Jeff Gordon Added to Chase Line-up

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NASCAR announced today that there will be 13 drivers in the 2013 Chase for the Sprint Cup. Jeff Gordon has been added to the field of Chase contenders. The news came from the top of NASCAR with its CEO Brian France and President Mike Helton holding a press conference at Chicagoland Speedway this afternoon.

But the pair of NASCAR honchos seemed less than confident in the decision they were announcing. Like they weren’t totally sold on the idea themselves. And for good reason.

Gordon was added because he had been placed at a disadvantage during Saturday night’s Chase deciding race at Richmond, according to NASCAR.

Penske Racing made a deal with Front Row Motorsports, 2 Ford teams, in the closing laps to allow Joey Logano to pass David Gilliland. That pass put Logano ahead of Gordon for the final spot in the Chase.

NASCAR decided that was Chase manipulation, and good enough reason to add the unprecedented 13th spot.

But wait!

Isn’t that the same thing the Michael Waltrip Racing crew was docked 50 points apiece for – Chase manipulation? Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr were each docked 50 points each after it was determined that Bowyer intentionally spun in the closing laps in order to help Truex’s Chase chances.

How is a deal for one driver to take a dive and allow another to pass any different? Both incidents were with the intention of manipulating the outcome of the Chase standings.

If NASCAR were to be consistent they would give the Logano team the same penalty that Truex and Bowyer received. 50 points. But NASCAR has never won an award for consistency.

Should Jeff Gordon continue running the way he has been he will be an “also ran” in the Chase. But if Gordon is the 2013 Sprint Cup Champion it will be a dark day for NASCAR.

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36 Comments on Jeff Gordon Added to Chase Line-up

  1. Sam Simpson on
  2. Cry baby Gordon or Clint don’t deserve to be in chase

  3. David Roberts on
  4. Too many errors and bad judgements were made at the ending of this race. Yes Logano should have lost points then there would be no question that Gordon would have been in the chase. With the delay in making a quality decision of what should be done, adding Gordon to the chase was the right thing to do.

    David Roberts

    NASCAR should join Obama’s team. Political correctness my ass.

  5. Wm berkeley on
  6. Gordon should not be in the chase,Lagano should not be in the chase and should be treated the same as Martin truex. It just nascars inconsitentce when they penalize some one

    It was very refreshing when NASCAR ceased it’s constant pandering to the Toyota faction and actually penalized MWR. However, to be totally consistent, they should have penalized Front Row and Penske Racing in the same manner. Maybe they are attempting to bring some fairness into the sport that has become very inconsistent. It’ll be a long hard road, but worth it.

  7. J.W. Hope on
  8. if any one deserves to be in the chase , it is Martin Truex jr.

  9. Bill Dunlap on
  10. I think they should have cancelled out the whole race and simply let who was in the top 12 spots the previous week go. Thats stopping all the BS assosiated with the last race.

  11. jp on
  12. gordon should be end the chase

  13. Donald Dick on
  14. I think if a driver does anything stupid to change the out come of a race,it is no different than point shaving in any game they need more than just taking points away no matter how you look at it it is cheating and if nascar knew this without a doubt then they are not doing their job and i am not saying this because i like jeff gordon because I don’t.He would have been in if nascar had done their job.Stupid stuff like this is why I have lost my respect for nascar and I don’t see it getting any better in the near future, It looks like we have different rules for each day of the week,

  15. WES on

  17. WES on

  19. WES on
  20. agree with you david ,they need to fine lagano big time like they did mwr

  21. Bruce Harville on
  22. This has now become a big JOKE! NASCAR. WHAT?!?!
    I’ve certainly lost all faith in the governing body of NASCAR.
    They try way too hard and screw things up constantly. They are never fair about anything. They do what they want and it depends who the driver is as far as how steep the penalty is set. If they let Gordon in they need to keep Truex in also.
    So much BS.

    Well, Jeff Gordon finally got his way, he whined enough. can’t believe they have now gotten 13 in the chase. They wouldn’t have done it for Dale Jr.

  23. Bruce on
  24. TRUEX. TRUEX. TRUEX!!! He got screwed.
    Come on NASCAR JUST Put 20 drivers in the chase.
    Whats the difference? !
    All integrity is gone from the eventual champion anyway this year.

  25. Brenda on
  26. This is so not right!
    What do you think Jimmy Johnson was doing? I have never seen him have as many issues in all of his career as he did at that race!!
    Reckon it was to help Jeff Gordon?
    Guess they think we are all just stupid!!

  27. Bruce on
  28. They would for Jeff or Jimmy but not many others. Its all a joke now.

  29. MARE on
  30. If they didn’t take points away from Logano, they should not have taken points away from Truex They weren’t in the conversations and so therefore should be treated the same. NASCAR should be up front with the directions as to what is correct and wrong in the driving. It’s not clear at all. No wonder the drivers push the envelope.

  31. Norma on
  32. I agree with you guys. Logano s/b out – Gordon in.

  33. Mavis Rideout on
  34. No matter what Nascar did they couldn’t fix it for everybody. The worst part of it was that the one that caused it all didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. I like the idea of go scrappimg race 26 and going with the points from race 25. It still wouldn’t be fair for everyone but better than what was done. It makes me angry that Bowyer blamed Dale Jr for spinning him out when Dale didn’t even touch him. By the radio communitcation it seemed they were waiting for Dale to get close enough so they could blame him or else they were trying to get him out of the race also.

  35. Bruce on
  36. Great points.

  37. Bruce on
  38. I agree

  39. Carole on
  40. Mavis.I’ve been saying the same thing from the beginning. Bowyer should have been penalized and kicked out of the Chase. He started everything. Nascar said they couldn’t find anything conclusive. anyone that heard that radio communication was smart enough to figure it out. Hes been the start.

  41. wayne bratton on
  42. Well for me,I have never seen a sport with so many rule changes prior to a playoff.This is only going to result in more empty seats in the stands.Nascar has to stick to the rules they endorsed. Sad day for NASCAR

  43. patti on
  44. the fair thing would have been to stop the race and reset it to the lap before Bowyer spun out…then restart the last 8 laps…But Nascar waits to do anything until days after something happens… Edwards jumped a restart and nothing has been done about that, bowyer spins and only get 50 points docked…They need to take 100 points away from him for the chase. Make sure he does not have a chance to win for cheating…Samething with any other driver who is caught cheating

  45. Diane Dozois on
  46. I now know what I have always believed is Nascar Greats don’t know how to squat. This is the worst I have seen when it comes to ruling in any sport or business. Wrong wrong wrong. I am losing faith big time in this sport.

  47. Bruce on
  48. Agree

  49. Bill Bolek on
  50. Personally, I think they need to go back to the original rules created by NASCAR’s founding fathers. The way they keep changing the rules from year to year is total bull. If it worked in the beginning, it can work now. Case in point, Jeremy Mayfield got a lifetime ban for violating NASCAR’s substance abuse policy, how about a ban to those violating rules pertaining to the points system? If they cheat, kiss your ride goodbye. There are plenty of talented drivers in other classes of NASCAR who would be more than willing to earn a Sprint Cup ride.

  51. MARE on
  52. If Gordon wins the championship is everyone (plus drivers) going to be happy being NASCAR is using their energy to help him win his number 5 ?????
    I think NOT !!!

  53. Dean on
  54. Brian France and Mike Helton are no where near being HONCHO’S more like BOZO’S RUNNING NASCAR’S ANSWER TO SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE AND IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY.Get rid of the CHASE and go back to 36 race true overall Champion.The man with the most points wins.

  55. dmann on
  56. I do not understand why at this time why na$crap is complaining about teams helping each other out. When they have been doing this for YEARS. This can of worms will destroy na$crap.

  57. Lois on
  58. The chase is stupid. They should eliminate the chase and just go back to whomever has the most points wins the championship. Period, end of story.

  59. Mary on
  60. I agree with you about this Political Correctness. Look where this country is because of it.

  61. Mary on
  62. Bruce, just one question. Jimmie Johnson had noting to do with any of this. Have you forgotten that he didn’t even sit in his car until the start of the race? I just don’t understand why a great guy, a great husband and father and a wonderful representative of this sport we all love could be disliked by so many. By the way, I also don’t think we should have 13 drivers in the Chase.

  63. Mary on
  64. Brenda, have you forgotten that Jimmie didn’t even sit in his car until the beginning of this race?

  65. Frank Rockwell on
  66. That was a crazy race at the end! I’m going to have to agree with Lois ^ as well. The chase is dumb. It detracts attention from the actual racing.

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