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Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR’s First Family

Earnhardt Nation

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A vivid look into the lives of the first family of stock car racing, the Earnhardts and the rise of NASCAR. EARNHARDT NATON goes back more than sixty years to tell the stories of Ralph Earnhardt, son Dale and his son Dale Jr.

In the early days Ralph Earnhardt would spend his days hard at work at the cotton mill, his nights preparing his race car, and his weekends racing.

His son Dale and Grandson Dale Jr have become legends because of that work ethic and what went on inside that garage.

Earnhardt Nation is the story of the Earnhardt family and the Earnhardt Family business.

Earnhardt Nation isn’t just about Ralph, Dale and Junior, though, it’s about the entire Earnhardt clan. You get to know the Earnhardt family behind the scenes. From the beginning days of racing right up to the present day.

Jay Busbee brings us up close and personal to the Earnhardt’s.

It’s not just a sorry of the Earnhardt family though. Earnhardt Nation dives into the business side of the Earnhardt name and its selling power.

“Few people ever reach speeds of 200 mph, some families make a business out of it, and none has done it with more breathtaking abandon, writes Busbee.

The story begins with Ralph Earnhardt quitting his cotton mill job to make racing a full-time career. Creating a racing dynasty that is still charging ahead today.

About the author: Jay Busbee is a lead writer covering NASCAR for Yahoo Sports. He lives in Atlanta with his family.

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