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Dale Earnhardt Jr's Home

 A modular home sits at the end of a mile-and-a-half driveway in the middle of 140 acres of land that Dale Earnhardt Jr calls home.

The 3 bedroom house with gray siding, trimmed in mountain stone, looks nice -- but it's far from a mansion

Big Red, his customized Chevrolet Silverado, can sometimes be seen in the driveway.

In the backyard sit’s a go kart track that Junior built to race with his buddies. The track is concrete, and too bumpy for Dale Jr’s liking. He would like to get it paved in asphalt -- but it seems the asphalt contractors have bigger jobs to do than repave someone’s go kart track -- even Juniors.

There’s a pool out back that is landscaped with natural stone around an irregular border, so that it looks more like a pond at first.

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There is a huge flagpole out front that once had a pirate flag flying from it -- complete with skull and crossbones -- that read “Surrender the Booty.”

A player piano sits in an upstairs room just off the deck that overlooks the pool.

The house is perfect for having a few friends over -- hanging out -- and having fun. There is a billiard room with a regulation-size pool table in the basement. On the wall hangs movie posters from one of Dale Jr’s favorite movies -- Cast Away starring Tom Hanks.

There is also a well stocked bar nearby.

Just outside the garage and down the hill is Dale Jr's own private 6 hole par 3 golf course with manicured greens and flag stands.

A replica of vintage 1960's Union 76 gas station sits out back. It looks so authentic that I swear if you pulled up you'd expect Goober or Gomer to stroll out asking "fill 'er up?"

There's a pair of old gas pumps out front That look to be expertly restored. Between the pumps sits a stock of motor oil.

n old RC Cola cooler sits at one end of the station -- while a sign hangs on the other end that reads simply "Jr's Place."

The simple white building has an orange stripe just like the old Union 76 gas stations used to have.

Walk inside the gas station and you'll find a fleet of go karts that Junior races with his friends on a race track nearby.

There's a huge garage on the property that houses some of Junior's cars, including the yellow Corvette that he raced in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

The property seems to suit Dale Jr perfectly.

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