Kyle Busch Gets a Whipping — Literally

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Following Saturday’s truck series Richard Childress is one of the few who can say he beat Kyle Busch – literally.

Childress grabbed Busch – put him in a headlock, and landed several punches before bystanders could separate them.

Childress was angry with Busch after contact with RCR driver Joey Coulter in the closing laps. The latest in a string of incidents between Busch and RCR drivers.

There is no doubt that Richard Childress intended to get Kyle’s attention. Just before the incident Childress was seen slipping his expensive watch into his pocket.

Childress was barred from pit road at Sunday’s STP 400 at Kansas Speedway. NASCAR also told him not to attend the pre-race driver’s meeting.

NASCAR President Mike Helton considered banning Childress from the speedway entirely before deciding that Childress should be allowed to stay as a team owner.

NASCAR officials have indicated that a statement regarding any punishment for Childress would be forthcoming on Monday – a day earlier than most penalties are announced.

What do you think an appropriate punishment would be?




238 Comments on Kyle Busch Gets a Whipping — Literally

  1. linda Brickhouse on
  2. Somebody needed to get his attention. Look what he did to Dale Jr years ago in the last lap and no one has mentioned that………EVER……………

  3. Joe on
  4. It is about time someone beat the crap out if the wise punk. Childress had the guts to do it and “Shrub” could not run away in his car.

  5. Misti on
  6. All the crap Kyle has pulled with other drivers and just stated oh that is racing but another driver does it they are penalized. Kyle got what he deserved and I wish Childress would have gotten a few more punches in because Kyle needs a major wakeup call everyone is tired of his stupid it’s all about me and cocky attitude.

  7. Fish on
  8. Give Childress a trophy.

  9. Kelley Buchanan on
  10. I think it is about time someone put Kyle in his place. He has gotten away with so much stuff and Richard finally said enough is enough. I also think that if Kyle feels the need to wreck or damage someones car or truck after the race is over, he should have to pay for it. Maybe then he will cool his jets a bit.

    Don’t trust R.C. anymore , since he told Jr. he did not have any room for him then found room for…. others
    Thats O.K. what goes around comes around, glad Jr. went with Hendricks

    I think Childress should win the Gold Medal for most punches thrown. I guess KB took on more than he could deal with, this time. Childress should not be penalized at all.

  11. pat on
  12. Kyle Busch had it coming, he’s a huge pain for everyone and he needs to be taken down a notch, just like when Jimmy Spencer hit his brother Kurt. Nascar seems to always take his side.

  13. Angie on
  14. RC’s punishment should be equavalent to the punishment given to Kyle Busch for all the wrecks he’s caused and all the trouble he’s caused the past few years. Hendrick got rid of him, Gibbs has failed to control him, and Nascar has failed to curb his recklessness. Something had to be done and Richard did it. RC’s punishment should be minimal at best. Perhaps the restrictions put on him today are sufficient.

  15. George on
  16. I’m trying to recall if any of the Looney Tune characters have ever been penalized. Kind of seems that NASCAR is heading that way. Personally I was glad to see RC take this action, after all, he had warned the cry baby before. As much as I hate to say it, I feel some action should be taken by NASCAR, but I know they will do nothing the would violate Busch’s suspension, thus keeping him off the track. I really think they should both be barred from race tracks for 1 to 2 races, but, we all know they will not do that to baby Kyle.

  17. LKFROMTX on

  19. tom on
  20. Kyle was warned not to mess with Richards equipment, he had it coming. I say park Kyle for a few races.

  21. Texaswillie on
  22. RC—GREAT Job—-wish you had gotten in some additional punches.

  23. Mavis on
  24. I think RC did what we would all like to do. Too bad if he gets punished for it. I hear it’s being treated as owner to driver, why not owner to owner? I think they should put him on probation for 6 races and then forget about it like they do with the drivers. It seems to me Kyle has broken his probation. (Maybe more than once)

  25. Eugene on
  26. Nascar should buy Richard Childress a cheap watch so he don’t have to take it off before the next “incident”!

  27. Betty Stoneman on
  28. I think the entire garage area should have given Childress a standing ovation for giving Kyle what he has needed for a long, long time! Kyle’s parents should have done the same thing a long, long time ago. Childress should not have any type of punishment (an older gentleman such as he is)!

  29. john granata on
  30. I think since it was so hot there some one should have bought richard a snow cone. Kyle Bush is dangerous. One day he Will pull a stunt and seriously injure some one. Kyle can not even drive safley in public. He may win race, but could see couch gibbs allow football player to grabb another player by his helmet face gaurd for a tackel NO difference.

    I think RC took KYBU back to the old school for some remedial education in bad behavior!

  31. Dago on
  32. The kid can drive but he needed his ass kicked just look at the stunt in town on a test drive! He feels he’s above it all! So think you Richard! Well done and as for nascar im sure richard feels bad enought and if he doesn’t feel bad id like to buy him dinner.

    Kyle Busch He need’s A good rear end kicking

  33. Lafastmon on
  34. Couldn’t have said it better.

    Oh, I forgot to add! Spanking is not allowed in our present Educational system. So, I look for RC to get some kind of reprimand for his actions…Sad to say

  35. marshall baqker on
  36. i think nascar needs to give richard childress a substance abuse test. what was he on, or has he been in his wine a little too much. you just dont do that………

  37. Dorothy Mckinnie on
  38. I think Kyle needed to punched.I am so proud of Richard Childress.To me Kyle is not a good sportsman. I agree with what Linda wrote.

  39. di on
  40. I think Richard should be given congrats for doing it actually

  41. Don on
  42. I think he deserved to get his butt kicked. He wrecked Jr during the All Star Race a few years ago and I’ve disliked him since then. I wanted Harvick to nail him a few weeks ago.

  43. Donna on
  44. I am so gald that someone gave him an ass whooping ..I applaud RC he did a job that nascar didn’t have the balls to do is stand up to Kyle ..He needs to be sit down for several races and not be allowed to race if you want my opinion ..As for RC he shouldn’t receive anything ..He was only doing what nascar should have handled in the first place ..They should have sit that kid down and made things right along time ago ..he needs to quit wrecking people for no reason ..I just hope RC doesn’t get much of anything behind you RC ..

    To start with a standing ovation and hand shake for Richard childress would be nice. Kyle deserved it and it is about time someone stood up to him, even though is wasn’t very professional for Richard to do it, I hope he doesn’t get any punishment One of these days someone is really going to hurt Kyle bad if he doesn’t straightaen up. I hope Childress made Kyle shake in his boots.

  45. Kim Bull on
  46. Yes, it’s great to hear Kyle finally got a good old southern butt whooping. Good going to RC, I just hate that he is the only one that gets the example set to. Someone answer this for me, isn’t there something in the probation statute that states “cannot do anything detrimental to a stock car”??? That didn’t look like “congratulations” to me! That was another one of Kyle’s, “I don’t like you racing me like that” hissy fit. What does that mean? Racing like what? Racing is racing, no matter how you are doing it. You are racing to get around the car in front of you and you use different manuers to do it. I find this tactic by any driver to be amusing, because I look at it this way, say it Jimmie Johnson running in that truck and he raced the exact same way, clean, clear, and with no problem, would he have knocked him down in apron on that cool down lap? But since it wasn’t, all the other non-big name drivers should know their place, and that was 6th for Joey Coulter on Saturday, and he was supposed to stay there till the end….I think not. Grow up Kyle. The call it racing for a reason!!!

  47. Troy on
  48. I think RC should be commended for his actions! It’s beeen a longtime coming.

  49. Susie Powell on
  50. I don`t condone fighting, but Kyle has had this coming for a long time!! He needs to grow up and quit being a smart aleck!!!
    I`m sure Richard will be punished for this incident, and I`m equally sure he will take his punishment like the MAN he is!!!!

  51. Rob R on
  52. Im glad somebody finnaly stood up to kyle and beat him up way to go childress, if dale sr were here he would have probably hit him with a wrench or something. if i was richard childress i would have hit kyle with a sledgehammer. take that nasty KB

  53. Janis Strawbridge on
  54. Haha I agree, Kyle Bush
    needed a good punching!!
    He is not a good sportsman!!
    Proud of Richard Childress!!

  55. dee on
  56. I say put his butt in a closed room with childress and let DW hold the key. No one gets out until there is a clear under standing that this will happen every time Busch pulls this crap.
    Its time for Busch to know his crappy style of racing has gone on long enough. Grow up or get out of NASCAR…..

  57. Troy on
  58. NASCAR is looking for ways to increase revenues. If they played their cards right, they could have one of the largest yearly pay per view events in the world. At the end of the season, put on a boxing match between the biggest season rivalries. This would provide an entertaining outlet for the drivers, owners, crew chiefs, etc. to settle their differences. It could possibly prevent Kyle Busch from being such an arrogant, butt hole, causing problems throughout the season. If he knew he was going to have to get in the ring with Kevin Harvick at the end of the season.

  59. Judith on
  60. Richard Childress just took Kyle to the Old School way of dealing with people that think they are bigger then the rules. Nascar keeps letting him get away with all his crap and it is about time somebody took him to school about it and taught him he isn’t too big to get his butt kicked. Childress is from the old school and shouldn’t be penalized for doing something Nascar should have done a long time ago and that is take Kyle down a few notches. Kyle wrecks drivers on purpose and has even out and out admitted he wrecked them on purpose and Nascar turns a blind eye to it. They need to make him start paying for the cars he wrecks on purpose, maybe if he is hit in his pocket enough times he will learn his lesson.

  61. Jerry alford on
  62. i think some one .put a good ass kicking on him hurt him…

  63. James on
  64. Kyle needs some one to spank his ass :)

  65. Nancy on
  66. I think people should start looking at Kyle for the great driver he is – Childress deserves a huge fine and to be barred from the track for several races. Being an owner he should have more control over his actions. Kevin Harvick is starting to think he is another Dale Sr. and he needs to be put in his place too. Kyle is not my favourite driver but I cheer for him when my driver is put out of a race or if I know he cannot win the race and Kyle is leading. I think Kyle did well not to return the punch – but he was smart enough not to hit an old man.

    Where do we send moey to pay his fine,I think there will be alot of fans that will help pay his fine. That is one way to end a message to NASCAR about K-B

  67. Audriee on
  68. He should be given a huge trophy of Congratulations! Wait! Isn’t Kyle on probation? Didn’t he bump one of Richard’s drivers? Wasn’t that why Richard was so upset?

  69. Tina on
  70. I agree with Nancy, but truth be told, I also think Kyle Bush is one who thinks he owns all the races and loves to see how many cars he can put a lap down, as well as bump out of the way just so he gets his way and Nascar will favor him every time.

  71. Sandy Michigan on
  72. It’s about time someone got him, but it’s to bad that Childress did it. The drivers need to get there punches in. Busch’s parents really needed to do something about him when he was a kid. He really needs an education. If he drives in a speed zone like he did, he should have his drivers license taken away for 4 years, like they do people.And really Nascar should have did something to him also.
    Hopefully this will change his attitude, if not let tem beat the crap out of him. He Needs tbe out of the races for a while. Apparently money has went to his head.

    I think both of them was very unsportsmanlike if you ask me.

  73. ladyred on
  74. You also don’t do what KB did. I don’t understand why he gets no punishment when he intentionally went down on the other truck. And what is this probation crap? Like one of the announcers said, “it means nothing” and we found that out today. It looked like a clear violation of probation when he was told to stay away from other cars. Why is Richard getting punished? Nascar needs to figure out their own rules. Someone is going to get KB one day and good and I personally can’t wait for the day.
    As for the remark about substance abuse, that is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The man was angry and had every right to be, KB has hit enough of his cars. Kyle doesn’t bring in the fans so why does Nascar always want to protect him. I think he may be bipolar or he has a terrible road rage that doesn’t belong on a race track or on a back road either.

  75. ladyred on
  76. He also knew if he did he would have Gibbs to deal with. Plus the fact he always turns and runs, no guts.

  77. Sandra on
  78. Kyle Busch after the race gave a R.C.R. truck a donut on the side of the truck. Something I haven’t seen done since Dale Earnhardt passed away. I miss seeing drivers doing that. It was nice, and then Richard Childress did what he did.
    If I was Kyle Busch if he plays his cards right, he could owe 50% of R.C.R. and having NASCAR and R.C.R. eating out of Kyle Busch’s hands.
    Wouldn’t that be cool, Kevin Harvick’s new boss be Kyle Busch.

    Donna…………….Your’e my kind of gal. Never liked “vile” Kyle from the very beginning when he came on like gangbusters and he was nothing more than another snot-nosed kid with something to prove. He is so jealous of the other drivers when the spotlight is off him that he has to do something to let everyone know that he is still the jerk who is pampered by NASCAR and the media. I appauld RC for finally doing something that will bring some attention to the NASCAR officials.

    No, people have just refrained from doing that. Now someone did, RC, and it got the attention of those around him. I am so happy it happened,I would have loved to see it firsthand. And I hope it becomes a usuable tool to straighten up the idiot when he crosses the lines again.

    If ya gonna be stupid, ya gotta be tough. SO maybe he can walk away from each whipping, and learn from it. Keep messing up, keep getting beat up.

    I’ll donate a little to pay Richards fines. I want to find it on film somewhere though. Didn’t anyone catch it?

    Coach would have let him protect himself, after Richard threw the first punch. Had he started swinging those banana arms at Rich, it would have been great. FOR US>

    That wouldn’t happen. A donut on the fender isn’t what the discussion was all about. Not at all.

  79. grizzly327 on
  80. I think Nascar should let every driver and owner punch Kyle in the Jaw everytime he opens his mouth

    RC needs to be put off the tracks for at least one mounth, He had no b usiness getting into driver fights,Kyle did nothing that eany other driver hasn’t done . RC has lost a lot of respect from other owners . look at allthe people Harvic has wrecked , I didn’t seeother owners go after himRc step way over the line and should loose at least 100 owner points.Booo bad boy RC

  81. Kathie on
  82. Coulter did NOTHING to deserve getting hit by KyBu. He raced him as clean as clean could be, and KyBu had no business hitting him on the cool down lap. I too applaud RC for punching the brat out. NASCAR needs to give RC the same punishment they give shrub for violating his probation…NONE NEEDED.

    First off….Yipee!!! Good for you Richard. “POUTY” deserved it, and and a LOT more in my opinion! Of course as usual, Nascar screwed up! Pouty was on probation…he messes with Joey because he can’t stand losing…so why the hell is Nascar sticking it to Richard????? I’d think he would be in trouble for messing with any cars out there on the track while on probation. Another one of their..MAKE UP RULES AS THEY GO!! Wonder if Nascar changes Pouty’s diapers for him too? Little snot-nosed, whining, poor losing, chickenlivered, big baby POUTY may be able to drive a car, but he ruins his talents by the way he acts, and BAWLS. Wasn’t his messing with Joey a form of intimidation on his part, trying to start something?? Well, RC finished it for him anyway. Nascar, take a hint from RC…”SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD”! RC didn’t spare the rod at all! LMAOOOO!! I say…LEAVE RC alone Nascar!

    NASCAR should realize that if Kyle keeps up with his antics that it will eventually give NASCAR a bad reputation and ticket sales will decline(even more) because they have a driver who can’t keep making the headlines because of his temper and childess antics. He needs a lot of growing up to do if he is to make his boss and family proud. WHICH I DOUBT THAT HE IS CAPABLE OF DOIING.

  83. racefan on
  84. If this story was about Jr.getting punched by Gibbs you all would be crying about how Gibbs needed to be punished. you are all hypocrits.

  85. Carroll on
  86. I would give RC a metal and standing ovation for giving the little prick a beating.
    He did what Joe Gibbs and Mike Helton don’t have the Balls to do “control the moron his parents turned loose on the world”. RC and all the other multi car owners should have one of their cars that are down several laps with no chance of placing in the top 25 wreck Kyle every race. Fans should e-mail, phone, and write all his sponcers informing them they are boycotting their products until they pull their sponcership from Kyle. He has proven with his 128 mph ticket he no respect for others lives and safety. I hope the Judge gives his some serious jail time. Helton and Gibbs have proven they won’t take action.

  87. Debbie on
  88. Somebody should of beat Kyle a long time ago. he is nothing but a sissy boy cry baby. he thinks its ok for him to do stuff but nobody else should. Nascar needs to punish bush for all the crap he does. I’d like to beat the tar out of him myself. Every time he crashes my husband & I laugh & say ha ha. He is such a jerk. I hope someone gives him a real wake up call. And nascar needs to do to him what they do to everyone else. other drivers don’t get away with things why should crybaby be any different. Smarten up officials before you loose a lot of fans !


  89. Jay on
  90. About time domeone does something about Busch he should pay Richard a million bucks for teaching a lesson.

  91. Jack Sams on
  92. Childress should be given a large award. It’s about time someone punched him.

  93. Debbie on
  94. Yeah for Richard. Someone needs to knock that chip off Kyle’s shoulder. Though I don’t condone fighting its time Kyle gets told enough is enough!

    Richard made one mistake. He did it where millions of people could see it. I remember The Anderson Brothers dealing with things like this, out in the parking lot, before a wrestling match! Few people messed with them twice.

  95. Jim Chalmers on
  96. I think Mike Helton should bring Richard into the hauler and shake his hand and congratulate on the fine job he did on Kyle. One problem for Richard, is that he didn’t do enough. Next time, knock his ass out and onto the ground.

    GO RICHARD ! ! ! !

  97. Brian Groen on
  98. It should be like the movie Airplane and everybody gets to slap Kyle! and RCR gets a bounus 10 points for doing what should have been done years ago.

  99. jawknee on





    GO RICHARD CHILDRESS!!!!YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  101. Boone on
  102. I think $500,000.00 should do it.
    Yep Nascar should pay Richard
    Childress half a mil for doing
    what somebody should have done
    a long time ago. Way to go Richard
    you put a smile on my face

  103. john on
  104. I think they should give Childress a medal.

  105. ben on
  106. I think nascar should pay for the cars that KB runs into after the races. I would buy RC a steak dinner..

  107. Rita on
  108. I totally agree.

  109. Rita on
  110. I wonder how much Kyles “driving” has cost other car owners. It is hard to repsect anyone for their driving when they have wrecked so many other drivers. Did not like him from day one and now I like him even less. Richard did what Kyles parents should have done a long time ago.

  111. Ed on
  112. Good Job Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NASCAR should leave Richard alone.If they give Richard a fine,they should make Bush pay for the damage he did for no reason except being a smart ass.

  113. mick on
  114. Just fine Richard. That way we can all send in a few bucks and it’s over. Far as Kyle Bush – who gives a damn about him. How NASCAR could say they saw nothing that indicated Kyle violated his probation is beyond me. Maybe they need to finance a car and find out what $%it costs.

  115. Mare on
  116. I’m sure Childress will be fined a bunch of money, but got the satisfaction of doing what he did—too bad NASCAR plays to their favorites. Also I thought when you were put on probation for your actions, you were on probation for “your actions”. Guess that doesn’ t apply there???

  117. AZomah on
  118. And they want us to shop on their web site! Not until they clean up their act. They have let that spoiled cry baby carry on for toooo long. I really don’t think he cares about his family or JGR. In fact, I don’t think he knows how to think and is not capable of caring.

  119. Misty on
  120. Thank you RC…… did what thousands of fans have wanted to do since Crybaby started racing. RC was frustrated by all the damage Kyle has done and continues to do every race, it’s very expensive to be a car owner and to see your cars getting damaged for no reason in the Truck, Nationwide and Sprint series would make anyone angry, I understand why RC did it and NASCAR should too. Kyle needs to be stopped before he seriously hurts a driver and NASCAR needs to watch Kyle more closely or give us an explanation as to why Kyle was allowed to intentionally drive down on Coulter, if you watched the race you’d see it was intentional and done on a cool down lap. RC had no choice, Dale SR would have straightened out Kyle long ago but since he’s been gone NASCAR has changed too much and drivers are fined, but more importantly, lose points so they can’t do much like in the good ole days when “boys would be boys”. Give RC a break and if NASCAR doesn’t then we all need to bombbard them with emails, phonecalls, whatever means we can and demand something is done to STOP Kyle before he hurts your favorite driver or costs them points which can affect their standings in the championship. Just remember that this time it was Coulter, your driver could be next!

    First off….JR. is too much of a gentleman to act in such a way that would make Gibbs punch him!! Second…How come on most any article, like this one, where the subject is about Richard Childress and Kyle Busch, “NOTHING” at all in this article concerning Dale Earnhardt JR., But as USUAL, some A$$hole JR. hater has to run their mouth and mention him in some way.

  121. denise on
  122. kb is an idiot…plain and simple!!!!!


  123. Dave on
  124. Are you on something?Busch needs to be punished for his actions.But wait isn’t one of Buschs sponcors.

  125. Dave on
  126. I agree!!

  127. Dave on
  128. Couldn’t have said it any better myself

  129. kelli on
  130. i think good ol’ richard needs a handshake and a pat on the back! he did something ALOT of people have wanted to do for a looong time…

  131. kelli on
  132. race season in nascar : 200 million
    fine for being a bad boy : 10 grand
    punching kyle busch in the face while the world watched…. PRICELESS!!!!!

  133. Ron on
  134. Both should be taken off the circuit for a while. There is NEVER any place for violence in sports or anywhere else. Both of them need to be fined and sit out for a while. What are we teaching our kids when they see this and we applaud or allow it to happen! I love NASCAR but I am disgusted with big egos and their lack of class!

  135. Patti on
  136. Richard Childress is my new hero!!!! It did wht everyone else has wanted to do for a long time. It’s about time that little wimp Kyle got what he deserves. Joe Gibbs needs to step up and tell his little preciuos the facts of life. He used to send Tony Stewart to anger mgmt. classes but just lets Wimpy get away with whatever; the boy is truly a detrement to the sport.

  137. Jason on
  138. Kyle deserved what he got!!!! I am shocked it has taken this long for somebody to “rattle his cage”!! RC should get a trophy, 50 driver and 50 owner points, and a 30 ESPN special about “the night that KB’s lights went out in Kansas…”!!!!

  139. Marilyn on
  140. Agreed! Kyle seems to run :rough shod” over any and everyone as he chooses. Maybe a physical altercation is not the :coolest: way to handle things but it seems this is the only way to get Kyle’s attention. You are correct about what he did to Dale, my favorite, noone got upset about that one. How many classes did Tony have to go to for his anger. Maybe Kyle wasn’t angry this time but his constant arrogance is too much. I like the commercial where Kyle is talking to Kurt and he lays the phone down and walks away. It seems that he isn’t so crazy about his brother either! Too bad the Intimidator isn’t still around, it would have been very interesting to see what he would have done to Kyle! Go Richard.

  141. Ramcam6 on
  142. Yup, the little coward finally found a senior citizen that he couldn’t unnecessarily destroy the property of and get away with it. I think it is great for the sport. I think the little coward ought to have to face up to those he screws around with on the track. His usual way is to run and hide just like he does when he screws up and doesn’t want to face the press. GREAT JOB, FULLY JUSTIFIED Mr. Richard Childress. You will always be the best in my mind the honorable way you dealt with the Greatest Driver Ever. Good for you. I’ll bet KyBu hides in shame letting someone more than twice his age whoop his a$$.

  143. Marilyn on
  144. Totally agree!

  145. Marilyn on
  146. Another good answer!

  147. Marilyn on
  148. So true!

  149. REGAN on
  150. I think it is funny how a 65 yr old man kicks a young punks rear end! To bad he was not able to finish the job. I cant stand KB and he thinks he is Mr. nascar. Way to go RC just tell us where to send the $ and i am sure you will get more than enopugh to pay the fine and the rest can go to the victory junction gang! Way to go RC!!!!!!!! Maybe next time you can get old dumb A$$ mike helton as well you know 2 idiots for the price of one!

  151. Marilyn on
  152. his is silly! Dale has too much class to pull a stupid stunt like this!! He may get upset and yell but not a childish person like Kyle is.

  153. Marilyn on
  154. YAY!

  155. Marilyn on
  156. Too bad NASXAR is fussing about this – the only thing hurt was Kyle’s pride.

  157. walter on
  158. Childress should get a trophy for that hit. Busch needs an attitude adjustment and I have the German Shepherd that can do it and not get a penalty

  159. Dean on
  160. what are you smoking…. joey did nothing but pass cryle bush on the last lap…never touched his precious little truck…he should quit racing in the little league and quit acting like a little wuss.. way to go RC…did any one see the interview of cryle before the cup race…..priceless.. lol

  161. Tom on
  162. Richard Childress, my hero. He has the gut to finally do something to that piece of
    *%$#%^*. I don’t understand Joe Gibbs. He see that his driver is becoming a piece of garbage to his racing team. Throw the bum out, BAN him from Nascar FOREVER!!!!!!! He’s just a troublemaker that NASCAR and Joe Gibbs does not need. Maybe other drivers will start doing what Richard Childress did. If more of them did punch Kyle, he would either quit or star acting better. I just wish Richard had put Kyle in the hospital for a couple of weeks so we don’t have to look at that ugly face for a short time. I can just feels Dale standing with Richard and giving him the gut to do it.

  163. Patrick Smith on
  164. RC has simply stated that “enough is enough”. KB has destroyed too many cars of other teams and NASCAR has looked the other way As a 60 year NASCAR fan I say that it is time someone put the knuckle sandwich to the little bully. Had some of the older retired drivers been around this would have occurred a long time ago. It finally took a Senior Citizen to step up and spank him. Hats off to RC.

  165. Marie on
  166. Hats off to Richard Childress and I would like to see more owners step up to Kyle Bush in the same manor. Maybe Mike Hilton and Nascar won’t shield Kyle and put the idiot in his place and yes if Dale Sr. were here Kyle would be taken care of, The boy needs mentel help, but one day he will regret what kind of a person he has become. He is a good driver but the things he does to other drivers makes him unlikeable and just plain disgusting, It is sad to think that each week you root for him to wreck or blow an engene and not finish. I guess that is his life style and he thinks he is a big person because he has money and can do whatever he wants and not be responsable. Nascar had better wake up before someone gets seriously hurt or killed because of his dirty tactics.

  167. Marsha on
  168. ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! RC is my new hero!

  169. ladyred on
  170. Sandra, you must not watch many races if you haven’t seen a donut put on someone.

  171. ladyred on
  172. K looks awfully soft, don’t think he could have done much even to a 65 year old man.

    It’s about time someone did something. Just to bad it wasn’t Nascar alng time ago. Joe Gibbs doesn’t seem to be doing his job either. It looks like he can’t control his own driver.

  173. ladyred on
  174. I think the other owners gave RC a big 5-O. These owners are old time racers and that is the way they settled things not this modern way of rules and pet drivers. I am sure there were more than one owner that has wanted to do the same thing many times. RC is the one that finally had enough of this upstart that came into Nascar with a chip on his shoulder which has now turned into a boulder. You can tell who the KB fans are on here.
    And how do you propose KB get half of RC’s company? You think that wimp is going to do anything? He doesn’t have to, NASCAR will take care of it for him.

  175. Tom on
  176. I think Mike Helton is afraid of Kyle, I remember reading a book on Dale Jr. and Jr. did something wrong, minor, very minor and he got called to the trailer to listen to Mike Helton %$#^& about something that Dale Jr didn’t show up on time somewhere. But when it come to Kyle, Mike sort of backoff for some reason. Again, Joe Gibbs Racing need to do something. Why are they not sending Kyle to an anger management class? Is Joe becoming senile or something?

  177. ladyred on
  178. ’cause he’s a KB fan and can’t take the heat….

  179. Tom on
  180. It’s a shame no one had a camera or movie camera to record that fight of Richard and Kyle. I would be playing it over and over and over, lol.

    I’ll back up Richard C. anytime. He got what he needed. Wish I could have given him a kick in the pants.

  181. ladyred on
  182. Yes, what IS KB teaching kids that want to race.

  183. Angie on
  184. I think Kyle deserved it! He is a pompous a** and needs to be brought down a notch or two! He should have gotten it long ago!! I think that Richard should not be punished as it was well suited for the crime committed!! Kyle is a spoiled rotten little brat. I find it very hard to believe that him and his brother grew up in the same house, much less had the same parents. I have been a Dale Jr. fan ever since he started racing and I think that what Kyle did a few years ago on the last lap at the All Star Race was disgraceful and he has done dozen of things since that he has never been punished for! Way to go Richard Childress, my hero for knocking some sense in to that ruthless piece of Sh@*!!

  185. George on
  186. Wat to go R.C. To bad ypu only got 2 shot’s at him>>(maybe next time )

    i agree

  187. Linda Dean on
  188. I think Kyle needed a reality check. I am also proud of Richard for doing that someone needed too. 2 weeks ago he put the public in danger by going the speed he did and got away with it. If it had been an ordinary person we would have been locked up for awhile plus lost our license for alot longer.He thinks he is above everything. If he keeps these things up alot of people are going to want to kick his butt.

  189. shirley on
  190. I think Kyle Should have had Richard arrested…and NASCAR should come down hard on him……….since when is it ok to go around punching people for whatever reason….what would have happen if it were the other way around???????????..the only thing wrong with people is Kyle started winning races and the rest couldn’t keep up with him…..every time he did something to win someone would go whine to NASCAR and the rules would be changed……I like watching Kyle race he makes races exciting…….NASCAR has no one to blame but themselves as far as revenue…..people have gotten tired of the cookie cutter racing…..someone tries something new wins a race/champion n the rules are changed…..I can’t keep up with them how can the drivers……also the mc’s Kyle Petty and DW… are NOT suppose to pick specials they are suppose to mc the race not comment about any one driver but all of them….many races there are many I never hear about because they are either talking bad about a driver-Kyle or routing for a driver-Dale that can’t win……NASCAR has gotten to be a waste of time and this is why people quit going……oh by the way didnt’ they change the rules because of Jimmy winning the last 5 championships????? instead of the teams doing better they whine so NASCAR comes down to thier level….I would be ashamed…lastly I have always complemented on NASCAR as being a big enity that makes lots of money and jobs for the economy and places they go…..NASCAR teams prOvide lots of jobs as well…..

  191. Jack McCarthy on
  192. Give RC a metal, a automatic cup win, 500,00.00in cash and a gold ring

  193. chris on
  194. its about time somebody put busch in is p;ace

  195. Bill on
  196. If we could run time back to 2000 and before and Dale Sr., Bobby Allison or Cale Yarbrough would have broken Kyle of his antics on the racetrack. I think Kye is a good driver but he got his due from Richard. If Joe Gibbs doesn’t get a grip on Kyle, somebody’s going to do something really stupid one day. Big Mike has let too many things done by Kyle slide, now is the time to let the owners work it out, after all they’re paying the repair bills.

  197. stash on
  198. That ass whipping from Childress is something the Joe Gibbs should have done a long time ago. I think Gibbs should take responsibility for his piece of crap driver.

  199. Paul Wright on
  200. Kyle Bush should be banned,
    Richard did something that
    should have been done a
    long time ago. Good for
    Richard, have know him for a
    long time. Way to go R.C.

  201. Janice on
  202. I would like to punch him myself

  203. LINDA june 6 on
  204. i think R CHILDRESS was wrong and you people too 1 wrong dont make a right and any body that looked up to you as a MAN dont now it showed them you just like kyle BUT LIKE KYLD OR NOT HE IS A GREAT DRIVER AND HAS the balls to get it done am i saying he was right not at all but its up toNASCAR TO TAKE OF EVERYONE THERE NOT YOU CHILDRESS SORRY

  205. Rita Harrington on
  206. I dont know what punishment should be. not real severe I hope.kyle busch does alot of things nascar only gives him a slap on the hand for. he is a poor sport and likes to keep things going.all the things done to dale jr and the comments he has made about dale jr,nothings ever said,he needed his ass kicked by someone.needs to grow up.surprised kevin harvick hasnt done it. my hat off to Richard childress.

  207. ladyred on
  208. Childress would have been glad to have Jr. But, years ago Jr. told Ricky he would someday race for Hendricks and here he is. As Childress has said, he has the Earnhardts in his heart and wants the best for Jr. If that meant letting him go someplace else.

  209. Bob on
  210. There should be no penalty to Richard Childress as he should get a gold medal, I am proud of him. Kyle Bush should get the hell beat out of him. Why does Nascar protect that jerk, he can get away with anything. I wish he would be banned from racing before he kills some one.

  211. Bob on
  212. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Donna C. on
  214. He had it coming and I think he should have been whacked more.

  215. Rick on
  216. Yea Richard Childress. Now I hope they fine cry baby Busch for sticking his head and face in front of Childress’s fist

  217. SouthernGuy8503 on
  218. I know some people dn’t agree with Richard but I would only not agree if that incident between Kyle and one of Richard’s drivers was the 1st time. They have along history as a RCR and Kyle rivalry. After Kyle and Kevin’s little incident where Kyle pushed Kevin’s car into the pit wall Richard walked up to him and said to Kyle to not touch one of his cars again. Well I guess he didn’t take him seriously. I can just tell that Kyle is one of those people that a simple “talking to” doesn’t help, so maybe Kyle needed that. Funny though how it started at the truck race. Kyle was mad that the rookie raced him hard and that the rookie beat him. Like Kyle never races people hard?? It was at the end of the race to so what does he expect? I’ve said it plenty of times and I’ll have to say it plenty of other times that I respect Kyle as a driver but not as a person. Reason is because he has that mentality that it’s ok for him to do something but God forbid someone does the same thing to him. If he can’t take it then don’t dish it out. And if you disagree with me then I guess you’re a Kyle fan that can’t see reality.

  219. Donna on
  220. Let’s all open a Bottle
    of Childress Wine and toast
    to Richard! Job WELL DONE!

  221. Donna on
  222. Let’s all open a bottle of Childress Wine and give a toast to Richard! Bout’ time Kyle took other teams seriously! Job WELL DONE Richard!

  223. kdoy stewart on
  224. Cool..I have always noticed that when kyle is doing good,that he is arrogant and puts off a cocky influence. When he has trouble, it’s always everyone elses fault and he pouts like a baby…I wished childress would of knocked him into next month, and spanked him like a baby..If I had the chance, I would.. Thanks Richard, you done well..

  225. AZomah on
  226. I thought that the cry baby owns one of the trucks that was in the race. If he does would that not make Richard’s actions (which I applaud) owner to owner? As for the race that the cry baby took Jr. out in—-Jr. used aerodynamics and took him out the next week-end. When Jr. was interviewed after the race, his comment was, “ironic isn’t it. To me, that was the best Get Even move that has ever happened!

  227. BOBBIE on
  228. how much longer is nascar going to put up with the punk— he has ruined nascar for us—just the sound of his name makes me sick—richard chilress is a real man— f

  229. Mama Donia on

  231. Joe on
  232. EXACTLY RIGHT! What RC should’ve done, was sit down, put Kyle over his lap, and PADDLED the hell out of his ass. So many people in this generation have never been properly raised by their parents, and feel they can get away with anything.

  233. Diane D. on
  234. First of all , congratulations R.C. WELL DONE . Second thing if you really want to put KB in his place then the next time he wins don’t boo him… it does’nt bother him! just say nothing!!! And lets see how many fans he really has… Also wasn’t his brother Kurt punished by nascar or his sponsor for something he did off track a few years ago?

  235. Tom on
  236. Are we talking about the same Kyle? If all the drivers that had problems with Kyle have had Kyle arrested, he would be in prison by now. Also, Kyle should have been arrested when he push Kevin’s car out of the way and almost killed some people that were on pit row.

    What we are talking about here is the outcome of two grown men who had a disagreement and everyone like yourself is here trying to paint a wonderful picture of Kyle Busch who if he had at least half a brain doesn’t res[ect an older adult . The word he has to learn is RESPECT for others. He forgets there are other drivers and owners out there wohave not only the respectand demand the same. He will do just about anything to get attention Mom and Dad did not either demand or teach. NASCAR should rmember that KB is still on probation and still doen’t know how to behave like a proper adult.

  237. Carol on
  238. I say about damn time…go for it RC…Kevin Harvich should of been able to do the same thing but did you see how he floor broarded & got away before Kevin got him…he’s a coward…I wouldn’t be a bet surprised to hear that Kurt as they were growing up had to give in to him…Kyle Busch just think he is everything & can do anything & get away with it..Mr. Childress if I were able to do so I would pat you on the back & say “Well done”

  239. Kari McMacsterson on
  240. First off its not a lesson from Richard, loook at it this way if you or I warned someone we were going to take care of business one way or the other against someone, that is called pre-meditated harm against someone. So not only did we say it or sugget it to someone that we were going to hit, kill, punch, swing a bat it is the worst thing one can do. Questions would be, was Richard trying to kill him and come at him with force? Kyle could be put in to a coma or hurt his drivng hands if he would of punched back. Alot here that Kyle can win a case any day of the week outside the sport of Nascar. Nascar will have alot of questions to answer from attorneys.

    The problem is not that Kyle is an athlete and like most athletes they put 100% out there when they compete. Kyle’s temper is no different than us driving to work behind someone slow or trying to do our best at our job. To not take anything away from Richard, he is a good guy when he wants to be. The biggest issue is that now Richard is not the full owner of RCR, he has personal issues he is dealing with on and off the track amoung living behind the 3 legacy since Dale passed away. I would say it’s hard to spend that money too but thats a whole other discussion.

    For those out there that don’t know what that means it means an investment group similar to Waltrip, Petty have a partner who own them outright and the name on the building is not necessarly the owner but a licensed program.

    Richard is supposed to be a top tier minority owner the share holders of RCR are shaking their heads, mentor to kids in a professional sport where he is looked up to a father figure to a select few drivers and not sure any now.
    At the end of the day you don’t physically put your hands on anyone. In this case Kyle did not provoke Richard directly and what had taken place on the playing field/race track is between the two drivers not the team owner.

    Kyle has the right to file a law suit against Richard outside the Sport of Nascar Gross Negligence, battery claim.
    Richard has alot to loose and should be a professional Owner in the sport he has been a part of so long.

    Your 65, let your hair become grey, you have alot of crew guys and drivers that look up to you, stop chassing little girls, take a number of people you have off your payroll in front office and pay attention to your home life and your great wife you have. No more face lifts please your getting creepy.
    Take a year off from going to the track.

    Cheers to Childress wine where sponsorship dollars paid for it!

    See you trackside ;)

  241. gene behrens on
  242. not a thing since kyle did not get punished for speeding anyone else woulda been in jail and car impounded… congrats richard you did what the iredell countysherriff refused to do… have at it boys

  243. Tim Nolan on
  244. As a current Police Officer, the fact of the matter is that your looking away from the facts. has nothing to do with a drivers license or him getting a speeding ticket in mooresville, that’s what a good attorney and $$$ does keeps you out of jail! He will pay his fine loose his license for 30 days and he will pay for what he did accordingly. As well as a large donation to a police foundation.

    The point is that Richard had thought about reacting to Kyle in bodly harm and that is what Richard did. Case and point Richard will be at fault, trust me Kyle is a pain but Richard is a team owner of a coporation who has large corporate funding that they represent day in and day out.
    Your attitude Gene belongs in UFC, WWF, Boxing
    There are way to many teams that would represent a sponsor better than RCR.
    Keep it on the race track between the drivers not a team Owner after the race or in public.
    150,000 thats it for Richard????
    Richard should be kicked out of all Nascar tracks for the entire 2011 season.

  245. Mare on
  246. The more people talk about Kyle-good or bad- the more he likes the attention. The best way to handle him is to NOT MENTION HIS NAME ANYWHERE. That gets his goat more than the negative remarks. He is an attention getter and will always want the attention, so one of you mentioned to not boo him, just don’t say anything and let him listen to the silence.

  247. Dawn on
  248. You said it!
    Kyle need his ASS KICKED!

  249. Dawn on
  250. It put a smile on my face as well!

  251. Dawn on
  252. Yes! A really BIG trophy! Thank you RC!!!!!

  253. Dawn on
  254. Oh I totally Agree

  255. Shara Livingston on
  256. Its not that people are talking about Kyle, he is what he is. I would like to see more of an example of RCR Richard Childress being kicked out of the sport for a year. Richard is a disgrace to the team owners and being a professional corporate business man. Let’s start wearing slacks to the track and not jeans Richard. You make enough money to dress right around corporate clients. Heck pay someone to style you.

    I would much rather hear Stewart, Jr, Vickers, doing well as drivers in 2011. All in all its keeping Nascar on the map and NFL off the radar these days.

    Atleast we are beating up wives or girlfriends like other professional sports.

  257. Dave Crump on
  258. I agree with Kari on this even though i can’t stand Kyle. Richard is way wrong with this

  259. Mike on
  260. WAY TO GO !!!! Richard Childress, YOU are the MAN… It’s too bad it took too long for somebody to clean his clock. Maybe the idiot will think twice before he intentionally uses his front bumper as a battering ram again. As for Mike Helton and NASCAR put yourself in Mr. Childress’s shoes, would you all like for Busch or anyone else for that matter intentionally destroying your million dollar race car/truck? Hmmm.

  261. Mike on
  262. No disrespect Ms. Livingston but Nascar racing is a male dominated sport afterall and slacks would just make the owners look sissified. I think jeans are approriate dress for racing. Furthermore would you want to ruin a pair of 200.00 slacks or a 45.00 pair of jeans each and every weekend.

    It just so happens. race fan, this is not about Jr, it is about KB and RC. so leave Jr out of this one.

  263. Cindy Crump on
  264. Mike, its called Jcpenny and Target,Wal-Mart- $20.00 you can buy slacks there. A man that dresses like a hillbilly is a hillbilly. Its called dress the part. If your going to a sports event, concert and in the stands yes jeans all day. Richard is the face of the company, think about it alittle more. That is unless you have never worked in corporate???

    On another note
    So your saying your against gays in sports and you should just say military?
    It’s 2011 hope your not a racist Mike.
    People wear slacks every day even in hot weather.Military,Police, Retail. Better have a better choice of words before you open your mouth and gets you in trouble, before you are filed in the state with a libel and/or violate various other laws Mike.
    Stay Racing!

  265. Keith Moterson on
  266. Mike sorry but she is right, trust me I wear jeans everyday but if I had to wear slacks I would. All about perception when your a CEO and President. If I was a client of RCR company and they were out there representing multi million dollars. Just something to think about.
    Its a corporate world, not short tracks or late model series like I race on weekends.

  267. tommy komar on
  268. Richard is wrong for doing this even thought Kyle is a tool.
    I see law suit for Richard, anyone else would lin this world for getting attacked.Richard even told press he would do it. So if one of us did it to richard or a person we know we would be in Jail.

  269. tommy komar on
  270. yes thats what they get paid to do. win to the best of their ability, but to go at a driver after a race in public, Richard is lucky he did not have a heart attack and die on the spot. We should of taken the gold he wears and sold it for cash for gold, LOL
    wwe could all afford to go to the rest of the races all year.

  271. tiffany smithgar on
  272. agree richard is not right here, should be banned from Nascar for one year. He is an owner and president of RCR, not a driver what the drivers do on the track is their own deal.

  273. ladyred on
  274. Who’s a hillbilly?

  275. Carroll on
  276. Shirley I disagree with most of your comments in your comment. However I agree DW and K Petty only encurage the juvenile behavior of Kyle Bush

  277. J.R. on
  278. NASCAR has fined RC $150000

  279. Mama Donia on

  281. candi on
  282. Go Pichard about somebody stood up to the baby if the punish any body it should be the baby

  283. Mama Donia on

  285. candi on
  286. Go Pichard the baby needed a lesson taught to him Don’t punish Richard punish beby kyle for getting in his way

  287. Diane D. on
  288. What the hell does R.C wearing jeans to the track have to do with any of this?? (and by the way what are you Ms Livingston , the fashion police???

  289. Mike on
  290. Ms. Crump, how in the world did you extropolate gays, the military, so on and so forth out of my comment on what would seem to be appropriate and proper attire for a race team owner. Hell who cares what Mr. Childress wears, be it slacks or jeans. I personally think that unless he is wearing a particular corporate sponsors logo or uniform, then he is somewhat in incognito, therefor the average Joe may or may not know who he is representing. That decision should be left up to the team owner and the sponsors. I grew up around race tracks and I have been to a large number of Nascar races, and trust me no-one there is interested in what you are wearing, with the exception of what number is on your shirt and, all that does is show who your favorite driver is and it creates a little old fashioned fun atmosphere. If you know anything about NASCAR and it’s beginnings then you would know that good ole boys prefer jeans. Another thing I am not racist, a bigot, nor prejudicial. Sounds like you may be though by referring to someone as a hill-billy. Please don’t put words into my mouth, I like everyone unless they do something to me personally and give me reason not to like them and I never lump any one particular individual into a specific category. I just call it like I see it and Busch is an IDIOT !!!

  291. SouthernGuy8503 on
  292. Ok then Kyle should have been arrested for driving 128 in a 45 mph zone endangering not only himself and his wife but familes and kids all around just because he couldn’t control himself. At least nobody could have gotten hurt from what Richard did.

  293. Len on
  294. I can’t stand KyBu since even before he started winning (didn’t win anything this weekend though!) races, Where did he come from anyways? I love M&M’s but quit buying them because everytime I look at the package, I feel ill. I wish they had the RC & KyBu incident on tape so we could watch it over & over. I still like to look up on Youtube the day Steve Wallace grabbed KyBu’s helmet. I hope KyBu ends up losing his license from the speeding ticket and NASCAR won’t let him drive. What a dweeb.

  295. Denise on
  296. SG…I agree with you 100% …KB is an idiot!!!

  297. RJ on
  298. I know Mr Childress doesn’t need help financially, but it would be a cool gesture if everyone who appreciates his thumping on the 18 driver, went out and bought a bottle of RC’s wine to show some support and contribute a little something to pay his NASCAR fine. I don’t know if they sell his wine here in Jersey, but I’m gona go and do some looking around. Thanks Mr Childress.

  299. sharon on
  300. HAHAHAHA…………….. the other owners (who have probably lost millions due to KB driving ) were probably cheering Richard on!!! about time someone pulled a “jimmy spencer” on kyle, did his brother a whole lot of good!!!

  301. sharon on
  302. God knows it wasnt a congratulatory donut

  303. sharon on
  304. we all know he will get a slap on the wrist like every other “celebrity” caught doing wrong……………. put let us unknown little ppl get caught doing that and we would definitely be calling someone to bail us out!!!

  305. sharon on
  306. nope kyle will just put the s**t-eating grin on his face and deny all responsibility, jeeez i’m really disappointed I didnt get to see it!!! siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…………….. anybody know if there is a video floating around on the internet somewhere???

  307. sharon on
  308. kurt had the same attitude when he landed on the Nascar scene, and operated in the same manner as kyle til jimmy spenser gave kurt an “attitude Adjustment!!!” so the bad manners seems to run in the family.

  309. Danny on
  310. Yeah, Kyle’s dad should’ve given some type of self defense classes, bet Kyle will get some now. He will learn from this. Richard did him a big favor. Wait and see what happens next time someone touches Kyle. He will thank Richard for this. I am a big “ROWDY” Fan. Mr. Childress is one person I have the upmost respect for and still do, Kyle will learn from this. “Thanks” Richard. Better you than anybody else.

  311. sharon on
  312. seems like if kyle was a gracious winner he wouldnt be booed so much, but when his attitude is get the hell outta my way or into the wall you go, doesnt say much for him does it? he thought he was Gods answer to racing and still, with all the “maturity” those stupid commentators say hes developed he throws his little hissy fits if he doesnt get his way! and you watch out for that that guy dale” who you say cant win cause hes leading that punk ass your defending! besides its NOT about Dale, whose Daddy taught him the proper respect for the sport!! its called respect for every driver out there not just yourself. and you goooooooooooooo richard!!!! dumbass was warned to stay away from RCR equipment, and since we know it wasnt a congatulatory “donut” on the car, dumbass finally went over the line and got what he deserved!

  313. sharon on
  314. one wrong????? have you seen the destruction to RCR equipment lately???? would be different if he wasnt warned and then he just let his punkass go for it anyways. yea we’ve seen how Nascar “takes care of the little punk” he may be a great driver and i’m sure his charitible foundation does a lot of good, BUT that doesnt give him the right to be an arrogant punk and disrespect every other driver out there!!! Looks like Richard just got tired of telling kyle to stay away from his drivers especially after the race is over!! maybe if he cleaned out those big old ears of his and listened he wouldnt have got his long deserved “attitude adjustment”!

  315. sharon on
  316. no kurt wasnt fined or anything, he just got an attitude adjustment when he decided to taunt jimmy spenser and jimmy punched him in the nose lol. jimmy was fined and had to sit out the next race! but kurt did learn to respect the other drivers after that……………..

  317. sharon on
  318. oh yeah and im sure all the investors and sponsers are overjoyed with the MILLIONS of $$$ that kb has cost them!!! with all the wrecked vehicles, any sensible person would back off if they are warned……………. OMG i forgot we’re talking about KB!!! what the Hell was I thinking……………

  319. sharon on
  320. wasnt kyle driving his own truck? therefor it makes him an owner also………………..

  321. AZomah on
  322. Hate to ask a stupid question RJ, but what is the name on the label, I will look for it here in AZ!

  323. racefan on
  324. Childress must hit like a girl. He didn’t leave one mark. All he managd to do was act like a child. Now he can pay like an adult. HAHAHAHAHA

  325. Peggy on
  326. If Stewart has to go to classes,why not Kyle,he doesn’t own the tract.
    Go Childress about time someone to up the case of Bush since it
    looks like Nascar let’s him get away with toooooooooo much.
    In the end he will hurt racing for everyone,if this had been anyone
    else I wonder how it would have been handled.

  327. Jeff Rubalcaba on
  328. This is to Shirley, Suck it up and get over it Kyle is a cocky ass. He needed to be punched out, it was about time someone Bitch slapped that punk, WAY TO GO RICHARD. Kyle has gotten away with a lot and every car he wrecked cost a lot of MONEY to fix, so he deserved the Punching.

  329. Jeff Rubalcaba on
  330. Get over it he hit him in the head. You are just upset you must be a kyle Bitch fan he deserved to be bitch slapped. Way to go Richard, hahahahaha your driver was was Bitch Slapped in front of a lot of people too funny………………

  331. Debbie on
  332. Nascar needs to listen to the fans & quit babying kyle. And joe Gibbs is suppose to be a christian, then why does he put up with kyles crap? Get rid of him. Nascar needs to be fair & do to kyle what they do to everyone else. it’s not fair for one & not the rest. Maybe someone needs to beat the crap out of the nascar officials & smarten them up. What a bunch of losers !!!

  333. connie on
  334. Shirley you really need to get a life. Kyle Bush got just what he deserved. He should have gotten alot more just for being an ASS. You obviouslty don’t keep up with the sport.

  335. Debbie on
  336. You obviously are a crybaby like Kyle Busch. Leave JR out of this. he is more of a man than kyle could ever think of being.

  337. Jim Cowan on
  338. I believe that Richard must have weighed the cost of the fine compared to the cost of bent metal and “dnf’s” before he did this.

    If Mr. Busch thinks this one through and acts appropriately, it will save every owner a lot of money in the long run. Mr. Bush’s wild driving and outright malicious bumping at the wrong time was about to hurt someone.

    Joe Gibbs’ Christian way of life must have been tested many times because he is the man who ultimately controls the throttle and steering wheel of that car. He could have stopped Bush a long time before it came to fisticuffs.

    Thanks to Richard Childress and I hope that Rowdy and Joe Gibbs have learned something from this. Maybe Joe will even kick into the fund to help pay Richard’s fine.


  339. Debbie on
  340. You are an idiot & a crybaby like Busch. . You need help if you condone kyles actions

  341. ladyred on
  342. So, Shirley is upset. If you are so disgusted with racing why are you watching? Surely you have a remote. And why bother coming on here, as you can see, you are one of a very few that will defend KB. If all of this upsets you so, take up knitting or something and forget about NASCAR. You will never convince the 99% that Kyle can do no wrong. He made his bed when he came in thinking he was God’s gift to NASCAR.

    Finally someone put Cryle Bush in his place!!!! Leave it it RC to do it. Crylel has no respect for old school and needed to be taught a lesson and trust me if NASCAR wants to raise revenues just let someone pound the crap out of cryle every week and you’d see ratings soar.@ Shirley sorry one of the reasons NASCAR is loosing viewers is because the MCs do nothing but praise cryle.90% or more of the fans out there can’t stand him and are tired of hearing the mcs talk about him. He isn’t good he’s careless and arrogant and finally got what he deserved. NASCAR should thank RC not punish him.

  343. ladyred on
  344. The dress code went out the window years ago. Walk into any store, office, place of business, and see how workers are dressed. I don’t always agree with their choice but that is their perogative. As for Richard, I think he always looks neat in his white shirt, belted jeans, (probably Jr’s Wranglers). Do kaki’s violate the dress code? The days of coat and tie are almost gone except for the top guys. My banker wears an open necked shirt and pressed jeans. Guess he is a hillbilly banker…..Also, am sure Richard would have paid a million dollars just for the satisfaction of hitting Kyle. The MC’s talk about Kyle ALL OF THE TIME….when he is up front and winning, the rest of the drivers are not mentioned at all. All I can see that KB is great at is wrecking other drivers and causing problems for everyone.

  345. Dean on
  346. do you let your kids watch wwe?
    same thing

    Peggy you hit the nail on the head I could not have said it better Nascar car should have invoked the probation rule on Kyle but he must be there latest fair haired child again!

  347. Dean on
  348. i think cryle should be banned for 2011, not richard

  349. Shelley on
  350. Hey Shirley, if KryBaby would not have wrecked into the #22 on the “cool down” lap,….then he would not have gotten the krap kicked out of him. KryBaby is a spoiled little brat that needs his ass kicked. He was just mad because the #22 pasted him and KryBaby didn;t get a good enough finish. KryBaby should be penalized more and not allowed to race in the Cup,Nationwide or Truck series for at least the rest of this year. He had no right to wreck into the #22. RC had all the right to kick KryBaby’s ass….actually he deserved more.

  351. Diane on
  352. ok shirley so you think its ok for Kyle to go around and bumping and hitting people and even calling Childress “old man” and have nothing done to him?
    He has gotten away with alot of stuff so its about time he grows up and get the
    same treatment anyone else gets.

  353. shirley on
  354. The only thing I didn’t say before was I sometimes don’t think the mc’s are watching the same race I am…..I think Richard got off easy because if it had been the other way around it would be along time before Kyle saw a race track again if ever….

  355. Rita Hawkins on
  356. I agree. Way to go RC. The jerk needs to be put in his place.

  357. Mavis on
  358. As fir the announcers it seems to us that all they can talk about is Kyle Busch and how he wins and can drive anything. I remember when he could hardly be in a rae without wrecking and he has no respect for other peoples assets, Maybe if he was made to pay for everything he wrecks away from the race he would smarten up, Just one difference betwwen Dale Jr and Kyle, Jr doesn’t like to wrcek hiw owners erquipment and although he brushes the wall occasionally his cars are usually in pretty good shape. I could name many differences between Kyle and Jr. We just get tired of hearing how good he is when there are so many other drivers that deserve that recognition. Excuse the spelling mistakes as I am unable to see what I am writing.

  359. john on
  360. Kyle’s supporters must be as immature and desresptful as he is to other drivers. Go ahead on Richard.

  361. AZomah on
  362. I guess that the majority of us were raised wrong and raised our children wrong. According to some it is okay to destroy other peoples property and put people lives in danger by driving in a wreckless manner. Oh well, live and learn.

  363. Ken on
  364. The only thing wrong with Childress is that a wet behind the ears kid is making monkeys out of his bunch. Chidressn tried to recruit Kyle when Hendick dumped him and Kyle went to Gibbs instead. Good move. Kyle is anyplace from 7-15 years younger than Childress drivers and he has moe wins than any of them. Harvick tried to wreck Kyle and instead got his own team mate wrecked and that really pissed them off. Don’t worry, Kyle can take car of himselve on the race track . He tears up less equipment than Childess’s bunch of hacks and wins more too. It’s jealousy and resentment because they have to knoiw that there’s not a drive in the Childress barn that can hold a candle to Kyle busch on the racetrack…

  365. sharon on
  366. they probably did lol!

  367. Mama Donia on
  368. Amen Debbie!!!!! I just read Jeff Hammonds report on “bleacher report” about Kyle and RC, maybe Shirley should read it too. The car owners are getting tired of Kyle tearing up their equipment because he thinks he is superior to the other kids, this is not the first time Kyle has done something to RC’s drivers and other drivers as well, Kyle has got to learn one way of another that there are other drivers that has as much right to racing as he does, and they don’t need to move over and kiss Kyle’s rear end. I take nothing from Kyle’s driving skills but he is truly a “SMART ASS BRAT”. If Mike Helton and Nascar don’t do something then I don’t blame Richard Childress and other owners for doing what they have to in order to look after their drivers and equipment.

  369. ladyred on
  370. Which is what should have happened.

  371. sharon on
  372. I agree with you, if Richard wasnt a hands on kind of owner I could see him wearing suits! but I’m guessing that Versace or Guicci dont mix well with the grease in the garage or on pit road lol as for the mc’s I actually cringed when they mention my driver…………. cause it seems like everytime they say his name something bad happens to him! given that there are still 41 other drivers to talk about!!!

  373. sharon on
  374. richard got the equivolent of what the drivers get when they mess up, a slap on the hand, which is how it should have been. and when someone “warns” me NOT to mess around with their stuff, believe I would have listened, since KB didnt clean out those big old ears and do that, he paid the consequences, my only regret is that it took soooooooooo long to happen!!! goooooooo richard!!!

  375. jon annis on
  376. though richard took the wrong approach if Kyle Busch wasnt such a bitch and a cheater and has to wreck guys to get a win then in my book he deserves his little ass kicked

  377. Shirley B on
  378. It’s about damn time someone taught Kyle Busch that he is not God, I wanted Kevin to punch him so bad but what did the baby do he had to run away buy wricking Kevins car but that was ok, o sure put him on probation big deal, he show what he could do he went out and got a speeding that was ok now has anyone ever notice when the race is on how much the anouncers talk about what Kyle is doing, or where he’s at on the track, they seem to forget all about the other drivers, some races I get to the point where I could care less if i see them cause all you ever hear about is KYLE, well I said my piece, I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW I’M 69 AND IT FELT GOOD TO SEE A SENIOR CITIZEN KICK HIS ASS.

  379. Mama Donia on
  380. AMEN, ladyred!!!! AND Shirley can leave Dale Jr. out of it. Jr. is the cleanest driver out there and he doesn’t tear up his equipment or he doesn’t get out there and think he’s GOD and tear up other drivers equipment, like KB does!!!!!!!!!!

  381. Mama Donia on
  382. AMEN< AMEN< AMEN!!!!!! Shirley B, I am also 69 and loved it when RC kicked butt, it was great to see, RC still had it.. I also agree that RC always looks nice and neat every week in his ironed whit shirt and jeans. I think he dresses very nicely for racing!!!!!!!!!!

  383. KEN B. on
  384. I Believe That Nascar Should Immediately Enroll Richard Childress In A Gym “At Nascar’s Expence” To Get Back In Fighting Shape, So He Can Get The Job Done In One Punch Instead A Punch And A Headlock.

    I was not aware of this, thanks for the reply, and I am glad R.C. put K.B. in his place, to bad about it cost him a big fine.

  385. Marcia Robertson on
  386. These letters should be forwarded on to NASCAR, let them know how we all feel about the little twerp. Another idea, send copy to Kyle himself.

  387. AZomah on
  388. I’m 70 6/19. Think RC would want to hire us as body guards? LOL.

  389. AZomah on
  390. Marcia, he won’t care. All he would do is laugh because he got so much attention.

  391. ladyred on
  392. Spencer on Race Hub tonite showed all the cars KB has wrecked in the last 2 years. The proof is in the pudding!
    No one can say he hasn’t done it when they have it on tape. But, he got nothing as was expected. I’m sure Richard will be smiling when he writes out that check.
    The other owners probably kicked in to help him.

  393. racefan on
  394. He’s not my driver. Stewart is. I just admit it when a driver is good and when one isn’t. Too bad the only way Richard Childress can beat Kyle is in a fight. Kyle owns him on the track! HAHAHAHA

  395. racefan on
  396. He (Jr.) doesn’t win either.

  397. ladyred on
  398. Because he wrecks them all to get up front.

  399. Sandra on
  400. People you are not aware of really WHY Richard Childress got fined a huge amount.
    #1 Delana, Kevin, Richard, Samantha and Kyle were all coming from the garage after the race and heading to their motor coach for the evening.
    Richard Childress went behind Kyle Busch and grabbed Samantha got of the way to get to Kyle.
    Richard better hope Samantha is not bruised, and be glad Kyle was on probation. Richard also better hope Samantha does not press charges. That is the reason Mike Helton said more than once there has not been a police report yet.
    Richard Childress said his emotions got in the way. It is also good thing Dale Earnhardt Sr was not a live because I promise Dale Earnhardt would pull Richard Childress by the ear to Samantha and made Richard tell her he was sorry.
    Another thing people Thank God for Delana and Kevin Harvick being there. Delana ran to Samantha to make sure she was o.k. and both Kevin and Delana Harvick are not happy the way Richard went about this deal. Richard should NEVER lay a finger on Samantha. So before everyone is happy with Richard how would you feel if Richard did that to your spouse.
    Another thing everyone complains about Kyle Busch not fighting, laughing it off and so forth. Kyle Busch is looking at the big picture he has children who loves him, and fans of all ages. Kyle Busch wants Rowdy Busch to go away and be called Kyle.
    People forget also when Dale Earnhardt Sr, Darrell Waltrip, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Davey Allison and others when they were Kyle’s age how much of a hot headed they were. Kyle Busch is a great driver and also Richard Childress in my opinion did what he did where Kyle Busch IF he hit back NASCAR would of taken points away from Kyle. Kyle is smarter than people give that young man credit.
    GO! Kyle Busch. My husband, Terry and I will cheer you all the way to victory lane.

  401. SouthernGuy8503 on
  402. And where did you see that Richard grabbed Samantha to get her out of the way? Because I have yet seen where he did that. Oh and you do realize that Kevin wasn’t at the truck race, he was in Chicago for the Nationwide race and KEvin also said he was just hearing about it Sunday morning. So right there either you’re lying or whoever told you about it is lying since obviosuly Kevin wasn’t there which also means Delana wasn’t there since she usually goes where Kevin goes. Plus do you really think Kevin and Delana would walk even near Kyle and Samantha? Nope not at all unless they seriously had to. Nice try but no cigar since Kevin wasn’t even there and didn’t even hear about it until Sunday morning.

  403. ladyred on
  404. What a fairy tale! Kevin should get a good laugh out of this one!
    It WOULD be hard to be in two places at one time doncha think?

  405. Ginni on
  406. I agree !!! Richard asked Kyle not to wreck his equiptment. Enough is enough and someone needs to teach Kyle a lesson. Nascar should hace also punished Kyle for his antics after the race.
    If I had money, I would pay the fine for Richard.

  407. wesley on
  408. i think kyle busch is a jerk and need to be suspended from ever racing in any nascar race . richard did what he had to do to keep . does kyle busch pay nascar off to do the things that he does and gets away with it? like i said kyle busch is a jerk and does need to be suspened from nascar period.

  409. Corky Adams on
  410. Rick Hendricks deserves an award.
    Kyle wants to act like a baby tret him like one, spank the little baby next time!

  411. pam b on
  412. First of all Shirley, you need to learn how to spell. Kyle Busch will never change. Hwill always be the same jerk he always was.

  413. mary on
  414. amen

  415. Jeff on
  416. Childress just did what any man would want to do to the crybaby. He got what he deserved.

  417. Tami on
  418. To the mad fan of Kyle Bush if you must know he is mentally unstable he needs some help he needs to lose his sponser there stupid for keeping him and Gibbs is know better for keeping him

  419. Carol on
  420. Also add to that a standing ovation Jack!

  421. Carol on
  422. Shirley? Are you Kyle’s mom?
    Sounds like it. Kyle wasn’t taught
    as a child to take responsiblity for
    his actions. They are the ones
    as Adults that also don’t
    take resp for their own actions.

  423. Sharon on
  424. Kyle got just what he deserved and should have been more. Kyle, at some point has caused more accidents, on purpose no less, with just about every driver on the race tracks. He is a smart ass, big mouth trouble maker. I would like to see him go at it, with Harvick and Montoya, the other two dirty drivers. These three drivers are the biggest hot heads, and of course they never do nothing wrong, its always the other guy. Well, My only wish, was I would have liked to see Richard Childress whip Kyle’s ass, I wouldn’t have stopped it. I say GOOD JOB RICHARD CHILDRESS………

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