Jeff Gordon & Jimmie Johnson Have At It

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Gordon’s New Enemy May be the Best Thing to Happen to Him

Jeff Gordon once had a pretty tough driver racing against him to keep him on his toes and make him race his best. That driver wasn’t afraid to bang on Gordon’s bumper, question his manhood and hang nicknames on him like WonderBoy.

That driver was Dale Earnhardt.

Dale would intimidate Gordon and keep him on his toes. Dale Earnhardt made Jeff Gordon a better driver.

It should come as no surprise that Jeff Gordon hasn’t won a championship since 2001.

But now Gordon has a new enemy. Jimmie Johnson. Gordon and Johnson are taking NASCAR’s suggestion to “have at it, boys” to heart.

As Jeff Gordon was passing the No. 48 at Talladega Sunday Johnson moved Gordon out of the racing groove and Gordon fell through the field like a rock. Before he could regain his momentum Gordon was involved in a wreck.

“I can tell you the 48 is testing my patience. It takes a lot to make me mad and I am pissed right now.” ~ Jeff Gordon

“I can tell you the 48 is testing my patience. It takes a lot to make me mad and I am pissed right now.”

“He’s been testing my patience and it’s about reached its boiling point.”

“I was coming 10 mph faster than anybody. I don’t know what it is with me and him right now, but whatever,” Gordon said.

Last week at Texas Gordon moved Johnson out of the way in a pass for the lead. Johnson retaliated by slamming into the door of Gordon’s No. 24 Chevrolet.

“Four time’s a little upset,” Gordon said sarcastically. “He just wants to be treated different than everybody else.”

Jeff Gordon has finally had enough of Jimmie Johnson. And it doesn’t matter that Johnson is his teammate, or that Gordon owns an interest in the No. 48 car, or that Gordon helped Johnson get a ride at Hendrick Motorsports.

Gordon and Johnson are not friends any longer. They are going out for beer and pizza any time soon. Don’t look for Jimmie Johnson to hitch a ride on Jeff Gordon’s jet for the next race.

Jeff Gordon is really fired up over Jimmie Johnson winning all the races and championships. Gordon wants his share.

Jeff, what took you so long? Do you think Jimmie Johnson will get the message?

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50 Comments on Jeff Gordon & Jimmie Johnson Have At It

  1. Keith Parkes on
  2. I love it!!! Can’t wait for Richmond…

  3. Sammie on
  4. its about time!!!!! you were trained by the best and now you need to get back to it and while your at it get on jr’s bumper and remind him what the intimadator taught youns!!!!!!!!!!! put the fun back into and start drivin them cars like they were meant to be driven, UP FRONT

  5. Sherri on
  6. Its about time! Jimmie thinks he is the man and dam if anyone else on his team gets any glory! All those drivers need to start racing Jimmie and showing him that he isn’t the shiz anymore!!! NOT a Johnson fan at ALL!

  7. Elaine on

  9. marcel on
  10. I believe the fans are going to like it. Remember when Jeff didn’t have to many fans or driver friends. The table could be turning. Bottom line, it’s going to help NASCAR and that’s what it’s all about.

  11. Rose on
  12. I can’t stand Johnson either, he thinks he owns the track, it really looked good on him when he crashed on Sunday, Chad is full of himself too and its time Gordon and all the other drivers pushed 48 out of the way, Good for you Gordon

  13. Lou Burt on
  14. I was never a fan of Jeff’s till these later years, but he has matured and quit whining. JJ is getting a little too cocky and have not been a fan of his. I get tired of everyone saying what a great race car driver he is when everyone knows if he didn’t have Chad he wouldn’t have a car better than anyone else, he would be like the rest of the drivers out there fighting. I can think of quite a few drivers that are as good or better than JJ but they don’t have Chad to set up their cars. JJ has absolutely no personality, dull as dirt, and I love seeing him roughed up a little and hope some of the others follow suit. Jr. has never been as aggressive as his dad but he taught him how to be a winner and his time is coming despite JJ and Chad. And, I’d like to see Jeff up there one more time. Go Jr. (always my favorite) and Jeff!!! Show JJ he isn’t the only racer out there!

  15. Diane on
  16. It’s about time Jeff get’s pissed off. The fans are sick of J J. Go Jeff

  17. Cherile on
  18. About friggin time! JJ and Chad have this attitude they are better or superior that everyone else. Hendrick needs to corral the both of them.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Sammie, rock on………..

    It’s about time someone, be it Jeff G. or any other driver to let JJ know that he is not all that !!!. Someone needs to knock that chip of Jimmy’s shoulder and let him know that there are 40 other driver running the same race as him. Both JJ and Chad have that smug look everytime they have a win. I don’t know who is the most spoiled child…..JJ or Chad.
    My advise to both….GET A REAL LIFE…and learn how to lose gracefully.

  19. PW on
  20. Let’s Go Racin boys!
    Jeff, Jr, Tony, Newman – anyone by JJ for Cup Champ.

  21. Tom McDonnell on
  22. OK Jeff, good boy. I was looking forward to finally seeing a little fire in your eyes.
    You ll get a championship soon. Don’t worry about Jimmy, he not worth it. Just race hard like Dale show you.

  23. Sammie on
  24. i’m sure i’m not the only one to lose my voice yesterday when jj hit wall. i was so loud my neighbors thought somethin happened i told them it did, the big cheaters hit the wall and that was almost as good as steelers winnin their 6th championship. i just hope it happens more often

  25. Swampy on
  26. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with any driver. The car either is pushing or loose……hardly ever just right. Nascar drivers are the cream of the racing crop and should be able to get over things w/o bitching about this and that. Jeff hasn’t won his 5th championship yet and now has a great big excuse. All drivers do things that aren’t popular with the other drivers…….at 200mph, what do you expect? Go to a race and listen to Gordons scanner channel…….he’s always bitching about everything, all race long. And yes……..he knows a few juicy swear words too. The bottom line is, they are mostly very well paid individuals, who are only human. There are 2 sides to every fence. I doubt that Gordon will fire JJ for racing him too hard…….after all, it’s money in Gordons account, if the 48 wins. We are fortunate to be alive while the 48 is doing things that have never been done before in the sport. I hope that JJ wins the 5th championship…’s history in the making!

  27. Tammy on
  28. Rough up the #48….I would rather see anyone else win but him. Not a Gordon fan, but was happy to see the ‘pissed off at J.J.’ look on his face !

  29. wayne on
  30. Its about time Jeff. After all you done for that big headed JJ Id like to see you put that smart ass in the fence. Go Jeff

  31. john burns on
  32. jeff, you created this guy and gave him all the tools to make it work. i can’t stand jimmy myself but nascar has made him what he thinks he is, until the 10 race season goes away and everyone has a chance til the end this is what you will get. i have not seen so many sponsor changes in the last 3 seasons then th e10 before. soon the sponsors will leave the sport except the top 12 then what will we do. jeff run him like he’s your brother not your mother. good luck!! ps. i’m a earnhardt fan.

    I had no respect for JG until I saw what he did to Kennseth. Since then, I have not been against him as bad. I did gain some respect for him when I saw that. Sunday I saw a side of JG that I really admire. He finally grew a set and said what he meant. I hope he can get back at him in one way or the other. JJ didn’t act like a team mate, not to mention, JG is part owner in his cars. I think JJ is coming to a big, REALITY CHECK, and I hope it’s soon. He should get his head back into the sunlight and not where it is now, if you get my drift. I’ve always been an Earnhardt fan and always will be. I hope he continues doing good. #3 #88

  33. AZomah on
  34. For those of you that think anything is going to be done about Chad & JJ, I have some swampland I’ll sell you!!!!!

    Jeff, get your “War Face” on. Work on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You too Jr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s my take on it!

  35. Marie on
  36. You go Jeff! I’m glad to see you are not willing to take any more. I just don’t understand Johnson; if not for you, he wouldn’t be where he is. He owes you respect and he is not being respectful at all. What is he trying to do? It is obvious that he is after you. So YOU go after HIM! And “git ‘im good!”

  37. Mavis on
  38. I don’t really care for either of them. I think Jimmy’s success has gone to his head. They can keep feuding and Dale Jr. can take over. My son suggested that Gordon should ask the shop to give Johnson some of Jrs old cars. Then we could see how good a racer he is.

  39. Marilynn Bell on
  40. Although I am not a Jeff Gordon fan, I too am tired of seeing Jimmy Johnson win all the time. Hendrick may have a share and share alike policy between teams, but I still say Chad and Jimmy are holding something back. Nobody can be that good all the time.

  41. EvieM. on
  42. I am NOT a Hendrick fan by any stretch (EXCEPT for Dale Jr.) but I have to say that I like the fire I’m seeing in Jeff Gordon’s eyes – - -it’s about time he got enough of the bull from “The Golden Boys on the #48 team”. If the #24 was to get out there and kick some behind – - – I just might become a fan and that is really sayin’ something for me to say that !!! I want to see anyone BUT the “Golden Boys” win the Chase in 2010 and beyond ! ! ! Jr., Hamlin, Harvick, Newman, “Smoke” ??? Anyone ??? GO JEFF ! ! !

    I too was not a Gordon fan until Jr. went to Hendrick. Jeff seems to be rounding that turn in life that called “coming into your own”. He got that DEAD WEIGHT Brooke out of his life after rebuilding her from a nothing “Bud girl” chasin’ a free ride like a teacher out of a job..NO CLASS. Jeff has been building his personal life with focus, and a wonderful wife. Congrats’ Jeff.

    There is a fire in him that took a long time to get burning. I agree that Dale Sr. kept him on his toes. It is like any game, you only get better when you are up against superiority, that makes you give your best, that was Dale Sr. If you slacked on Dale you would pay for it. Jeff has shead that “Wonder Boy” handle and stepped up his game. NASCAR don’t make it easy for anyone to win. Too much like “cookie cutter” cars.

    Dale Sr. and Jeff were good friends, I think that all drivers were better as a result of Dale Sr.’s edge. Jeff you go out there and “put it to JJ” OLD SCHOOL! You know the deal. I hated to see you run down below the line yesterday!!! If I didn’t have a bunch of money in my Flat Screen I would have shot it!!!!!!!!! It was “poetic justice” when JJ wrecked himself just after pushing Jeff down.

    One last thing, AIN’T it good not to hear KB’s lip. Who knows, he may even grow up.
    That’s my take on it!
    Jr., your in 8th in the points, you need to get that “WAR FACE ON” “Let me see your war face Jr.

  43. REGAN on

  45. Deborah on
  46. Was at the race Sunday in Dega and loved it when JJ hit the wall. Wish he would do it every time he races!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jr you did GREAT !! I feel a win coming to you soon.

    well its about time somebody told Jimmy Johnson how it is. long time coming.he thinks every body should pull over and let him by,thats not how it works.every body has a chance for the win not just him.I think this should happen more often,go jeff,now JR .needs to get some balls to.

  47. Joel Bailey on
  48. Sign Chad to a new contract and put him with Jr. Put Jr.s crew with Jimmy.
    Tell Jimmy if he don’t like it quit.

  49. Liz Bauer on
  50. I don’t know why everybody is all spun up about this whole deal i like Johnson ALOT and Gordon too but if he’s going to act like this bc Jimmie did what he does best than I don’t know what’s going on with him.. Jonson is the man, and he is making NASCAR soo much better by giving all the other drivers competition and soooooo many are going to disagree with me but I don’t shed one tear in my eyes for it.. Soo c’mon people let them do their job and back off Johnson’s back, we will see who has it in them to be the bigger guy.. Johnson has a to kill for personality and hardly ever gets pissy about not winning, he sees what he does wrong goes and fixes that problem then pulls off with the win the following weekend! I hope the two of them (Jonson, & Gordon) stop this BS and start racing the way they used
    We shall see you boys in Richmond!!!!! :)

  51. Annie K. on
  52. RIGHT FRICKIN’ ON GORDON! I was a tad upset w/ him when he hung Jr out 2 dry after Jr freight trained him closer 2 the front, then when he had no business blocking Gordon, I got to thinkin’ he’s dirty racer..but the best part of the race was when he got crashed out! I stood up @ applauded!!! THAT was awesome! It finally came back 2 bite him in the ass!!

  53. Jan on
  54. Well thats the best idea yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. charlotte on
  56. we cannot stand jimmie johnson and his ways! he has gotten out of hand here lately. thinks he knows everything! chad to! jeff needs to take jimmie out of his car! and let him find his own RIDE! i don’t blame jeff for being mad! for doing jeff that way. and i’m not a gordon fan, but this is wrong of jimmie.he thinks nascar want do anything to him because he wins! i was so glad he wrecked sunday! it serves him right. go jeff! teach him a lesson. you can do it!

  57. charlotte on
  58. jimmie doesn’t have that many FANS! i wonder why?

  59. Mama Donia on
  60. This just might be a publicity stunt they are pulling. Us older folks remember when DW was racing and he constantly run his mouth at all the other racers, he has since said, “if he didn’t run his mouth, all the other drivers were getting the media attention”, that was his way of getting attention. I think, if it gets too rough, Mr. H. will step in and end it, if it’s for real, what they are doing.

  61. Bruce Moler on
  62. I wish at least one or two people who have so much wisdom and so much to say,would at least have tried to race at least a pinewood derby car, or had something to do with helping someone who raced for a hobby. If so they might understand how inane their rantings sound. Cheer for who you like thats what racing is about ,but try to be rationaland sensible in your comments.

  63. James on
  64. Jimmie YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT! I am sick to death of your fake personality,
    and you winning or cheating probably a little of both. I would like to see Chad K.
    with someones fist stuck in his smiley face. Lets Go Racin boys! Kick the
    Living Crap out of number 48. Put him in the wall or behind it either one will do.
    Come On Gordon you can do it! GO GORDON! Rememember # 3 forever!

  65. Deborah on
  66. You people go to to vote for your favorite driver. Lets make it #8 for Dale.

  67. Rick Castle on
  68. O ,Yeah , let the two of them beat and bang on each other on or off the track! I personally do not like one or the other but its great for racing! O you race fans want some more racing hype, swap the crew chiefs and watch the fireworks go off. O bye the way while the 48 and the 24 are having a family feud, little old #5 takes it all. Go Mark Martin!

  69. curtis on
  70. What does Jimmie think. That just because he is a 4-time champion that he needs to win all the races!! I think jimmie and chad are cry babies and NASCAR was not founded on cry babies. It was founded on drivers who were tough and could drive. Not cry about their teammate who are trying to make them a better racer. If there were more drivers that could rough it out and be a man there would be more fans but when you have cry babies like Jimmie and Jeff (yes jeff used to cry that other people whipped him too) nobody wants that. Hendrick motorsports is bringing NASCAR down because of their “be nice don’t scratch the cars, don’t be mad at your teammate”. What a bunch of wussies. Come on drivers step it up!!

    it is about time u don’t have dale to make u hold your own, but i can remember the times dale sr. made u a better driver look where u were when dale sr was alive and look at where u are now u a better driver than that i remeber when u started driving dale would take but u would take back it about time you went back to that driver maybe u can treat Dale Jr. the way Dale treated u go get them

  71. becky on
  72. It isn’t always about jimmie or jeff there are other drivers out that race. I am tired of just hearing about Jimmie or jeff they to go on and be a driver not babies

  73. tami on
  74. its about time that Jeff woke up I think this next race will be a lot of fun to watch so I hope Jeff can drive him off the track

  75. Judie on
  76. JJ & JG both want to be on the pedistal, & JJ seems to be hogging it from all the other talented drivers.Like everyone else, there needed to be somebody that can knock JJ down a few pegs.Being a true Champion doesn’t give you the right to think your better than everybody else, in all aspects of life.It doesn’t make you perfect, or untouchable.JJ,&Chad will get theres at some point.JG isn’t my fav driver, & I can see where enough, is enough from fans, & drivers.Hendricks bettwr get things straightened out, before somebody gets hurt.. Go Jr.!!!

  77. Penny on
  78. Well if everyone will watch no one is helping JJ anymore, gee I wonder why. Guess they are all tired of him and Chad, team members or not. Just pay attention and no one is working with him. Go jr. You did great Sunday. Keep up the good work.

    You go Linda, give JJ the what for.

    If you know Lorena, call her. I’ll bet she could whack JJ down a notch
    or two. LOL, LOL, LOL.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself……………

  79. Doak A. Sharrock on
  80. I don’t know everything involved in this recent family feud between JJ and JG; but, JJ has been getting special favors for humping NASCAR’s leg long enough.

    NASCAR is the only governing sports entity to award a 5 time convicted of cheating racer and raceteam with 4 National Championships. Only in NASCAR to cheaters really win.

    I stopped purchasing Atlanta, Bristol, Talladega and Daytona tickets 5 years ago when all of this favoritism started and will never attend another NASCAR race until they start suspending owners and drivers when they cheat instead of only crew chiefs.

    All I hear on TV and Radio is how stern and tough NASCAR ison their rules and it is false information. All of us know the truth. If they really wanted to stop the cheating, they would make drivers (teams) completely miss the next race or strip them of any points or money they cheated to earn the previous week.

    It looks to me like their really isn’t anything between NASCAR’s legs because their quest for the mighty dollar appears to be more important than doing the RIGHT thing.

  81. Anna on
  82. Big Jimmie Johnson fan! But the reason Gordon doesn’t win is because he doesn’t have the talent that Jimmie does! If Gordon was better he would have a chance at winning! And to win you have to try!! And one reason Jimmie never lets Gordon win is because Gordon is never where he has a chance of winning! And who would want to let Gordon win he stinks!

  83. Anna on
  84. JJ is not cheating he’s just better than everyone else!

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