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This Learjet looks fast, even while it's sitting still. Dale Earnhardt Jr's private jet has a cruising speed of 536 MPH.

That means he can leave his home in North Carolina and be at the speedway in Daytona in about an hour.

Dale Jr owns a Learjet 60 -- the largest and nicest aircraft in the Learjet fleet.


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It's unmistakable who owns this jet. On the tail is Junior's custom FAA registration number -- N8JR. The 8 on the plane is the same design as the 8 Dale Jr sported on his race car through 2007. Just above that number is the logo for JR Motorsports.

I wonder if Dale Jr will keep the N8JR registration after he switches car numbers.


While the jet is fast, it's roomy and comfortable, too. There is seating for up to 9 passengers, plus a crew of 2 -- and the cabin is high enough for most people to stand in comfortably.

The jet is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney turbo-fan jet engines which are capable of producing 4,600 lbs. of thrust.

The Learjet 60 has a range of over 2,400 miles. That means Dale Jr can fly to most race tracks without stopping for fuel.

Dale Jr didn't buy this jet new -- it's a 1996 model. But it appears to have been meticulously maintained. A new Lear 60 carries a price tag of around $13 million.

One like Dale Jr's would likely be priced at $5-7 million on the secondary jet market.

The exterior fuselage is finished in white with blue and gray trim.

According to FAA records the jet is officially registered to JRM Air LLC, 151 Bullet Lane, Cleveland, North Carolina.

The FAA certificate was issued on January 20, 2005.

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The Learjet 60 is unmistakable with it's distinct nose and swept-back winglets at each end of it's 43 ft. wingspan.

When Dale Earnhardt Jr is not traveling in the jet to a race or personal appearance it stays in a hangar at Statesville Regional Airport near his home.


Statesville Regional is a small airport that's home to the planes of Denny Hamlin, Gillette Evernham Motorsports and several other NASCAR teams and executives in addition to Dale Jr.

Race teams like the airport because air traffic control is provided by Atlanta. That means the pilots can get a quick clearance by radio and be on their way.

A helipad at the airport means Dale Jr can fly by helicopter from his home in Cleveland, hop on his jet, and be on his way.

Look for Dale Earnhardt Jr's Learjet the next time you go to a race.

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