Jimmie Johnson meets Obama

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Here’s a video of President Obama meeting with Jimmie Johnson to honor his 2010 Championship. Do you know why the President waited almost a year after the fact?

Who do you think will be meeting this time next year?






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  1. Sandra on
  2. President Obama:

    You are one awesome president, I just wish that the congress, senate, house and everyone would work with you. People in government needs to put a side if they are republican, democrat, independent , and work together for The United States.
    God Bless and see you in 2012 as our President for four more years.

  3. Ed Sims on
  4. Very interesting Video. I can’t belive Obama could give a talk with out getting in a Democratic speech. I did not know the President could do that.

  5. Phyllis on
  6. OH PLEASE SANDRA…..wake up and smell the Roses….

    He waited a year, so it would be close to election, he wanted to get his brownie points. I don’t t think It will be Obama doing a speech next year, whoever does it I think Tony Stewart will be standing there, which is fine, but I prefer Junior standing there beside the president. But I think Tony has the championship this year, unless Dale jr can pull a fast one.. AMEN!!!Phyllis for your comment.

    Better late then never, I’m praying Someone else will be in the White House next year, lets clean out the mess this president has made.

  7. Mama Donia on
  8. Way to go Phyllis, I agree with you 100%, Obama is the worst president to ever put his foot in the White House. Greg: Obama had a motive to finally invite Jimmie and the others to the White House, it had to benefit him in some way. I would love to see “Junebug” be the champion in 2012, but I don’t think I would go to see Obama, to me I wouldn’t want to be around him, and by the way I think Jr. is a “REPUBLICAN”. When he mentioned that Chad and some of the others were not there, I think it was their choice not to go, I congradulate all of those that didn’t go, more power to each of you.

    Let’s hope we have a different president soon — and a different champion too.

  9. Trapeze on
  10. Well I’ll Be. There is no limits to this guys bull!!!! I too congratulate all of those that didn’t go,

  11. ladyred on
  12. DITTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ladyred on
  14. Oh, puleeze….
    Evidently you are better off than you were before, I’m sure not & it is going to get worse! Go Jr.!!

  15. AZomah on
  16. I quit going to two other racing sights cause they do so many stories on one of the men in the above picture, quit the news sights because of the other person! Come to a usually safe sight and…….. I want to wish Jr. good luck tomorrow. He will be driving his bu.. off! I watched practices and qualifying. That track is really rough.

  17. AZomah on
  18. Jr again had tire problems, I think he needs a new tire person! The car was running so good, then he got called into pit and everything was downhill from there. I start shuddering when he is told to pit. Hope next race is better for him.

  19. ladyred on
  20. He finally gets good cars and starts racing well and then the screwups start with his crew? If he didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all. It seems it happens every race and it isn’t his fault. He can’t do it alone, some heads need to roll!

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