First Man to Win the Brickyard 400

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Update: Here’s a hint — it is not Jeff Gordon. Here is the answer.

NASCAR Indy Trivia Contest

Who was the first man to win NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Big Bill France first approached the bigwigs at Indy about running a stock car race at Indy in the 1950′s but the Indy folks would have nothing to do with the rowdy stock car crowd.

So Big Bill decided to build his own track. You might have heard of it. A little place called Daytona International Speedway.

It would take about 40 years for the folks at Indy to come around and invite the NASCAR drivers over for what was originally going to be a one race deal called the Brickyard 400.

But the bosses at Indy didn’t really want the race to be a success. They even blocked off 20,000 seats from ticket sales so that the Brickyard 400 wouldn’t outsell the Indy 500.

So here’s the trivia question. Who was the first man to win NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at Indy.

Think you know who it was? Leave your answer below. We’ll draw from all the correct answers. The winner gets a license plate featuring the first man to win the Brickyard.




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  1. RJ Balint on
  2. Jeff Gordon

  3. Tammy on
  4. Jeff Gordon

  5. Jan on
  6. Dale Jarrett

  7. Rick on
  8. Jeff Gordon

  9. Rita McDonald on
  10. Jeff Gordon

  11. Judith Hatton on
  12. Jeff Gordon won 2004 But the hometown boy of mine won 2005 while I was there. olumbuss is very proud of him

  13. Judith Hatton on
  14. Jeff Gordon won 2004 But the hometown boy of mine won 2005 while I was there. Columbus is very proud of him.

  15. TOMP on
  16. Rick Mast, 1994

  17. TOMP on
  18. Dammit, he was the pole sitter. Jeff Gordon won….

    jeff gordon of course he is the best and will always be the best!!!!!!!!!

  19. angie on
  20. Jeff Gordon won. Dale Earnhardt was so excited to race at Indy and he grazed the wall in the first few laps of the 1st Brickyard

  21. Debra Lester on
  22. Jeff Gordon

  23. Sherry on
  24. the winner was Jeff Gordon

  25. Shelley on
  26. Jeff Gordon

  27. goldie on
  28. Well, oh well, if my ole mind serves me correctly, I believe it was that nice guy who drives the #24, Jeff Gordon

  29. Susan on
  30. Jeff Gordon

    Jeff Gordon

  31. Carr Jones on
  32. Jeff Gordon in 1994

  33. maggie on
  34. jeff gordon

    Jeff Gordon , was the first brick yard winner for NASCAR

  35. june brown on
  36. jeff gordenin

  37. june brown on
  38. jeff gorden

  39. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  40. Jeff Gordon (one of the best drivers ever to enter NASCAR).

    It’s not Jeff Gordon — feel free to try again!

  41. marcel on
  42. tony stewart

  43. Joycie on
  44. Jeff Gordon!

  45. Kevin on
  46. Jeff Gordon was the first man to win the brickyard 400 at indianapolis motor speedway on august 6,1994. 2nd 26-Brett Bodine
    3rd 11-Bill Elliott
    4th 2-Rusty Wallace
    5th 3-Dale Earnhardt
    6th 17-Darrell Waltrip
    7th 25-Ken Schrader
    8th 30-Michael Waltrip
    9th 75-Todd Bodine
    10th 21-Morgan Shepherd

  47. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  48. Tony Stewart (2005) is the one I attended and remember the most.

  49. John Koziol on
  50. four time winner Jeff Gordon won the first Brickyard 400 in 1994

  51. Dean on
  52. Jeff Gordon

  53. Dawn on
  54. Jeff Gordon

  55. Michele on
  56. Jeff Gordon

  57. allen morris on
  58. Jeff gordan won the inaugural race in 1994, Dale Earnhardt was the first MAN to win in 1995

  59. ed foley on
  60. jeff gordon

  61. ed foley on
  62. jeff gordon, i was there, and i was there when dale won it, too

  63. Kim on
  64. Jeff Gordon

  65. William on
  66. Jeff Gordon

  67. Joel Bailey on
  68. Jeff Gordan

  69. Kasey's Ga Nana on
  70. RacingWin stated (at 12:25) that it was not Jeff Gordon and I know it WAS Jeff Gordon. I became a fan of his when he was a ROOKIE and stayed with him all these years. I also hope he wins this year’s Brickyard 400. If he cannot, then I want to see Kasey Kahne win it. If Jeff takes first, then let Kasey take second, and vicesa versa. These are two GREAT drivers and two of the most polite and courteous drivers on the circuit. You don’t hear the awful radio chatter that some drivers seem to think is okay to use. I don’t see why anyone would not want one of these two in winner’s circle this year. GO KASEY and GO JEFF. Little Ella will put that lucky charm on you two for sure.

  71. mamadonia on
  72. JEFF GORDON!!!!! The big wigs at Indy didn’t want us hillbillies up there til they saw the $$$$$$$$$$ signs, just like Donald Trump, now he would love to build a race track.

    We who have been aroung the block more than one time all know that it was …….(DRUM ROLL)………….JEFF GORDON

    Okay, it’s not Jeff Gordon. Although I have to admit that the question is a bit tricky, and you will have to really know your NASCAR history to get this one right. Feel free to try again.

  73. Jim Chalmers on
  74. 1st Brickyard 400 winner was Bill Elliot

  75. ron lee on
  76. tony stewart

  77. Amie on
  78. Dale Earnhardt!

  79. James on
  80. Dale Earnhardt was the first man to win the Brickyard 400.Jeff Gordon was the first boy to win it.

  81. Ed on
  82. Dale Jarrett won the first Brickyard 400.

  83. Sherri on
  84. I’m guessing Ryan NewMAN

  85. Larry on
  86. Dale Earnhardt said that since Jeff Gordon was “a kid”, he (Dale) was the first “man” to win the race.

  87. robert on
  88. tony stewart

  89. Louise on
  90. It was Dale Earnhart

  91. Sherri on
  92. My guess is Ryan NewMAN!!

  93. Bob on
  94. Tony Stewart

  95. Eric on
  96. A.J Foyt

  97. ricky on
  98. it was Dale Earnhardt Sr

  99. Bobby H. on
  100. Dale Jarrett was the first winner at Indy.

  101. Patt Martinez on
  102. It was Dale Jarrett, for sure!

  103. Jay on

  105. Patt Martinez on
  106. He was the 1st to kiss the bricks too!

  107. Laurie hall on
  108. It was Dale Earnhart

  109. Dee Kilpatrick on
  110. A J Foyt

  111. Kevin Laffey on
  112. Stoddard Dayton that Louis Schwitzer won the first automobile race at the Speedway

    Dale Earnhardt was the first “Man” to win the Brickyard 400

  113. Terry Koenecke on

  115. Tom McDonnell on
  116. Dale Earnhardt

  117. Jeanette on

  119. TANK on
  120. DALE SR

  121. Helen Wagner on
  122. Lee Petty

  123. roland on
  124. tony stewart was first winner for nascar at indy

  125. Pam Hertzner on
  126. Dale Earnhardt!! He was the first MAN to win the Brickyard. Jeff Gordon was the first BOY to win the Brickyard!!

  127. Jean Nelson on
  128. Dale Earnhardt was the 1st man to win the Brickyard 400–Jeff Gordon was the first boy!

  129. mike manning on
  130. dale earnhardt jeff gordon was still cosider a kid remember the phase wonderboy

  132. AJ Foyt

  133. J.C. Blanchette on
  134. Dale Earnhardt was the first man to win the Brickyard 400

  135. Hootie on
  136. If it isn’t Jeff Gordon nor Dale Earnhardt (stated as a joke) and since the word “man” is used in place of “driver,” I’m going to guess Bill France,Jr. -”winning” the opportunity to have the event be raced at IMS from Tony George.

  137. Dale Jarrett on
  138. I Think

  139. Joel Bailey on
  140. The record book says Jeff Gordon won the first Brickyard 400 ran in 1994.

  141. Tony 4 Sure go Smoke on
  142. 4 Sure it was Smoke

    Lee Petty

  143. mamadonia on
  144. Because it’s a bit tricky, possibly somewhere before Nascar started racing on a regular schedule; DALE EARNHARDT?????????

  145. Jay on
  146. Dale #3

  147. James Bledsoe on
  148. Dale Earnhardt Sr. Aug 5, 1995

  149. knm327 on
  150. Rick mast was the first pole winner Jeff Gordon was the first race winner but by age he was not a man yet so then that would have made Dale Earnhardt the first MAN to win at the brickyard 400

  151. LYNDA VADEN on

  153. goldie on
  154. My second guess……Bill Elliott

  155. poofer on
  156. Ah,I remember it like it was yesterday.The drivers boycotted the race,because of excess speeds and tire wear.France brought in anyone who could reach the pedals,and Richard Brickhouse won it. HA HA,sound familiar for a 1st race somewhere?

  157. Eddie on
  158. It was dale earnhardt himself upon winning who said he was the first MAN to win the brickyard!

  159. carroll on
  160. Jeff Gordon edged out Rick Mast for the Win in 1994

  161. Too Mean on
  162. Jeff Gordon..Carl Edwards still

  163. Mavis on
  164. Jeff Gordon

  165. Bryan L. on
  166. Several NASCAR teams were invited to a one-day test session at the speedway by track president Tony George in 1993, and the inaugural Brickyard 400 was held one year later.

    07/26/09 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Mark Martin Jimmie Johnson 16 Chevrolet
    07/27/08 Allstate 400 at The Brickyard Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson 1 Chevrolet
    07/29/07 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Reed Sorenson Tony Stewart 14 Chevrolet
    08/06/06 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Jeff Burton Jimmie Johnson 5 Chevrolet
    08/07/05 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Elliott Sadler Tony Stewart 22 Chevrolet
    08/08/04 Brickyard 400 Casey Mears Jeff Gordon 11 Chevrolet
    08/03/03 Brickyard 400 Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick 1 Chevrolet
    08/04/02 Brickyard 400 Tony Stewart Bill Elliott 2 Dodge
    08/05/01 Brickyard 400 Jimmy Spencer Jeff Gordon 27 Chevrolet
    08/05/00 Brickyard 400 Ricky Rudd Bobby Labonte 3 Pontiac
    08/07/99 Brickyard 400 Jeff Gordon Dale Jarrett 4 Ford
    08/01/98 Brickyard 400 Ernie Irvan Jeff Gordon 3 Chevrolet
    08/02/97 Brickyard 400 Ernie Irvan Ricky Rudd 7 Ford
    08/03/96 Brickyard 400 Jeff Gordon Dale Jarrett 24 Ford
    08/05/95 Brickyard 400 Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt 13 Chevrolet
    08/06/94 Brickyard 400 Rick Mast Jeff Gordon 3 Chevrolet

  167. Jean on
  168. According to research…the race was in 1994 with Rick Mast on the pole and
    Jeff Gordon was the winner. His name came up as winner on all the places
    I did research on.

  169. j.m on
  170. AJ Foyt ran NASCAR races and Indy. Maybe he’s the guy.

  171. june brown on
  172. bill holland in 1949

  173. HoneyOne on

  175. Dawn on
  176. I have no idea, im guessing the KING-Petty

  177. Donna on
  178. Jeff Gordon won the inaugural race in 1994! But, Dale Earnhardt said he was the first MAN to win in 1995! So……Dale Earnhardt.

  179. Jean Nelson on
  180. The answer is Dale Earnhardt Sr. He was the first MAN to win–Jeff Gordon was a boy!

  181. Rita McDonald on
  182. Dale Earnhardt Sr, he said Jeff Gordon was the 1st boy.

  183. Joyce on
  184. Dale Jarrett won the Brickyard 400 race.

  185. William on
  186. starting in 1909, Ray Haroun won the first race, but I’m not sure it was a 500 miler,it might have been 400 miles. The first time I was there was in 1949, so my memory is clouded.

  187. Beth on
  188. I think the first driver to win WAS Jeff Gordon but when Dale Earnhardt won he said HE was the first MAN to win because when Jeff Gordon won he was still just a KID

  189. Linda Bruce on
  190. fireball roberts

  191. jeff on
  192. the first man to win the brickyard 400 was dale jarette

  193. William on
  194. As I think about your question of the first MAN to win, and Dale Earnhardt said Jeff Gordon was just a wonderboy, I’ll concede to your thinking and say Dale Earnhardt!!

  195. Will on
  196. Dale Sr. was the first boy, Sr. was the first Man!!!!

  197. Will on
  198. Correction, Sr. was the first Man, Jeffy was the boy!!!

  199. racefan on
  200. Fireball Roberts

  201. Marjorie on
  202. Tony Stewart

  203. Kimberly Taylor on
  204. Tony Stewart, 1994

  205. Jean Nelson on
  206. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the first MAN to win the Brickyard 400. Jeff Gordon was just a boy!

  207. Donna on
  208. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was the first man to win the Brickyard 400

  209. larry on
  210. the 1st man to win was dale sr. the winner was wonder boy

  211. mamadonia on
  212. Now that I look back on it, yes Dale Sr. said he was the first “MAN”,to win at Indy, of course Jeff was just wonderBOY, that is the nickname that Dale gave Jeff. In fact Dale toasted Jeff and Jeff had a glass of milk at the Nascar Champion banque in New York!!!!!

  213. Susan on
  214. Well, I’m gonna go with…. Matt Kenseth

  215. Anne on
  216. Dale Earnhardt made that comment even though he was the SECOND WINNER of the Brickyard 400. The anwer is really Jeff Gordon since he is the FIRST WINNER. Also Gordon was a “man” since he was over the age of 18.

  217. Beverly Isbell on
  218. Jeff won the inaugural race, but it was more than 400 miles due to a green white checkered flag . . . so the winner of the first 400 mile Brickyard was Dale Earnhardt.

  219. Beverly on
  220. Oops . . . the first G-W-C was in the 2004 race. Jeff Gordon won the inaugural NASCAR race at Indy.

  221. myra cochran on
  222. It was Dale Earnhardt.

  223. Goldie on
  224. Good ole Google states Jeff Gordon won the first NASCAR Brickyard 400, so there!!!!

  225. Goldie on
  226. Ha Ha my third try and this time Google says Tony Stewart was the winner. I’ve tried everything so this is my last guess. Can’t figure why so many answers are coming up. Reckon this is a trick question!!!

  227. Dan on
  228. THE INTIMIDATOR…DALE EARNHARDT SR was the first “man” to win the Brickyard 400.

  229. Bobbie on
  230. not for sure but going for david kywicky (if spelled right ) still he was awesome

  231. Damon on
  232. It was Dale Earnhardt because Dale made the comment that after he won it finally a man has won the Brickyard 400. He was kidding Gordon because they considered him the Boy Wonder.

  233. Mindfreak on
  234. Dale Sr. was the first to win at the Brick Yard

    i read 0n here it was dale earnhardt sr that won it in 1994 he was my all time idol , i be in my recliner watch him race to i be in front of the t,v all the time to . i i root for him to

  235. Colleen Burdette on
  236. Dale Earnhardt won in 1995 and jokingly referred to himself as “the first man” to win the Brickyard 400, in reference to Gordon the previous year.

  237. Jason Johnson on
  238. The Big E……Dale Earnhardt Sr. was, and still is, the first MAN to win Indy!!! And still to this day is one of very, very few MEN to EVER be involved with NASCAR!!

    kick their ass JR.
    Go *88!!!!

  239. Dennis on
  240. trivia answer…..rick Hendrich

  241. Dennis on
  242. trivia answer …..rick Heindrick

  243. DL Millage on
  244. Kevin Harvick is the winner!

  245. Sandra on
  246. Rick Mast won the pole for the first Brickyard 400 for Nascar Drivers. Jeff Gordon won the first one in 1994, and Dale Earnhardt Sr won it in 1995, and when Dale Jarrett won in 1996, Dale Jarrett was the first Nascar driver to kiss the bricks.

  247. Danny Josey on
  248. Dale Earnhardt

  249. clay on
  250. I dont know what kind of trick question you are asking.But Jeff Gordon won the first brickyard 400.

  251. jeanW on
  252. Last I heard, it was Lee Petty that won the Indy 500 first.

    I would like to say that Tony Stewart won the first Brickyard 400 in 1994!

  253. SHEILA on
  254. BIG E

  255. Mary Ellen Fowler on
  256. It was Dale Erhnhardt, Sr. who won the first Brickyard.

  257. ben hurst on
  258. dale earnhardt was the first man to win brickyard

  259. ben hurst on
  260. on a late night talk show earnhartd said he was first man to win, because jeff gordon was a boy.

  261. amanda on
  262. The winner was DALE EARNHARDT .Cause GORDON had the pole position.

  263. maggie on

  265. Adrienne on
  266. I think it’s Rick Mast.

  267. Darrell Wampler on

    Juan Pablo Montoya

  269. Nikki on
  270. according to the website: It says Jeff Gordon was the first to win, and I copy from the site:

    1994 – the inaugural running of the Brickyard 400 took place on August 6th, 1994, and saw Rick Mast win the pole position. Mast, who also became the first NASCAR driver to lead a lap at Indy, went on to finish 22nd in the race. Second-year driver Jeff Gordon, who had just turned 23 two days before the race, took the lead late in the event and went on to win; he remains the youngest winner of the race.

  271. Bob K on
  272. Dale Jarrett

  273. Tam on
  274. Dale Earnhardt was the first MAN to win the Brickyard 400! Though WonderBoy won the first Brickyard 400.

  275. Troy on
  276. Rick Mast won the 1st Brickyard!

  277. Linda on
  278. Well it has to be a trick question since it was Jeff Gordon who won the first Brickyard 400. Maybe you consider Bill France the winner for pushing the idea

  279. wendy harris on
  280. The first man to win was Ray Harroun in 1911 when it was the innoapolias 500!!

  281. Hootie on
  282. I feel like I was the winner because I got to watch such a great race while in Indianapolis and Jeff Gordon win the Inaugural Brickyard 400 race.

  283. Hootie on
  284. Now…I see where you are coming from. You have taken the Tonight Show interview with Dale Sr. and the quote where Earnhardt stated that he was the first man to win the Brickyard 400. Jeff Gordon may have won the race, but he is just a boy. “I am the first man to win that race.” That was just Dale’s opinion. As a matter of fact, Jeff had just turned 23 years of age. In NASCAR’s opinion, Jeff was a man…man enough to enter, qualify and win the race.

  285. Maureen on

  287. bonny mcghee on
  288. my answer would be Bill Elliot, or Dale Earnhardt Sr., or Terry Labonte, Darrell Waltrip. these will be my guess. oh yes maybe Neil Bonnett.

  289. allen morris on
  290. Was it joe weatherly in a tire test there in the 50′s? seriously!

  291. alice cooper on
  292. Dale Earnhardt sr was the first “man” to win the brick yard 400 as a jibe at Jeff Gordon who was then known as wonder boy

  293. Ann Courtney on
  294. I feel it is Dale Sr. There have been many people that have stated Dale Sr. was the first MAN to win the Brickyard 400.

  295. racefan on
  296. so what’s the answer already?

  297. John Koziol on
  298. Fireball Roberts, Joe Weatherly and Marvin Panch

  299. Sarah on
  300. 1994: The first running of the Brickyard 400 in 1994 saw the largest crowd to-date to witness a NASCAR event, and the single-largest race purse to-date. Rick Mast won the pole position, and became the first stock car driver to lead a lap at Indy. Young second-year driver Jeff Gordon took the lead late in the race after Ernie Irvan suffered a flat tire. Gordon drove on to a historic win in NASCAR’s debut at the Brickyard. In an effort to attract more entries, the event was concurrently included on the NASCAR Winston West schedule. No Winston West competitors qualified on speed, but points leader Mike Chase made the field via a Winston West provisional.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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