Pit Strategy Costs Gordon

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Jeff Gordon Hands Victory to Jimmie Johnson


Jeff Gordon was pretty upbeat following Sunday’s Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway – despite the fact that a late race pit call cost him the win.

“It was a great day for us, dominating performance. The car was awesome, everything was good,” said Gordon. “The fact that we lost the race, now Chad looks like a genius.”

Can he really be all that thrilled after leading 219 laps?

Gordon’s crew chief cost him the race. Why did Steve LeTarte call for only 2 tires?

Gordon proved that he could drive to the lead over and over Sunday. When he overshot his pit stall and had to re-start in traffic he quickly regained the lead.

Maybe Gordon and LeTarte thought Jimmie Johnson was on a 2 tire strategy as well, but Johnson ended up taking 4 tires.

“I had no doubt in my mind we could hold him off with four tires,” said Gordon. That makes it even more puzzling as to why he only took 2 and virtually handed the race to Johnson.

“We’ll just come back this week and take the trophy again.” ~ Jimmie Johnson

“Between the two cars, the 48 and the 24, whoever got out front at the end of that race was going to win the race if you had equal tires. I mean, we were very, very equal. They were better at certain stages of the run, but he couldn’t pass me,” said Gordon.

I don’t know if there was any communication between the 24 and 48 teams, but the 4 fresh tires are what won Johnson the race.

“You got to give ‘em credit where credit’s due. They’re very strong, a very good team,” said Jeff Gordon of the No. 48 team.

Chad Knaus just plain out-strategized Steve LeTarte on pit road.

“It came down to pit stops,” said Jimmie Johnson.

So what are Jimmie’s plans for the next race? “We’ll just come back this week and take the trophy again,” said Johnson.

So do we even need to have a race in Atlanta Sunday, or do we need to just write Jimmie Johnson’s name in the record book?

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12 Comments on Pit Strategy Costs Gordon

  1. Tom on
  2. Maybe all the drivers, crew chiefs, owners just ought to let Jimmy have the track to himself every Sunday from here on. They are only wasting gas, time, and money.
    It seems like nobody want to take it away from Jimmy. It seems like they are just giving it to him. If Dale Earnhardt was still here, Jimmy wouldn’t be winning all these races. I just wish Dale would have taught Jr. a lot of things before he was killed. If Jimmy win the next race, you might have well give him the trophy now and let the rest of the year go by.

    It cost Jeff the race only because he took the two tires instead of four.. NASCAR has to change those caution lights system as I know Junior lost two spots with all the errors made. The races are more boring each week with the same drivers up front each week and I hope things change drastically or the sport of racing will be losing more revenue at the tracks.
    We need to bring back the races of the 70′s and 80′s !!!!!

  3. jim on
  4. Tell me something, do you think there is team sharing of infomation????!!!!!!
    HEHE. Oh well. if the new spoiler doesn’t change racing, i for one will not watch anymore.
    Dale Earnhardt couldn’t drive this cot car either, what a joke.
    If nascar thinks this car has a future the way it’s setup now, there head is in the sand!!!!!!

  5. Mick on
  6. Anymore, I try to find something interesting to do while the race is on. There’s no sense watching until the last 10 laps, because only then will you find which Hendrick’s car crossed the line first. Not sure what the sponsors are paying for commercials these days, but I’d like to alert them to a dose of reality – just because Nielsen is telling you there’s TV’s on, don’t believe those folks are actually watching. NASCAR is like sitting there watching a chess game….just not very entertaining anymore. AND – I’m sick and tired of flags and NASCAR screw ups affecting race results!

  7. Lou Burt on
  8. I won’t be wasting my weekends sitting around watching Jimmie Johnson running out front and winning all the races. He isn’t the best driver out there by a long shot, he just happens to have the best crew chief that does the winning. Put JJ with another crew chief and he’ll be running back in the pack with the rest of them. His personality is as dull as dirt, compare him to “Mr. Excitement” who thankfully was gotten rid of. Now with his last remark, he is beginning to sound a little too cocky.
    I will always be a Jr. fan but I like some of the other top racers and enjoy watching them race and root for them when Jr. isn’t going to win. Everyone is supposed to like a winner but there is some reason JJ isn’t very popular.
    I had planned to go see a race this year but not if it is going to be the same outcome week after week, I’ll save my hard earned money and stay home. I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there that are going to quit watching unless something changes and the cars are one thing.
    It isn’t just the economy that is keeping sponsors away.

    yeh, why don’t you let JJ drive #88 AND let JR. drive # 48 than see who is the best
    I guess JJ it getting a little cockie if he think he so good why does he brake going
    into the corners when he can go into the corners and come out smoking his tires
    than he can say he is in a class with a great driver so for i think only Dale Sr. could do it and than maybe his head will come to size.

    hey JJ maybe you should get off that patsal before someone knocks you off

  9. AZomah on
  10. If this year is going to be like last year I am going to purchase a clothes dryer with glass in the door and watch the clothes go around.

  11. Doowah on
  12. How can you people call yourselves race fans when it is only three races into the season and you have already given the championship to JJ and Chad? I think you should all go back to watching wrestling and stop your whining. If it was Dale SR or JR winning all the races you would all think that was all fine and dandy. I think the reason you don’t like to see JJ win is because he acts like a professional and not like some half educated beer gusling red neck. And for you people that think NASCAR is making it easy for Chad and JJ to win you need to get a grip. If they wanted someone in particular to win championships year after year, why wouldn’t they do it for JR? After all, he is the most popular driver in NASCAR.

    I think the point we are trying to get across here is that we don’t mind JJ being a good driver. Even if it were someone else, no one appreciates seeing the same race they just watched the week before. There are 43 cars we need to watch, not just the same one week after week. We just want the “race” to be a little more competivitive and see more “different” drivers winning and make it more exciting each week. I think more fans will be willing to spend their hard earned dollars and actually get out to the tracks. My opinion!!!!!

  13. Debra Franklin on
  14. I think that Jimmy Johnson is a good driver but I would like to see some one else win the Championship . Iwould like to see Mark Martin take the crown.

  15. Tom on
  16. Maybe Formula 1 will take Jimmy.

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