Kyle Busch Parked by NASCAR Following Hard Crash at Texas

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Kyle Busch will not race in Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Texas. NASCAR has parked him following an on-track incident in Friday night’s truck race.

Early in the race Busch and Hornaday were involved in a minor crash that would normally be considered “just racing.” Both drivers scraped the wall but neither appeared to suffer any major damage. Not until the caution flag flew, that is.

Kyle Busch never slowed down. Instead he put his bumper against Hornaday’s bumper and pushed Hornaday until both trucks crashed hard into the wall. The crash was so intense that Hornaday’s rear wheels lifted off the track, and the front of his truck was demolished.

NASCAR immediately parked Busch for the remainder of the truck race.

On Saturday morning NASCAR announced that Busch would not be allowed to race in Saturday’s Nationwide race or Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Texas.

“He lives too close to me. We’ll see what NASCAR does. If they don’t handle it right, I’ll be over at his house Monday morning.” ~ Ron Hornaday

NASCAR President Mike Helton made the announcement explaining that NASCAR would know when the line was crossed, and that the line has been crossed.

Kyle Busch blamed the crash on Hornaday being too aggressive early in the race. “Maybe Ron could have played it a little bit smarter on lap 15,” Busch explained.

“If I just lay over and give up everything for Ron Hornaday that’s not Kyle Busch’s fashion, said Busch. “I’m out here to win a race just like everyone else is.”

“I ended up losing my cool. I’ve been wrecked 4 weeks in a row, and finally I just had enough of it.”

Ron Hornaday didn’t see things the same as Kyle Busch. He was at the NASCAR trailer after being released from the infield care center demanding Busch be parked.

“So I can go over and beat his ass and let’s have at it,” said Hornaday.  “He lives too close to me. We’ll see what NASCAR does. If they don’t handle it right, I’ll be over at his house Monday morning.”

Did NASCAR do the right thing?




95 Comments on Kyle Busch Parked by NASCAR Following Hard Crash at Texas

  1. Fish on
  2. Yes, NASCAR did the right thing – park him for remainder of season would be even better!!!

  3. Doug King on
  4. Smart ass gets his punishment….cry babies always end up getting punished.
    Someday he will kill someone in a temper tantrum and then NASCAR will
    wake up and make more severe penalties for repeat offenders.

  5. Nin on
  6. I thoroughly agree. It’s time that he was penalized for his bad actions.

  7. SouthernGuy8503 on
  8. That’s what the punka** gets. Kyle is a great driver, but he thinks he can do whatever he wants and that he never does any wrong. I’m all for EQUAL payback if it’s due, but running into the back of someone under caution with the intention of wrecking them out is idiotic. What even funnier is that sure they both could have let off, but Kyle is the one that squeezed Hornaday down as they were passing a slow truck. Kyle has always had that mentality that it’s ok for him to do something, but God forbid someone else does the same things. People were talking about the new Kyle Busch and I kept saying he didn’t change and that he’s just basically trying to cover it up and that it will come out. Well now I was right. It’s going to take more than a simple talking to from “the Coach” and getting put into a headlock to fix his little attitude. People like to say Kyle is the same as Dale Sr and that Dale did the same things, Kyle is way worse than Dale and Kyle reacts like a mad 10 year old at a video game.

  9. stash on
  10. Suspend him forever. His action, intentionally, could have caused the death of a driver. This is not the first time he’s acted in an insane manner. His sponsers should drop him and Gibbs should have him hit the road, out of town. I believe Kyle Busch belongs in an institution for mentally handicapped.

  11. Crol J Auck on
  12. Well its about time!!!!

  13. Crol J Auck on
  14. Why wait until he kills someone ot maybe himself and then everyone will cry the blue

  15. Crol J Auck on
  16. Exactly !!!!!

  17. LINDA S on

  19. PBRED8 on
  20. He’s an idiot. If he is allowed to continue to show his anger like a 4 yr old , he’s going to hurt somebody bad or kill the. Suspend him for the rest of the year at least. Gibbs should fire him . He is a poor represenative of all his sponsers.

  21. Bettie Myers on
  22. It’s about time NASCAR did something with him. He thinks he is Superman and not accountable for any thing he does

  23. Phyllis on
  24. THANK YOU NASCAR!!!!!!!!I It’s about time…he is a spoiled BRAT

  25. doowah62 on
  26. Seems like every time you read anything about NASCAR, one or both of the Busch brothers is doing something stupid and/or dangerous. I would like to believe that their parents raised them better than that. Sad thing is, missing a couple of races isn’t going to make any difference, financially, for either one of them but it may make a difference to their sponsors. Joe Gibbs and Roger Penske need to do some attitude adjustments for them. Sadly, they are both good drivers and could be contenders for championships, but they are both so very immature. Good luck to any one who has that job ahead of them.

  27. wm berkeley on
  28. Ithink all the negative responses have actually come from a bunch of idiots who no diddle squat about racing open your eyes nascar should do the same,kyle is not they only one who should be shut done.from acar racer of many your eyes before your mouth.

  29. Joe on
  30. DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!

  31. Terry Holden on
  32. Should be for longer than just one race, plus a big fine !

  33. Glenn Brock on
  34. Jr. Johnson, Dale E. Sr. (God bless you Dale), and a host of others through the years, Kyle Busch’s turn now… can you all remember back in the day?? I certainly can. NASCAR IS NASCAR. Every coin has two sides. It will most definately take someone getting killed at the hands of Kyle Busch. His mentality is to win at every cost. For his sponsors, teammates and himself. Unfortunately that may include killing himself or whoever is in front of him. NASCAR is about winning the championship, If that means killing, injuring and maming other drivers, so beit. Kyle Busch NEEDS to win. He needs to win for his teammates and sponsors. This is NOT about the safety of the other drivers at all. This is all about winning, what ever it takes to do so. Kyle has become a top championship quailty driver, this in and of itself exempts him from the other slower less performing drivers. You take away Kyle Bush, who’s left?? I say let him race, and do what ever it takes to get the championship. Rules were meant to break. Kyle breaks them in a wonderful fashion. Besides it’s not fair to the entire team. The pit crew didn’t do anything wrong. Give Kyle the keys, get back out there and race, throw caution to the wind and race. Be dammed who dares stand in his way.
    Glenn Brock.

  35. Dean on
  36. cryle bush won’t make a pimple on earnharts ass

  37. karen on
  38. Hey!!!! You all are right!!!! The worry of someone being permentaly injured or killed.

    BUT – My biggest complaint and you know I say this everytime:

    “GIBBS IS A STRICT BORN AGAIN CHRISTINAN and there are several Scriptions in the BIBLE to do even more than NASCAR.
    Joe how can you continue to call yourself “Born Again”, and let him continue to cause problems. Listen to the Lord, or his tactics might just put YOU in a very bad bad position that will not allow you to TURN BACK and you’ll live with a tragedy for the rest of your life.

    God Bless

    P.S. have you heard of Indy’s Whellon’s autopsy that proves he didn’t have to die.

  39. Tom on
  40. He should be removed from NASCAR all together. One of these days he going to kill someone and NASCAR going to be sorry they left him race. Also, what about Joe Gibbs? His son?? Where are they when he get in trouble. They should throw him out too. He’s nothing but a BIG cry baby.

  41. Scott on
  42. Nascar should ban him at least til mid season next year, if not all together.
    Race fans should boycot all of Bushes sponsers, e-mail or call them to let them know until they pull their money from his car the boycot will continue.

  43. Mare on
  44. I don’t know about his driving ability—others have gotten into his cars/trucks and have won, so I think the vehicles have a huge reason why he wins alot. Then again he has practiced bumping out other drivers and making them lose or let up so he can pass them. That way he gets to the front faster then some others. He has gotten by with bumping drivers on purpose but not wrecking and calling it “just racing” more than any other.

  45. Shirley on
  46. It’s about time. i’m so sick of the announcers always says Kyle this and Kyle that , like he is God,there are 43 other drivers on that track, nascar finally woke up and put the smart ass where he belongs on his ass, sorry for the words but thats how i feel..

  47. Ann on
  48. Agree, his mind set is to win at
    all cost, even is someone else
    is hurt or killed. He feels anything
    he does is ok, but let anyone
    touch him he looses his mind.

  49. chris on

  51. eddy jones on
  52. kyle should be parked for the season, made to pay for damage on both cars and fired by joe gibbs, i can go back in time if wideworld had a slow day we would see racing,is nascar going to let him take this great sport down?????

  53. Bill Bolek on
  54. Its about time Kyle Busch got busted for his on track nonsense. If I were Mike Helton, Kyle Busch would get the same treatment Tony Stewart got a few years ago when he drove for Joe Gibbs Racing. Either go thru anger management or lose your ride.

  55. Bill Bolek on
  56. You need to get back on your medications if you like it when drivers are killed.

  57. Maureen on
  58. Kyle Bush is the best racer and future of NASCAR. He is exciting and draws people to the races for without Kyle Bush racing is booooorrring! Only a bunch of illiterates will knock Kyle Bush. They know absolutely nothing about racing. If Earnhardt Sr. or Jr. were in this situation it would be ignored. This incident simply illustrates that NASCAR shows strong favoritism towards Harvick and Childress who happen to be friends of Mike Helton. Totally! Totally! Totally UNFAIR!!! How about a penalty and a fine for not slowing down for the caution? That is a fair and adequate punishment but to prevent his chances for a championship is ABSURD!!!!!!! After all this is racing and the motto is: “Have it at boys”!!!

  59. Joe on

  61. Joe on

  63. AZomah on
  64. He deserved what he got and probably needs a longer time out. This will take him down in points also. Coach said in an interview that he would be getting with sponsors. Guess the story isn’t finished yet. I doubt the leopard will change his spots though, he is way to full of himself. There is another driver just as bad as him, but I doubt NASCAR will do anything about him yet. Course, his sponsor is leaving the sport so his future is in doubt the last I read.

    I am not going to tell the folks that are comparing the JERK with Big E what I think of them, it would be a waste of time!

  65. Jum V on
  66. He should be parked for more than one race and a Big Money Fine. Just because Dale Jr said **** on TV it cost him thousands. Hornaday should go over to his house and kick his ass in front of his wife.

  67. danger on
  68. very well put!!!!!!!!

    It’s about time they got tough with Kyle, but I don’t think they got tough enough. They should pull him out for the rest of the season, which is only 3 races, and take all his chase points away from him. And he should have to pay for the 2 trucks being fixed out of his pocket. Everyone said Kyle changed this year, BULL!!! I knew he would not change and he never will. He thinks he is the King of Nascar. and people wonder why Hendricks swapped him for Jr.Jr is a lot more decent and respectful person than Kyle will ever be. Personally, I hope they kick him out of Nascar for good.I despised that smirky grin on his face when he was interviewed after the race. At least Jr. or anyone else will not have to worry about Kyle Busch wrecking them tomorrrow.

    Don’t bet your sweet life, if it was Jr they would have thrown the book at him. Jr doesn’t get any favors, Jr just happens to be more respectful

  69. danger on
  70. Nascar done the right thing in sitting Mr. Crybaby out for the weekend…However,would rather see Mr, Ron Hornaday get close enough to beat the living **** out of the wuss!!!!!!!!!Better yet,let Mr.Kevin Harvick have him!!!!Even better,let Mrs.Delana whoop his ass!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Ellen on
  72. Hey Shirley, you said it and I agree. Both Kyle and Kurt think they are king of the road and neither have nor will change their attitude. Jimmy Spencer laid it on Kurt Busch,,,,did it help, maybe some but NASCAR needs to start parking both drivers for more then one cup race along with stiff fines. Rick Hendrick wouldn’t put up with Kyle’s attitude and hey, Joe Gibbs you had better wake up.

    I think they should park him before his stupidity kills someone other than himself

    YA BABY!!!! ITs about TIME! whats up with all these slaps on the hand, NASCAR? Is he special???? If it had been JR> BOY< HE'd been parked for the last 3 races, & would have lost all his points! I guess NASCAR figuered they had to make it look good this time, ARE YOU LISTENING NASCAR??? READ ALL THESE RESPONSES!
    Alright a good race for all tomorrow!!!!!

  73. Ellen on
  74. Great ideas, danger! lol

  75. Ellen on
  76. AWW it’s going to be a good race tomorrow!!!!!!

  77. Ellen on
  78. Let Kevin Harvick take his turn at him!!!! lol

  79. AZomah on
  80. Now, Mrs. Delana would really be good tv viewing!

  81. Paul on
  82. Kyle Busch is what we in England would call a right wanker, he should be booted out for good before he kills someone.

  83. Mama Donia on
  84. No Nascar should have parked him for the year!!!!! Thank God for the safety barriers in the walls or it could have been another Dale Earnhardt story, a dead Ron. From the video you can see Kyle locked on to Ron and never let up until both trucks were in the wall, it’s not like Ron meant to get loose and wreck Kyle, seems Kyle has never gotten loose and wrecked someone, ha! Those Busch Boys have got to learn, they are not king of the hill, and everyone is gonna move over for them. It will be a big lick in the Cup Points and I still say he should be “PARKED FOR THE YEAR” with a hefty fine.

  85. Sandra on
  86. #1 – He has been wrecked 4 weeks in a row, and enough was enough. Mr. Ron Hornaday is dumb, dumb. Next year he was going to be without a ride, and Kyle Busch was going to put Ron in his truck for 2012. Gee Ron is this your thank you, then your butt I leave high and dry. By the way Ron, you did the same thing to Kevin Harvick too when Kevin got you a ride. Ron you be one person I would not give a rock too. All American A–, Ron Hornaday. Go get your own ride.

  87. Mavis on
  88. Totally agree with you. That was too dangerous.

  89. lady red on
  90. What rock did you crawl out from under? KB needs to get back under there with you and away from Nascar.

  91. lady red on
  92. I would never to to another race if it were just the Busch brothers in it….
    He is the most boring racer out there. They like to talk about how great he is, haven’t seen it myself and never watch what he is doing and am sick of the constant yammering, cussing of Kurt on the radio. No wonder his crew chief is leaving.

  93. LKirby on
  94. I am so glad they finally did
    something to him, it has always
    been okay for him to wreck some
    one but not someone else. Way tp
    go Nascar!!!

  95. Carol on
  96. Nascar is way over due to reacting to KB…he needs to be parked longer….go Nascar on this…give it to him

  97. Mama Donia on
  98. AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Randy on
  100. What in the world are you trying to say? Yes, he is an idiot, and needs to be parked, maybe permanently. He’s a JERK too. lol.

    He is a good driver, but his equipment is GREAT. That is the difference.

    Put him in a low-budget car/team and see how he does.

  101. Mama Donia on
  102. Dale Sr. would and could run cirles around Kyle. I just wish Sr. was still around, he would teach Kyle a lesson or two, kick his a$$ and make him like it.

  103. Anonymous on
  104. park him forever along with his
    brother who i think looks like
    alfred e numan from mad

    You got that right!! Earnhardt may have been tagged as a dirty driver…not my opinion….But you would of NEVER seen Dale Sr. do any of the crap Crylebusch does. If Dale was still with us, he would have put Cryle in his place first thing when he first started racing and pulling his stupid stunts. Curious now to see if this has taught the dumbarse anything at all…(I seriously doubt it myself). Yeah, I would of loved to have seen Ron Hornaday punch Cryle’s lights out, but he would have just got into big trouble himself. I am still mad over Richard Childress having to pay that big fine for punching Cryle! Should have been the other way around….Nascar should have paid Richard for doing it!

    You seriously wrote this garbage??? What he did was just downright idiotic! Yeah, I like it when they mix it up on the track, BUT not like that! To do it on a caution to boot….The man has no style….he is still immature…and thinks he is above getting into trouble for his stunts. He is a SORE loser plain and simple. If he does a bit a paint scraping to get past a driver then it’s all well and good, but if it’s done to him he gets mad, pouts and throws tantrums. You need a reality check yourself mister!

    THANK YOU Dynamite!! You are exactly right. Jr. is more respectful (sometimes too much to suite me LOL). Remember how Cryle threw his tantrum…up and left the race track ..A BIG NO NO…and who do they ask to get into Cryle’s car to finish the race, and he willingly does it….DALE EARNHARDT JR!!!!! Think Cryle would have done that?? NOOOOO!!

    I’d damn sure give Ron a rock…a BIG one…to bust Cryle right in the mouth with!

    Have to add one more thing! This ALMOST…and I stress “Almost”… makes up for me, the time Cryle purposely turned into Dale Jr. at Bristol, putting him into the wall, to keep Jr. from winning the race. I sooooooo wanted Jr. to get out of his car and bust Cryle in the mouth so bad. I think that when Cryle does get back in the # 18, everyone on the track that is close to him, should be given a free pass one time to take a shot at him as he goes by, cause he has messed with so many drivers at one time or another. I wonder if when Nascar told him they were parking him the entrie weekend, he got up and did that “Cutsie” bow of his? LMAOOO!

  105. chris on
  106. harvick and nornaday can take turns kicking his ass!! and then take his wife out for dinner!!!

  107. AZomah on
  108. The last time I saw a close up of Jr.s’ track side parts trailor there was a geen aluminum baseball bat in it. Wouldn’t want him to hurt his hand an not be able to grip steering wheel!

  109. AZomah on
  110. OOPS!! green

  111. Bev. on
  112. er

    So who is the idiot here?You are saying it is ok to push someone into a wall and completely destroy both vehicles . He is a good driver with absolutely no common sense . His day is comming ,and lets hope he doesn’t take somebody else him . Just think , a super person like Dan Wheldon is killed in a race car and this idiot is on the loose .

  113. lady red on
  114. Kyle wasn’t going to win the championship anyway, so quit whining. Wonder what “Sam” thinks of her brilliant husband now. Can’t see where she has helped him any…wonder how long she will say around….about as long as Kurt’s did.

    The only problem I have is that the penalty is not severe enough! He risked bodily injury to Hornaday. I remember a few years back when an NHL Player was gone after by the Canadian Police for an incident on ice. NASCAR should ban him from Racing for a year. Perhaps that would teach him that he is not above the law. Like when he was pulled over for excessive speed (something like 120 mph going through a Residential Zone). He has no respect for anyone and worse yet, he does not think about how his actions are endangering someones life. When will NASCAR say that enough is enough and penalize him for how his conduct affects NASCAR?! I don’t even watch the races anymore because of crap like this!

  115. Debbie on
  116. About time!!!! This is long overdue. Way to go NASCAR!

  117. John on
  118. well nascar is over they control all races. OH MARTINSVILLE THE DAM 17 TOOK OUT THE 83 CAR AND WRECK AND 18 CAR. NOTHING WAS DONE TO THEM ALSO THE WONDER OF 5 CHAMPSION OF THE 48 TEAM WON. With the fine Rick Hennrick was on houes arrest saying he had a non cureable sickness still hae not find a cure today got pardon by our PRESIDENT CLINTON. in fact of all what he did with a nice role model of nascr promotes. Its okay lie steal and cheat others hay Jimmie from chad you must wreck the car at the back end if you win the race OOPS THTA WAS CAUGHT ON THE AIR. I FOLLOW THIS SINCE 1972 AND NO LONGER WILL FOLLOW NASCAR AGAIN. SO SPEND YOUR MONRY ON THIS FIX SPORT.

  119. AZomah on
  120. Oh, please have the race over before 6:00pm AZ time so I can watch one of my all time favorite movies!! It is Lethal Weapon IV, comes on the ION network! I know this sounds silly but geez, Danny Glover was so funny in this movie, much more entertaining than listening to 3 or 4 hours of Kyle Busch stuff! Oh, another thought—–GO JR!!!

  121. Susie Powell on
  122. Did Nascar do the right thing? YES!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Rodger on
  124. Kyle shouldn’t be driving in NASCAR, period! He plainly has no concern for anyones life. Just look back a few months ago when he was speeding through a school zone. I think Joe Gibbs should be held partially responsible for his actions, after all, he is Kyle’s employer. I also noticed on TV during the Nationwide Race yesterday that Kyle was in a Toyota Commercial where the race car was transformed from racing to a road car. That commercial should have never aired just because of what happened several months back. I don’t care how great a driver this kid is, he shouldn’t be allowed on the track with humans, period. I still don’t think NASCAR has done enough to him. That’s alright, wait until that little punk kills somebody and maybe they can figure it out!

  125. Turbo on
  126. Not a shrub fan, he is too immature, we all have our favorites, so there’s only one way to eliminate this problem nascar. We have arca,nationwide,trucks and sprint. So add a series with real ” STOCK ” cars, find 42 other aggressive that go all out ” balls to the wall ” and turn ‘em loose with basic rules, no restrictors, and see what the fans are really wanting to watch!

  127. Jim on
  128. All of that talent and he has to
    be a reckless driver and
    a waste of talent. I thought he was
    beginning to show some maturity
    at the beginning of the season, guess not.
    Nascar did NOT do enough. He should
    not be allowed to participate in
    the trucks all of next year, as a
    driver, owner or spectator. In addition
    he should be on probation for all
    of the Sprint Cup in 2012. He could have killed
    Hornaday and needs to cool it!

    [...] 2011 by RacingWinFiled under: Kyle Busch  ShareKyle Busch issued this apology following being parked by NASCAR for intentionally crashing another driver under caution Friday [...]

  129. Jim on
  130. Let them race, yes. I know, let’s just give Kyle an assualt rifle and let him take care of all of his competition. That would certainly make sense. Racing, intimidating, driving hard are all fine, but trying to kill someone is over the top.

  131. Jim on
  132. Check your history and you will find that Jr. and team have been punished for as little as saying “S**T on his radio and it took him out of ther championship. Sr. never tried to kill another driver and if you look at the videos of Dale’s death you will find that this wreck was very similar to what killed Dale when another driver got frustrated and turned him into the wall at over 180 MPH. Sr. also got punished and was the leader of the rise in Nascar popularity. I believe in letting them race, but what Kyle did this time and twice earlier this year, deserved what he got and more.

  133. Judie Hanson on
  134. I am very glad they finally did something to him.Pulling him out of the rest of the truck race,the Nationwide ,& Sprintcup races this wk-end aren’t enough punishment for him.If read the story the little weasel blamed it on Hornaday,& he isn’t taking the blame. When it goes by his rules is fine,but wen it goes by Nascars rules then its not.This brat just doesn’t get it,&he never will.

    My opion..Judie

  135. john hancox on
  136. glad nascar did what they did . seems he has been doing alot of sorries and no one does anything about it

  137. Ann on
  138. Obviously you have the same
    mentality as KB. Ron would be a
    fool to drive for that insane piece
    of crap

  139. Mick on
  140. Thank God for the Hans Device. Ten years ago I watched a star’s demise from a very similar right turn into the wall. I am sick of Kyle Busch and his lack of respect. Give us a break – and kick his butt out of any NASCAR competitions for a year. Maybe, and I do mean MAYBE, he’ll learn his place in our sport. He is going to hurt someone. And when that day comes….who will we blame?

  141. james freeman on
  142. hell no he should not be parked… is all about intimadation and power i am talkinf horse power and he is the best race car driver out there……talk about a idiot honaday wants to take his job off the track and bring it home….how smart is that

  143. Anonymous on
  144. You’re a freaking fund ass

  145. Sue Wright on
  146. I think he should be removed from Nascar. He has disgraced his boss, co-workers, sponsors, teammates and had made Nascar look really bad. What other sport gives you as many chances as Nascar has given him? NONE……..
    If Joe Gibbs makes the right decision he will fire him and get one of the YOUNG GUNS to take over. There are lots of good drivers out there needing a ride. I am going to pray about this that Gibbs makes the RIGHT decision.

  147. Pegi on
  148. I DISAGREE…He ruined Ron’s chance for a championship. Fair is fair except I would have parked him for the rest of the season, at least. He’s out of control.

  149. Pegi on
  150. I agree…Sandra is dead wrong on this one. Would hate to see Ron driving for that nut!

  151. Pegi on
  152. Huh?

  153. Pegi on
  154. Like your comment!

  155. Pegi on
  156. I agree…with Kyle, it’s always someone else’s fault. He needs anger management and if that doesn’t work, he should be gone.

  157. Pegi on
  158. We will blame Joe Gibbs and NASCAR! Joe is his employer and NASCAR is the ultimate diciplinarian. It’s their job to get a handle on his anger problem either through anger management or parking his butt for quite awhile.

  159. Pegi on
  160. James…thank goodness most folks don’t think like you. Ron has every right to be angry with someone ruining his chance for a championship. The kid was just driving for owner points I believe. He should be parked a lot longer until he learns not to wreck other drivers on purpose.

  161. r obert albert on
  162. U Bet Ur ASS!!!!

  163. doowah on
  164. What does that mean?

  165. Susie Powell on
  166. Kurt doesn`t have a ride for 2012 because of his continued antics….maybe it`s time to park Kyle for good……I can`t imagine sponsors continuing to tolerate this sort of behavior!! These two need to get control and learn to be respectful, otherwise they may both be looking for employment elsewhere!!! Being skilled in your profession is very important, but being highly skilled DOES NOT give anyone the right to act like an idiot!!!

  167. stash on
  168. I will not buy or support M&Ms as long as they sponser Kyle Busch, or any other product or that matter.

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