Joey Logano Knew What He was Doing

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Joey Logano knew what he was doing when he refused to lift his foot off the gas pedal on the final turn of the final lap in Sunday’s Auto Club 400 At California Speedway. Logano knew that contact with Denny Hamlin’s No. 11 Toyota was inevitable.

However, Logano did not intentionally wreck Hamlin. Logano simply knew what any smart racer knows. 8 wheels turn better than 4. Logano knew that if he could make the turn he had a shot at winning the race. It was just hard racing, pure and simple.

Denny Hamlin knew what he was doing, too. With 2 laps to go Hamlin, then running 2nd to Logano, knew that if he could get Logano’s car a little sideways he could get past. And that is exactly what Hamlin did, giving Logano a shot to the rear bumper and making a pass for the lead.

Logano also knew what he was doing on the final re-start when he took Tony Stewart’s No. 14 Chevrolet to the apron to prevent Stewart and the rest of the field from passing. Again, that was just hard racing. No one did anything wrong.

Sure, Stewart was upset about it. But it’s not like he has never blocked anyone. Just look at Talladega last year when Tony Stewart’s late race attempt to block took out half the field. When it comes to blocking Stewart is the best in the business according to Logano’s team owner Roger Penske.

Logano didn’t intend for Hamlin to wind up in the hospital with a broken back. But he might have backed off a little if he didn’t feel like Hamlin had one coming after last week’s dust-up at Bristol.

In the heat of the battle both drivers forgot about 3rd place driver Kyle Busch who passed both drivers for the win. With Hamlin and Logano slowing each other down Busch would have made the pass even if the wreck had not occurred.

What is your take on all this? Did Logano cross the line, or was it just racing?




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  1. June patton on
  2. So sorry for dennys misfortune ,it’s all in the game of racing.all in all it was a great race. My best wishes for denny’s recovery. Wish it had been Jr.winning the race,we love Jr!!!

  3. Margaret branch on
  4. I think Joey lagono was just Raceing a little too hard and he should at lease tell Hamlin he sorry. And Tony should have a lostt of diver points for is mad mouth know oneshould talk like tharkknow

    If it had been Junior or Danica or some others who had done this, no one would be as upset (except maybe Tony).

  5. Dee Kilpatrick on
  6. Loud mouth Tony. Just take a glance back and see all the wrecks he has caused by blocking or just forcing his way in front.
    What goes around comes around Loud Mouth Tony…..

    Keep your foot on the gas and your mouth shut.

  7. Rick on
  8. Your right when you say Logano knew what he was doing, but it sure as hell ain’t what you said. He drove right up into him with the intention of wrecking him. Did you watch the slow motion reply??? Oh, he will get his by any number of other drivers. You see, Joey White Bread Logano, ain’t so well liked in the garage.

  9. Mama Donia on
  10. Both drivers were angry with each other, there was no-way either one was gonna lift. I saw it coming, as I’m sure all of you did. Personally I don’t like either driver, but I am sorry for Denny getting hurt. I don’t like for anyone to get injured. As far as Tony Stewart, I like Tony, but not as much as I did after he smarted off a few years ago about Jr., but Tony should have stayed in his place and kept his mouth shut, he has done the same thing, causing a lot more damage than what happened Sunday!!!!!

  11. Rob on
  12. Lagano was racing for a win. Like so many others in the past and present. It made for a great finish. Unfortunately it caused Hamlin to be injured. It’s car racing. It’s a dangerous sport. I hope Hamlin gets better soon. His 11 car is always good to watch.

    Tony Stewart has to learn when to speak/fight and pick his battles. Again, Lagano was racing to win.

    Love this sport. Made it to LVMS for a good race…..not a great one like Fontana.

  13. Rob on
  14. Seond thought.

    Or is Tony a marketing genius making headlines for himself and his team.

    Also, couldn’t get near Danica Patrick’s souvenir trailer at LVMS.

    Just my opinion……I could be wrong.

  15. Mavis on
  16. I am not a fan of any of those drivers but the way I saw it, it was just racing. It was a drive for the win. Is it possible that Kyle Busch provided a bit of side draft that caused the cars to change directions a bit. I don’t think it was intentional. As for the block on Tony he blocks all the time but thinks he owns the track so nobody had better block him. After all, his blocking caused the accident that caused Dale Jr to be out for two races last year. I have absolutely no sympathy for him.
    Go Dale ! Great race!

    My Favorite has always been, and still is “JR.”…..but as far as I’m concerned, Joey Lagano over stepped his bounds !…..And I would have been the first person to visit the hospital and make a sincere apology ! I understand “Racing to win”….I also understand that Winning isn’t everything !…..Everyone coming home safe is all important no matter what else goes on !

  17. Mick on
  18. NASCAR drivers have been wrecking at the end of races since their very first event. That’s no big deal. My question is – why, after so many drivers have SLAMMED into that wall, was it not given a soft barrier? If a driver can hit any wall at 150-200 mph, stick some Styrofoam up there! Joey and Denny did cause the crash, but Denny’s injuries are certainly not 100% Joey’s fault. I didn’t appreciate Joey’s immature sideways comment about Denny getting what he deserved at his post interview. At least shut your young mouth until you know the other driver is ok! Denny could have been killed in that violent a head on – how would kid feel then? Personally – running me off the track would be one thing, but – for his lame comment alone, I’d be looking to kick his a$$. Grow up kid.

  19. KD on
  20. Joey knew it would cause an accident in his interview he was a total jerk he knew Denny went to the hospital, all of the other drivers except for high and mighty Joey messaged and called Denny wishing him a speedy recovery. JOEY DID NOT contact Denny that just tells me that he didn’t care and knew full well he was going to wreck him. He said he did what he had to do to win and he got his just desserts after the race when Tony hit in the head and all he could do was throw a punch in the wind and a water bottle. Rick I agree with you 10,0000 %

  21. KD on
  22. Patrick you are so right! all the other drivers made sure they had talked to Denny to make sure he was okay. Does anyone know Joey DID NOT attempt to make sure Denny was okay. In the interview after the race he did not even ask or say I hope Denny is okay and as of today has not even asked about him. I do not like the 48 or the 2 but, I bet anything they were among the drivers asking and contacting Denny to make sure he was alright.

  23. wayne bratton on
  24. I just think Joey and Denny were racing really hard and that has always been NASCAR.As for Tony,he has done worse than Joey and has also caused some big wrecks.

  25. Troy on
  26. I agree 100 %. I liked Hamlin a lot more last year, than this one. Due to his attitude! I’m sorry to hear that he was injured. But the incident between him and Logano was pure and simply just hard racing! That’s what everyone pays to see!
    As far as Tony Stewart, he can’t say anything! He has put on more blocks than any other racer causing, multiple wrecks! But it’s ok as long as he’s doing the blocking! Quit acting like a spoiled brat when things do go your way!
    I’m not a Logano fan, but glad to see him being more aggressive and taking up for himself!

  27. MARE on
  28. Tony seems to have a short memory span. The accident last years during the chase he caused took out many drivers and if I’m mistaken, he took Jr out and caused him to drop way down in points and also had to deal with a concussion. Yes, Tony said he was sorry and it was his fault, but that doesn’t bring badk the boy’s points they were getting in the race.
    Seems to me Tony should at least have some kind of penality for having to have the TV bleep out all of his profanity in Sunday’s race.

  29. Dottie on
  30. uh-huh and if you believe that I have a piece of the brooklynn bridge for sale you can have Cheep. that Little Punk knew exactly what he was doing. I hope tony stewart Knocks his head of his shoulders. thanks to him Denny’s Career as a race car driver may be over. I hope he has to live with that thought the rest of his life, They said BOYS HAVE AT IT!!!! NOT BOYS KILL AND MAME EACH OTHER. think about.

    Very sorry for Denny. Joey did nothing wrong!!!!! If anything, they BOTH were racing! Tony, you are a master at blocking. Don’t blame other drivers for what you yourself are guilty of, and GREAT at. Denny I hope you are back on the track soon. Mind your doctors.

    I would of accepted the race as it ended, until Logono stated that. Denny “had gotten what he deserved.” How does any driver ‘deserve’ any injury?

    As angry as we get at any driver in any race, we’ll yell, pound the air with our fists, and throw bleepables right and left, but never ever wish them to get injured because of another driver’s overdriving their capability as a driver the others are not afraid to attempt to pass.

    Joey Logono is still wet behind the ears and has a lot of growing up to do before he’ll earn our regarding him as a reputable driver derving of our respect.

    To Denny Hamlin, we will hold good thoughts for him to be on his feet and behind the wheel again.

  31. Pegi on
  32. Good point about Tony, Mavis. He can dish it out but can’t take it. Dale, on the other hand, is looking darn good this year.

  33. Pegi on
  34. I agree. Tony isn’t doing NASCAR any favors by projecting such a bad image. He’s too old to act like a little kid who needs his mouth washed out with soap.

  35. Mary on
  36. First, let me say I feel bad for Denny (or any driver that is injured) but your statement was right on. I hope Denny will be ok, but what we saw at Fontana was simply hard racing.

  37. randi on
  38. this is why we watch!! what a great ending–kinda like old times!!!!!! non boring racing-yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Rick on
  40. Nothing wrong???? Guess you didn’t see the race, that explains it. Watch the reply!! All you “fans” can say it “was racing”, but NO it was not “racing”. Watch as Denny holds his line Completely. It’s easy to see by the seams in the track. He gave Logano all the racing room he needed, or at least any “REAL” driver would need. Watch as Logano comes up the track and HITS Denny, thats right “HIT” him. No, sure Lagona didn’t want to wreck himself, but it is very clear he wanted to wreck Denny. “Racing for the win” is when you bang into eachother trying to win, but you do it with respect!! There was no respect here, only INTENT !!

  41. Ted on
  42. Has Anyone Seen Brian France’s A$$HOLE, He wares a #14 on his drivers suit

  43. AZomah on
  44. I would like to thank both drivers, that wreck helped my Dale Jr. move up to a second place finish! Yea! Now he is on top in the standings! Way to go Jr.!!

  45. Mama Donia on
  46. RICK: I’ve watched the re-play over and over, you can’t blame one or the other, they were both going for the win, angry with each other and Denny or Joey was gonna take each other out if they had too, plain and simple!!!!!

  47. Mama Donia on
  48. I don’t want anyone to get injured, but I agree it helped “OUR JUNEBUG” one heck of a lot, glad for that!!!!!

  49. George on
  50. June bug won’t be there for long. He’ll miss his pit box and start doing goofy things before long.

  51. Deb Beuch on
  52. I’m in agreement with Rick except for the fact that is WAS racing. I’ve seen the intimidator stalk and wreck many drivers. That’s racing!
    As far as Joey…he’s a cocky, young punk that’s barkin’ up the wrong tree…he’s going about it all wrong. He wrecked Denny purely out of vengeance and nothing more.
    I watched the race and I didn’t need to watch a replay….I saw it coming!
    Joey should have gotten a healthy 6 weeks suspension!
    As far as Tony goes…’s not a wonder he can’t keep a woman.

  53. rick on
  54. Hey there Ted when was the last time you looked in a mirror ? I suppose you are one of those idiots that love that little puke that is running on his father s name ? Or maybe a Busch brother fan ? Why dont you cheer for someone who won somethng

  55. Ernie on
  56. Ya i know what you mean there George ! Did you see how stupid that little Junebug looked when he went flying right pass his pit box ! He must of got one of those marbles in his mouth ! Blahaaaaaaa anddaaa like take some of that money you are making and get some speech lesson ! JUNEBUG is almost as bad as that suck DW the jaw master ! He is the idiot that started this JUNEBUG crap ! JUNEBUG cant drive and wiil be at the back of the pack at the end of the year ! He cant win a championship because he will have to speak and he wont be able to do that ! Not anything anyone could understand ! lol

  57. Ernie on
  58. Omg ! What the hell is wrong with you June ! The marbled mouth little puke cant drive ! If it wasnt for his father he wont even be close to a track ! Nobody would let him drive their cars !You people that love this guy are sick ! Why do you think that Rick Hendrick has him their ? Just for the novelties that you sick people buy! Top and bottom of it

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