Kyle Busch is In While Dale Jr & Smoke Sit on Bubble

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In winning Sunday’s Pure Michigan 400 Kyle Busch officially locked himself into a position in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Dale Jr and Tony Stewart On the Edge

The top 8 drivers will all make it in with no problem barring any catastrophic problems. It is Dale Earnhardt Jr and Tony Stewart who are on the bubble. Both of them stand on the edge of being in or out. If either of them has any trouble going down to the wire Clint Bowyer is standing by ready to take advantage in 11th.

The No. 18 Toyota of Kyle Busch passed post-race inspection with flying colors. Still officials loaded Busch’s Toyota onto the NASCAR hauler and are headed back to the NASCAR R&D facility for a closer inspection. I don’t think they will find anything, do you?

Can Kyle Busch take the championship from Jimmie Johnson?

“You know, we’re 13 weeks from me being able to answer your question,” said Kyle Busch.  “Certainly I’d like to give ourselves a lot of credit that we can do that, that we have the ability to do that.”

If not Kyle or Jimmie, who else has a shot to be NASCAR’s 2011 champion?






12 Comments on Kyle Busch is In While Dale Jr & Smoke Sit on Bubble

  1. beau on
  2. they wont find a thing they want him in the chase.. we all know theres someting with the toyotas.. i wonder too

  3. Tom on
  4. Anybody but J.J. or Kyle Busch. Would like to see Jeff Gordon win it for his 5th championship, if not J.G., then Tony Stewart but he is on the bubble with Dale Jr.
    It would be great to see Dale Jr. win the championship, but I just feel he is not going to win the championship at Hendrick Motorsports.

  5. Brian on
  6. You are right Tom, anybody but Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch. I would love to see Carl Edwards win the championship this year but don’t think that will be possible after what happen today.

  7. Dave on
  8. Kyle is such a clown, not a championship tyhpe.

    I wish Dale jr can win, but I doubt it. I would like to see him move up some. I sure hope Kyle or JJ doesn’t get it. would rather Carl Edwards gets it than any one except Jr or tony Stewart.

  9. Mavis on
  10. I would just like to see Dale Jr make the chase. If he does that this year maybe he’ll have the confidence to go all the way next year. I don’t want to see Edwards, Johnson or the Busch brothers win. Jr is almost as close to Kurt Busch in 8th as he is to Clint Bowyer so that can go either way.

  11. Sandra on
  12. Precious Kyle. Love you and Samantha. Love to see you get the championship. You deserve every bit of it. Love to see all three of my favorite drivers 1, 2,3, GO! Kyle, Jimmie, and Dale. Love those 8′s = #18, #88, and #48, the rest ??? #14, #56, be cool for the top 5.

  13. mamadew88 on
  14. NASCAR like any other business determines who will be the chosen one! There are ties with Toyota that the general public knows nothing about and Kyle B. has that type of personality that fits the mold. Remember that NASCAR is a business even if they are publized as a SPORT !
    You guessed it, I am NOT a KB fan as he is just another spoiled brat with a chip on his shoulder and uses Dale Jr. as his whipping post only because Jr. has a pleasant personality and is a gentleman compared to the bully .

  15. Mare on
  16. Be patient and see just how “grown-up” KB acts when his winning stretch slows down. Not one of the drivers stay up on top for ever, his day will come when he isn’t winning all the time and that will test his maturity and attitude when he gets beat each week. Just be patient and that year will come. Some one else will take the place.

  17. beau on
  18. the consencis is.. NOT KYLE OR JJ.. i truly wish jr. could win.. i still have all my faith in him.. he needs childress,,,, get chocolate meyers on his pit.. something that really works…

  19. AZomah on
  20. Hi, RacingWin, little late in commenting. Grandson and I are working on a display set up for Jr.s’ nose aka facia, aka front end. Ben is really good at working with wood.
    Jr. had a fairly good day. They are steadly getting better. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day!
    Article is interesting. I sure would not want to be around Tony these days. Bet heads are going to roll!

    Good luck at Bristol Jr. Good track for you.

  21. ladyred on
  22. Anyone BUT the Busch brothers, JJ, Carl, who is so full of himself. A bunch of good guys out there but the favorite will always be JR! and he still has a chance so don’t write him off!

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