Jimmie Johnson’s Fifth Championship

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Jimmie Johnson’s Drive for Five Championships is Alive and Well.

How is it that Jimmie Johnson can be so dominant when NASCAR is so competitive?

The rules are so tight that no one driver should be so prevailing. But Jimmie Johnson always seems to peak at the right time. How does he do it?

Sunday at Dover International Speedway’s Monster Mile Johnson started from the pole in the AAA 400. He led the most laps and won the race. “Maximum points” is how crew chief Chad Knaus described it.

According to Johnson it was “the weekend we would dream of, were able to get it with winning the pole, leading the most laps and winning the race.”

Johnson had little pressure from 2nd place finishing Jeff Burton in the closing laps. Although Burtons lap times were quicker than Johnsons at times Johnson was able to maintain a 2.637 second lead at the checkered flag; in part thanks to a speedy green flag pit stop by the No. 48 crew.

Mid-race A.J. Allmendinger, driving the No. 43 Ford, looked to have the car to beat. But Allmendinger ran over a ten cent washer and cut a tire. He went 2 laps down before rebounding to finish 10th.

“We played it smart,” said Jimmie Johnson about the press by Allmendinger. “He wasn’t a Chase guy. When he got to me and put pressure on me, I let him by. I just need to worry about those 11 other drivers and really about myself. Way too early to worry about stuff. Come the end of the race, he wasn’t there to have to fight with.”

The only other serious challenger to the No. 48 was Kyle Busch. Then Busch scraped the wall and lost the handle on his No. 18 Toyota. He was not a contender for the win after that.

The win moved Jimmie Johnson to 2nd in the Sprint Cup point standings – just 35 points behind Denny Hamlin with 8 races to go.

This is the time of the year that Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 crew always seem to bring out the big guns. They seem to pick up the pace when the Sprint Cup is on the line.

According to crew chief Chad Knaus it is the people on the team that make the difference. “We work hard to make sure we have the right people on the team, said Knaus. “I think we do. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I can promise you, if something goes wrong, something falls short of what their goal is, there’s nobody that feels worse than what that individual does. To try to motivate from that point is unnecessary when you got guys like that.”

Can Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team pull it all together one more time for a 5th championship? And how will that championship be received by the fans of NASCAR?




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  1. Janis S. on
  2. I think Jimmie and his #48 crew have a great chance for a fifth championship and I will be very happy if this happens. He is a great driver and a gentleman and I am happy for his wins. But, win or lose the fifth championship~~he is still a winner in my books and always #1 :-) Go Jimmie!!

  3. REGAN on
  4. the fine on the #33 team was BS!!! nascar is gonna make sure jj gets it again,has it ever crossed nascars little pea brain that just maybe thats why the ratings are down and the stands aint full? i think when it comes to the chase nascar should take all of the winners car to the r&d and see how what the find. thats why i have lost alot of intrest in nascar and will continue to do so until something gives. there aint no way to #48 can be that good all the time. the fans aint that stupid!

    WOW!!!Looking good Jimmie and the 48 team. It looks like it might be a drive for 5.

  5. REGAN on
  6. lets hope .not a hard hit in the wall at each race would be nice! then let cheating ck and jj share some crying time together!!!

  7. Mavis on
  8. I hope not! I would like to see someone else win! Of course I would like it to be Dale Jr but since that isn’t possible I hope it’s Jeff Burton. I honestly don’t think it will be but I can hope. I also hope it isn’t Hamelin or Kyle Busch or a few others I could name. Another race today that I almost quit watching. What is wrong with Hendrick and that 88 team? It seems he gets a good car about every ten races and yet he’s expected to win. Hard to win when you are fighting a car all day.

    We all know what a great driver Jimmy is and the marriage between him and Chad has been there for years and I’m sure they keep records on what each of their cars can do and how they have their setups for each track. When you have two people who work so well together for so long you become one, You work together, think alike and almost know what the other is going to do next.
    That is what Dale Jr. had with Tony Eury Jr. and when the new COT came into being they were not given the time to get accustomed with all the new changes and Tony Jr. was removed as fast as you sneeze. I think that was a bad move and now you have Lance McGrew who can never fill the Eury’s shoes.
    Maybe Lance needs to get more experience in playing the game before he creates more dissention with Jr. followers. Junior is too good of a driver to deserve such bad advise on how good his cars are when they are NOT up to par with the other three cars at HMS. Someone needs to wake up in that garage and it is not the driver. JMO

  9. Vicki on
  10. I think Jimmie can win and I hope he does. I’m a big fan and I think he’s a great representative for NASCAR – plus I will be at the Homestead race and I’d love to see him get the trophy in person!

  11. lady Red on
  12. If Jimmy looks like he is going to take the chase I won’t finish the season watching it. Enough is enough! I too would like to see Jeff Burton win, he is a gentleman and a clean driver like Jr. I don’t give a flip about Clint Boyer and wondered why he got so good all of a sudden. I wonder what else is behind the huge fine, surely that tiny little space didn’t bring about such a huge fine. The whole season seemed to be spent talking to Clint or about him and I don’t know why. I respect Mr. Childress and don’t think he would do anything intentional, but like the Knaus, the owners don’t know what their crews are doing behind the scenes all the time. I’ll take just about anyone winning but Jimmie or Kyle and if that looks like the case in the next few races I’ll find something else to do with my Sunday afternoons.

  13. Bev.Estabrooks on
  14. As soon as jimmy johnson takes the point lead I will quit watching the races. i can’t stand him, the fix is in and we all know it, Why do you think they are losing so many fans

  15. Sandra on
  16. Jimmie Johnson I would like to him to get 5 straight championships in a row. And, he gets it this year, then he needs to win the 6 in a row, and 7 in row, tie Dale Earnhardt’s championship win and then retire. There would be Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson 7 championships. Be cool.
    If he can’t win this year then I think Kyle Busch deserves a championship.
    Kyle Busch all he wants is the trophy,

    One thing I don’t understand about fans: Why hate or boo Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch, should boo your favorite driver for not driving or performing like they do, they are winners..
    Today Kyle Busch pit crew: 12.5 second pit stops, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 14.5, 13.8. Yes I like to see Jr win, but Dale and the entire team needs to pull as one. They are always pulling different directions. Be honest Dale, Jr knows how to drive, his problem he don’t know how to set up his car or tell the crew what the car is doing. Dale Jr will tell his crew it is loose and you can see on t.v. that it is tight or vice versa. Dale Earnhardt, Jr also drives like Ralph, wants to make sure 100% of the car comes home in one piece.
    I want Jimmie to win his 5th, be cool to see him get 6th, then 7th and after 7th retire.

  17. AZomah on
  18. Sandra, It is NOT Dale Jr.’s job to set up the car! It is that idiot cc’s job. Tony Jr. new how to set up a car, he also new how to adjust them with just a few words from Jr. You are the only person I have heard of that can tell when a car is tight or loose from watching tv, especially since you can’t see everything that is moving. Jr. gave very detailed descriptions Sunday as to what the car was doing. I was also watching his tach. There was not much power there. As for the crew not working together, they need leadership and they are not it getting from the cc. The over the wall crew volunteered for the July 2 race and did an excellent job for Jr. Of course the cc was Tony Eury Jr.!!!!!!

  19. Lanny on
  20. JJ and Nascars unfairness stinks Quess I will be wacthing foot ball.

    If JJ and CK win a 5th I think it will be another wooden stake in the heard of Nascar. Nascar and Brian France are changing the rules and not using any standards in the process of handing infractions. THESE points will drive more fans away and the local tracks are going to make a big comeback.

  21. marcel on
  22. JJ has two things in his favor. He has a good crew and he is a very talent driver. Of course they could be cheating and are very good at it. Hope its not the later.

  23. Rick on
  24. If Jimmie gets # 5,More power to him.

  25. lady Red on
  26. Funny, I’ve never been able to tell how a race car is running by watching television except the chatter between driver and crew chief in all my years of watching Nascar.
    I can detect LOOSE if a car twitches or slides but that is all, how do you tell tight? And to put JJ in the league with Petty and Earnhardt is absurd. NO ONE will ever be in their league, they were the real racers not these slick new guys with the oh, so technical cars that only a crew chief might be able to understand. If they had to drive the old real race cars they would be down at the bottom of the list, where some of them should be in my opinion. No, if
    JJ wins again expect more empty seats next year. He is as about as interesting as watching the weeds grow in my yard. It is not only the economy that is keeping people away, people come up with the money if they really want to go to a race….they are staying away because of the rules and the same old guys constantly winning, with help I might add! It isn’t the drivers that are great it is the cars. Go Jr. in ’11——

  27. Tiffany on
  28. I think another win would be great!! I can’t wait for him to achieve another championship!! For all those JJ haters out there, you guys just need to get over it. If all it takes for you guys to quit watching Nascar is Johnson to win again, then you wasn’t true Nascar fans anyways!!! When you work hard and know how to drive, then championships will be won as the #48 team has shown and will show again for 5 IN A ROW!!!! GO Jimmie Johnson and the 48 Team!!!!

  29. Patch on
  30. I like a lot of drivers. I have my own ranking of who are the best drivers and who needs a perfect setup to do well but I may be wrong so I will not try to force my opinion on you. Being from Indiana my wife and I pull for drivers from our home state but we do not limit our rooting just for them. It is great to see how the drivers react to all of the different things that happen. Most get to make a lot of money and I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of years worth of the purse for place number 13. (-: A bonus is that they also learn a lot about safety which often shows up in the cars we drive too. So may all the drivers enjoy their job as much as we think it should be. And may all of the small teams do well enough to make it another year. Let’s go racing boys – and have some fun out there.

  31. eric on
  32. i hope the no. 48 wins 7 championships in a row GO JIMMIE GO!!!!!!!!!!. All u cry babys that dont like jimmie winning should go get u a big crying towel along with kyle bush, hes a big baby too! the no. 48s car is inspected every week just like everyone elses and it passes inspection, so they are just that good, jimmie and chad are a great pair and know what they are doing, so all the other drivers and teams and fans stop crying and get you equipment up to par like the 48 team does and u might win some championships! all the other teams havent caught up to the know how and knowleage as the 48 team has. everyone else will one day get as good as the 48 team and then they will have to try other new ideas to win championships. I been at nascar inspections and they dont show favoritiem to drivers they are fair between all drivers, they use the same templets and equipment on every car

  33. goldie on
  34. I can’t help but remember when Richard Petty was winning all those races. The big difference in then and now is you couldn’t find a racefan that was not for Richard. I’m sure times change and people change, but when someone wins a race fair and square, then they should be given credit for doing a great job, just as Petty was. For the life of me, I just can’t go along with these folks who say they are tired of JJ winning. I do believe that the races have become more boring and more of a “follow the leader” race than one in which a driver takes a few chances in trying to pass other cars. We fans certainly do not want wrecks, but we do want a good race, a little bumping & grinding, maybe a few words after the race and I think we would be more satisfied, and by the way, I’m not a JJ fan, I’ll stick with DE88

  35. Grace on
  36. Jimmy Johson is not a fair race car driver because he also knows tha Chad Knaus is cheating and everytime they put that car out on the track it is illegal as all get out. nascar is all for JJ & JG. Who ever heard of a car being almost illegal which was JJ car last year & because of the championship they let him go. Chad Knaus has been caught over ten times cheating & they are letting him get away with it. There is also a mole in Jr’s crew telling Knause & gordon everything and they are telling him what to do with Jr’s car so that he don’t win. It is about time that someone tells Nascar what is going on & also Chad Knause & Steve Latart goes over to Jr & tell to help JJ & JG to help them win the Championship & that is a lot of nerve to do. that. Why should Jr. even help them because they never try to help him in anyway. Everyone should let Nascar know That they are not going to put up with all that is going on.

  37. Grace on
  38. Jimmy Johson is not a fair race car driver because he also knows that Chad Knaus is cheating and everytime they put that car out on the track it is illegal as all get out. nascar is all for JJ & JG. Who ever heard of a car being almost illegal which was JJ car last year & because of the championship they let him go. Chad Knaus has been caught over ten times cheating & they are letting him get away with it. There is also a mole in Jr’s crew telling Knause & gordon everything and they are telling him what to do with Jr’s car so that he don’t win. It is about time that someone tells Nascar what is going on & also Chad Knause & Steve Latart goes over to Jr & tells him to help JJ & JG to win the the Championship & and why should Jr. have to help them two to win anything.

  39. Mary on
  40. Jimmie Johnson will always be my favorite NASCAR driver. Of course, there’s alot of others I like and some I just don’t like. What I don’t understand, after reading all of the above comments, is that none of you mentioned what happened to Jimmie in the first race of this years Chase. Ended up 25th, I believe. If everything goes in Jimmie’s favor, how do you explain ending in the 25th position in the first race of the Chase? As I said, Jimmie will always be my favorite, but if he can’t win, there’s others I would root for. None of this certainly will keep me away from NASCAR. GO JIMMIE, GO AND KEEP IT GOING FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

  41. Evie on
  42. Gotta agree with some of the comments, Nascar will make sure the Shaggy face of the golden boy will win his 5th. What they did to #33 is ludicrous, RCR Racing does not cheat like 48 team does. I hope Kevin will win the championship and show the 48 they can win as well.

  43. REGAN on
  44. jj winning will bring nascar to its knees begging for the fans to return! cant wait for that. as i said nascar will do anything to keep jj winning! thats why i really dont watch them much anymore. just watch the high lights from time to time.

  45. goldie on
  46. We fans may need Grace to give us a little more detail in her findings. I would actually like to know her findings, if they are “straight from the horse’s mouth” or if they are only heresay. I know for a fact that a lot of gossip goes on and rumors get started in any sport and I’m sure thart NASCAR is no exception. It’s strange that women are noted for gossiping more than men, but believe you me, they also know how to “start something” on someone for whatever reason. Maybe Grace has an inside advantage. Sure would love to be part of that gossip, but I won’t change my mind on my feelings. Have at it, boys!!!!

  47. Sharon K on
  48. I say we all #HexThe48. Put the Voodoo to Jimmie! Put a stop to his drive for five!

  49. AZomah on
  50. Sorry Racing Win, article not about Jr. Article about who?

    Hey AZomah, some guy named Jimmie Johnson. I hear he is trying to beocme the next big thing in NASCAR ;)

  51. AZomah on
  52. Well whoopdee do, Racing Win. LOL

  53. Merle on
  54. OMG, Jimmie Johnson, leading in the points agian in 2010!!!! What can you say with a driver like Jimmie and pulling it all off so smoothe and team work in the pit………I am all the way for Jimmie If Jimmie goes for the Cup this year…….what a celebration………Go JIMMIE………….we are all behind you all the way!!!!!! ……………Merle

  55. Merle on
  56. Oh yes, Jimmie goes to the front on points and all the whinners go to whining about who they want to win and no way can Jimmie can do it again…………Well he has proved himself so for and the others just need to get them and the crew working together….and get rid of their attitudes ………….JIMMIE has it so get over your whining and get on out of Nascar…….don’t go and blame somebody for just being really good………..Go JIMMIE don’t let anyone get to you get stronger with every whine……………yeah my man……………..go for the cup again………..

  57. James Wheeler on
  58. Using NASCAR’s ACTUAL points from this past weekend’s event at Kansas, Kevin Harvick #29 still leads the points by 228 over Jeff Gordon #24. The heck with their “fake Chase” BS. I haven’t believed in that stupid system in order to give the championship to someone else that hasn’t earned it in three out of the last six years!!

  59. swamp on
  60. I hope he wins the 5th championship……..I want to see history being made. You can’t ignore the fact that he’s a winner.

  61. Wallygatorca on
  62. I question people who hate him. Is it ignorance? I’ve heard and read the “vanilla” or “seems privileged” answer, but I don’t agree.

    Vanilla? Dude fell off a roof of a golf cart while partying.

    Seems privileged? Well he wasn’t while growing up and did it on his own to get his seat where he is now. Yes, Gordon gave him the nod, but only after JJ took the initiative to ask him. Little E fans who front the privilege argument can stuff it. Who’s had more given to him and done less with it?

    Actions seem to just be louder than words with him. There is no denying his ability to
    drive a race car. Let’s hope he wins another…

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