Do You Accept Kyle Busch’s Apology?

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Kyle Busch issued this apology following being parked by NASCAR for intentionally crashing another driver under caution Friday night.

He apologized to race fans, his team, sponsors and to the victim of his crash Ron Hornaday.

Here’s the letter in Kyle’s own words:


To all,

I’ve had a lot of time today to sit and reflect, and try to put my thoughts into words as best I can.

I want to sincerely apologize for my actions during Friday night’s Truck Series race at Texas.

I apologize to my fans, all my sponsors, everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing and Kyle Busch Motorsports.

After talking with my team, it’s great to have their support and encouragement to assure me that there are better days ahead. Even though this took place while driving for Kyle Busch Motorsports, I am sorry for how difficult this has been for everyone associated with Joe Gibbs Racing’s Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series teams.

I’d also like to apologize to Ron Hornaday Jr., and everyone associated with the No. 33 team in the Truck Series.

I understand why I was taken out of the car for the rest of the weekend. NASCAR officials had to act, and I accept their punishment and take full responsibility for my actions.

As a racecar driver, the hardest thing to do is to sit on the sidelines listening to cars on the track when you know you should be out there competing. For this, I have no one to blame but myself.

Through a lot of support from the people around me, I feel like I’ve made a lot of strides this year, but this was certainly a step backward. Moving forward, I will do everything I possibly can to represent everyone involved in a positive manner. However, I know my long-term actions will have more of a bearing than anything I say right now.


Kyle Busch




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  1. Merle on
  2. First off, everyone rides the hell out of Kyle Busch. He is maturing as he goes along and I can assure you there has been plenty of times if I was a driver I would have lost the right to drive by taking a few assholes out that I have seen…….

    Kyle Busch you have my support and no you are not my # 1 favorite but I support you all the way and if you won the sprint cup I would be very proud……Harvick is an ass from go and Horneby also and a few more.. It has to take all you have to keep from knocking the hell out of a few of those ego assholes on that track. Keep going man we on your side….

  3. Skybottle1 on
  4. If anyone believes he wrote this think again, who owns number 33, KH, wonder if this has anything to do with this??

  5. Jim on
  6. Do you really feel this way or is this forced by JGR and Nascar, because it simply does not sound like you.

    However, if you grow from this and become a more mature top notch racer, great for you and great for Nascar. I am not a Kyle Busch fan, but I feel that you are one of the most talented drivers in Nascar, regardless of what equipment you are driving. I pray you have matured and wish you great success in the future, but not at the risk of other drivers lives.

    A true Nascar/Stock car racing fan since 1960.

  7. George on
  8. he is full of crap>>Forget about it you spoiled Brat

  9. BOBBY on

  11. Pat on
  12. Kyle Busch was forced into making this apology by the threats of NASCAR, Joe Gibbs, and his sponsors. Why didn’t he apologize face to face to Ron Hornaday and his team last Friday? I don’t believe this apology was written by Kyle but most likely his attorney or agent.

    I think Kyle should be banned from NASCAR events for the remainder of this year, and all of next year. I will encourage my friends to boycott all of Kyle’s sponsors until he is banned.


  13. Tom on
  14. No way !!!!! He should be banned for life on the tracks. He going to kill someone someday and it will be too late. He can stick this letter up his ***. He probably had somebody do it for him. He is NOT sorry. Next year, he ll do it again. Throw the bum out. Let him earn money the hard way.

    Everyone involved in racing says he is a great WHEEL kid, but he has been endangering other people’s lives for many years. I personally have been waiting for someone to RING HIS BELL (he is LONG overdue) although I don’t want to see him disabled, but I have been waiting for someone to WAKE-HIM-UP.

  15. Tom on
  16. How much does he has to pay? The fined that is. Joe Gibbs is another ***hole. He the owner and should have straigten out Kyle.

  17. Bill Bolek on
  18. He should have thought of that before he did it and Mike Helton took to damn long to react towards ending Kyle Busch’s temper tantrums. The season will end and the dust will settle over the off season and when he thinks everyone has forgotten what happened he will be doing it again. A leopard don’t change its spots. Grow up Kyle Busch….

    No I don’t accept Kyle’s apology! He’s a whiny little —–!. Joe Gibbs should fire his ass and hire David Reuitiman, at least David won’t kill somone out there on or off the track. Nascar sent Tony Steward to anger management classes for having the same attitude!. KH or Delana need to take him out behind the garage and give him a case of whoop-ass!

  19. Rose on
  20. he never has to pay, gets away with everything, what about the speeding ticket he got on the highway nothing came of that either, he’s an idiot

  21. Sandra on
  22. Rules only apply to certain drivers. Last week Brian Vickers, nothing done.
    4 weeks in a roll in truck Kyle has been run over, that’s o.k., but when Kyle had enough let’s apply different rules for Kyle. B.S.
    I am tired of all the rule changes. This was finally straw for me in ever watching or listening to NASCAR again.
    By the way all other cars need to park, Roush bought a champion, Carl Edwards.
    Like the 3rd place qualify person, Greg Biffle got pole for this weekend.
    NASCAR picks and chooses who they want to win. Boys have it apply to and when NASCAR says. Crap. Gee Fans pay to see College football games $500. or more ticket but will not fill up the stands for NASCAR.

  23. susie brown on
  24. He should be taken out of championship contender for this year. and let whoever is next in line, have it. He is deffinite going to hurt someone, reminds me of morgan shepherd and Dale Earnhardt Sr. That should have never happened.

  25. SouthernGuy8503 on
  26. I don’t know if I should even believe it. Each time he screws up and has to make a statement, the statement is just generic. Plus why a letter? Why not in person in the media center?

  27. Debbie on
  28. I do not accept his apology.. First I don’t think he wrote it without help.. Second, that is what he always does.. He pulls this stuff ALL the time and then gets a slap on the wrist.. Sitting out this race was no big deal.. He is too far down to win this championship and he didn’t run a full schedule in Nationwide so what did he lose? A few bucks which is no big deal to him.. He’s going to end up getting someone killed the way he does. He is a spoiled brat…

  29. gary holden on
  30. Hell no he was told by joe gibbs to say what he did and nascar he is a ass and always will be kevin will get him some day off the track and break his nose.

  31. Betty on
  32. Merle, I totally agree with you and you couldn’t have expressed it better. I, too, am not a #1 fan of Kyle’s, but have seen him get knocked around many times and it is just OK, but if he does anything, they make a big deal out of it. I think Kyle is working hard to be more patient and has grown a lot this past year. He is one hell of a driver and I think more people could look at that also!

  33. Dave Robinson, Sr. on
  34. NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. SouthernGuy8503 on
  36. Vickers also didn’t wreck someone during a caution by plowing into the back of them and not letting off the throttle until they wrecked. Ron hit that wall head on and hard enough to pop his shoulder out of joint. Also this isn’t the first time Kyle has over reacted like a little kid. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that I can remember just from this year. That wasn’t “boys have at it”, that was an idiotic move. Anybody can plow into the back of someone under caution. If you say that’s “boys have at it”, then that means it will be alright for Ron to go to Kyle’s house and beat the hell out of him. Ron said he would do that if NASCAR didn’t react like they should, which I think they did. Kyle has gotten away with a lot of stuff by getting off easy. Kyle ran into Elliot Sadler earlier this year in a Truck race during caution and all NASCAR did was park him for the rest of the race. Kyle has gotten off easy so many times, now he got what he deserved and some people want to complain about it. Kyle think he can do whatever he wants, nope wrong. He has that mentality that it’s ok for him to do something, but God forbid if someone else does the same thing. So if you say you’re not going to watch NASCAR again because of what NASCAR did then you’re not even a true fan. I guess it’s ok for NASCAR to do the same thing to Kevin Harvick almost 10 years ago, but then when they do it to Kyle then they’re being to hard on him.

  37. George Arana on
  38. In the Ol’ days of NASCAR….Ron would have pulled him from the car and kicked the HELL out of the PUNK,he for sure needs it.G.A.The Basqueman Salem,OR.

  39. SouthernGuy8503 on
  40. Well he was in reality already out of the Cup championship contention coming into the weekend, not mathematically, just in reality because everybody in 5th on down is out in reality because the top runners always run up front. Also being parked for the Cup race puts the nail in the coffin because he will not get any points for TX, JGR will only get owner’s points for the 18 and Kyle also loses his winnings for the race so that’s kind of like a fine, just no money will go to NASCAR.

  41. Nin on
  42. A nice apology, but I don’t think it came directly from Kyle. He is a great driver, even though he will never come close to being my favorite. I had spoken up about him this year to friends due to a change in attitude since he got married, but his actions Friday night were totally ROTTEN!!! NASCAR came down on him which I agree about, but a longer penalty would have been better. He truly needs to take responsibility for his actions and KNOCK IT OFF!!!

  43. KimmieJo88 on
  44. I believe that Kyle was sincere. He is a very good racecar driver hands down, rather anyone wants to admit it or not. I believe Carl should have been parked too, but wasn’t. I haven’t always liked Kyle, but he has shown alot of maturity and has changed. He was wrecked 4 weeks in a row and enough is enough. A person can only take so much. He shouldn’t be banned from NASCAR by any means. Come on people, haven’t any of you guys lost your cool at one time or another? Would love to see Kyle win a championship. He is a great driver no matter what he is driving. I am forever a Dale Jr. fan and always will be, but I believe Kyle is sorry. Harvick needs to shut his mouth. He also has been parked before and has no right to run his mouth. Makes Harvick no better!!

  45. SouthernGuy8503 on
  46. I’m going to be honest, he hasn’t matured any. Everybody talks about the “new Kyle Busch”. Well if it was a new Kyle, he wouldn’t have gone 128 mph in a 45 and wouldn’t have done any of the stupid things he’s done this season alone. He hasn’t matured or changed, he just tried to cover it up and basically pretend that he changed. It’s one thing to retaliate, it’s a totally different thing to over react like a 5 year old by plowing into the back of someone during a caution until they wrecked. Ron hit so hard his shoulder popped out of the joint. You talk about the ego drivers, Kyle is one of the worst. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and he’s gotten away easy with alot this year alone. He has the mentality that it’s ok for him to do something, but God forbid someone else does.

  47. Bev. on
  48. I really don’t think this apology will make any difference . The sad part of all of this is that he is a very talented driver who could be one of the elite . He just does not have any common sense . It is a shame that he will be remembered as an idiotic driver and not for being a great one .We all thought he had changed this year and after he got married but it was very short term . She must be very proud of him (NOT).

  49. Linda on
  50. I don’t believe Kyle would have apologized if he did not get benched from the 2 races. I think that he is a good driver but he still needs to grow up especially when things are not going his way

  51. stash on
  52. First Kyle needs a good ass whipping and then be banned from racing. Let’s face it. He’s crazy, and a coward to hit another racer under caution. I won’t buy any product he is associated with.

  53. Fish on
  54. A Joe Gibbs Public Relations Rep wrote that apology, Kyle just doesn’t have it in him!!!!!!!!

  55. oldie on
  56. How many drivers has he had to take out to win a race. i think the he should be parked for the year. I also think that he should be totally elimanated from the chasce and the next driver in line in points should go to the banquet. As much as I like M & M’s I will not buy another product of theirs until they pull their name off of his car. Enough is enough let him disappear like Jeremy Mayfield. Who would miss him not me.

  57. Rbupp on
  58. True colors come from ACTIONS not words QUITE POSSIBLY WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ELSE. This guy simply cannot or will not help himself. It doesn’t matter to him who he hurts be it fellow drivers, fans, car owners or sponsors. He will, most likely, NEVER have a sincere awakening.

    He is a menace and should, AT MINIMUM, be banned for the remainder of the season. He has CHOSEN to behave as he does which should result in SEVERE PUNISHMENT. Nothing is EVER solved without sufficient and meaningful reactions.

    To those who want to pass much of the blame to others: Only ONE person is responsible for this guy’s actions and that person is KYLE BUSCH!!

  59. John Gee on
  60. No, I don’t accept this, cause I know he won’t learn from it, he will continually go out on the track and still act like an idiot and be dangerous, he thinks he is God’s gift to Nascar and his fans !!!

  61. Evelyn on
  62. Kyle Busch is a spoiled child. The media has built him up so much that he thinks everyone on the track should pull over and let him go when they see him coming or bumps them. He believes that he should win every race, that it’s his entitlement. He thinks the other 42 drivers are suppose to let him do whatever he wants to and cheer him on and tell him how great he is and how superior he is to them. He is not a good race car driver and never will be as he does not respect the sport. He is all about Kyle, what Kyle wants and thinks that he is above the Law. Anyone else that drove 128 mi per hr in a 45 mile speed zone, in a residential area where he could have hit someone, or lost control and killed someone, with a passenger in the car with them would have gone to jail and lost their license for a year. He was a jerk when he fiest came on the NASCAR scene, he is still a jerk and wll always be a jerk, for he will never change from everything being all about him as he is a spoiled and selfish person. As for his letter of apology, he didn’t write it, someone wrote it for him and he signed it, as I am sure they told him if he didn’t that the backlash of what he did, coupled with the other things he has done, not only this year, but from the first day he joined NASCAR would be a lot worse. He should be banned from NASCAR permantently. Kyle Busch will end up being the cause of another driver losing their life before he retires, because of his temper and selfishiness. So all that think he is growing up, maturing, a great driver and that his apologies are sincere, remember what I said when it happens.

  63. Ann on
  64. Totaly agree with you. I have good reasons to believe Joe Gibbs wrote the letter.
    I wish JG would come to his sences and fire Bush before he kills someone. I am very disapointed with the Texas authorities that they didnot arrest him for at least assault with a deadly weapon. It is just a matter of time until he hurts or kills someone with his uncontrolable temper.

  65. Maria on
  66. I don’t believe a word that comes out of kyles mouth and yes someone wrote that speech. Joe Gibbs and sponsors should take him out of the car for the rest of the year if not forever. Kyle will end up hurting someone or one of the drivers or even killing someone if he isn’t stopped now. Kyle is the reason I don’t buy M&M’s.
    Being a great driver doesn’t excuse this kind of behavior. from any driver.

  67. Donna on
  68. I have to disagree with you he should of been parked a long time ago he gets his kicks out of wrecking people

  69. Scott on
  70. All race fans should contact ever sponser of Bushes car, and let them know they
    will boycot their products until they drop him

  71. Donna on
  72. wooooohooooooooo glad someone agrees with me

  73. Bill#11 on
  74. M & M’s (Mars Candy Co) makes some of my favorite candies. But I will stop buying all Mars candy products until they drop their Sponsership with Bush’s car.

    Hey Merle….What planet are you living on? He is the most immature “adult” I have ever encountered in the racing sport. What he did when he decided to take out Hornaday was premedicated murder. Thank NASCAR for having the cars designed to prevent a life from being lost.
    The punishment should have banned driver like you bannedjerks like you never to be able to drive again, both on and off the ttrac

    EAXCTLY what I thought too. What…..No guts Cryle??? I don’t know If I believe those were his words in the letter of apology. Not enough sarcasm in the words for it to be written by himself alone. I think he should be parked the rest of the year, not just for this weekend.

  75. Terry on
  76. I think nascar should have to pay a thousand dollars for each point he caused him to lose in the championship race.

    My last paragraph should read….The punishment should ban drivers like you jerks never to be able to drive again, both on and off the track.
    P.S. this site has alot of typeovers when replying to a previous comment !!

  77. Terry on
  78. My post didn’t come out right .Kyle Bush should have to pay Honaday a thousand dollars for each point he lost.

    To mr Busch you will all ways be the way you are .
    What you don’t understand is what you did could have
    Killed Mr. Ron you do not have any respect for any one .
    Dale Earnhardt was killed by hitting the wall like that I thank
    You are a very disrespecbable young man .
    I thank NASCAR need to park you for a YEAR !!!!!!.
    Befour you hurt or kill someone . I will pray for you Like anyone
    Else . NASCAR Please do some thing.


  79. Janis Strawbridge on
  80. I totally agree with you!! …One should be grown enough to know how to behave ..the race track in no place to be playing around or taking out tempers…with those speeds and actions, we are talking about serious life threatening situations and for an immature fool to get out there and act like that…heck NO!! He should have been parked long before now!! That little Keebler Elf needs to pack it up and head back to the tree till he is mature enough to race like a man !!

  81. Tom on
  82. Take him out of NASCAR and let him get a job working with fishes. He looks like one, with feet.

  83. AZomah on
  84. Geez, I am going to try to give my opinion without using third language I speak which is swearing. I do not like Kyle Busch. He has not improved anything. I cannot say he is a good driver because of the negative actions he takes on and off the track. The only thing I give him credit for is being a jerk!!

    In one race he wrecked my Jr. by crowding him. The ironic part was Jr. getting even the next week if I am remembering correctly, but he did get him back!! I do not believe he had anything to do with composing that letter, mainly because he does not think he ever does anything wrong. Yes, he should be banned for the rest of this season at least.

  85. Tom on
  86. M&M’s stand for Mommy’s boy and Monster.

  87. Daleslady on

  89. wm berkeley on
  90. Finally some else sees want some other so called race fans an nascar have not clued into yet.maybe they will before they lose the best talent on nascar circut look at what hes accomplished in a short period of time more than 60% of these other so called racers.
    matt kenesth

  91. wm berkeley on
  92. i assume you are prefect

  93. Anonymous on
  94. Hornaday should have done to him what Jimmy Spencer did to his big brother

  95. walter on
  96. Everyone has a bad day and do stupid things. KB is on a roll as usual and should be let go by all his sponsors and Joe Gibbs racing. He is a dangerous driver and will cause someone to die or be seriously injured.

  97. Darren on
  98. i think he should be suspened even longer that was not called for.

    K -id
    Y -yellow belly
    L .oud-mouth
    E -xcuse maker

    B -low heart
    U -nder-handed
    S -ore Loser
    C -hildish
    H -E GOT PARKED!!!!!!

  99. Jean on
  100. Kyle did not write that apology he doesn’t talk like that. It is said he is the greatest driver ever…… NO WAY. There is more to racing than wrecking someone. Go home Kyle.

  101. Mavis on
  102. He had no choice but to issue an apology. I wonder who helped him write it – Joe Gibbs, Samantha. I will believe it when I actually see a change. 2012 should tell the tale. I am not one that needs an apology so I can’t say whether I accept it or not. I am not his fan, sponsor, boss or Ron Hornaday.

  103. Jason on
  104. I think Gibbs should Fire Kyle Bush. He will never change. He’s a Jerk and he will always be a jerk!

  105. MJ on
  106. I would like Mars to drop him and find someone more suitable to sponsor. Kyles personality is the worst to represent a childs candy such as M&M.
    What he did was dispicable and dangerous and not the least bit sportsman like.
    His disregard for other people is unacceptable.Racing is a dangerous sport and the sport does not need hot headed drivers to make it even more so.Racing is stressfull and takes more than talent to make a great driver. It is to bad that he is wasting his talent by being such a moron.

  107. wayne powers on
  108. I guess Probation doesn’t apply to The Twerp. He should be fined and placed on probation until 2015. In the mean time Nascar should put him in Anger Management until then. It doesn’t matter to him who he takes out, or in what way he does it. He is going to hurt someone one of these days and what happens then, Mike Helton will say Ohh Kyle, go sit in the corner for a few minutes and write, I will not wreck people, no matter what they do to me, YEAH RIGHT!!

  109. wayne powers on
  110. M.J. Tennnnnnnnnn 4!!!!!!!!

  111. rick on
  112. I dont think the last time around kyle got into trouble he had learned from the mistake, does nascar keep letting kyle make mistakes that harming more than just fellow racedrivers hes hamperin the sport, sponsorships an sure itll have an affect with his own family an his own mentality if he doent cease from these actions. As far as the penalty of parking kyle for the weekend I think nascar should hold him back for one more week an let mcdowell drive this car an let kyle go more public with the issue in assurance to nascar an all the race reams in the sport that they can have full confidence his issue has been resolved.I will agree with many posting there letters though Kyle Busch is a very talented racedriver.Thanks for allowing me to post my thoughts here.

  113. Anonymous on
  114. I agree with you 100%…no Kyle did not write this apology!!!!!!!

  115. Mick on
  116. L

  117. Mick on
  118. I’m sick of him .. and I’m tired of him getting all these ‘passes’ from NASCAR. Sit him down until he can convince the governing body he has learned his lesson. I sure as hell won’t miss him.

  119. Tom Faggart on
  120. I forgive him! Think he should be required to set out the rest of season. A person who does not honor the “caution” is an unnecessary danger to all the drivers.

  121. linda Brickhouse on

  123. sally on
  124. NO!!!

  125. Daryl Gisch on
  126. Yes I do he has way to much to loose he has to take his punishment and understand that as a nascar driver he needs to learn from this and I think he will. Also sitting on top of the pit box watching someone else drive your car is about as bad as it gets

    I don’t think he should be allowed back out on the track for a very, very long time! He is going to kill someone! do i accept his apology but they should really think long and hard before they let him race again. He started out acting like this and he hasn’t learned anything! Maybe a long break will help. It is worth trying.

    Tucson, AZ

  127. Rosemary Smilowski on
  128. I guess nascar is gonna wait until he kills someone before they take him out. And what about Joe Gibbs? He slaps Kyles hand, Kyle says he won’t do it again and so Gibbs lets him sit in the pit box. How many chances does this creep get??? Its probably a good thing he isn’t messing with “someone” else, he’d be DEAD!!!!!

  129. Joe on
  130. Exactly! Someone has to take this immature idiot off the track before he causes a fatality out there!

  131. Brenda Coard on
  132. No! I do not accept his apology he is an arrogant snot, attitude has improved somewhat but, not enough He thinks he is Mr. Nascar.

  133. Mare on
  134. Kyle should have been put in 12th position in the standings and left out of the next races. I’m sure his dearly beloved wrote the letter if he had anything to do with the letter at all. Either that or his boss has a form letter he can pull out for Kyle to sign. Kyle seems to think he is the only one that has been wrecked and no one should touch him—–tooooooo bad. He has a short memory—and has forgotten just how many he has bumped and taiken out—–”oh it was just racing”. Sorry-don’t believe he will change as long as he isn’t in first place.

    He took someone out who was racing for the championship. He does’t care–he was after Harvick in the round about way.

  135. Ellie on
  136. I totally agree. What if he KILLS someone next time. Kyle needs to sit out the rest of the season. Big deal, just a couple races!! But maybe it will help him grow up. Then he needs to see a shrink and go through anger management.

  137. Anonymous on
  138. Yes, His speeding ticket resulted in a fine, loss of driving privilege in NC for at least 90 days, must attend a traffic school, etc.

  139. Anonymous on
  140. Why? Wait a week or two and think about what U want to do! Crashes happen – Honaday initially ran Kyle into the wall & that’s why Kyle ran into him. Two wrongs do not make it right? What will you be taking away from Hornaday? Fair is fair!

  141. wayne bratton on
  142. I do not think kyle wrote that letter,he is very lucky that Ron Hornaday did not get seriously injured.what would have happened if this resulted in a fatality?Nascar would be in a lot of trouble.Kyle should be a long suspended for a long time,and if M&M still sponsers him,i will no longer purchase their product

  143. Mama Donia on
  144. No, I don’t think he really meant it, he saw what he had done, knew he was in trouble with Nascar and Mr. Gibbs and he is just trying to cover it up. Also, I don’t agree with Nascar, when they did not treat Carl Edwards the same, when he turned Brad K. upside down in Atlanta, but I guess Carl Edwards is just Nascars Little Golden Boy. Somebody is gonna get killed or seriously injured and then how are they gonna lie out of that and cover it up. Nascar has got to crack down on these eggo idiots and stop this. Alot of people go to these races to see wrecks and somebody hurt but not me, I don’t like to see anyone injured, just get out there and swap paint and get it on. Congradulations to Tony S., hope you beat the DEVIL out of Nascar’s Little Golden Boy, Good Luck In Phoenix and Homestead!!!!!

  145. Mama Donia on
  146. GOOD JOB, PEGGY!!!!!!

  147. Anonymous on
  148. First of all Edwards was turned into the fence by Lowsey and caused injuries to some fans in the stands A young girl was seriously hurt and injuried. Did lowsey offer her an aplogy?? No he did not!

  149. Anonymous on
  150. Also he bragged how he turned Carl end over end! The child has no business racing in this series.

  151. SouthernGuy8503 on
  152. No I’m not perfect, but I’m also the same age as Kyle and I haven’t acted like he does since before I had a license. So I assume you’re a Kyle fan.

  153. John Gee on
  154. $10,000.00 is more like it for each point!!

  155. John Gee on
  156. Cause Hornaday got loose, not his fault, the fault was the intent during a caution…

  157. John Gee on

  159. Ken on
  160. Kyle doesn’t have to apologize to me . Hornaday got what he asked for. He made the first move. Kyle made a big mistake by taking him out under caution. That’s a no no. He should have waited for the restart and took him out then.Nascar should gine Kyle Busch a bonus for stirring up some excitement. This is a bigger story than the whole rest of the weekend racing. He generated some publicity for a dying interest in Nascar. It has become boring and the fans are losing interest. No races are sold out and the tv ratings are down. Kyle Busch generates some interest even if people watch because they hate him. It’s entertainment and it is losing it’s entertainment value. Kyle Busch is entertaining, love him or hate him.

  161. Bob on
  162. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He definately should be fired & banned from Nascar, he is a jerk & he will never change, I have seen him knock many cars out of races, the kid is no good.

  163. John Gee on
  164. Should have been ordered to stay in his bus and watch the race like the rest of us have to do, give him a portable tv..

  165. lady red on
  166. Kyle acts like he is the only one that has gotten wrecked.
    Four times….so what! A lot of the racers have been wrecked more than that and they don’t go off on a mananical tangent. They have anger management classes but do they have mentality management classes? I think that was bred into him and nothing will take it out. I still have never been able to see him as a “great” driver. As someone else said, put him with a low budget team and see how great he is then when he doesn’t have a top car.
    You don’t win on talent alone, you’ve got to have a car to go with it and KB has just been lucky to fall into a team that has top equipment.

  167. Judy Harvey on
  168. I hope that he means it but I really doubt that he does. I believe that what he said after the race is what he really thinks.

  169. Donna on
  170. I like excitement in the race. I Do think Kyle crossed the line this time, but it is what it is. NASCAR made the decision and right or wrong, who cares if we accept the apology or not. Kyle is one of, if not the best driver out there. Tony used to be just as bad. Kyle is young, has made a great deal of improvement this year. If he learns from this, GREAT! If he doesn’t, NASCAR will park him, suspend him, fine him and he won’t be able to do what he loves. This is our sport, but this is his JOB.

    I think Kyle is a ass hole. I don’t know why Gibbs let him be in the pit box for today’s race. He is nothing but a baby and nothing is never his fault. He needs to grow up.Kyle if you can’t handle racing then move on to something else. His apology is meanless.

    He didn’t mean a word he said, he just want’s people to feel sorry for him, well I don’t. I think he should be fired from Nascar period, and never be allowed to race again. Did you all notice he is in 11th place in the chase now, and is 100 points behind the leader? HA HA serves him right, Dale Jr moved up to 7th place yeah!!!

  171. jo-jr on
  172. no way, kyle wrote that! first, he is not smart enough to compose, those words! his lawyer, had that written for him! I think, a lot of kyle”s, big head, comes from all of the race announcers, braging on him all the time he is racing ! I am so sick of hearing them , talking about him, i hit the mute button! they have created , most,of him thinking he is the greatesst driver , that ever drove a car! I will not buy any more mars products, untill they drop him! fire him an hire david, that gomer let go!

  173. Babs on
  174. Exactly Ken. I suppose others are forgetting how a certain driver used to do things like that, and it was okay. But let this kid do it and it’s a bad thing… please. In theory, these are grown men and women in Nascar, and they know the risks they take each week doing what they LOVE to do … race. Being wrecked either by accident or on purpose is part of the game. I hate hearing that a driver was hurt, or even killed, but they above everyone else, know what the risks are! I’m not a Kyle Busch fan, however, Nascar does use him for “entertainment” value, and they got their money’s worth this past weekend!

  175. CARRIE BAKER on

  177. Bonnie Moore on
  178. I do not put much stock in Kyle Bush’s letter of apology. He is up against the wall now so either felt he better do the letter or more than likely was told to write the letter. I don’t feel Kyle has matured at all. When things are going his way he is fine, but if is unhappy about what is going on he loses his temper and does really stupid things. I don’t think he will be able to control his temper without some help.
    It is a shame because he is a great driver, but also very dangerous.

  179. bellemonico on
  180. it was unfortunate that it happened. everyone has their moments. unfortunately K has a history of temper problems on the track. he is a very talented driver and fun to watch when he is respectful of other drivers. No one should be deliberately trying to hurt or wreck another driver however and i wish that he would seek help for those tantrums. I am new to Nascar and have been a fan of his because of his talent, as well as the little bits of controvery that he is always stirring up. This however, has crossed the line & i feel a little embarrassed as fan. I dont want to see him waste his career with his inappropriate actions. Seriously, can he not seek some sort of counselling for this?…and have a strict set of conditions on and off the track on a continuous basis that he adheres to every race -or suffer the consequences of ending his career as a driver.

  181. lady red on
  182. Let him go stand in line and look for another job.

  183. Anonymous on
  184. Bottom line. What he did was immature AND wrong. He purposely wrecked another driver after the yellow flag was thrown. NASCAR had no choice but to park him. He is lucky it didn’t happen for more races.

  185. Anonymous on
  186. Well said.

  187. LongTimeFan on
  188. Do I accept his apology? Doesn’t matter a whit what I think. Busch ABSOLUTELY did not write that, it was written on his behalf to save face for the sponsors. No one can argue that Busch is a cry baby, he’s a hot head and he’s childish. BUT, will Gibbs fire him? No. Will NASCAR make him sit out a season or offer any further punishment? Most definitely not. Why? Simple. He wins races and most importantly he gives the gives the sport something it desperately needs. A controversial winner who makes headlines and gets NASCAR attention which it desperately needs. Look back at the period during which NASCAR was growing. Earnhardt vs. Rusty Wallace, Jeff Gordon and every other driver on the track. Swervin’ Ervin. NASCAR has been losing fanbase since the death of Dale Earnhardt, the retirement of Rusty and changing the rules to make all the cars “even”. As a sport NASCAR NEEDS controversy to put eyes on the TV and buns in the seats on raceday. Kyle Busch supplies that controversy. Short of murder or a blatant drug bust I don’t think there is any way that Busch would be ever fired. He’s filling too important a niche.

  189. Pegi on
  190. Agree…it doesn’t jive with what he said when interviewed after the acccident!

  191. Pegi on
  192. I agree about the sarcasm. Either someone else composed the letter or at least proofread whatever he wrote. Don’t see how this apology makes Ron whole.

  193. Pegi on
  194. Amen!! The first was “just racing” and the second was deliberate! Retaliation that deliberate has no place in racing and is extremely dangerous to other drivers.

  195. Pegi on
  196. Very good, Peggy.

  197. Pegi on
  198. MJ…couldn’t have said it better myself.

  199. Pegi on
  200. I was sorry to see him in the pit box. He should have had to watch the race on TV.

  201. Pegi on
  202. Ken…are you for real?

  203. Pegi on
  204. I have no problem with him doing what he loves but he needs a definite attitude adjustment before someone gets hurt.

  205. Pegi on
  206. Hope no one gets hurt while you’re waiting!

  207. Pegi on
  208. Good comment!!

  209. Pegi on
  210. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. It’s a shame this is what is takes for some fans.

  211. Tom on
  212. Someone should make a sign like that at the next race and hold it up so Kyle can see it. LOL Good one.

  213. lady red on
  214. Tired of people calling him a “kid”. He is a grown man that acts like a kid. Why does Nascar need him? Kyle won’t save Nascar, he will ruin it for good as everyone is sick of hearing about him. I never look for him on the track and only have to watch if he is up front and the announcers go on about how great he is which I totally ignore. Let us hear about all the other great drivers out there that are decent men doing their job. Sure, sometimes they get carried away when they get angry or feel like they are being pushed around but they don’t try to kill each other and they usually work it out. KB thinks he is above that . I just sent MARS a note that I will no longer buy their products as long as they let the likes of KB represent them.

  215. BUCK on
  216. Sure wish I had the knowledge and background of SoutherGuy8503, he is really on his game and knows it all………………………………….bet he could even tell you why the brakes failed on NC4880JJ at Key West International.

    What a bunch of hot air……………………….

    Kyle should not have been parked for Sundays Race, what happens in Truck stays in Truck and should not have any bearing on Cup and vice-versa, he is
    by far not my favorite driver but HE DOES DRIVE A CAR………………….but I am sure that SouthernGuy will have to enlighten me on my views as he knows best as to
    what goes on at the track.

  217. Ginny Lacey on
  218. agree he is plain stuped

  219. Ginny Lacey on
  220. I haven’t bought any of there products, since he started racing. I now a few other people who won’t buy any eather. Ginny

  221. Ned on
  222. Kyle was totaltly out of line and should be parked the rest of the season. As an owner/driver he should know better and have better control of his temper. What driver in NASCAR has’nt Kyle pissed off? None. This goes way beyond Harvik and Hornaday, he has done this to other drivers. I say he is very lucky Hornaday didn’t get sierously injured as ther may have been charges brought against him by Texas law enforcement. Kyle needs to grow up or switch to Roller Derby. Even his sponser is tired of his actions. He very well may not be with JGR much longer. Why do you think Hendrick let him go?

  223. Kathy in Kentucky on
  224. Someone wrote the letter for him, because he couldn’t apologize personally and keep a straight face.

  225. randu on
  226. i’m an old school race fan and in my opinion wrecking other cars to get ahead is part of racing! Dalr Earnhardt would have sat out most of the time.and yes drivers die sometimes- all part of RACING . i think NASCAR are wimps and NASCAR should be made up of ex-drivers only! Kyle is one of the best, most exciting racers in NASCAR racing today!!!!!! Yea! Kyle keep on racing! you are one of the reasons i am a NASCAR fan! sorry you had to sit out this weekend it wasn’t right!

    Amen to that comment. Kyle would have had that smirky grin on his face the whole time he was apologizing, if it was really his words.

  227. linda bobbitt on
  228. i think kyle bush is a hot head,he should have been cut driver points and a huge fine.he thinks he can do as he pleases.he needs to be put back a few notches.great driver just needs to grow up.

  229. Harry on
  230. I agree,he should sit out the rest of the season-no pain no gain. and he has a lot to gain in the form of common sense.OOP’s is to late for the pain/death.Please dont wailt on the oop’s.

  231. doowah on
  232. Everybody keeps saying what a great driver Kyle is. I may be wrong but I think you have to be good at all aspects of NASCAR driving to be considered great and Kyle is only good at one thing, driving the car. I think it’s just a matter of time till Kyle does enough stupid and dangerous things that the sponsors will make it very hard for him to get a decent ride or any ride at all. From the look on Joe Gibbs face when interviewed yesterday, I’d say the sponsors have just about had enough of Kyles antics and made it pretty clear to Joe that he is in dangerous territory.

  233. AZomah on
  234. Jealous!

  235. Paula on
  236. NO. He is an arrogrant aggressive driver who needs anger management.

  237. lady red on
  238. Haven’t we been waiting about 5 years now? There is a time limit on everything and K’s has run out!

  239. lady red on
  240. Not a life and death controversy!

  241. lady red on
  242. I thought the trucks were part of Nascar….guess I was misinformed!

  243. AZomah on
  244. Me to!

  245. Ellen on
  246. Gosh, give me a break, how long does it take him to mature? M&M is getting fed up with Kyle. Hey Joe Gibbs you had better take some action along with NASCAR.

  247. Anonymous on
  248. Haven’t you guys lost your cool at one time or another??? Of coarseBUT this ahole losses his everytime he does not get his way. Yes he is a great driver BUT with his ego problem he will kill someone if NASCAR doesn’t put an end too it once and for all.

  249. Mama Donia on
  250. ANONYMOUS: Evidently you are a big Edwards fan. I am just the opposite, I totally despise Edwards and Roush, they are both yellow belly cry babies, and if Edwards wins the championship, it will be because of the crying they have done to Nascar, and Nascar got tired of it and gave in to them. Brad is much more of a man than Edwards will ever be, Edwards is good for one thing cowardly wreching someone and then getting away with it!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. LongTimeFan on
  252. Look at racing in general. It’s ALWAYS life and death. Dan Wheldon is just the latest example but life is always on the line when it comes to racing. Look at what happened today. A $50k fine? That’s couch cushion change for a top-tier driver who earned over $13million last year. Probation until Dec. 31? What is that, 2 or three races? That’s nothing and it just proves what I said earlier. He’s 26, he wins races, he’s a “love him or hate him” driver who polarizes fans and gets attention.

    Remember, NASCAR was started by lawbreakers (bootleggers), got it’s first big national break based on a fight (Yarborough vs The Allisons), and was taken to it’s biggest success on the back of a man who was a “love him or hate him” driver who was widely considered “dirty” during his time (Dale Earnhardt). Stock Car Racing is a sport that thrives on controversy. IF Joe Gibbs fires Busch or IF he loses M&M/Mars as sponsor he’ll land on another team before next season, though I can’t see any way he’d ever be dropped by Gibbs.

  253. Mason on
  254. Anyone see Kinseth and Vickers at Martinsville? Anyone hear anything bad when Kenseth ruined his own Chase chances by going after Vickers, crashing himself and Kyle at the same time? The answer is, “No”…that is because it was not Kyle who was the agressor but Kenseth…I do not approve of Kyle crashing the #33 truck nor do I approve of the 00 smashing into Kyle last season nor Harvick’s constant threat to Kyle when in fact he, Harvick, was penalized himself a few years ago for the same type of behavior and in the same manner by NASCAR. Harvick has tried to fight half the drivers in the sport, check with Biffle, Ricky Rudd, etc.

    Nonetheless the Kyle haters will never change regardless…

    If any of you believe he is sorry, then you are in for a surprise, soon he will do it again, yhat is what he does. If he can’t have his way he’ll try to run you over, but to do it under caution, WAKE UP NASCAR< some one is going to get hurt badly

    Tony is got the win, Jr. is doing better, or has any one noticed?

  255. Renee88fan on
  256. Kyle, I have to say that my mother is one of your biggest fans. She was very upset to see you on the pit box Sunday. But I think it would be worth your time sitting if it really made you think about what happen. I have seen you do alot of things that you may have need to be out for sometime but you have asked all of us to forgive what you done. So yes I hope it is all over with and see you on the track this weekend. But Please be careful around Jr. I would hate for me and my mother to be upset and crying at the same time. LOL!!!! Good Luck this weekend

  257. Kaleen on
  258. Ok first off i was at the race this weekend in tx and for kyle to say what he did it was not sincere in the least. yeah he has made improvements on his attitude an his actions i do give him that but what he did on friday night was completly uncalled for especially after what happened the that welddon driver it only goes to show who he cares about an tht is hiomself. i honestly think that nascar needs to pull him for the last 3 races of the season an maybe even daytona because it is a dangerous sport an what he did to no. 33 could have killed him if he wasn’t careful yes hornaday did bump him but not intentionally in the slightest an for kyle to retalliate the way he did was WRONG!! then for him to say he wasn’t going sit around an watch other racers get away with the same thing i beg to differ on tht because of the fact tht wen other drivers have dont things like this they have either gotten fined or pulled for the weekend or even both an tht is all i’m going to say about this subject!

  259. Mavis on
  260. Well said!!!

  261. Mavis on
  262. Maybe he was just looking for another record. First driver to be parked for three races in one weekend.

  263. AZomah on
  264. I have, and I will be sitting in my seat this coming week-end cheering him on. Phoenix is a good track for him, short track, just his style. He has won here twice. My mouth is loud enough to yell for everyone that can’t be here! I promise to carry your cheers!!!!

  265. Ed on
  266. Nice job Peggy,you nailed him perfect.

  267. Ed on
  268. NASCAR should park the jerk for the rest of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Glenn on
  270. Years ago someone unintensionally spun one of NASCARS greatest drivers out ending that drivers life. He was booooed and recieved death threats. His career basically ended that day too. That was a racing accident. What Kyle did was pre-planned and intentional had it resulted in someones death charges would have been filed. Suspend him for one weekend? End his career! A simple letter won’t fill the bill….

  271. lady red on
  272. Ever notice KB is so “great” during the season but when it comes to chase time, he CHOKES. That is a sign of a
    “great” driver?…..don’t think so. Oh, I forgot, he gets wrecked and that is the reason he can’t make it in the chase!

    If he had intentionally wrecked someone off the track, it would be called a FELONY. Joe Gibbs has sat silent for way too long. Nascar needs to make a stand.

    The money Nascar fined him is pocket change! He’ll probably write the check to charity and use it as a tax write off! He still needs a case of whoop ass! He got away with that speeding ticket in NC. Nascar should have parked him then, He has to have a valid drivers lisence to drive Nascar, was’nt his suspended?Nascar and Joe Gibbs need to wake up!

  273. Lifetime Nascar Fan on
  274. Please, first, if your going to critize someone or some action, learn the facts, and to SPELL. Earnhardt, was killed by the fact he was using an old outdated 5 piont safety harness that broke upon inpact. Had Nascar really checked the car prior to the race, they should have made his crew correct it. He passed on as a result of an older open faced helmet, and safety harness failure. Older Nascar fans can remember all the nasty crap, the “Bump and Run”, taking the air off the spoilers, Rubbing is Racing” days. Rember the actions of Jimmy S., Rusty,Ricky, Dale J. Bobby and Donny Allison, Kyle P., Morgan, A.J., and the list goes on…Did you ever personally watch Ron, Kevin, Greg, Kasey, or any others, in their pre Nextel(Winston Cup) days. All were pretty nasty guys….What goes around, comes around, Everyone is saying Kyle was premeditated in his actions, #33, i.e. Mr. Hornaday, works for KHI, or should I say DeLanna H. Yes, it was RETALIATION, but Just like hockey, the first guy never gets the penalty, just the player who has had enough, the other has ben passing out. Like Enough is Enough. Kyle isn’t my #1 guy, I’m a fan of another kind of Champion, Mark Martin, and have been since 1974…he usually always takes responsibility for whatever happens…He blames no one but Himself… Wasn’t it ‘THE BIG BOYS’ at Nascar that said..”HAVE AT IT BOYS”, and we all know, boys, WILL be boys. One thing is for certain, there are NO SAINTS on any race track, ANYWHERE..pax romana.

  275. lady red on
  276. True, we won’t change our minds about Kyle. He came into the sport as a cocky kid and he is a cocky adult now. Tigers don’t change their spots and never will. KB doesn’t need anger management, he needs mental management. There is a word for that illness, instant rage and no one can stop them.
    He and his brother both have the symptoms. There is medication for it but if you race you don’t take meds, so…..they either put up with him or get rid of him and I prefer the latter. Where are all these KB fans they keep talking about? All I ever hear are boo’s…..

  277. Rita Parker on
  278. I believe Kyle 100%. If M&M drops him I will never buy anotherproduct of theirs. I believe in forgiving people. Mark Martin said he busch is the most talented driver he has ever seen. Thats good enough for me.

  279. Bobby Miller on
  280. Kyle Bush had no remorse until Kyle Bush had something to lose from the situation he created. He’ll have to prove to me he’s remorseful, not just say so.

  281. Dawn Bogue on
  282. Kyle’s speach was written for him so he didn’t mean a word of it.

  283. Sandy on
  284. I will never believe a word he says. He has done to many stupid things throughout the year. It is about time Nascar did something about his immaturity and his tempure. I do believe he needs anger management.

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