Jimmie Johnson’s Goal Was to Wreck Busch

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Jimmie Johnson Admits That His Goal Was To Wreck Kurt Busch.


It looks like Jimmie Johnson has got his horseshoe back. In the closing laps of Sunday’s Lenox Industrial Tools 301 in New Hampshire Kurt Busch moved race leader  jimmie Johnson out of the racing groove and passed him for the lead. A roar erupted from the grandstand as Busch began to drive away.

“When we got going on the restart, Kurt knocked me out of the way, and I thought, ‘I don’t care if I win this race or not. I don’t care if I finish this damn thing.  I am running into him and getting back by him one way or another,” Jimmie Johnson said.

Johnson was not done yet. A few laps later Johnson put the same move on Busch and held on to win the race.

“I have to say I was a little shocked,” No. 48 Johnson said. I haven’t spoken to him or really seen any video to know.  If it was his intentions, that’s the first time in nine years racing with him that I have experienced that. It will definitely change the way that I race with him.”

After the race Kurt Busch said that he didn’t think that Johnson would intentionally wreck him to get the win.

“I hate that he felt that I wasn’t going to wreck him because that was my goal was to wreck him,” said Jimmie Johnson.  “I usually get caught up in it, so I knew what my thought process was. Wreck his ass.”

“I knew what my thought process was. Wreck his ass.” ~ Jimmie Johnson

The win was Johnson’s fifth victory in 2010 and 2nd in a row.

Kasey Kahne put on a strong showing for Ford leading 110 laps until suffering an engine failure.

Jack Roush, leader of the Ford contingent, was seen walking away from pit road before the race was over. That was a serious statement. Roush never leaves early. But he had seen enough today.  His best finishing car was Greg Biffle in 16th place.

Jeff Burton was leading late in the race when a caution flag flew. Burton’s crew chief made the call to stay out when everyone else pitted for tires. But if Burton had pitted everyone else would have stayed out so he was in a no win situation. Burton quickly lost the lead. Then he was involved in an incident with Kyle Busch that sent Busch for a spin and both of them had to pit for tires.

Dale Earnhardt Jr continued to show steady improvement.  Junior started 31st and finished 8th. Dale Jr will be in Victory Lane before the end of the year. Maybe as soon as Saturday Night at Daytona.

But it’s what you as a fan thinks that is most important. What do you think about today’s race?

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41 Comments on Jimmie Johnson’s Goal Was to Wreck Busch

  1. Pam Moyer on
  2. somebody needs to teach Jimmie Johnson a lesson, maybe they should “wreck” into him once in a while to see how it feels. I can’t believe he won “again”!!

  3. Tom McDonnell on
  4. This is NASCAR’s fault for telling everybody to race hard and have a little war
    with each others. Every week it someone knocking someone out and it won’t
    be long until someone is seriously hurt and NASCAR brass will be sorry. They better do something now before it is too late. We need new leaders to run Nascar. Brian, Mike, and everybody else who has control over it now should step
    aside before this sport is ruin.

  5. Diana E. on
  6. I have been an avid fan of Nascar racing since 2003….and I have several drivers that I pull for each week with Matt Kenseth being my favorite. I have several friends that I talk to on the phone during the races and we are all of the opinion that the races are getting boring. The same people are in the top ten each week…I can leave and go do some shopping and never miss a thing…boring. Maybe the economy is not the only thing that is hurting the attendance at the races????

  7. Marie on
  8. Racing is getting so boring I rarely ever watch it any more. I don’t think I miss much. Fed up with the same drivers running up front and winning all the time. Also the way they keep the camera on one car like forever. Who wants to see one car going around and around the track? Not I.

  9. Lady Red on
  10. Too bad Kurt and Jimmie didn’t wreck each out of the race then we wouldn’t have had to look at the stupid grin on Kurt’s face again or listen to Mr. Excitement #2, JJ,
    sick of them both.

  11. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  12. It’s about time that JJ started racing those wreckers as they race him. He’s been too nice for too long. He’s the champion and probably will be for this year. JJ – you should start knocking more of them around as Jeff Gordon has started doing. I am proud of my guy for racing clean and not wrecking others, but sometimes I wish he would start racing others as they do. Too bad his Ford blew up today. Why only his? Does RPM favor A.J. and give Kasey poor equipment? Everyone knows A.J. is the King’s favorite. Without Kasey, RPM will go down-hill. I look forward to Kasey leaving RPM at end of this year. Hope Budweiser goes with him. I don’t think I will ever see A.J. win again. He’s a “wrecker” also. Kasey should have gotten revenge today on A.J.; but as I said before, Kasey races everyone clean and tries to avoid wrecking anyone, including himself. GO KASEY – you could still make the chase with some luck and no more poor FORD engines. Love you.

  13. Debbie Roberts on
  14. Not sure what rock JJ has been living under, but Busch’s bump and run is something that has been used time and time again and Busch actually did it pretty cleanly. Nobody got wrecked. Maybe JJ’s ego needs a little deflating. He’s getting a bit arrogant when he thinks he’s above being bumped like everybody else out there gets week in and week out. He’s been out front so much he’s forgotten what it’s like to have to fight to get to the front. A little humble pie wouldn’t hurt him one bit. Don’t have a thing against him, just don’t like the “tude”.

  15. Charlie on
  16. The way I see it one Busch is as BAD as The other, Go 48, RUBBIN’s RACIN!!!

  17. Mary on
  18. Come on guys. Did you not hear Jimmie say that he doesn’t race like the others? That he would end up crashing himself. As long as no one gets hurt, maybe Jimmie should start driving like some of the others. Why all the negativity because he’s a champ. Last week was his first win since NASCAR went back to the spoiler. Did you guys miss those races? I didn’t hear anything negative from Kurt.. Did any of You?

  19. Mavis on
  20. Sometimes I get the impression that Jimmy thinks he owns the track. I don’t care for the Busch brothers either so it’s a draw. Jimmy will get his if he keeps up the attitude. Glad to see Dale Jr. with a good race and do hope he does good at Daytona. A win would make myd day.

  21. Janis S. on
  22. I loved that Jimmie and Tony beat Bush out of the win and I was glad Jr. got in the top ten. Heck I would have the same thoughts if Bush had tried to bump me out ..:-) I love it!!

    Listen folks, everyone is pulling for their own favorite driver. Montoya had a turd for a car after his rub up damaging his car. He blocked everyone for a long time until he got what he had coming. That wasn’t clean racing, he can get lost for all I care. If he gets in a wreck, just like Kyle Bush it’s never his fault. Burton owned up to it being his fault for sliding up on “Weenie Man Bush”. When “Weenie Man” was asked what happened he blamed Burton for not controlling his car and acted like his namesake “Richard Cranium”.

    Say what you will (I’m not a JJ fan) but Bush put a move on him a bit too early, so that gave JJ the chance to oblige him with the same move. How many times have we seen our Man Dale Sr. put the same move on any and everybody for the position. When it comes to 5 or less laps to go ALL bets are off, It’s all about the win, Am I wrong? Dale Sr. where in the world did he get his handle as “The Intimidator”? There’s a lot of $ between being the winner and 1st looser!!!!

    I saw nothing wrong with what happened today, even when “the chickens came home to roust with a few drivers today.

  23. GeeGee on
  24. Is that how a REAL champion reacts? I think not!!!

  25. Judie on
  26. Johnson came into this season with his head up his ass, thinking he could do anything /everything he wanted.Hes starting to fall off his pedestal , & his attitude as a bad ass is not gaining him any points with fans.People are starting to hate him ,& hes trying to regain what hes starting to loose..RESPECT!! Sure hes a 4 time champion, but even he can’t stay there forever. They other drivers are getting the notice they deserve, & the spot light isn’t just his anymore.

    GeeGee, Please make your point, that is such a vague pointless post one would have to be 1st Officer Spock or a mind reader….
    Qualify your point directly instead of a 35 character remark.
    That is like calling to a motorcycle swap meet and asking if anyone has seen you man that is dressed in blur jeans, a black shirt, wearing a hat, and oh yea…a beard. I have actually heard of that happening. The receptionist said, “That describes 95% of the men and 3% of the women.
    I guess there’s not a intellectual requirement to post in this site. So may I ask which champion…. hey, you left the barn door open.

    I think JJ is just to big for his Britches. He thinks he owns the racetracks everywhere he goes. Guess what folks, HE DON”T. Someone will bring him down a couple notches, soon, I hope.
    I’m glad to see Jr. is doing good again. He is my man and I will root for him until he quits driving.
    Will someone put these know it alls in their place, starting with Montoya. Mr. I don’t ever do anything wrong, Bah Hum Bug!!!

    OK, My last post before I hit the rack. As I said I’m not a JJ fan that I follow him. But one thing is to be said, he has some wins this year where other folk’s fav driver and mine Jr. just can’t seem to get there ducks in a row at the same time. Yes it gets to me, but when you get wins you have to be doing something right like him or not. Call it head up your butt or what ever, he has wins under his belt and that pains me, but what can you do? Kyle Bush & Montoya, are about as close to despising them as I can get, hate take too much effort with no reward.

  27. mamadonia on
  28. I’m not the biggest Jimmie Johnson fan, and I am sure not a Kurt or Kyle Busch fan but Kurt run up there like he was a big bad dog and Jimmie showed him he could do it too, good for Jimmie, I’m glad he didn’t take anything off of those Busch’s. Way to go Jimmie!!!!!

  29. mick on
  30. That’s a patented NASCAR move, why all the surprise? If someone catches you and runs into your ass end, that’s the gentleman’s way of asking the driver to politely move over – OBVIOUSLY their car is faster. Busch has been around long enough to have been schooled by the Master, though – you do it on the last last, man…THE LAST LAP. I still miss Dale – so they could perform that maneuver every week and I wouldn’t be offended. Today’s bump and run, even flashed up a memory that actually brought a smile to my face…a rarity for me in a NASCAR race anymore.

    I think NASCAR fans have moved from loving the sport, to watching our individual favorite drivers. The races have become so boring, to get any kind of rush at all, we hope to see improvements in our driver – at least that way we have some reason to watch.

  31. tony colucci on
  32. i,m getting so tired of that littlestuck up jj thinking that he is the only car raceing. nascar owners better do some thing before the sport gos down the tubes,my self and a lot of my friends are saying its getting a little boring watching him win, and acting like a kid. he thinks that no one can get near him, and i think he thinks he should win all the time.people in charge better start making the playing field a whole lot closer. even when my driver was winnig all the time, 99 edwards, i thought that was boring, but he never won like the cry baby jj.i want to 9 races, at three tracks, and loved it when differant drivers won, now i dont even like watching any more, because the little baby jj is all ways out front,even his fans must think its boring.

  33. tony colucci on
  34. well i said what i wanted about jj the cry baby,now i,m going to go after my driver, MR. EDWARDS,what in hell is going on in your camp?u have not even come close to being like you were, and i dont mean winning every race like 48 thinks he should.u have not giving me any thing to cheer about?is it the owner? or may be you dont have the right men building your engines?nascar better start looking at things like that,or people will start turning off nascar.i dont watch the whole race any more, because i know who the top three will be?so why sit there all day, when u know who is going to win, week after week, the fun is going out of NASCAR these days. WAKE UP before it gos away.

  35. Rick Moss on
  36. Pulease, JJ got bumped at of the way and that hurt his feelins. I don’t think Kurt was tryin to wreck him (it would have been easy for him to). JJ thinks everyone should just get out of his way it seems. He’s a good driver, I’m not takin that away from him, but he has a horse shoe up his patooty also. He’s not been in a “bad” wreck yet, but it’s coming.

  37. Bobby H. on
  38. I’m getting tired of seeing the same drivers win week after week also. It’s getting a little boring. I think i might take up fishing or something. Nascar is going down hill fast. They are letting too many people get away with too much and not treating every one the same. That won’t work.

  39. Tony on
  40. I wouldn’t miss the races but how things have changed now I don’t even care, I think that by the way things have changed NASCAR should open a new division, NASCAR CRASH DERBY and maybe having so many famous drivers trying to wreck each other could be more exiting instead of watching professionals being competitive.

  41. Patch on
  42. I was ready to throw in the NASCAR towell as the race was winding down. However when Busch pulled one of the classic ‘old style’ moves I was reentergized. I even tipped my hat to JJ (I never root for him) when he recovered. The racing at the end gave me hope for future races. Let’s go Racin boys.

  43. Maureen on
  44. I honestly believe Jimmie Johnson is turning out to be the best NASCAR races of all time. JJ was holding back because of that sissy Jeff Gordon always complaining of JJ getting in his way. To this day, Jeff Gordon has not won one race this and poor Jimmie has been staying behind deliberately trying to help Gordon win a race. Good for Jimmie starting to pull ahead; maybe Chad Knaus gave him a big lecture or something where it was not fair to him letting Jeff Gordon get ahead every race. Jimmie did not try to wreck Kurt Bush he only tapped him as all good-fair-honest races do. We all know Jimmie Johnson is not only the best races of all time, he is also considerate of other racers and never ever deliberately wrecked another of his racing buddies. Accidents do happen, but with JJ it has never been deliberate. God bless Jimmie Johnson. By the way, JJ is a blessed and lucky gentleman who is also married to the most beautiful of all the NASCAR women bar none. A friend asked me to pray for JJ once when he was having a streak of bad luck and wrecking (DNFs), etc every week, I did pray for him and he has been NASCAR CUP CHAMPION every year since. Oh, to top it off, I am a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan.

  45. peggy lynch on
  46. I think my man j.j. was in the right.busch started the whole mess.If anybody can do it jimmie can…love ya jimmie, keep up the good work and gety rid of the punks..and dale im proud of you and I know that you will be coming to my home town for the win,and I know you can do it…daytona is the win for you…love ya….

  47. Maureen on
  48. Fair is respected and Jimmie Johnson is finally getting the attention and praise he so deserves. My friend is a Tony Stewart fan but she thinks highly of JJ as I believe most do these days. I was shocked he beat out Dale Jr., in the Pepsi Challenge! Fans do not respect Dale Jr. as much these days because he is so sneaky and coniving. They say Dale Jr. and his girlfriend, or wife, go out in disquise; so no one knows the real Dale Jr. any more. Junior is his own worst enemy; so deceiving, dishonest and sneaky. Jimmie Johnson is so honest that it shows up in his eloquent speaking. I cannot say God Bless Jimmie Johnson enough these days. By the way, when I do watch NASCAR I always pull for JJ or Kyle Busch……………believe it or not, we do love Kyle Busch. A winner is just that……..a winner! Four racers I watch NASCAR for……..Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano………and most others like them too!

  49. SCOTT on

    Hey,just because Jimmy is good,everyone thinks they need to wrech him.MY suggestion——-TRY AND BEAT HIM….

  51. angie on
  52. WAH! WAH! WAH! Poor, poor JJ. If Kurt wanted to wreck JJ he could have easily turned him around. But he gave him a little love tap. I’ve seen every top driver do that but of course only Saint Jimmie gets bent. How dare anyone try to beat him. He’s a joke!!!! I think Jeff Gordon pinned him several races ago “Jimmie wants everyone to get out of his way and I’m going to race him the way he races me.” I was never a Gordon fan but at least he has the guts (teamate or not) to call JJ out. JJ will race people worse than Busch raced him and that is ok. But god forbid if anyone races him hard. Get the crying towel out again for the BIG BABY in Nascar!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Evie on
  54. Jimmy Johnson grow up you simple moran, Kurt isn’t as bad as his brother. Jimmy is starting to sound like Kyle. You just got a lucky break.

    Please note I am not a Bush or Johnson fan. Too Bad Jeff Burton didn’t win the race.

  55. Thelma on
  56. I hope someone gives JJ what he deserves. He thinks no one is supposed to win except him

  57. Goldieeeeeeeeeeee on
  58. Most drivers (not all) seem to get a swollen head when they win a number of races or set some kind of record and expect other drivers to bow down to them. They are not humble but more often expect special treatment from other racers. I think back to the good ole day when the King Petty was winning those 200. Never did you see Richard take for granted or expect any special treatment. He was always smiling, gracious, etc. and thankful to all his fans. JJ and KB could sure take a few lessons from the King. Dale Jr. has always impressed me with his attitude. Just think what he has gone through this last year, and still presses on. You did good this weekend Jr., just keep on keeping on!! We’re your faithfull fans!!

  59. Dottie on
  60. What J.J. did was no different then what Kurt Busch did so get over it. That’s racing. What do you think Dale Sr. would have done? He was the “Man”. I have
    never been a fan of Kurt Busch nor his brother Kyle. I’m glad Jeff Gordon is more aggressive and it’s about time J.J. followed suit.

  61. john on
  62. The” Busch Boys” look good up against the wall where they try to put everyon eelse.

  63. Michelle Zimmerman on
  64. Wow~ these comments are oh so interesting!! Glad to see that I’m NOT alone in my hate for the busch boys…kyle being the WORST!! Loved his (kyle) interview after his ‘wreck’ at the end of sat. nights race~ yea, i just wrecked myself…Shut the $^#% up!!!! As far as the races getting boring, and watching the same guys in the top 10 every week~ yea, JJ has won alot of races but, he’s a good driver you gotta give him that!! Personally my extreme boredom with the Nascar races begin with the switch from FOX to TNT!! OMG~ those guy’s bore me to sleep!! Nascar needs to keep DW on the payroll all season long…DW has a way of making even a boring race interesting!! Kyle Petty in his last years racing didn’t do worth a crap, but his TV skills are much worse~ BORING!! I’m a fan of everyone, except montoya & the busch boys with Dale Jr. being ‘my man’!! Maybe his win fri. night was the charge he really needed and he can get up there and take over!! But, one thing is for sure, Nascar needs to UNLOAD TNT or just get DW back on the set or I’m afraid Nascar is gonna go down the tubes. As many of the posts before me, fans are getting bored~ GO JR. GO & BRING BACK DW!!

  65. James Wheeler on
  66. Sounds like Tom McDonnell is talking his famliar BS again, which he is pretty good at!! As far as DW coming back as a driver, I doubt that he would want to, especially since he is now in his 60′s.

  67. James Wheeler on
  68. I will agree that TNT’s NASCAR coverage sucks, especially after the death of Benny Parsons, and the departure of both Allen Bestwick and Bill Weber. They should have not renewed TNT’s deal the last time around!!

  69. Unknown on
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