Kyle Busch Speeding Ticket May Cost His License

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Ticketed for 128 in a 45


After receiving a speeding ticket for doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone Kyle Busch is facing a possible suspension of his North Carolina driver’s license. North Carolina law allows up to a 60 day suspension for violations in this category — 83 mph over the limit.

Busch was test-driving a bright yellow Lexus LFA just south of Troutman, NC on Perth Road when a deputy caught him on radar. His wife Samantha was in the passenger seat.

“Today I received a traffic citation in Iredell County,” Busch explained in an official release.  “I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment.”

So far NASCAR has no plans to bar Busch from competition over the speeding ticket. Do you think a valid driver’s license should be required to compete in NASCAR?




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  1. beau on
  2. Take it away for 2 years or more.. In a 45 mph zone.. Hes just stupid and rich so he can get away with it.. Since a lexus is a toyota he most likely isnt paying for that either.

  3. vickie howell on
  4. I cannot believe someone would give him a test drive in a car like that not expect him to drive it that way. Come on people back off of Kyle Busch everyone stays on him all the time. He is no different then anyone else I would have done the same thing.

  5. Tom on
  6. He probably saw the cop get out of his car, walking toward his car and decided to push the cop’s car out of the way so he can get home quick. Do you think he may have to go to N.C. Laws trailer?????

  7. rob campbell on
  8. Short answer….yup!

  9. Lloyd Danklefsen on
  10. Need drivers license to drive period

  11. Barbara on
  12. He should not be treated any different than anybody else.

  13. Rita on
  14. Not a smart thing to do… killing someone is not something I would not want to have to live with but he is not the first and will not be the last.

  15. TOMP on
  16. Yup, pull his license just like anyone else would get. Then, no license, no NASCAR..Too frikkin bad

  17. Debbie on
  18. He should be treated the way any other person would if they were caught speeding he is no different. And also I think there should be a valid drivers license to be in Nascar. Kyle is nothing short of a loud mouth spoiled punk who is just a crybaby & thinks he can do whatever he wants. Kyle should know driving on a public road is different than driving on a nascar track. Common sense duh !

  19. Tricia on
  20. He needs to be punished!!! Just because he is a race car driver does not give him any right to go that fast and get by with it!!!!

  21. Amber on
  22. He was speeding, and 83 mph over the legal limit ! He is already on probation with nascar, he should be suspended and sit out for a few weeks !!! Let him take a a beating in the point standings and then hear him really CRY !!!

  23. Tom on
  24. If he does lose his license, let make that Deputy a member of the NASCAR committee.

    According to NASCAR this is not a violation of his probation.

    Lexus just got a ton of free publicity out of the deal though. It will probably sell quite a few of these cars for them.

  25. jim C on
  26. I’m not a Kyle fan by any stretch of the imagination. The having been said, all of the Nascar drivers as well as anyone else who is a racing fan will have done a similar stupid stunt sometime during their life. Deal with him in the courts where a highway offense is concerned, but keep the highway stuff out of racing’s sanctioning. Does the words “DOUBLE JEOPARDY” mean anything to anyone?

    He sure needs his but kicked in the real world, but don’t be doing it inside the speedway walls when it happens outside.

  27. SouthernGuy8503 on
  28. Actually I wouldn’t and since you would do the same thing then maybe you need your license suspended to. If we have to back off Kyle then everybody should back off Dale Jr. to since he’s the most scrutinized person in NASCAR or any sport right now for that fact. Kyle was supposed to be “the new Kyle Busch” but it doesn’t look like it to me. Someone mature wouldn’t have done that. What if someone went 128 past your house with your kids playing in the yard? Even the best drivers make mistakes, I’d rather him make a mistake on a closed track than on a public road. He could have easily ran over something and popped a tire. He also put his wife in danger but I guess she’s not mature either since she had to of let him do it or he wouldn’t have made it to 100.

  29. Rose on
  30. yes he should definitely lose his licence, be kicked out of nascar til he gets it back, serves him right

  31. Joe on
  32. Kyle is, besides the ‘crybaby’ aspect, a careless, reckless driver–jumping from the well to the inside line in a split second–time after time, and one of these days, he’s going to seriously HURT, if not FATAL, someone on the track, if not himself!

  33. Peggy Thacker on
  34. LOL!!!! Oh I like that!! FUNNNNNNNNY! :)

  35. Rose on
  36. yes he should definitely lose his licence an not be allowed in nascar til he gets it bck, just because he wins races he is no different than anyone else

  37. George on
  38. No question about it; a state license should be required to drive NASCAR. Also a little common sense should be required. Sure glad someone didn’t decide to cross that road while he was showing off. No excuse for this action.

  39. Dianna on
  40. His attorney will go to court with him and the charge will be dropped and he will just receive a large fine. It happens all the time. The courts just want the $$ from the tickets. I’m not saying what he did was right, speeding is speeding, but he’s not going to lose his license. I’ve seen it numerous times in court. I’ve seen people driving just as fast and as long as the courts gets the $$ they will drop the charge to a lesser charge. This is just my opinion and experience that I’ve seen in court houses. Once you bring the “attorney” to court with you that is all you need. Is it right? NO…but it happens all the time.

  41. Jeree G on
  42. This guy has made 2 bad judgment calls in the past couple weeks. One on the track and one off the track. His bad judgment is going to kill somebody someday if he doesn’t have to start paying for his actions.

  43. Daleslady on
  44. yes take his license away shoot he could of killed someone driving recklesly like that who dose he think he is. if he woudl of hit a kid then his ass would of been in a sling

  45. wayne bratton on
  46. yes I agree with most everyone eles that Kyle will have to be punished for his poor judgement.Having said that,anyone who owns a hot car including myself,have tested their car the same way I”m 63 years old and still open my car once in is the chance you take.That is why people but hot muscle cars for the power.

    Well…will “Pouty” Busch get away with it just because he is a NASCAR driver? If it had been an ordinary Joe, they would of probably hauled his behind to the pokey. Maybe he’ll be made an “Honorary” N.C Patrolman, like his brother Kurt was made a “Deputy” after his little deal in Arizona that time.

  47. Dean on
  48. what??????? cryle didn’t play the “do you know who i am” card like his big brother ?


    ps. southernguy you are right on!!

  49. Rollie on
  50. let the cort’s deal with( CRY BABY

  51. irene freshour on
  52. I agree he should loose his license I have seen people lose their driving privilages for a lot less and he should be treated the same.

    I think everyone should have a valid license to drive in any race. He was reckless to drive at that speed on a regular street. He could of killed others himself and how would he feel if he killed his wife. He needs to think about all those things. They should keep him off the track for a certain amount of time. He is a great driver and I like his skills, he should just keep it on the track with all of his safety equipment to help him if he does crash.

  53. Rita Parker on
  54. People just like to complain about him because he is the very best, none like him. I kind of wish his wife was not with him, but that was her choice. The press will not let up on him, I say his businsess IS HIS OWN. If he does not race then I won’t watch NASCAR! I have watch NASCAR almost since the very begining, going to Daytona and many other tracks and if I didn’t go to a track it was on TV(when Tv got smart and started televising them) and no body is as exciting as Kyle.

  55. Jim Chalmers on
  56. He should be suspended during the 60 days without a license. ABSOLUTELY ! ! !

  57. Barbara Ferland on
  58. I can!t believe he drove that kind of speed with his wife in the car what the hell was he thinking? I thought getting hitched would change him some but guess I was wrong.He definitely should be heavy fined and lose his license for at least a year. This shouldn!t effect his Nascar career but they should take a hard look at the driving license issue as they may think twice before acting off the track in this manner if they may lose Nascar driving rights.

  59. ladyred on
  60. Well, we all know Kyle Busch is an idiot and this proves it.
    Don’t think much of his wife to sit there and let him drive like that. She must think he is such a great driver nothing could possibly happen. Or maybe she was screaming at the top of her lungs but I guess he wears the fire suit. He should definitely lose his license and altho it has nothing to do with NASCAR, Gibbs ought to step up and tell this guy what’s what and enough is enough of his antics on and off the track. I hope when we get new announcers next month we can hear about some of the other drivers for a change…it has become a long and boring story. Yes, I’m sure other drivers and regular citizens have tested their cars above the limit but have never heard of another driver doing it on a public street with speed limit at 45 MPH. They probably do it on back roads where they don’t have to worry about hurting someone. Why do you need to test even a sports car at that speed anyway? Planning to drive that way down the highway? Again, what an idiot!

    I think a suspension of at least two years is necessary to make a person realize they are not driving on a race track. His attitude needs a great deal of toning down by the courts. And to think his wife let him drive that way, she must be a piece of work also.

  61. Tommy on
  62. I think a little jail time with no work release should fit the crime. At least we won’t have to listen to the broadcasters telling us how much he’s matured for awhile.

  63. Lawana Musick on
  64. I absolutely think he should have been arrested! No license…no driving anywhere! He thinks he is above any rules and regulations!

  65. Harold on
  66. If it had been the average, everyday, hard working, fellow he wouldn’t have been speeding anyway. Kyle has an attitude that he is superior and beyond any law for the average citizen. The car should be impounded and he should loose his license and be punished by the law for his disrespect to traffic laws. What if he had killed someone???

    He is so arrogant it is a wonder he didn’t threaten the officer. He needs to be more like Dale Jr. I think Nascar needs to have a word with him. He was showing off for his wife I bet. He needs to be a man and not do things childish to impress.

  67. Marilynn Bell on
  68. Just another example of reckless driving and not caring who or what might be in his way. His license should be suspended, but what good would that do. He must feel he is above the law. Thankfully nobody was in his way when he was traveling at such a high rate of speed!

  69. Rita Harrington on
  70. he is no better than anyone else,everyone wouldnt be on his back all the time if he wasnt so rude,especially dont like the comments he makes about dale jr
    he is rich so im sure kyle will get off easy.

  71. G McKeown on
  72. Will he ever GROW up? Very poor example for our children to follow. All the publicity from this just supports him more. Speeding that fast in a 45 mph zone, he should lose his lic. for at least 2 years, be suppended from Nascar till he gets his lic. back. And put restrictions on him till he can prove he can act and drive like a responsible grownup.

  73. Speedster on
  74. All race car drivers are suppose to set an example especially for the younger crowd. If Kyle can speed outside of NASCAR and get away with it then the young children who see this will think that speeding outside NASCAR is OK to do. Nascar should at least warn him and place him on probation to send the right message to our children.

  75. Jack Sams on
  76. Take them away & bar him from racing.

  77. Jill on
  78. I agree with you totally Barbara…..that jackass has no respect for anything! He has shown he has no disregard for the safety of his wife or the safety of other drivers on the road. I think he should lose his license for a period of time…but if we think about it…he will “disrespect” that judgement against his stupid ass, and continue to jeopardize the safety of everyone around him! I wish he would come where I live & drive like that…there are lonely jailbirds that need companionship in our jail system…LoL and with his “pretty & prissy” self…he would get lots of attention!!!

  79. william o. on
  80. He is a loud-mouth punk and should be barred for NASCAR

  81. Tammye on
  82. He could have killed someone or himself going that fast He should remember he was not on a race track. I think NASCAR should step in too. Thats bad publicity for the sport. I was in a wreck recently and rolled 7 times. the lady that hit me was only doing 45 mph. Go figure. he needs to grow up and quirt acting like a kid.

  83. Mare on
  84. He should have some kind of penalty for his actions. Besides, who believes he was just testing the car—-he is a liar and will always be one. Just charging him a dollar amount doesn’t bother him, money is no object there. Taking away his license would be more effective. It may just hit the ego that he has that doesn’t fit in his pinhead.That is what would happen to any blue collar worker if it was one of them.

  85. P Brown on
  86. You drive your car at 128 miles per hour in a 45 zone, dumb as he is.

  87. Adam on
  88. This should be a violation of his probation.. Not only did he push another drivers car into the wall but he has now put how many lives at risk? seriously we do not know how many people he flew by and luckily missed. This is crazy. I think he should lose his license as well as have to sit the races out until he has his license again. MAYBE then he will grow up.

  89. goldie29 on
  90. I certainly have to agree with most everyone. I also believe what drivers do when they are not racing really reflects on not only them, but also on NASCAR and they should be held accountable for it, no matter if it’s speeding as Kyle did, but anything such as DUI, or anyhthing derogatory to their profession. I do think there should be some kind of suspension, both on the NASCAR circuit and also through the Dept. of Motor Vehicles for a certain number of days. I would assume that eventually as Kyle grows up, he will understand you just can’t keep doing stupid things like he has, even tho he races cars.

  91. Tom on
  92. Just because they (Nascar Committee) said Go have funs boys and have it out doesn’t mean they can do it on public roads. I’m surprise Kyle didn’t ask the deputy if he was related to Kevin Harvick, lol, or if Kevin had been a deputy for one day and he was the one that pulled Kyle over, oh that would have been a laugh.

  93. dynamite on
  94. AMEN!!! Southern guy, if we have to back off Kyle, then back off Dale jr as well. Kyle ought to loose his license and not be able to drive in the race in the Charlotte motor speeedway Sunday. I guess because he is a race car driver he thinks he can speed all the time. Somebody needs to put him in his place, and he apologizes, knowing he was speeding, he just thought he could get by with it like he does everything else . Wonder if he will blame this on Dale jr? he blames everything else on him.

  95. Bobby Fowler on
  96. It is irrelivent for Nascar drivers to have valid drivers licenses BUT, I believe it is in Nascars best interest to promote fast driving ONLY on the track. Nascar drivers should be doing public service ads promoting safe driving. Kyle should lose his drivers license and Nascar should give him some type of suspension.

  97. Diane on
  98. Well that person feels he can get away with everything and I have to agree with everyone he deserves to be treated like anyone else would , lose his license for
    at least if not more then two years for reckless driving.He should feel lucky that he
    didnt hit anyone.

  99. Kathy Gibbel on
  100. I think he should loose the licence and be banned from Nascar racing till his suspention is done..60 days of NOT driving in Nascar would teach him a lesson the race track is for goin fast,,,The roads are for driving lke a NORMAL person…Ban him i agree….CRY BABY……

  101. Glenn on
  102. If I or anyone else were clocked going that fast we would have our license taken away and be put behind bars. Same should apply here.

    why wasn’t he arrested for reckless driving and speeding. Was 2 tickets issued to him?

  103. constance on
  104. “He is a loud-mouth punk and should be barred for NASCAR” are you kidding me? If they did a DL search throughout NASCAR a lot of drivers would be sitting out races. This year I have NOT seen a loud-mouth punk in KyB. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not. KyB fan…..but there IS a speed demon in all of us! Lay off!!

  105. ladyred on
  106. That’s a good idea. Make Kyle do the public service announcemets. Make him stand up and say “don’t do what I do, SPEED and endanger lives but drive responsibly like most citizens. He and brother Kurt have problems that no one else seems to have. Have you noticed how Kurt can’t stay out of the wall? He is driving like a bat out of hell, think there is a jealousy factor there. Does anyone ever hear of Jr. getting into trouble. No, he is a grownup and takes his job and responsibilities seriously. If he wants to drive fast off the track I’m sure he has plenty of room on his property to do that.

  107. Dawn on
  108. Someone needs to take Kyle OUT!

  109. Dawn on
  110. Amen!

  111. AZomah on
  112. The sheriff that made his brother a deputy I am sad to say is still in office. Nothing will happen to Kyle, just like nothing happened to Danica P. when she got caught speeding. No one cares. They pay their fines and keep on doing what they want to do. Those type of people have no respect for others. I also agree about commentators on t v. It has gotten to the point that I don’t even turn it on anymore for truck or Nationwide. I cheer on a couple of the Nationwide drivers but, since they are never talked about or their cars shown why should I watch. When races are over I check stats.

  113. Dawn on
  114. We shouldn’t be giving Kyle this much attention. he is not worthy

  115. bruce althouse on
  116. Let’s not forget he’s the GREAT KYLE BUSCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of his name. If that were I I’d be in lock up. How about you?

  117. Rosemary on
  118. Hes the very best? At driving 128 on a 45? And with his wife with him. I don’t think its just his business when hes putting everyone that could have been on the road in danger!! I hate this guy so much, I will NOT buy anything that sponsers him!!! And I used to love m&ms!!

  119. Deb on
  120. Do to him what you would do to me!!

  121. janice slaughter on
  122. he should be treated as anyone else, if it was dale jr. yall would be trying to throw the book at him. treat kyle as any other driver nascar or not. and go jr….

  123. janice slaughter on
  124. thank you and you said it all, and you deserve an atta girl

  125. Dave Bowles on
  126. This is 10 minutes from my house and the cops are USUALLY on the ball…I guess not anymore.

    This is just BS, his license by law should have been taken on the spot, pack is ass to jail, set bond, and wait till the court date!!!!!!!!!!! That is what would have happened to one of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, maybe then, he may get them back, with a healthy fine, community service, and MAJOR DL POINTS. But this will not happen unless someone grows some ba**s.

  127. Tom on
  128. These Busch brothers think they are above the laws and don’t have to go through like average drivers do. Kyle’s license should have been taken away right then and his wife (poor girl) should have drove the car back to the dearlership or to their home. I know I shouldn’t say this but maybe someday someone will be driving that fast and he happen to be walking in the same area and the driver almost hit him, I would love to hear the $#%@$^ come out of Kyle’s mouth.

  129. Dorothy Nazzaro on
  130. First let me say I am not a Kyle fan. But he should lose his license for at least 2 yrs like anyone else would. If you do the crime you have to do the time. I also must say he has been a more under control this year. I also believe alot of people would have put their foot on the gas pedal a little hard in a car like that but come on 128!!!!!!! He should have found an out of the way place to do it.

  131. Trudie Lakus on
  132. Only 60 day suspension?
    Here in NH folk I know who have done the same crime loss their
    license for 4 yrs!

  133. gary holden on
  134. he is a jackass punk thanks he is the best i hope someone takes him out on the track. mabye he told the cop he had a tire going down and was in a hurry to get some air i guess he thought going 128 would put air in the tire

  135. stash on
  136. Lets take it a step further. I think Joe Gibbs has his head in his ass keeping a piece of crap such as Kyle Busch around. I had more respect for Joe Gibbs than this.

  137. Mavis on
  138. I don’t see why Nascar Drivers shouldn’t have to have a driver’s license to drive in races. As for Kyle 60 days doesn’t seem much of a suspension for that kind of speed. It’s not his first offence as I believe he was caught driving under the influence a few years ago. I think Nascar should suspend him for a few races and also Gibbs.

  139. carol on
  140. this only proves hes childish and yes he should loose his lic. and be banned from nascar dumb ass GO JR

    He will now be a paid spokesman for Lexus. I bet money on it. Just think if that idiot had hit a school bus full of kids, at nearly 130 miles per hour. He is a total idiot, no respect for laws of man or respect for fellow man.

    Fine him $50,000, like Nascar does, and put that money against the state budget.

    I would like to see someone do a check against his drivers license one year from now. I bet it will be clear, no points at all. Anyone want to take my bet?

  141. Jc on
  142. I think if his licence is suspended for driving a CAR he should not be able to drive a race CAR. That was just stupid on his part and glad he admits it, but the law is the law. If he cant drive his personal car without a licence then he should not be able to drive a race car. Just saying!!!!!!

  143. Michelle Werner on
  144. Ithink he should loose his license and should be banned from racing on the track as long as he looses his license. As fast as he was going he was dag gone lucky another car didn’t pull out in front of him or someones kid didn’t run out into the road to a ball or something he would have killed them. That is something that he needs to stop and think about before he kills someone else, himself or his wife.
    He is giving Joe Gibbs and all his sponsors a bad name . His behavior is awful I wouldn’t want him on my team. They need to take this boy and I mean boy because that’s what he’s behaving like and take him aside and tell him straighten up or we are gonna drop you that your behavior is unacceptable. I know Joe Gibbs is christian he can sit and pray with him and even though I know MOST OF YOU don’t like Kyle PRAY for him !!! If he keeps acting the way he is and thankfully he didn’t hit and injure anyone this time his luck will run out.
    I am the result of someones careless driving I am now disabled with chronic pain everyday !!! Hopefully Kyle wakes up before it’s too late.

    One day he will kill some one, if not on the track on the rode, I’m glad my kids were not on th rode, everyone thinks his racing style is great on the track, they need to punish him for this, let him set out a race, or take away his permit.
    They will not because he is the GREATEST ho,ho
    He needs lots of prayer

  145. Ron on
  146. He needs to be suspended from racing because this isn’t his first incident with the law and over accellerating. A few years back he received a citation for spinning out of a gas station or similar place. Almost triple the speed limit is ludicrious for him to even be considered to have a drivers license. He can apologize his whiney little ass off all he wants but in reality he is no better than anyone else. What if he would have hit someone and killed them?

  147. beau on
  148. he should be fined $50,000 dollars from NASCAR and loose 50 points too! then maybe he will grow up the jacka##

  149. ron everhart on
  150. Busch is a young independent driver..very capability to drive within the speeds of the car in question….Very inapproiate place for testing a car…Very dangerous considering the local populace…. He should be severly reprimanded and punished uniquely to suit the crime for endangering others and not obeying current laws…No Free Ride, Son, Keep it on the track///////////// I’ been there, done that, and I was wrong too, and very lucky….We need more good race car drivers, we’ve got enough daisy fertilizer….thank you.

    Ron Everhart

  151. ladyred on
  152. Finally, one of the announcers on Hub said “he showed very poor judgement and will have to answer a lot of questions this weekend.” All I can see happening is a lot more boo’s. He keeps talking about all his fans, guess they just can’t be heard over the crowd….don’t you know it gripes his butt to have to listen to the roar Jr. gets!
    Most of the time he has a great car which doesn’t make him a great driver. Brother Kurt is becoming a danger on the track. If the wife is calming him down, she better start driving when they are out on the hiway. The pretty little yellow machine was probably for her anyway, gotta do something with all that money.

  153. pigsrock on
  154. He is just doing what any person would do if they had the chance to test drive a fancy new sports car. I am sure you would go over the speed limit too I know some of you would do the same, you know who you are, just look in the mirror. I wish people would stop bashing Kyle I think he is an awesome race car driver and I love the moves he puts on the boys on the track. You know who he reminds me of on the track. The one and only Intimidator. GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Ed on
  156. Is this guy ever going to grow up?Feel bad for his wife. She needs one of those Tee shirt that read I’m with stupid !!!!

  157. Dennis Feeney on
  158. Remember driving on the public streets is a privilege not a right!!!!

  159. Pegi on
  160. Amen…I agree 100%!

  161. ladyred on
  162. I looked in the mirror but I didn’t see me driving 128 miles an hour. That kind of speed belongs on the track only. And he gets bashed constantly because he is a jerk with no regard to anything or anyone, all he can think of is winning regardless of what he has to do to do it. And, once again, don’t insult Dale, Sr. by comparing this young squirt to him. He is not and will never be Sr. Anyone that believes that, I have some property I’d like to sell you.

  163. pigsrock2127 on
  164. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Tell em like it is. I am a die hard Earnhardt Sr. fan. And to me watchins Kyle Busch race is like watching the ole Intimidator race. I love watching Kyle race. If it wasn’t for him, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, just would not be much fun. You never know what to expect. Old Tony sometimes too.

  165. pigsrock2127 on
  166. You need to tell that to Darry Waltrip and the guys announcing. They agree too he drives a car like The Intimidator,but when it comes to winning a race ye ole 18 is the one to do it. He may be a young squirt, but he sure knows how to win a race. Kevin Harvick, and Carl Edwards is the dangerous ones. Remember Carl put the girl in the hospital when he had the wreck at Dega. Kevin Harvick is the dirtiest race car driver out there he just don’t care. Everyone has done some stupid things in their life. At least he was not drinking while he was caught speeding. You should tell people you have a new Lexus to sell them instead of some property.

    Right on !!!! I am a frim believer of ” If you do the crime, you do the time.” !!!!!!
    When he is off the track and away from is “job” then he needs to be treated just like any other citizen and have a court hearing to have his drivers license revoked. Both on and off the track.
    If NASCAR doesn’t reprimand him and not allow him to compete in racing this incident will give the sport a bad reputation.
    Kyle firmly believes that he is untouchable and needs this as a lesson learned.

  167. AZomah on
  168. Right on!! I’ve got bridge I’ll sell them!

    Who in their right mind test drives a car that fast on a residential street ? Toyota has the money to rent a track or testing grounds if they want to have a lunatic like Kyle to open ‘er up instead of a public street. Or was this Kyle’s idea?
    Has NASCAR made any comments on this????

  169. Ken on
  170. It has nothing to do with nascar. Its a traffic violaton which is a court matter. A bunch of Kyle haters would love to see him suspended. Jr. still couln’t win unless they suspend about 10 other drivers.

  171. Ken on
  172. Seems like a guy named Petty was caught going over 100mph a few yrs ago.

  173. ladyred on
  174. Be glad when you can eat your words. The VERY FEW Kyle lovers on here will never deter Jr. fans so you may as well give it up, we don’t care about your opinions. I guess now they will go back and try to find every traffic ticket any driver has ever gotten. Sure, people get speeding tickets but have never heard of one going 128 miles per hour in a 45 MPH zone. The announcers talk about KB because he is up front most of the time. Put another driver up there and they’ll talk about him. Don’t recall a lot of talk about comparing him to Sr. as he was a class of his own.

  175. ladyred on
  176. Believe me, I’m as sick of those announcers as much as KB, can’t wait till they are replaced. Sorry,
    but I don’t have a Lexus to sell as I don’t run with the $375 thousand dollar crowd. He can apologize till hell freezes over but he will still be a jerk who gets a good car. As far as I’m concerned, KB and his childish actions are at THE END!

  177. dave on
  178. He just continues to prove what an ass he is on and off the track. I hope someone shoves his better than thou attitude down his throat some day. We all know money talks, so I’m sure a judge in North Carolina is in the process of being bought right now. I really thought joe Gibbs had more class than to keep putting up with this idiots antics.

  179. Danny on
  180. Yes Nascar should do something about it, I work where a Flight Line License is required, if you have “NO” regular Drivers License, you have no job.
    Welcome to the real world Kyle, and If Nascar doesn’t suspend your driving career while you do not have a regular License, then what’s next, they lose me as a fan, when other Professional Athletes screw up they are suspended, time to take action NASCAR.

  181. mike burkholder on
  182. i think they schould be put to higher standards because kids look up to them as heroes

  183. mike mclaughlin on
  184. No i don’t think you need to have a valid drivers license to drive in nascar. If that were so all the moon shiners that made this sport today wouldn’t have been so kyle you gonna lose it soo what no big deal !!!!!!!! Just thank god you didn’t hit a kid or something when your young these are the things we do i’ve been there and have also done the same thing and once in a while still get into it a bit more then i should it’s just in me and i can’t take it out of my self. Im 50yrs old and what it is is what it is. If your gonna get into it a bit stay on a highway thats not busy you can get a couple of minites to get the blood pumping !!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Texaswillie on
  186. He should be treated just like any other driver. License should be suspended and significant fine. This is more than likely not the first time and won’t be the last time.Let’s be thankful he did not hit another car and create a fatality. You know from watching him is is not the greatest driver. What did Mr. Gibbs say?

  187. Texaswillie on
  188. Dennis—you are 100% correct. Same I used to tell those drivers I ticketed. I would have treated Bush no differently.

  189. sandy on
  190. I think that they (Nascar) should do something about Cryle. This is not the first time. These guys supposedly are role models. What does this show?

  191. sandy on
  192. I totally agree.

  193. sandy on
  194. I think you are talking about the wrong Busch brother, that was Kurt in Texas. But it is all the same.

  195. dannny campano on
  196. kyle busch should have all driving rights taken away if it was anybody else they would have there butts in jail

  197. LaurenBug on
  198. Do the words “Michael Vick” mean anything to you??? Dogs had nothing to do with football, but he still had actions taken against him. I think Kyle Busch should be an example for everyone out there that speeding is no joke. My father died because a car full of kids in a mustang took a curb doing 110. He had to swerve to avoid hitting them and killing them. How is this different? I understand he is a high profile person, but he knew he was doing wrong. Just because you apologize, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. I know plenty of people who have had their liscense suspended for doing something similar. Did an apology keep them from their punishment??? NO! I don’t think it should be any different for Busch. This is just another example of a celebrity getting prefferential treatment because of their fame. I say suspend him for the duration of the season, pull his liscense, make him donate to charity, and make him do community service, pickin up trash on the raod where he was speeding. What if he had killed a child on that road? Does it take someone to DIE for anyone to take it seriously? And BTW, he said he lived on that road….if that’s true, don’t you think he should know the speed limit on the road he drives frequently? It’s all BS, and I will not watch another race as long as he’s in it. I hope Gordon or Jr. puts him in the wall!!!

  199. ladyred on
  200. Did you see the Charlotte race tonite? Had the gas he would have won. Where was Kylie boy?

  201. Rich on
  202. Raise your hand.

    Now lower your hand if you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket.

    Lower your hand if you’ve ever used a radar detector.

    Lower your hand if you’ve ever rolled slowly through a stop sign.

    Lower your hand if you’ve ever accelerated to beat a yellow light, even though you knew you shouldn’t have.

    Lower your hand if you’ve ever felt a flash of fear and mashed the brake when you spotted a state trooper hiding in the weeds—right before you were about to pass him.

    Lower your hand if you’ve ever gone more than 25 mph in a school zone.

    How many hands are still in the air? Mine’s not.

    Before you crucify Kyle Busch for going 128 mph in a 45 mph zone on a public road in Iredell County, N.C., it might be wise to pause and remember that there are few among us who haven’t made a mistake in judgment.

    Before you indulge your righteous indignation and call for Busch’s scalp, understand that what we’re talking about is not a matter of right or wrong but a matter of degree.

    Yes, in Busch’s case, it was a colossal mistake. Driving a $375,000 Lexus LFA on Tuesday, Busch got carried away—and then some.

    Yes, 83 mph above the speed limit is a staggering differential. Yes, he was extraordinarily lucky no one was hurt.

    Yes, as someone who drives as fast as he can for a living, Busch should have known better. Yes, Busch has a responsibility to his team and to his sponsors to set a good example for those who look up to him, particularly when it comes to driving a car.

    But, no, he should not be drawn and quartered. No, he should not be pilloried or tarred and feathered. No, he should not be fined, penalized or otherwise punished by NASCAR. And, no, he should not be suspended from competition by Joe Gibbs Racing.

    What Busch did was extreme, and he will pay for it. First, the judicial system will take its course. Second, the court of public opinion will have a field day with the story. That’s happening already. Third, he will absorb a ration of grief from his primary sponsors and from his team owner, Joe Gibbs.

    That’s happening already, too.

    “We have certainly discussed some things,” Busch said Thursday, when asked if he had received any sanctions from his team. “We’re working though the process of that now and looking at what might be done later on down the road.”

    Gibbs said virtually the same thing.

    “I think that anything that is a disciplinary thing is something we’re talking about, and I think a situation like this—like I said—is very serious,” Gibbs told reporters Thursday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. “I think you talk your way through it and try to make good decisions and do the right thing.”

    Busch was appropriately contrite in apologizing for his mistake. Though the citation probably will cost him a few thousand dollars to defend, he’s likely to escape with a lighter punishment, from a legal standpoint, than the rest of us might have received for a similar offense.

    Like it or not, that’s the nature of celebrity.

    Speaking of which, lower you hand if you’d feel differently if the driver going 128 in a 45 were Dale Earnhardt Jr., not Kyle Busch.

    “Sometimes you go a little fast, even away from the racetrack, I guess,” Earnhardt said Thursday. “I’ve been guilty of the same thing myself—just been lucky enough not to get caught.”

    Any hands still up?

  203. Diana on
  204. I agree 1000% LaurenBug, couldn’t have said it any better. He can’t love his wife very much if he is willing to put her at risk like that. Even if she did it on her own, I still can’t believe he would allow her to be in there going that fast. He is going to kill someone someday. Can’t believe his sponsers put up with his bullsh**.

  205. Diana on
  206. He should be treated like any other person caught doing what he did. Celebrity or not. If Dale jr did the same thing and was caught, he should be punished too. That was stupid and dangerous, for him and his wife. Just because he drives for a living doesn’t mean he should be treated special. I don’t care if the president of the United States did it, he should be punished too. No one is better than anyone else.

  207. Patricia on
  208. I’m not sure what the heck he has blamed on Jr. when Jr. runs his mouth so bad about Kyle. He should lose his license for the amount of time that state says BUT as far a not driver for nascar what about the driver that ran a car off the highway because they where driving to slow OR better yet there was two drivers that got a DUI why do the still drive for nascar. I’m not saying he is right but I will say that if the cops did their job ever time I know at least 3-4 drivers in my area would not be on the road when they past me like I am sitting still WHILE I am doing the speed limit. I;ve gotten tickets for speeding and paid the price and learned to slow down but there are alot that haven’t AND I DON’T BELIEVE THAT THERE IS ONE PERSON THAT CAN SAY THEY HAVEN’T BROKEN THE SPEED ON THE ROAD A LEAST ONE TIME.

    [...] for 45 days after pleading guilty to driving 128 in a 45 mph zone. The NASCAR points leader was ticketed last May while driving a yellow Lexus LFA sports car outside of [...]

  209. Deirdra Marsh on
  210. I’ve stopped watching the races Busch drives. No one else wins. I’m tired of the same winner. He knew what the speed limit was when he was stopped and should have exercised way better jundgment especially with his wife in the car. Can you inagine how fast he would have gone if he had kids in the car? Nascar needs to take a long hard look at the off raceway antics of their drivers and actively suspend them if they violate local laws.

  211. BON on
  212. Speeding is not a felony…what MV did was…

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