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Share your opinion on Jimmie Johnson’s championship and Carl Edwards’ win

If anybody had any doubt who was going to win the championship Jimmie Johnson just erased it.

Congratulations to Jimmie on the 2008 Sprint Cup Championship, and congratulations to Carl Edwards for the win at Homestead.

Now for the bad news — the NASCAR season is over. But, on the bright side — only 90 more days until the Daytona 500.

For all the Jr. Nation fans out there — tough luck on the broken brake rotor. But more good news,  did I mention the next race is Daytona?

Carl Edwards did everything in his power over the final 5 races, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Jimmie Johnson.. Edwards had 3 wins and 5 top fives in the last 5 races.

Fords haven’t always got the best gas mileage, but Carl Edwards seems to know how to get every drop out of a tank of gas. I’m sure there are a few other drivers who would like to know Carl’s secret when it comes to fuel mileage.

So what are your thoughts on Carl Edwards winning this race, and Jimmie Johnson winning the championship?

As always, this page is for you — so fire up your keyboards and give us your opinion.




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  1. Joe on

  3. bubba on
  4. Even though I don’t like Jimmie Johnson, he did deserve the cup win. He worked very hard for it. he stayed on top and was always consistent. Next season it would be nice to see Dale Jr. win the cup for a change.

    I think there is two asterisks for the 2009 cup season; 1)*No team has ever accomplish what the #48 team has with the chase point system the way it is now, not ever, and probably never will so why are we comparing it to the past championships and champions? 2)*Why are we gooing over Kyle Busch and the Toyota Team’s accomplishments this year when they had 15hp advantage during the begining of the season and they have done only average since they got it taken away? It is like an athelete using the juice. I think there should be an asterisk by all those wins too! What does everyone else think?

  5. dammit on
  6. Yes (*) I have lost interest in the races because of that extra H P. Every race was the same with K B waaaay out in front – I watched bowling instead.

  7. Donna on
  8. Congratulations Jimmy. Great job and you made history. You deserve it. Also congrats to Chad Knaus.

  9. Mama Donia on

  11. Peggy on
  12. Congratulation Jimmy. But I hope Dale Jr. can win it next year.


  13. Pat on
  14. A big congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and his team…Chad, Rick Hendrick, Jeff, just everybody! Jimmie is a true champ, he learned from the best! He deserves the prize! Jeff is still my first love, but Jimmie is right underneath him!!!

  15. Charlie on
  16. Amen on Junior winning,that would have been nice but on another note CHEVROLET did win the manufactures title 1 out of 2 is alright!

  17. Kevin Cummings on
  18. Very impresive, no dout that JJ and the 48 team are one of the best in NASCAR history.

  19. Pat on
  20. Kyle Busch is a good driver, but he got too cocky and haughty for his own good, taking the bows and acting like a smart aleck. Little wonder he has few fans. He got humbled.

    That fat guy on Speed (Jimmy Spencer, I think?) is so ignorant – saying if it was under the old points system that Cale Yarbrough was under, that Jimmie never would have won. And talking about Tony Stewart (which I’m very happy for him to get his own team), Jimmy said that’s the future of NASCAR, people like Rick Hendrick “getting up in age”! I bet Rick thought that was cute. Gee, he must be all of early 60′s! My age! Haha! All in all, there’s still a lot of jealousy over the Hendrick team, but they’re good and clean and can pull off the winds and championships. Go #24 and #48 – looking forward to 2009!!

  21. Pat on
  22. Correction to this post: last paragraph should read “wins”, not “winds” – typo error – but some are so grammatically correct, that I thought I had better correct it!

  23. Pat on
  24. Now, Bubba, why don’t you like Jimmie?

  25. Francine Jones on

  27. Dan on
  28. I Hate the playoffs. I have nothing against the way things turned out, it is that I believe that things would have been different if the point system started at the beginning of the season and stopped at the end of the last race..

    Congrats to Jimmie, he worked hard all year, as did most everyone else.
    I really get tired of the people who whine and complain if their driver doesn’t win. Their losing, my driver (Tony Stewart) has had a bad year, but that does not mean everyone who beats him cheated. Enjoy the race, try to ignore Nascar’s stupidity, and quit whining, it will not change a thing.
    I am interested to see where Nascar is next season with the economy seeming to be the number one competitor.

    Enjoy the off season, see ya’ll next year…

  29. Helen on
  30. Congrats to Jimmie and the whole 48 Team also
    Congrats to Carl Edwards for the win and for a great year as well!!
    Want to say Congrats to Clint Bowyer and
    Johnny Benson it was a great year of racing!!
    To all the nascar fans out there have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!
    Greg thanks for all the interesting topics this year you really get people fired up!! LOL!!
    Take care!! :)

  31. harry kimmey on
  32. i just hope nascar will let the drivers start racing. i’ve been involed in racing all my life, over 60 years. now it’s left turn,left turn and commerials. i tape it now and watch it in one third the time wasted. dale e. would quit racing today. most of the drivers have to market the goods. they are over payed as race drivers. ask some of the old drivers, that worked on the cars, and paid there way. i’m 64 years old and i can drive fast and go arround a circle. i myself had over a 100 wins in racing.todays nascar today is on a real downfall. harry kimmey

  33. Ross on
  34. A magnificent job well done by the 48 team. They sure have something no other team has been able to come up with? I do hope 2009 will bring forth new results. On another subject, where is Dodge? Are they gone from the scene? I came back to NASCAR because Dodge entered racing again. I was not impressed when Toyota came into the picture, but maybe this is a changing scene. I just hope Dodge can get things sorted out?????

    Helen, Appreciate that, I think ;)

  35. steve on
  36. GREAT JOB JIMMY JOHNSON ,LETS WIN NO.4 NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the hendrick teams are great i love them all !

  37. Helen on
  38. Greg that was a compliment….I promise!! :)

  39. Doug. on
  40. It worked out right! Carl diserved that win , and Jimmie diserved his win also! Ithink next year will be Carls. Of course I’m always pulling for Little E. Mahap next year for him. ( Smiley Face!!! )

  41. Christa on
  42. Thank god it was Johnson that won the Cup not Gordon or Kyle Busch. (Im a JR fan)
    Congratulations to both Johnson and Edwards

  43. Doug. on
  44. Good luck Smoke! Show Hass how it’s done.

  45. Terri on

  47. darterdad on
  48. good team work!!!


  51. Glenda on
  52. To Jimmy Johnson and all his crew, Great Job.I’m a Jeff Gordon fan ,and my boyfriend is a Johnson fan,and I was very happy to cheer for Jimmy. He is a awesome driver and a gentleman, in a sport that sometimes brings out the worst in some.Have a great season off,can’t wait to start it over again.

    My congratulations to Jimmy and Chad – if Dale Jr. couldn’t win I was happy that Jimmy did. DW said on Wind Tunnel tonight that in Cale’s day their cars wouldn’t have passed NASCAR’s inspections so forget about the ‘cheating’ attributed to Chad. It would be super if Jr. could win next year.

  53. Cassie on
  54. I am all about a driver that comes from off road racing and likes to go to Glamis!!! I am a new fan of NASCAR (thanks to my fiance) and I didnt want to jump onto the band wagon for the previous champ but after paying attention and seeing what he is all about I jumped on that damn wagon, for good reason! :) I will always be a Dale Jr fan as well though ;) (PS I went to JR Motorsports and that wax figure of him is freaky, it seems so real)
    Go Jimmy & Jr!!!!!

  55. Thunder on
  56. WOW, Way To Go JJ & The #48 Team, 3 Peat, That Says It All, Maybe A 4th?

    Hendricks Teams Are A Gr88t Combination, Dale JR. Will Be Ready At Daytona, And The Nation Will Be Loud & Proud, As Usual!

    A Short Rest, and We Will Be Racing Again, Dale JR. Will Be The Center Of The Nations Attention, Starting In Daytona!

    All Have A Great Holiday Season, See You At The Beach In February!!!!JR. Rocks!

  57. glenda rector on
  58. Great job Jimmie for you and your entire team.

  59. Daniel on
  60. another boring race,( raceing to see who could save the most gas)
    Did nascar SEE the potential bad situation that Carl set up by running half throttle around the track, two cars that were racing almost took Carl out. lucky for him they swerve to ovoid hitting him.
    Dont get me wrong i like Carl as a driver just as i do any of the other 43 that make the SHOW
    This was about the same situation with D. J. when they came out with the lucky puppy pass.
    Although i did listen to the 1st half on the radio, and it was more interesting on it then watching it on tv

  61. OBie on
  62. Jimmie and Chad deserve the championship. Jimmie is a good driver but Chad is a GREAT crew chief. CONGRATS.

    I wish someone would come up with a way to make the racing more exciting and not so dog gone long and boring. It’s only in the last 50 laps or so when the racing starts. You hear it all year that the drivers run around all race to position themselves for the end. Dale Jr said it best in an interview about making the fans wanting more like the NFL.

    NASCAR needs to create another system that’s kind of like what they do during the twin 125s (or whatever it’s called now) during speed week at Daytona. Seems like that’s more exciting than running around for 4, 5, or 6 hundred miles. Have 4 quarters or 3 periods (sound familiar?) Let’s have the drivers run on full tilt all the time.

  63. Carolyn Robinson on
  64. I love both Jimmy & Carl and I think
    they did a super great job this season. They are truly the type of
    racers that I want my Grandkids to

    I will probably be lambasted for my comments,but here goes……Cogratulations to Jimmie Johnson,however,Chad Knauss is his team…..He is truly one of the most gifted Crew Chiefs I have ever seen. He is knowledgeable to the tenth power and he is the MVP for the #48 team. With that said; I lost my zest for thr points chase about three-four races ago. I am in agreeance with making the points-chase kind of like an NFL play-offs with the top teams and the wild-cards vieing until the SUPER-BOWL,but what I am not in aggreeance with is drivers like Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton not awarded for their consistency,consistency,consistency…..Sure they will get their CHECK for their finish in the points chase,but their talents and their commitment will get completely shunned. Kevin has finished over 80 races without a DNF. That record is staggering and shows how well he can handle a car and how he can stay out of trouble. Jeff Burton drives with integrity and a certain level of maturity that noone can come close to. In this whole process,give your mental “high-fives” to the #48 team,but also remember those that ‘keep it real’ and truly are the ‘whole deal’ when they get behind the wheel of their race-cars come 2009. Many multi-facted drivers have paved the way for the drivers that are racing now, and their efforts are acknowledged to this very day. Without their efforts and their striving to make the sport what it is today,drivers like Jimmie Johnson would just get lost in the shuffle.

  65. Pat on
  66. In all my excitement over the #48 team, I forgot to congratulate Johnny Benson and Clint Bowyer. These are awesome guys also. I’m proud of Johnny, and Clint Bowyer is really making his mark. Good, clean driver, did really well last year as well as this year.

    I appreciate everyone that makes up the entire racing sport. It is the only thing I would miss if I didn’t have TV! So many people behind the scenes at the racetrack, announcers, just too many to name. But you are ALL appreciated for making the sport what it is.

    I’m looking forward to 2009!

  68. nascar sound of just gave it to him they need to do something about the qualfrying because if he had to qualfry he wood not be were he is. they need to qualfry on saturday if rained out friday. 8 rain day out of ten. that put him first 8 time in 10 of the races were he just had to say in front. if he had to qualfry the outcome wood be defrent. thanks bob

  69. Jackie on
  70. I like all the Drivers,I Congratulate all of them for a good year. I Congratulate Jimmy Johnson on his win, He did a great job, also I congratulate Carl Edwards for his wins. I am a Dale Jr. Fan, This year is in the past, looking forward for Daytona, I live in Daytona. I hope this coming year will be Dale Jr`s Championship. Jr. go for it!!!

  71. 24Karat48 on
  72. I’m a big JJ fan, and have been for several years. It’s great to see these guys racin’ clean & respectful of one another. I was really holding my breath all the way down to the end… anything could have happened at any time to take either JJ or Carl out!!!

    I know Carl did everything he could & had to to get the job done! I loved seeing both of them finish the way they did. Even if Carl had won the championship, he would have totatly deserved it. I would have liked to see it a little closer with some of the other drivers.

    Way toooo bad for Jr, though. He had such high hopes for his season, to finish 12th in the standings, just doesn’t represent his efforts this season. I know he has very strong ties to Tony Eury Jr., but I honestly think their “old school” ways just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m not knocking Tony’s intelligence, or abilities. I think Chad K has demonstrated by his 3rd championship that this sport has moved to the technology age. Maybe Mr “H” can help Tony E.Jr & Dale Jr. step up their game. (Or heaven forbid, make some crew changes… just a thought for Jr’s future championship hopes)

  73. barbara on
  74. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!TO ALL OF THE 48 TEAM, since Jr didn’t win, I can’t think of a better person, as well as Knaus; after all he went thru he is some kind of crew chief.Hope you have another great reining season.
    Jr needs to try another person in charge of his crew, not saying that Toni,Jr is not a good one, he’s just not the right one for Jr. There is too much delay in what to do. Since Mark Martin is coming to their side of the fence, maybe Jr could take his crew chief, whoever it may be. I think Jr had a good year, but he could have won several races, if Toni had of made the correct calls.
    I STILL THINK THAT NASCAR NEEDS TO GO OVER GIBBS RACING CARS. The ones for Nationwide and Cup, they are giving that team and Toyota too much and not governing their cars, like they do everybody else. I’m SURE IF THEY WENT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM THEY COULD FIND ALOT WRONG.

  75. Pat on
  76. I sure do like your 24Karat48 name – wish I had thought of that one!

    I love JJ and JG, always been my favorites, although there are many others that I like and respect. I have to hand it to Carl Edwards for being the gentleman that he is, for the season to end like it end, yet he has the class to be the first one to congratulate Jimmie. Jimmie has earned the respect he gets from the other drivers and his fans. Even Kurt Busch had many kind words for Jimmie the other day! Of course, his brother didn’t get the last “bow”, so I doubt he will congratulate Jimmie. Good work for a lot of teams. I also think a lot of people did not realize until yesterday just what a great person Tony Stewart is, giving so much back to people, especially children. He has matured a lot in the last couple of years, and I give him a lot of credit. I’ve never seen him so emotional. He really does have a big heart. I never thought I would ever say that about Tony, I didn’t care for his temper and attitude for a long time, but he has proven to everyone that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all! He has my respect for being the person he is. 42 drivers didn’t win yesterday, but that doesn’t meant they are not good! They deserve a lot of credit, racing week after week, knowing there’s only going to be one winner. I love NASCAR and think it’s the greatest of all sports!

  77. Lisa on
  78. When did Nascar stop being a sport??? Back in the day, it was real balls to the wall racing. With all due respect, all I can say now is nothing but endorsements & advertisements.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love to watch my very fine #88 hunk in everything he does. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, just like his father, he demands peoples respect & attention. I can go on for hours about him, but I got to focus here. This year, was not to say the least, Earnhardt Jr’s best year. I can speculate on why, but it is what it is.

    The points system anymore is lacks to say the least. It’s not real racing, it hasn’t been for years. And, Dale, honey, if your’re by some miracle you’re reading this, I heard you think it’s all good, but let me say you’re wrong. I agree with you on certain things, there are times I think something, then the next day or week I hear you say the same exact thing. So we agree on a lot;say anything you say. Bottom line, I wish alot of the drivers would give credit more to themselves for the job they done, rather than constantly thanking their sponors or the crew. I know it’s a team effort & I am very aware the sponors are imporant as are the crews. But, they don’t drive the car. The points systems needs to go back to what it was when it was still Winston Cup.

    For that matter, that’s when Nascar when for being a sport to just basically a joyride. I’m not sayin’ it isn’t work, nor am I sayin’ the drivers get it done. All I’m sayin’ is the direction it has taken left things somewhat undesireable to fans. Winston Cup, should of stayed Winston Cup, that was good enuff for decades. All the great guys who won while it was Winston are more or less disrespected for making the sport what it was.

    Earnhardt Sr. brought alot of respect, not to mention alot of fans. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, he was a man people had to admire. He wasn’t at the track to make friends, but he got respect of the people on & off the track. Ya’ll are tarnishing the name of Petty, Yarbrough, Johnson, Waltrip, Parsons… just to name a few. That was racing.

  79. Pat on
  80. I agree with you on the Toyota’s – I wish they had never got into the sport – I am prejudiced! – I want American names like Chevy and Ford out there on that track. Just shows what money can do!

  82. To everyone on the 48 team-congrats-its hard winning 1 championship,much less 3-a great team effort. I think Jimmy carries the trophy for the sport of NASCAR-he is really level headed about what winning is all about. Good luck next year.

  83. 24Karat48 on
  84. Thanks Pat… I stole it from the name of Jeffs Yacht, but didn’t think 48Karat sounded right… so I had to improvise… after all it was thanks to the 24 that JJ got his start.


  85. Pat on
  86. I had that figured out – just wish I had thought of it first! LOL, just kidding. I saw Jeff’s yacht on a TV special one day, and it’s awesome. He picked the correct name for it! When I see him with his beautiful wife and baby, that yacht probably doesn’t mean anything to him at all compared to his family! What a great guy he is! He’s one that can keep on smiling, no matter how bad it gets for him on the track. He commands (not demands) respect!

  87. Pat on
  88. Lisa, frankly, I miss some of the “old days” of racing, too. The Petty’s, Earnhardt, way too many to name. The Winston Cup was great – hard racing with the old timers. But like everything else, they have had to make changes, too. Change is hard for me, too! But if there had been the technology we have today a few years ago, Dale, Sr. might still be with us. So all change is not bad. It’s a big money sport, sponsors, etc., but NASCAR couldn’t operate without them. I’m glad to see they are trying to make economic changes as well such as no testing, teams combining travel when they can. As far as giving credit to the sponsors and teams, as good as a driver is, he has to have that team support working together every second to get him to the finish line. There are a couple of drivers this year that really blame their crew for bad things happening, and I think some of the complaints are legitimate. Just look at the winners and their crew chief, there’s proof in the pudding. Just think, one day the younger generation will think our present-day NASCAR is “old-fashioned”! I can see you really love the sport, and I hope #88 does wonderful next year, too! I love all those Hendricks guys!!!

  89. Earl on
  90. Congrats to both Jimmie and Carl,Great racing!!!

  91. gary on
  92. good job jimmy glad you got the job done. I hope jr can do it next year. as for carl nascar should have black flaged him for running to slow he almost got wrecked twice. they have got gas hiden some where in the car nascar has not found it are just dont want to they need to check the roll bars are mabey the oil tank it might not have oil in it.

  93. Mark Fuller on
  94. Congratulations to the 48. I think you guys have converted me as a fan. Used to root for Jr but just don’t think he can get it done like his dad. Also his crew chief sucks. I figure he will be like Kyle Petty and just show up for the races. Either he has to start listening or else they need someone better up in the box. #48 2009

  95. Josh on
  96. Nascar needs to change the way they place the cars in pit stalls when qualifying gets rained out – have the top 12 in the chase, draw from numbers 1 – 12 to get their pit stall.

  97. Marie Council on
  98. Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and the whole 48 team. Chad Knaus is undoubtedly the best crew chief in the business. Carl showed good sportsmanship in congratulating Jimmie. I only wish Dale Jr. had had a better year and hopefully next season will be his!! In all the congratulations, one deserving person was omitted…Brad Keselowski, who drives Dale Jr’s #88 Nationwide car. Brad was the top Nationwide-only driver and finished third in points which put him ahead of quite a few of the Cup drivers who drive in Nationwide. Thank you, Rick Hendrick, for giving Brad the opportunity to drive the #25 a couple times this season and I’m looking forward to seeing him in more Cup races next season. I’m glad Tony Stewart has left Gibbs and Toyota and will once again be driving a Chevy…good luck Tony! I have enjoyed these newsletters, Greg; glad I signed up! Thanks! I hope things improve economy-wise for racing and for the entire country. 2009 season will be here before we know it…Go 88 and 88 (Sprint Cup and Nationwide)!!

  99. Lindsey on
  100. wow!! what an awesome year!!!!!!! congrats jimmie, you deserve it!!!!

  101. Elaine on
  102. Amen, Doug, I wish Smoke and Ryan Newman the best of luck next. Glad we are going back to
    Chevy. Hope the 2 fair haired boys are put to shame, they have had all the glory this year. They are both good drivers and I admire that, but I think there’s something wrong when they
    never have any serious problems. So, Smoke and Ryan, let’s make them eat your dust.

    Marie, you are welcome. Glad to have you here.

  103. Patti on
  104. I dont really like jimmie johnson – I was at the homestead race and it was boring – not much going on – I would like to see some other way of figuring out who should be champ. I think that every race should count – get points for pole. leading 1st lap, leading most laps, winning the race. That way if you have a few bad races in the final chase as it is now – it would matter – it should all count – from race 1 to the end of the year.

  105. Patti on
  106. i was at the race sunday in homestead – was in the pits walking around before the race and the only crew chief that i saw was Chad in front of the 48 team box – he was out in the pits looking and talking with someone – everyone else was gone someplace – so Congrgs to 48 and CHad – I am a dale jr fan – but way to go Hendrick !!! CHad – you need a bonus!!!!

  107. Linda on
  108. Way to go Jimmy. GREAT work Chad. You both worked good together and got the job done thats what counts. CONGRATULATIONS.

    You forgot #88………I thought that was funny too about Rick getting up in age! I am very happy that Jimmie won the Championship and believe he deserved it! I was glad to see Carl win the race. He tried with all he had for the Championship, but in the end, it was the #48! I do hope next season, maybe Dale can show some of what he’s got and get him, Tony Jr. & the #88 Team all on the same page and then he can get in there and dig and get those win’s!! Great Season and I love seeing only 90 day’s til Daytona ’09!!

  109. Connie on
  110. I take exception to calling Carl Edwards a cheat. He has tremendous talent and made The Chase exciting. It has been so boring the past few years.

    Congratulations to Jimmie & probably the best crew chief in NASCAR!

  111. Pat on
  112. Hi, Susan – didn’t mean to forget #88 – I like him, too, but I am beginning to think he does need a new crew chief, but maybe they are doing everything they can, I don’t know.

    Why in the world they keep that fat, big-mouthed guy on that show is beyond me. He is one of the rudest, crudest men I have ever seen. Sure doesn’t say much for the announcers. And Kenny Wallace is just about as bad. They talk just to be talking, not saying much of anything really. He’s no good there or in the race car!! Give me Jeff Hammond and Darrell Waltrip anyday! I love those guys, they’re great.

  113. Cecil Sloan on
  114. I still say cheaters always win,like jimmy,chad and nascar,I like the old days when they drove real cars and had a set of rules to live by.

  115. Pat on
  116. I can see JJ is not your favorite, but what if Carl Edwards had won instead, or Kyle Busch or any other, would you say they cheated? Jimmie is a winner.

  118. Tell me how Jimmie cheated


    Way to go Jimmy & the #48 team.The best teams wins always.Amazing what you did in a short time.Sticking together all those years.
    Carl had a run too!

  121. TJ on
  122. Congrats to Jimmy and to Chad (without Chad, Jimmy would not have had the car he had to drive and to win with) That’s not to take anything away from Jimmy as he is a very good driver and listens to his crew chief. A “what if” If Carl would not have had the oil lid problem at LV, and not had the 100 pt fine and loss of 10 chase bonus pts, Well, we just may have had a different champion. But, it is what it is, congrats again to Jimmy and Chad, but the duck (and Carl) just may be holding the trophy in 09.

  123. Maureen on
  124. I agree 100% with Mama Donia….100% all the way! Let’s all wish for the New Year 2009 that Dale Jr comes up with a crew chief like Chad Knaus. Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus are the most dynamic duo EVER! I love ‘em all but prayed for Jimmie J. to win the cup because he and Chad just work so hard and seem to put their lives into it. Besides, ask anyone, JJ has, by far, the best looking wife in all NASCAR. As a female, I wish God gave me looks like Jimmie’s wife Chandra…she’s so beautiful.

  125. sylvia from Corpus Christi on
  126. Congratulations to you Jimmie Johnson. I am really a Dale Junior fan, but you belong to Hendrick Motorsport. So, If you’re happy and win, then I am happy for you. Maybe next year you can give Junior a litle help, and let him win a couple of races. Ha Ha Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU JIMMIE

  127. Pat on
  128. Go, Hendricks Motorsports!!! I see that most of you on here really congratulate the #48 team, but I can see also that so many of you are really hoping for #88 to do something next year, too. I hope he does, too. He’s worked real hard this year, after finally getting away from DEI, which is the best move he could have made. He’s been a different person and driver since he left them. He’ll do good next year. He has a lot of potential. And don’t forget old man Martin coming on board! I like Mark, too, sure wish he’d something, too. He’s a good guy. Daytona can’t get here soon enough!!!

  129. sherry on
  130. I agree, but I sure did want to see someone else win. Carl gave it all, no one can doubt that ………
    I think its crumby that only ten get to sit on stage and two don’t, they all made the chase, so they should all be on stage……..JMHO


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