Does Kyle Busch’s Gas Mileage Victory Mean as Much?

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Kyle Busch won Saturday night’s Crown Royal Presents The Matthew & Daniel

Hansen 400 at Richmond by conserving enough fuel to make it to the checkered flag. He actually ran out of gas doing victory burnouts.

“It was important to save fuel there under the cautions,” Kyle said of the race winning strategy. “Fortunately we had that long caution flag. That probably saved us.  I didn’t expect to run out on my way back to the winner’s circle.”

So is a race won on fuel strategy as meaningful as a race won on speed or driver’s talent?

Strategy is a big part of NASCAR racing. But so is building fast cars and having the courage to drive them beyond their limits.

Kyle Busch is not going to be giving the trophy back anytime soon, but do you think a fuel mileage win means as much to him as a duel to the finish?

What do you think of fuel mileage races?





41 Comments on Does Kyle Busch’s Gas Mileage Victory Mean as Much?

  1. SouthernGuy8503 on
  2. Not really a fan of KB but a win is a win, fuel mileage is just part of a strategy to win. Every big name has one at least 1 race that ended up being a fuel mileage win.

  3. AZomah on
  4. Not a fan of KB’s either, but the win did move him up 3 spots in the standings. Thanks to the stupid chase stuff, that is what is important these days. Without alot of caution flags fuel was a gamble for everyone. That’s racing!

  5. william o. on
  6. when the lost wages puke brothers are on the race track, they should be bared from the race just for being there. I really used to enjoy NASCAR racing, but no more, now just the tracks close to home, no more trips to see the NASCAR races. Bill

  7. Mavis on
  8. A win is a win I guess. I didn’t see it but someone told me that Kyle nearly spun Jr out on a restart so he got a slow start because he had to catch his car. All the announcers said that he spun his tires so he didn’t get a good restart. I wonder if Kyle jumped the restart. Did anyone see that? I know he jumped the restart on Hamlin but supposedly gave it back. If he did it took so long he should have been penalized.

  9. ladyred on
  10. I suppose whatever it takes to win is ok. I am a big Jr. fan and also a NASCAR fan, but I must say I am beginning to lose interest in the races. I don’t see what the announcers see, that Kyle B is a great racer. He always has a great car. Give his cars to any of the other good racers and they would win all the time too. I just cannot stomach either Busch brother and it takes all the fun out of watching the races. However Kyle cleans up his image, it is too late for me as I will never be a fan of his. He dug his hole when he started out and altho he puts on a good face some of the time, I can still see that insulent smart-alec guy. I despise hearing any of them comparing him to Dale, Sr., never in his lifetime can he be compared to the
    greatest racer. Races were much better before he came on the scene and altho I’ve gotten used to JJ winning, I will never, ever, enjoy racing again with Kyle on the track.
    When I see that he has won, the TV goes off, I don’t even watch them interview the other drivers as I don’t want to have to look at KB. I wish he would just move on, go to Indy cars or somewhere else and let us enjoy the drivers we’ve been watching for years. Think he is good for the sport? Think again….

    Strategy is a big part. Every driver had the same opportunity to get whatever fuel they needed.

    The long green flag runs really put the pressure in the crew chiefs to make the right call.

    There is more than one way to win a race and the fastest car does not always win.I do hear that a lot that people are losing interest due to Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson — but I am seeing the crowds come back to the race track.

  11. REGAN on
  12. Could not have said it better.

  13. Murphyslim on
  14. I like to watch NASCAR races and to me, it is strategy that wins races. It’s the smart driver that saves his tires, watches his fuel mileage, drives with care and tries to avoid mishaps, and in so doing, he wins his share of races.
    Now if that was JJ or Jr. that won the race on fuel mileage, I’m sure it would be a different story.
    Can’t recall exactly how many of the 400 laps that Kyle led the race, but no one else even came close. He ran a good race.

  15. REGAN on
  16. People are coming back to the tracks because JR is doing pretty good it aint cause of K Bush. I can not stand the way he does his little bow. I hope one day when he does it he falls on his head! I also cant wait for nascar to get away from FOX because it is always about KB how good he is BLAH BLAH BLAH ! FOX & NASCAR wanted to act like the race was almost a sellout and judging by what i saw on my tv it was nowhere close. NASCAR will never ever get it’s true fan base back due to the cost of going to one and the stupid chase crap that always changes to make sure JJ wins the championship again. They also are losing the real fan base due to some other things , that i cant say here, but folks know what i am talking about.

  17. AZomah on
  18. I think some of the returns to the track can be credited to Jr. Yes, the tv’s do go off because of KB and the driver of the 48!

    Something should be done about CHEATING in Nascar. No one should be able to stink up a show as much as they do. There has to be something other than good driving and saving gas. Both the Busch boys are good drivers, but come on, there is something HINKY in Nascar. First JJ now KB and Denny Hamlin winning his own sponsored race, Give me a break.

  19. AZomah on
  20. RacingWin, I have to say this outloud, Jr. has to stop helping his so called team mates, they are not going to help him, not ever! They have used him since 2008 and will continue to do so. He needs to drive for himself and those he represents and forget the other drivers at HMS! Let’s face it, the cc for the 48 driver will not allow his driver to help Jr. win! I am just fed up with the way they use my Jr. He is a better man than they will ever hope to be! Remember Jr. it’s everyman for himself on the track! GOOOOOO JR!

  21. Alicia on
  22. I don’t think so. I think his crew cheats to win.

  23. Tim on
  24. Less fuel = faster car even if it is only a few pounds, when you have some races where they are winning by thousands of a second, a lighter fuel cell is significant.
    The caution laps helped him win the race. Pit crew measurements on how much fuel to use each time is key when it come down to the wire.

  25. ladyred on
  26. Of course fans are coming back to races because of JR. He is the face of NASCAR whether they want to accept it or not. If they had been coming to see KB the stands would have been full. I agree, can’t wait till those guys and Fox leave, they are so biased.
    And as you notice, when Kyle is leading none of the other drivers get mentioned, it is always baby Kyle and how great he is. Yes, you have to be a good driver to go along with a good car, but GREAT, NEVER!!

  27. Pegi on
  28. WOW…I thought I was the only one turning off the TV when Kyle wins!

  29. marcel on
  30. To kyle, he doesn’t care how he gets them, for the fans and viewers its not that good because we know most drivers are holding back. I stopped watching after the first major wreck , took out most of the fast cars. Unless something happened to kyle the race was his. Strategy or speed, it takes a driver and crewchief to help win the race. Nascar is going the wrong way with the changes, must bring the COST down on everything and need the announcers to shut up once in a while. No need to keep repeating same thing over and over. They must think we are all a bunch of IDIOTS watching the race.

  31. Mavis on
  32. I don’t like it when it’s the Kyle busch show either. I like to see several drivers do good in the races and not dominanace by one racer. I might feel different if that one driver was Jr.

  33. Ken on
  34. Kyle Bush had that race sewed up. He head the best car . Sure he saved fuel under caution but thats just normal. He led the most laps and ran everbody down when necassary. Not a real fuel mileage win. However a win is a win . Fuel mileage and other pit strategy wins as many races as do drivers.

  35. Ed Sims on
  36. I still feel that luck has a lot to do with it. A good car & driver is 2/3 of a winning.
    I belive that NASCAR should stop the race when it looks like there will cleanup after a track problem. I like to see them race not runaround on a yellow.

  37. pappy on
  38. put that little punk in say a Brian Vickers car and he d never win its not him near as much as his crew and pit stops. He s just lucky he landed in such a good ride after Rick Hendrick ran him off for someone far less annoying

  39. pappy on
  40. watching JJ win all the time is annoying but the bush bros are punks and cant drive with any dignity aint that right dale jr mark martin and all that can

  41. dynamite on

  43. SouthernGuy8503 on
  44. At first I was mad about Steve Latarte’s's pit call. Then I realized it wasn’t a bad call but just that the end didn’t fall their way. Steve was just banking on 1 more caution to bring JR in for a splash of fuel and probably 2 right side tires, would have stayed on the lead lap. I have no doubt JR would have had another top 10 and would still be 3rd in points. I know it’s a woulda coulda shoulda, but I know every team will have at least 2 or 3 races per year to just not go their way at the end. Jr is still 4th in points so Steve just needs to keep Jr’s head up and let him know that the bad finish wasn’t his (JR) fault.

    I agree…..

    Join the group !!!!!! Kyle is not a great driver as everyone thnks….He is a jerk on the track becauuse of the ego trip that he is on and the “boys” in the booth make a great deal out of his style of driving. The difference between Jr. and Kyle is that you have a “jerk” at the wheel of the 18 car who doesn’t have respect for his fellow drivers and Jr. who is a gentlemen has that respect not only for his car but the safety of his fellow drivers.
    In school we used to call the boys “bullies” who had the personalities that describe Kyle’s actions.

  45. AZ omah on
  46. I agree also!

  47. SouthernGuy8503 on
  48. Good point until you realize that even though you’re steadily losing weight to be lighter the tires are losing grip, also means less weight on the rear tires for the exit which means less pressure holding the rear tires down for grip (same as if you imagine losing downforce as you raced). So yes you’re burning less fuel but you’re also losing grip on the tires from tire wear and less weight on the rear to help hold the rear tires. So losing grip level on the tires overshadows the weight lost of fuel.

    I remember another driver who did not want to make friends with any other driver. He wanted to keep his competitors as adversaries so that he did not owe them anything. He didn’t much care for teammates either. Just ask Mike Skinner. Do you know who I am talking about?

    I wish someone could prove all this cheating. What did you see?

    It does take both. Kyle would not have won in Brian’s car. But would Brian have won in Kyle’s car?

  49. AZomah on
  50. You are so bad. Could his name have been Big E?

  51. BIG John on
  52. Good WIN
    I been there watching you at the RIR for the I was very proud of you when you sign that kid autograph last time. Keep up the wins I see great things to come this year. kYLE just keep winning.

    Thanks Again for a great show I took a first time person to see a nascar event . he’s your fan also now.have a great day and great year. would like to see you again.

    You are right om that one.

  53. Carole on
  54. ladyred, your comment express my feeling exactly. The only reason Kyle’s interviews sound like he’s matured are because he’s had a “talking to” by the higher ups. Look at his facial expression after he’s lost a race and he’s getting out of his car. He”s stll the old Kyle, but he has to be mature.Just like you sidTake that Toyota out from under him and let’s see what a “great ” driver he is. So my final comment is directed to DW…Kyle who?????

  55. ladyred on
  56. And do you notice when they are going down the points list, they always seem to skip Jr., do the one, two, three, and then skip down to the bottom of the list. I think most of those guys like Jr. but wonder why or who told them not to mention him very often. Last year they talked about how bad he was so why can’t we hear how well he is doing this year. Guess they just don’t like the nice guys. Jr. depended on DW a lot so why can’t he give him some credit.
    Why isn’t he ever invited to be on a show? Or maybe it is because Jr. just doesn’t want to put up with the insesent meaningless chatter.
    Nothing I would like better than to see Jr. #1 and shut them all up.

  57. ladyred on
  58. All drivers have other drivers they don’t like re Montoya and Newman. Sr. had a lot of friends, a lot of drivers went to him for advise and he gave it to them. Jr. has followed up by helping out the young ones coming in….

    I have been watching the stupid races 30 years, and don’t know it all, but I do know I’m sick of Kyle Bush, fed up with Jr. , he had aNOTHER CHANCE TO BEAT kYLE, BUT WHAT DID HE DO??? sPIN HIS TIRES, FORGET IT I’M GOING TO TAKE UP ANOTHER SPORT; GETTING TO OLD FOR THIS NEW TYPE OF RACING., CONFUSION THAT IS ALL IT AMOUNTS TO,WHY ALL THE FUSS, IT IS NO FUN ANYMORE.


  59. Merle on
  60. I have to agree Kyle has come a long way………go Kyle

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