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Has Kyle Busch has just been crowned the new King of Bristol? With his victory in the Jeff Byrd 500 Sunday he has won the past 5 NASCAR events there across all 3 series at the Tennessee track: Cup, Nationwide and Truck.

After the race Kyle Busch had some comments for the fans who were booing him during driver introductions – and whether he could ever change the way they felt about him.

“I don’t know about the fans. I don’t know if it’s that easy to change opinion sometimes,” said Busch.  “It’s definitely fun to have a good attitude about things and to come into this weekend and have good results, good success out of it.”

When asked why he seemed a little more thoughtful and laid back this year Kyle laughed and responded “what are you talking about.” Team general manager J.D. Gibbs simply pointed to Kyle’s new wedding ring.

Carl Edwards felt he could have won the race if he had paid Kyle back for an incident at Phoenix with a harder hit at the end.

“When he got to me that one time, I’m like, oh, man. That was your shot, so nice try,” said Busch of Edwards attempt at the bump and run. He didn’t get it done. I thought, Man, if I could just get away from him, I wouldn’t have to worry. Concentrate, get going.

“It didn’t happen. Just basically ’cause you buckle in and you try to wrench down, get going, get gone. Fortunately I was able to do that. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you get passed and you lose ‘em late in the going. That would have been ultimately frustrating. Somehow I got back on the horse and rode it home.”

Carl Edwards said he still owes Kyle Busch one from Phoenix, so keep an eye on those two. But Busch doesn’t know what all the fuss is about.

“I have no idea what I’m owed from, so you’ll have to ask Carl,” said Kyle, who seemingly had no memory of a previous run-in. “Normally when it’s against you, you’ll always remember it forever. I don’t remember what I did that made him mad.”

“Carl says what Carl says. I don’t know. Apparently I have one coming. When and where it comes I do not know. I would say the same thing if I owed somebody else something, that I still owed him. When and where it comes is more to you than the other guy, so…”

Dale Earnhardt Jr proved the No. 88 team can make improvements and advance during the race. After starting 22nd Earnhardt managed an 11tth place finish and was visibly upset that he didn’t get a top ten, citing a late race pit road speeding penalty. Maybe the Dale Jr era isn’t over after all.

What does Dale Jr attribute it to? “It is hard to really point to and put a finger on it right now, “according to Dale Jr. “He just does a good job of keeping me calm and keeping me focused on trying to do good,” said Earnhardt of his new crew chief Steve Letarte.

Here’s your chance to vent, rant or cheer. What do you think about Kyle’s win, the feud with Carl or Dale Earnhardt Jr’s improving fortunes this year.





53 Comments on Kyle Busch Has One Coming

  1. AZomah on
  2. I have to admit that I did not pay to much attention to who was leading, I do know who won, but I only pay attention to Jr. I am fortunate to have the programmer with hot pass and I only watch Jr. I personally like what I am seeing and hearing so far this season. He worked hard for that 11 place finish. He also moved up a notch in the standings. What I enjoyed most was that when he had a problem with his car, his cc knew what to do to fix it. Things are looking up for him!

    The new crew chief seems to have given your driver a new start.

  3. AZomah on
  4. That is a big 10-4!!

  5. alicia on
  6. Oh yes,Kyle Busch has one coming after what happened in Pheonix 2 weeks ago. There is no doubt about it. It’s what I’m waiting on.

    I think Kyle is King of Bristol

    KB has cooled off a lot since he got married, I’ll give him that. He doesn’t seem to be as cocky as before and he is beginning to be likable now, a little. As far as Jr goes, he is doing great so far this year. I hope he don’t revert back to his old way and starts bringing up the rear like he did before. He seems to be calmer this year. No matter what happens, I still root for him. Go Jr. 88.

  7. Danny Jones on
  8. The kid can drive like him or not. Sure be boring on race day without him around !! Keep up the booing, he’ll just win more and thats ok with me. I’m cheering you ON Kyle !! Keep up the great shows !

  9. SID on
  10. If I, remember Dale sr. was boo’d alot. look at how great he became!

  11. Sandra on
  12. Kyle Busch is a new era Dale Earnhardt Sr. You love Kyle or you hate him, but people come to watch him race. I agree Go! Kyle.
    Kyle Petty made a comment today, you could put Kyle Busch in a shopping cart and he probably win. What I like most about Kyle he careless about records, points, position, you never hear Kyle say We had a good point day. You bring home the trophy, the points will come. All Kyle wants is the trophy.

  13. Anne Farrell on
  14. First of all Kyle is the best driver nascar has now. He can get in any thing and drive it. 2nd of all Jr. does seem to be happier and is doing better. 3rd of all I don’t think Carl owes Kyle nothing. I watched that race Kyle don’t have a big habit in just coming down the track and hiting a racer like that. He’ll nudge a driver like all the racers do. It doesn’t make it right but the other drivers do that. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I think Carl just likes to win all the time and he can’t stand to lose. Kyle and the other drivers don’t like to lose either. Besides Kyle told Carl he was sorry I really don’t think Kyle meant to do it. Everyone seems to pick on Kyle any way. I just can’t see Kyle coming down the track so abrut like that.I just think Kyle got loose. I think because Carl is a excersize nut he likes to prove he is strong. Just like he had his hands aroung one of the racers neck. Some people think he is a real nice guy but I wouldn’t want to be married to him. Any time a husband takes a sugar cookie away from his preagnt wife and throws it in the garbage needs his head head excamined. Carl told that over the air.

  15. Anne Farrell on
  16. If I were Kyle I would watch Carl because I wouldn’t trust him on or off the track. I think he is thinks the sun sets and rises on him. I think there is a very dark side of Carl. I wouldn’t want o be around him besides he is a moma’s boy.

  17. SouthernGuy8503 on
  18. I agree, I know KB can drive but I didn’t like his personality at all. All drivers complain and whine but KB would take it to about 5 levels higher, he also had a mentality that it’s ok for him to do something but not ok for someone else to do the exact same thing to him(ex. race hard or do paybacks mainly). I respect KB as a driver no doubt about that, but not as a person yet. I’m sure he’s cool to be around when not in a bad mood, but in a bad mood he turns into a bratty 5 year old. I’m not ready to say he’s changed because last year people thought he changed, but then the All-Star race came and he went back.

    As for JR and his CC Steve, from what I could tell the only reason he would be in the back a lot with Lance was not giving good feedback and hardly ever had a decent car let alone a good car. He’s giving great feedback now and I listened to the scanner, he didn’t cuss once, seriously not even once. And that was with the speed penalty and not having a decent car the first 2/3 of the race. Steve can keep JR calm which helps JR give good feedback, when he was mad he wouldn’t give good feedback since he was just venting. Steve also tells him good job and don’t worry and all that kind of stuff, Lance never did that. Steve is a perfect fit for JR, if JR wouldn’t have gotten that speed penalty then he would have gotten a top 5 or close to a top 5. JR is being consistent, only bad finish was Daytona 500 and he ran strong there, just wrecked out. So I don’t think he’ll go back to his old way, honestly that wasn’t JR, it was a combo of Lance and JR, not much you can do with a bad car.

    Also JR seems to like the Nationwide COT cars, Cup cars will be a lot more like the Nationwide COT cars starting 2013, so I see JR being not only a Chase regular but contend for the Cup Championship starting 2013. *knocks on wood*

  19. sharon on
  20. hmmm…………… lets see kyle……….. its true that he’s a very good driver and i’m sure he does a lot of good with his offtrack foundations, but his ontrack demeanor is that of an insolent, arrogant jerk! desparately in need of an attitude adjustment! gotta say watching races when someone takes him out is a highlight. used to like carl, but he’s just as bad as kyle, anyone who would deliberately take out a driver and brag about it, guess he couldnt win without destroying the competition and a lot of others who didnt deserve to be involved. so they are both jackasses (jmo) eventually they will get what they deserve, taking each other out would be a pleasure to watch!!

  21. sharon on
  22. and you dont think kyle has the same traits?? they could be brothers with their attitudes!

  23. Kelly on
  24. I for one would never compare Kyle Busch to Dale SR. SR. is the best there was and ever will be.Kyle can drive but , he couldn’t race his car like Dale. Dale was one of a kind driver. I admit Kyle can drive no doubt about that. This is just my opinion so take it or leave it. At least I am honest about it. No offence intended.

  25. Kelly on
  26. exactly!!!!

  27. AZomah on
  28. Jr. is a competitor, he will not wait until 2013 to start racing!!! Usually I agree with you, but MY Jr. will not sit on his butt and not drive to win!! Long time fan I am. He is a comptetitor, has not been happy lately! Know he is feeling better, hat on backwards tells it all! He WILL NOT wait until 2013!!

  29. johnny t on
  30. kyle has come a long way from the a day he smasher the Les Paul getar at Nashville “It’s definitely fun to have a good attitude , you go boy! But what about the ‘boys have at it’ days of yesteryear?
    sounds like Carl kinda misses and wants them back ‘the iou’ in the after race interviews you know like when #3 was ‘at it’ ‘thats racing and the next race Harvick plagiaries Dales statement, i miss the early days to,!!may be Danica needs to put some of them 18 in, balls on her bumper now that she is running with the big bad dogs of nascar?maybe Montoya can mentor her ,no not a good thing as she would just crash every race and take out a lot of good drivers. jft4

  31. Vicki on
  32. Get back with me when Kyle has won a championship….or two….in Cup. Then I’ll tell you how good I think he is.

  33. Glenn on
  34. Kyle can drive thats been proven but I doubt he nor any of the new faces could drive the real race cars that were out there in the mid 90′s and before. Todays cars are just that differant.

  35. Bob on
  36. To compare Kyle B. with Dale Sr. is wrong. There may be a few driving similarities but thats where it ends. Don’t get me wrong, KB is a heck of a race car driver but thats the only respect I have for him. Dale Sr would never get out of his car and leave it on the track for the crew to go get and stomp off like a 5 yr old throwing a tantrum, and get on stage and smash a trophy guitar like some rock star… He’s full of himself and so is Carl E. They all do their share of rubbing at some point. Dale Sr did alot of it himself but he was alot more respectful off the track, he just wouldn’t say much. Anyways, there will never be another Dale Sr. in NASCAR. And thats all I have to say about that… :-)

  37. Bob on
  38. Amen on that!!!

  39. karen on
  40. Anne. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! A dark style of Carl Edwards. You hit ‘him’ right on the money.

    Here’s what I have been saying for the last couple years. That EVERYONE seems to have a ‘down’ year, even many many years ago. NOW. I do not think Kyle will be able to ‘handle a down year!!! ‘

    Any agreer’s?

    If they had a trophy for ‘speeding on pit road,’ then JR. would have a shelf full.
    This coming from a JR fan, but I am loosing patience!

    Great comments. I love this site.

  41. Mavis on
  42. At least the cup race wasn’t the Kyle Busch show like the Nationwide race was. I like that there were several different leaders and not just for a lap or two. I still don’t like the domination of one driver – spoils the race. It just shows it’s not the wins that make you popular.Good run for Jr – too bad he didn’t get his top ten but he did move up a position in points. His speeding penalty may have been a good thing – don’t know where he was when the accident happened but it may have helped him avoid it. I was disappointed that they didn’t broadcast the introductions. Never did hear what song Jr picked. They hype the fact that each driver picks a song and then they don’t broadcast it.

  43. lady red on
  44. Can’t stand Kyle….never will.
    Can’t be compared to Dale, St. – an insult.
    Can’t stand Carl….never will.
    Would love to see Kyle and Carl wreck each other out.
    Kyle started out wrong when he thought he was the latest gift to the world of racing….not. That is why he is disliked and boo’d constantly…he made his bed.
    Carl is too smiley. There is definitely a dark side to him, couldn’t stand to be wrecked, wrecked Brad and then bragged about it.
    And why do we have to constantly have to see the both of them on camera? Show us some other drivers even when they are not winning….there are 41 other drivers out there.
    Jr. is climbing right up the ladder and as long as he gets good cars he will keep climbing and show the nasayers that he is still at the top of his game.
    Enuf said about K & C – off goes the TV when their faces appear.

  45. Lisa on
  46. Took the words right out of my mouth! When the 18 is on the TV , my TV is turned off. I’d rather miss the whole race than to see that arrogant @%^$# win. And they wonder why people aren’t watching .

  47. Stormy on
  48. I am definitely a JR fan and probably always will be, However I have to give credit to Kyle, He is a great driver and if he can continue with a good attitude he could change the way fans feel about him. I do love to watch him come from the back and get thru traffic. Of course my hope is to see JR keep on improving.

  49. SouthernGuy8503 on
  50. I didn’t mean he would wait until 2013, I meant that would be when you will start to really see him not only make the Chase regularly but contend for the Championship. I don’t say that because of JR, I say that because of the cars. JR still hasn’t been able to find the perfect setup in the current Cup COT car, but he seems to have the Nationwide COT dialed in since he won the first race they raced in it. He’s consistently getting top 10s right now which I know he’ll get a couple wins and some top 5s this year, but I bet in 2013 with the new Cup COT he’ll get consistent top 5s. Understand what I mean?

  51. Brenda on
  52. AZoma, I am like you, I only pay attention to Dale jr. Could care less what the other drivers are doing. I watch the thingie(whatever it is that goes arounf at the top of the tv screen that tells what position they are in) and I look for Dale’s name and place of position, and I watch only his car.
    As for Mr kyle I am sorry he won, wish Carl Edwards could have beat him. Kyle knows what Carl is talking about, he is just playing dumb, as usual.

  53. Rick on
  54. Dale Sr did get booed and he was a great driver. But the difference is that Dale had respect for the sport and Kyle thinks hes the next Richard Petty and couldn’t care less about Nascar and the others around him.

  55. Tom on
  56. This is Jr’s year. I just wish Mr. Hendrick would have done something last year and the year before to help Jr., but glad something got done this year. Also, Mr. Hendrick knew the Jr.’s contract is almost up, so he though the better do something quick.

  57. Tom on
  58. Married or not, Kyle will never change.

  59. Elaine on
  60. Only Jr and no one else

  61. Mare on
  62. I only listened to part of the race on the radio, but was wondering about a comment someone had that Jr was among other cars when he got the speed ticket- didn’t anyone else have to be speeding if he was behind others???? I’m just asking, I did not see the race Someone explain.

    For me , I look at Kyle Busch as a smartass waiting for someone to come along and knock that block off his shoulder. And trust me, someone is out there who will do it !! I learned to dislike him when he took that trophy guitar that a great artist took the time and pains to create such a beautiful and expense instrutment and this jerk destroyed it on national TV with no regard.

    I don’t think there is a driver who could ever become his friend….they may tolerate his antics but I wonder who among the drivers can truly call him FRIEND ! There is no amount of trophies or amount of money out there that can return a friendship as we get older and retire.

  63. william o. on
  64. Kylepuke is a smartalec punk and I for one will never accept as anything else, no matter how many races or championships he may win, He has ruined NASCAR for me. I went to many locations for races (and spent money) but no more, and I didn’t know he won until I read it here!! Bill

  65. lady red on
  66. Kyle is like JJ. People tire of seeing the same ones win all of the time. I don’t like JJ but certainly prefer him over
    Bushy tail.

  67. nancy kagle on
  68. Kyle has had an attitude and a chip on ;his shoulder since he first started racing by using his mouth or his car. It will take him a very long time if ever to get to be the persons Dale, Jr and Jef Gordon, and Jimmy Johnson are. They go about their business and do not bother anyone by being a clean racer and they appreciate their fans and how we support them by rooting for them and buying their products. I have seen Dale Jr., and Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson in the rain signing autographs for some young kids who admire them so much. I also give Richard Petty a praise. He was another one that knew his fans were good to him and he never left anyone standing while waiting for an autograph. I cannot understand how Kyle and Kurt are brothers and they are as different as day and night. Like yesterday when i see that the race is about over and Kyle is leading i turn to another channel. I do not think his team cares about his attitude as long as Kyle is raking in the dough. I feel bad for Kyle’s wife because she has to stand by him when every one is booing him.Go Ji., Jimmy and Jeff.

  69. goldie on
  70. I would also like to know about Jr. being behind other cars when he got the speeding penalty. Evidently, I was out of the room when that happened. Will someone please explain to Mare, myself, and others why he got the penalty and if other cars were in front, why they did not receive the same? I was happy for Jr. and I think he is gradually coming around. We never know what someone who is a celebrity may be going through that would interfere with their performances, so we will just give him all the room he needs to show improvement and wait for the day he is in victory lane, not only for winning a race, but also a championship.

  71. AZomah on
  72. SouthernGuy, haven’t heard anyone talking about different car for Cup in quite awhile, thought maybe NASCAR had changed their minds. Bought 2 of the Wrangler cars so I could have one in each home. Beautiful car.

  73. SouthernGuy8503 on
  74. I have 3 of the 1:24 scale Wrangler cars. Clean pre-race version, raced version and the color chrome raced version. Also have the 1:64 set of both Sr’s and Jr’s car, but not the set in a box, they each have their own plastic packaging and each have a 1:24 scale hood. I even got a 3 wrangler license plate and 2 hats, one is the winner hat like the one he wore but the winner version, then I have the one that looks like the design on the car. All just for show, not going to wear the hats and not going to put the plate on anything.

    The new cars from what I’ve heard will just mainly be a new front end. I don’t know if it will be a total redesign but I think it’s just a total front clip (nose) redesign. Which is mainly how the car will perform. Also notice the new design for this year, has a splitter but just braceless. That looks closer to the nationwide car Impala, so maybe that’s helping JR a little. Not nearly as much as Steve is, but just saying maybe it’s helping JR get more comfortable and get a better feel than when they had braces on the splitter. I hear it’s not a big handling difference but it’s some.

  75. AZomah on
  76. I noticed the braces being gone and hoped it was affecting how the front acted when the splitter hits the track. New front ends, sounds like folks will be able to tell one brand from another. That’s a good thing.

    I went crazy at the JRM trailor and now have to find a place to hang a big flag. Do wear my Wrangler jacket though. The gang in the trailor always see me coming. We laugh alot about my shopping habits.

  77. AZomah on
  78. The only thing I could figure was that Jr. got caught in the section where the clocks are, I heard somewhere that there is a location for them. He was having to watch for other cars that were leaving the pits at same time and avoid a wreck, did not have time to look at tach and watch where other cars were! He got himself and car back on the track in one piece! Good show Jr.

  79. lady red on
  80. I don’t think there are very many that come to the race just to see Kyle race, they come to watch Jr. & some of the other favorites. Jr. brings the crowds to their feet, note, Sunday when Kyle won, the crowds were scanned and didn’t see one person clapping or jumping up and down, looked silent to me.

    We hate kyle !! he is an idiot I stop watching if he is leading BUT!!! what bothers me the most is the Announcers all they can talk about is KB and CE that spoils the race for me so I turn off the TV .. they are the ones who ruin the race for us fans because I think TOYOTA is paying them to mouth off about KB because it seems there are no other drivers out there as far as they are concerned. We Love Our Dale Jr!!!!!

  81. sharon on
  82. apparently you didnt see kurt when he first started racing, it just showed he had the same attitude as kyle! a little punch in the face attitude adjustment from jimmy spencer pretty much took care of his attitude lol!!

  83. sharon on
  84. yup, kyle will have a “down” season and will revert to his nasty attitude, i keep waiting for him to take his “bow” and fall off and land on his knothead!!!

  85. sharon on
  86. yup, i agree, those commentators are REALLY annoying! nothing like favoritism towards the brats! kb & ce, dont waste the time or energy of “hating” them just a waste of time there too…………… but i’m not above having a good laugh when they end up in the wall or behind the wall! lol and seems like whenever they bother to mention Jr, or anybody else for that matter, something happens to them, so just let us watch and forget the commentary, thank God for the mute button lol

  87. lady red on
  88. I agree….only time they mention anyone else is when someone else happens to be leading at the moment. They completely ignore the rest of them especially when they are at the back of the pack…
    We need fresh blood in announcers….don’t care what they used to do…over and done with, stay in the here and now!

  89. AZomah on
  90. I think the media is what is causing some teams to not get sponsors. But then what do I know, just a dumb AZ redneck, whose family has only been in business 99 years!! Pretty fed up with media am I. I know, we fans, are not to know anything!! Just a bunch of dumb rednecks!! And folks wonder why tv rating are down at times!

    Yep AZ I agree! But without us dumb rednecks the rest of the people would still be drinking water!
    “lil bit” / shortime

  91. Sharon on
  92. When will everybody open their eyes, the only reason Harvick wins these races, is because he stays at back of the pack and sits there and lets all the drivers use up theirs cars motors or just wrecks, then when the race is almost done and everybody’s car is used up, here comes Harvick and nobody has anything left for anybody to stop him. Wake up everybody, make Harvick work for his wins. As far as I am concerned, Harvick is no better than any other driver.
    As far as the announces, well they have their favorites, all you hear them talking about is, Harvick, Kyle Busch, and Jimmy Johnson. I would like to hear more on the other drivers.

  93. Ned on
  94. Nancy – where exactly did you see Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson all standing in the rain signing an autograph in the rain – was it on TV by chance? I have personally seen Jeff Gordon sign autographs multiple times. I have seen JR ignore 25 fans until Speed turned a camera on him and then he came over to start signing autographs. And Jimmy Johnson if you ever see him sign any autographs if there is not a TV camera around and the fan happens to be in the garage area – please take a picture of it for me. I have never “not” seen Kyle, Kurt, or Carl sign autographs. This website cracks me up. Have you ever spent time on the infield, in the garage or in the pits? The true personalities shine when the cameras are off.

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