It’s No. 14 for Tony Stewart

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Tony Stewart will be driving the No. 14 Chevrolet sponsored by Office Depot and Old Spice in 2009, according to Jim Utter, a reporter with the Charlotte Observer and That’s Racin’.

Why No. 14? Tony Stewart’s racing hero is A.J. Foyt, 4 time winner of the Indianapolis 500, and 1965 winner of the Daytona 500. Foyt is one of only 2 drivers to win both races – Mario Andretti is the other.

A.J Foyt drove the No. 14 for much of his career in open wheel racing. Is that the only reason Tony chose the No. 14? Probably not, but I would say it had some influence.

Haas CNC Racing, which is becoming Stewart Haas Racing, applied for the trademark on the No. 14 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for purposes of NASCAR racing and merchandising on July 2, 2008.

Stewart is set to make an official announcement at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday.

There is still no word on a teammate for Stewart. “You want a guy who has every intention every year and a realistic intention of saying, I expect to make the Chase. I want somebody that expects to win races and expects to be a contender to be a championship every year, and if they don’t have those intentions, that’s not a guy that I want driving my race cars,” said Stewart.




5 Comments on It’s No. 14 for Tony Stewart

  1. sherry on
  2. I saw a pic of it yesterday, WOW, I am impressed.

    Love it TONY,

    Sherry in Texas

  3. Lynn on
  4. What about Home Depot sponsoring Tony? Do I have to stop shopping there?

  5. ken on
  6. Wherever he goes and whatever number he has…he is the man…live your dreams Tony.

  7. kathy gibbel on
  8. Well Tony i have your monte carlo #20 tattooed on my back so i am dedicated to you and always will be no matter what car or number you drive..You are the man and always will be..

    I am a die hard “SMOKE” fan. I will be hard
    getting used to another color car, but I wish
    you all the luck in your new adventure.


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