel. Nascar needs to look back at all the people he has wrecked and get him out of racing.

    My question is….why is Dale Sr.’s name being put into the equation ? Sr. had a style of his own just as ALL drivers do and was his own man, I cringe when I see his name being used to compare vile Kyle with his.
    Kyle is the biggest wuss when discussing his manhood and has NO personality, who uses his car as a weapon when on the track. NASCAR could resolve this by just putting boxing gloves on the both drivers and let them settle this in the ring, as going to the hauler does’nt do a darn thing.
    A fine? these drivers make enough money that is nothing more than a spit in the bucket to both. They will not change their attitude when they can buy their way through life and sponsors are in jeporady by sponsoring two jerks.
    P.S. Please do not include Jr’s name in this comment as he is his own man !!!!!

    Let’s start the blame game with some common-sense: The whole end-of-race fiasco started when NASCAR threw a caution that did not need to be thrown. Typical NASCAR B.S. move that eliminated a true “race” to the finish. Had NASCAR left well enough alone, the race would have concluded in a legitimate fashion and the whole Busch/Harvick run-in would have been avoided. As well as the Bowyer wreck etc. NASCAR has no one to blame but themselves for what transpired Saturday night.

    As far as the Busch/Harvick dust-up was concerned, I looked at the tape several times and honestly I believe it was Harvick who instigated and forced this situation to become what it did.

    After the race when Harvick was chasing him with his vehicle, I think Kyle should have just pulled up in front of the grandstands, gotten out of his car, taken off his helmet and leaned against the drivers side door. He could then wait for Harvick to come up and throw the first punch and then they could have had at it in front of the whole crowd.

    Oh and one other thing – I HATE it when NASCAR drivers act like they are going to fight, but they keep their helmets on. What a load of crap. Come on Kevin, if you are that much of a man, pull the helmet off before you start throwing punches. It looks so comical to see these guys trying to fight with full face helmets on. Give me a break.

    It was Harvick who made the first move when he bumped Kyle.

  119. Peggy Thacker on
  120. LOL!!! LOVE your response Ladyred! And so very true!! I don’t know why people keep comparing rat-face bush to Sr. in any way shape or form. If Sr. was still around, he would of set kyle straight real fast…on the track, and off the track.

  121. Peggy Thacker on
  122. Hey Joe Fullerton….THINK about it a minute. “Kryle”…you know…”CRY”..then add the le to it. They call Busch “Rowdy”, but they really should call him “Pouty”.

  123. Danny Pokipala on
  124. I think the Darlington Race was great for Nascar . It is what the Nascar Fans want to see . I am a Dale Jr. Fan but the more I watch The Nascar Races the more I tend to enjoy the outcome and let’s face it all those drivers did a great job . Nascar has the best drivers in the world I just hope none of them leave to go to open wheel racing .
    I find I have become a FAN of all the Nascar Drivers . So I say LET THE BOYS HAVE AT IT .

  125. Peggy Thacker on
  126. Yes….Harvick “Bumped” kyle…didn’t wreck him though did he? But kyle deliberately hooked Harvick causing the mess that happened. How many others has kyle bumped out of his way, but that was ok huh? And when he turned into Dale Jr. at Bristol that year when he saw that Jr. was gonna win it. Don’t like kyle, and never will. Yes, he can drive, but he takes away from his skills by his attitudes and actions. He is all smiles when he wins, but let him lose and just watch his reactions. BIG POUTY BABY then. How about the time he up and left the race track because of his little “Fits”! Then look who crawled into busch’s car and drove it….DALE JR.!!!! Shows you exactly who the better man is doesn’t it? Kyle sure wouldn’t have done that.

  127. SouthernGuy8503 on
  128. I’ll just copy and past a comment I made one one of the videos on of this because I don’t feel like typing it again lol.

    I’m thinking the reason Harvick said something is because when Kyle gets behind like he did, he does stupid stuff just to pass one car. He did at least 5 stupid moves that could have wrecked himself and others. Kyle is a great driver but he still has no patients and doesn’t know how to race smart. I’m all for aggressive driving but you can go over the line. Kyle should have got out like a man but instead he knocked Harvick’s car out of gear then pushed it which could have hurt people if they were in the way. Also Harvick isn’t really a bully, he just shows his feelings when he’s mad, if you don’t want him pissed at you then don’t do anything stupid around him.

    Also when I say stupid move I don’t mean a little bump and run, I mean where you look out of control just trying hard to pass someone to the point where it looks like you’re about to wreck into someone. I saw Kyle do that at least 5 times at Darlington trying to catch up after the loose wheel and he’s done it plenty of other times. It’s one thing to want to win as much as he does and I respect that, but you also have to race smart. Causing a wreck isn’t worth 1 spot for 1 point in the standings.

  129. dynamite on
  130. good lord gerry, did you go to
    sleep during the race, because you
    said Kyle Busch didn’t do anything
    wrong,? you need to watch it again
    Kyle did a lot wrong, but he thinks
    he can get by with it. I hope they
    fire him for good and I could care
    less about Harvick either. I am a
    100% Dale jr fan, they didn’t mind
    penelizing him when he hit that come
    so let them sock it to Kyle, the chicken

  131. dynamite on
  132. Amen to that, he really is a pouty

  133. AZomah on
  134. Good comment SouthernGuy, I agree with you. Think maybe the problem might be the second word.

  135. acorn on
  136. Kyle is a coward no ands and ifs about it.

  137. Too Mean on
  138. Kasey, Kevin will beat the crap out of Kyle and Kyle knows it!! Why do you think he ran like a little girl back to his crew so they could protect him….
    Kyle came al the way across the track to take Kevin out, he should have been parked for the rest of the race.

  139. Carol on
  140. Kyle is a big mouth so the word coward fits…I am not a Harvich fan but I am sure on his side with this..didn’t surprise me that he ran & if he has dreams of trying to make a spot as Dale Sr….never happen…Dale was one of a Kind & damn sure was no coward…go Harvick…get-R- done!!!!!

  141. Troy on
  142. I will agree Kyle is a good driver. But he couldn’t hold Earnhardt’s jock strap! He’s a big eared, cry baby that needs to grow up. I also agree he did the smart thing by staying in the car. Because Harvick would have whooped him like a yard dog!!

  143. Bob on
  144. Kyle is as yellow as can be, he thinks he can run over anyone & Nascar will not do anything to him & they wont. I despise the jerk. Nascar should suspend him & Montoya, they are the same.

    KY Bush is taking all the fun out of NASCAR for me. He is such a twerp that I stop watching sometimes when he is leading. That’s My opinion of KY Bush

  145. ladyred on
  146. I fell asleep the last time KB was up front and going to win the race…that is how exciting he is to watch!

  147. Donna C. on
  148. I totally agree with this statement. They are going to have racing incidents but to dilberately take someone out is bull. That is very poor sportsmanship, and a very poor excuse of a man.

  149. SouthernGuy8503 on
  150. Yes and Kyle got him back by side bumping him into Clint but THEN Kyle spun Harvick out. That is the reason he was so mad. Another reason he could ahve been mad was that Kyle’spayback also took out Clint which if you remember Harvick sticks up for his team mates (remember Harvick bumping into Denny in 1st practice of the 2nd race in the Chase after Denny said Clint and his team were cheaters). The last reason I assume is also what I said in my other post is that Kyle always does stupid moves when he thinks he’s behind which means he still has no patients. When I say stupid moves I don’t mean bump and runs, I’m talking about making quick moves that makes him go sideways just to pass one car. Those kind of moves can wreck himself which will most likely wreck someone else with him. All for 1 spot for 1 point. If he has such a good car then he shouldn’t have to work so hard to pass a car.

    I thought Kyle was changed and I was starting to respect him as a person along with respecting him as a driver. Darlington showed he still hasn’t really changed. I have no problem with aggressive driving or “paybacks”. The problem I have with that situation was Kyle got him back equally by side bumping him just like what Harvick did, but then he hooked his rear bumper purposely wrecking him. I like paybacks but I believe in EQUAL paybacks and only 1 payback. Then the whole incident on pit road. Kyle is an idiot and only cares about himself.

  151. AZomah on
  152. Good show RacingWin! You got everyone going! In my opinion this site has some really good bloggers. It is much more enjoyable to read than Keep up the good work.

  153. AZomah on
  154. Do you think either of those drivers will be fined o or anything? Does Nascar think only a talking to works?

  155. ladyred on
  156. Only reason KB will be driving longer than Kevin is age. That is if someone doesn’t do away with him first. He has a lot of enemies and seems to gain more all the time.

  157. ladyred on
  158. I agree AZ. There are a few drivers I don’t care for like Montalvo and Carl but think most of the others are ok guys. JR. will always be #1 and if he can’t win I will root for some of the other “good” guys. But, Busch, has to be the worst that has ever come across the pike and inserted himself in Nascar. He has a few fans and they must be on the same mentality to like his insolence and disdain for everyone and everything except himself. He can’t even get along with his own brother.
    I object to the fact that the Fox announcers thinks Kyle hung with moon and they can only concentrate on him whatever he does. I hope the next group will be a little more fair and at least bring up some names of the other racers. And once and for all, LEAVE THE EARNHARDT NAME out of all discussions of Kyle Busch. He will NEVER be in his category. It defames the name to have it mentioned in the same breath. JR. is the Earnhardt out there now so let us hear about him and the other drivers who are driving like real racers not like they are in a demolition derby. I hope Nascar takes away some points but I doubt it, they seem to like Kyle as much as the announcers. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is the man now with all due respect to his dad. Let him be his own man and for goodness sake, Jr., stay away from Kyle cause if it looks like you might win he will come after you for sure. Always a Jr. fan thru thick and thin and always will be no matter what!

  159. Carole on
  160. Kyle Bush is an AH and shouldn’t be permitted to drive in NASCAR.
    He is a danger to the sport and is going to kill or badly injure a driver or drivers some day.
    The kid needs to go on a wild ride end over end. If he continues to drive this way some driver is going to do just that.
    Joe Gibbs needs to sit this boy down and lay out some ground rules.
    If Joe doesn’t NASCAR needs to fine him and suspend him from future races.
    What a poor representation of the Gibbs organization and his sponsors need to drop him like a hot potato.
    He is a menace to the sport and gives NASCAR a bad reputation.
    Get rid of Kyle Bush he is a bum!

  161. SouthernGuy8503 on
  162. I could be wrong but I think NASCAR gives out fines ect on Tuesday which today is. I don’t hate Kyle but it would be a good b-day present to me if they docked him 25 or more points to let JR be in 3rd lol.

    From what I saw Harvick probably won’t get anything but there’s a chance Kyle will be. Harvick started it yes by side bumping him, but Kyle got him back by doing the same thing that sent Clint into the wall which is equal payback which is fine with me except for Clint. But then Kyle spun Harvick into the outside wall. I don’t agree with that since Kyle already had his payback but it doesn’t deserve a fine or anything like that. But, I think Kyle will get something for pushing Harvick’s unmanned car into pit wall with people on pit road.Imagine if someone was standing at the wall with their back turned and then the car smash into them pinning them between the car and the wall. Most likely all Kevin was going to do was cuss him out, even if Harvick would have hit him Kyle had a helmet and Hans device on so really how hurt could he have gotten. I think the only reason Kevin hit Kyle was because Kyle had already started to push his car so he wanted to do something.

    I was actually starting to respect Kyle not just as a driver but as a person to. Not anymore. He’s still a selfish jackass. You don’t see Kyle taking up for his team mates, but you see the Hendrick and RCR drivers take up for each other (RCR more than Hendrick).

  163. SouthernGuy8503 on
  164. Kyle’s fans do seem to have the same mentality as Kyle does. And that mentality is basically hypocritical where it’s fine for Kyle to do something but Holy God forbid someone does the same exact thing to him. Ironic how I remember that Jimmie Johnson was giving the finger to Kyle for his driving once and Kyle got pissy about it, then that race last year Kyle goes and gives the official the finger. I do respect Kyle as a driver but not as a person. I was starting to respect him as a person until he pushed Harvick’s unmanned car that could have ran someone over or pinned someone to the pit road wall. Most likely all Harvick was going to do was cuss him out until he pushed his car. On Mother’s Day to.

  165. SouthernGuy8503 on
  166. Just saw on that they were both fined $25,000 and put on probation for the next 4 points races (so the next 4 races not counting the All-Star weekend). I was really hoping they would deduct points from Kyle lol.

  167. AZomah on
  168. Basic math tells me they didn’t do anything to them, not with what they earn. I agree about the points. Betcha Jr. would rather pay a fine than be put a lap down for hitting that stupid cone! Also agree about RCR/Hendrick thing. I am wondering what will happen when the new driver comes on board next year, some of my friends are really upset because he signed with Hendrick. Time will tell.

  169. SouthernGuy8503 on
  170. AZomah – I don’t see why they’re mad about Kasey going to Hendrick, I haven’t heard one bad thing sad about Kasey ever. Maybe they just don’t like Hendrick too much lol. I saw on that the punishment is consistent with other situations. Ya the fines are nothing, but the 4 points race probation is. It would mainly be between them 2 but if I remember right it’s also against any other driver. So both Harvick and Kyle has to be careful with everybody, just like it is with Newman and Montoya. Maybe NASCAR thought that since Kyle had no reverse that he didn’t want to penalize him for that, but thing is that what he did wasn’t his only option. I honestly think Harvick was just going to talk to him in a cussing and talk sh*t kind of way and as he saw Kyle was getting away while pushing his car he decided the only thing he could do to get his points across was o hit him. Plus if you think about it, ya Harvick shouldn’t have stopped him on pit road but if Kyle would have just dealt with Harvick on the track like Harvick was trying to then maybe things would have been different.

  171. ladyred on
  172. As we expected, a slap on the wrist…money means nothing and they may be careful for the next 4 races, hope not, hope they get into it again and then MAYBE Nascar will take away some points. Ridiculous! Dale Jr.
    got 25 points taken away for saying S—, but these guys can try to kill each other and nothing is done. Already see how many don’t agree with this. Heard Jr. is #3 on Forbes list of most influential atheletes (behind, who else,
    JJ) and then Tom Brady but #3 ain’t bad…..he’s the good guy and he is going to have a great #7 in the nationwide race honoring the troops….always the patriot and the best guy out there. Jr. is #1 all the way around!!

  173. AZ omah on
  174. You are so right about the #7 Josh is going to drive Sat. That is one gorgeous car. It reminds me of the #8 Stars and Stripes. That has been my favorite so far. As it went under the lights at certain times you could almost see the Flag flying in the breeze. I will never forgive the driver that wrecked it either. Jr.s’ friend has designed some good looking cars for him.

  175. Bob on
  176. Kyle is a “Tough” and skilled driver. Kevin Harvick is and always has been a dirty driver, and will continue to be. NASCAR knows this and that’s why Kevin has been told to watch his P’s & Q;s… He is a dirty driver and everyone knows it. Ask Smoke, he will tell the truth about it. Kevin is a big crybaby and alibis a lot about his inability to drive as well as lots of other drivers. Mr. Excuse should be Kevins nickname. Notice Mark Martin doesn’t ever have anything to say about Kevin but does praise Kyle. Mark knows what Kevin is. Mark is the most respected driver in NASCAR, go ask him what he thinks about Kevin’s driving. Richard Childress showed his true character with his unprofessional and improper behavior too. What he did isn’t respectful, plus he lied about it. Take Harvick and Childress side if you choose to. It is obvious who the really skilled driver is between Kevin and Kyle.

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