Kevin Harvick and Earnhardt’s Legacy

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Chris Jenkins over at ThatsRacin wrote an interesting story about Kevin Harvick’s push to carry on Dale Earnhardt’s legacy as he has a legitimate shot to win a 7th Cup Championship for Richard Childress Racing on Sunday.

Harvick now admits that he wasn’t comfortable at first driving what everyone knew was a re-painted Dale Earnhardt race car that would forever be a Black No. 3 in the hearts of Dale’s fans.

“I embraced it zero in the beginning,” Harvick said Thursday, as drivers prepared for Sunday’s Sprint Cup season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. “I wanted to change the color of the car, I wanted new sponsors. If he wore a white suit, I wanted a black suit. I wanted zero to do with it.”

Today Kevin Harvick feels a little different. Read the full story then come back here and tell us what you think.




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  1. AZomah on
  2. That is a side of Kevin Harvick I did not know about. I am not going to stop cheering on Jr., but I would like to see the trophy go to Richard Childress. He did help Jr. honor Big E. I won’t soon forget how happy everyone was when Jr. won in July. I hope this story helps more people understand why Jr. will not drive the #3 again. Of course, I would like to see Jr. win this Sunday, that would really stir up the pot and we Jr. fans – maybe I better not say anymore. Some of you know exactly what I am thinking. Do what you can with what you have Jr. and take care.

    You see how this effected Kevin, now you know why Jr. can’t drive that #3. Have you ever noticed on your keyboard while typing your comments that the number key also is the 3 key? You see it every day….Just a thought.

    I have always also pulled for RCR because of the legacy. I never really gave it much thought about Kevin driving for Richard and what could be going on in their minds. I have a new appreciation for Kevin, he has done Dale Sr. proud in my mind, and I will be willing to bet Dale Sr. if he were here would grab Kevin by the back of his neck and say “drive the wheels off of that car boy!” You know…that is exactly what he has been doing. Good luck Kevin.

  3. BethF on
  4. Kevin Harvick had such a weight put on him that would have killed some of the current other drivers. And yes I am glad to read that he finally can understand the fans’ side of things. I have been praying for Harvick to win the championship because they DESERVE it! Their team has been working toward this trophy ALL season long, not racing enough just to make the chase but for consistent top finishes ALL the way through. BUT, not just the 29 team but ALL of RCR. Every one there from the drivers, builders, fabricators, office staff, and even the cleaning crew deserve the championship. Their team effort in Welcome,NC is the best it has been in a very long time and that trophy should already be there for all to see!!!

  5. goldie on
  6. I have always believed that Keven would one day become comfortable driving Dale Sr’s car and the time is now, with his experience and shown capability, he can surely win this championship. Being one of the best, if not the best today, he has shown his driving abilities, coming from the rear, being able to pass, and making moves that fans really enjoy. Good luck tomorrow, Kevin, we’re pulling for you.

    I have and always ben and will always be a dale sr tore me up 2/18/2001.Just like it did others .I at the time I did not want to see anyone driving the #3 rcr car but jr. But it had to be done so richard and kevin made a decision And boy I bet it was tough for kevin not knowing how the fans would react just driving that repainted car and I know richard was just tore all up with dale gone and not being able to think of racing at all. So kevin when you won that race in atlanta it was the best thing for RCR you and the fans you truly made all of us sr fans feel good ( and i bet it made dale proud ). Dam I get choked up just writing this .. Anyway’ kevin you go out and win this championship For yourself, richard, dale, and us fans. Ps : there are times when i see you drive from the back to the front within 2-4 laps it reminds me of someone and makes me wonder if maybe you have a copilot…..

  7. REGAN on

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