Dale Jr Says Hotels Gouging NASCAR Fans

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Stop Gouging Race Fans

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Hotels Gouging Fans and Tracks not Doing Enough

Do you think race track owners are doing enough for NASCAR fans these days? Apparently Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t think they are.

Earnhardt is tired of race fans getting soaked by high ticket prices, high hotel prices and minimum stays at hotels on race weekends. Bruce Martin at SI.com reported that Junior voiced his displeasure with track operators during a break in a recent TV commercial shoot.

Junior is not happy that drivers are getting the blame for a lack of ticket sales. “The race track owners want drivers to do more? Yeah, right. They need to go back to work,” said Earnhardt.

Track operators have ridden the NASCAR Gravy Train for the past few years with NASCAR’s popularity at an all time high. “They forgot what it’s like to sell tickets. That’s their problem. They ain’t had to sell tickets for a long time and none of them remember how or knew how or ever learned how.”

“They need to get back to working hard and doing their promotions and putting packages together for race fans. They don’t want to cut the ticket price but they probably should and get these hotels to quit gouging these people,” said Dale Jr. “Hotels near race tracks often jack their prices up 3 to 4 time the normal rate on race weekends – and many require 3 night minimum stays turning fans away who only want to spend one night and see the race.

“they probably should and get these hotels to quit gouging these people” — Dale Earnhardt Jr

An $80 hotel room can easily go for $300 when NASCAR is in town. Add a 3 night minimum and that comes to $900 for the weekend. If all you can afford is $80 for one night the hotel operators have 2 words for you: “Tough Luck.”

The track promoters need to get together with the hotel operators and come up with some affordable packages that include lodging and race tickets if they want to put race fans in the grandstands on Sunday afternoon.

“They can dump that responsibility on drivers all they want but the responsibility really lies in their hands to sell race tickets and they have to get creative in doing it,” said Dale Jr. “We already do a lot. We do [blanking] plenty and they are full of [bleep].”

So are you guys at the race track listening to this? What are you going to do to sell more tickets?

Race fans, what do you want to see?

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88 Comments on Dale Jr Says Hotels Gouging NASCAR Fans

  1. Joe on
  2. I agree with Junior

  3. Lynn on
  4. Junior is entirely right on this!

    I say Hoorah for jr. ! It is getting so rediculous that no one can afford to go to a race at any track, but if this is kept up, all those tracks wwill be filing bankrupcy, and they will loose any way along with all the hotels , motels and guest acommodations so go ahead business people , the fans will have the last laugh!

  5. Eric on
  6. He’s right, thats why you see so many empty seats now.They really should think about the wasy they do business

  7. Celia McCulty on
  8. Something certainly has to be in this tough economy and Junior may just have the answer. If a person can’t afford the ticket prices they have, isn’t it better to have half or two-thirds the price than nothing? Seems that is what all the retailers are doing so they can stay in business. No one loves NASCAR better than me but I won’t pay their prices anymore and I won’t stay at a hotel for 3 days if I need and can afford only one. I think you all should listen to Junior!!!

  9. Patty on
  10. Junior is right! Luckly enough we have family that live in Daytona or we couldn’t afford to go to the races. My husband and I both really enjoy the opening season in Daytona. Go Junior Go!

  11. Tony on
  12. I agree with Junior. Hotel rates are getting out of hand. Hotels take advantage of the race fans. While staying at a hotel near the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport the rate for Thursday was one price but Friday through Sunday the price was double. I think that if a fan can be arrested for price gouging then a hotel should also be fined. It does matter fi it is a race weekend or any major event for the town hotels will price gouge people because they know they can and the authorities will do nothing about it.

  13. Stash on
  14. Junior has hit it right on the head. Scalping is illegal, but gouging isn’t. Maybe the State should look into this.

  15. Patti on
  16. i say boogie boogie as dw would say – cut the price of tickets and food and drinks at the track and motel rooms – what it is – when you look around at a race from home on the TV – you will see alot of empty seats – most of those seats are already paid for – people keep the seats for years – they pay the going price and then what hapapens – they try and sell on stub hub or ebay for 5X the price. Think we should boycott that deal – a $150.00 seat for daytona 500 goes for $600 + on ebay – right now. Maybe we should NOT purchase from a second source – hey – those people who think they can make the money – let them eat the tickets!!!!Make sure they put plenty of mustard on it when they are enjoying the ticket they didnt sell!!!
    All I can say is this” Dale Jr – U are the best” see ya at the twins and las vegas!!!!!

  17. Judie on
  18. I agree 110%…For us it would cost us abt $1500-$2000 for 3 days..We have to drive threw 3 states to get to the nearest race, jacked up ticket prices/ hotels food. Easy close to couple grand for 3 days Then you have no idea what type of dump you might end up in as a room……GO JUNIOR!!!!!Nice to see somebody sticking up for the…. small guy

  19. brenda & wayne on

  21. Bill on
  22. I agree 100%,problem is,lets see it happen !!!

  23. marcel on
  24. JR. is right, I agree 100%. We need a Cap on ticket prices, rooms and eating establishments. If and when NASCAR takes care of that and can show a decline in profit, it may become necessary to race for a smaller purse and rules might have to be changed to operate a less expensive race time. As fans we must understand this cant keep going up the way its been the last 10-15 years. TV is paying a part of the operating cost, if that changes to paid TV, that could be the END

  25. craig on
  26. I agree with Junior.
    Daytona now requires you to buy the 4 day package which for 2 people cost 1364.00 plus 14.00 shipping and handling.
    The hotel we stay at requires a 5 day minumun stay and the tell you that the 5 days are Tuesday thru Saturday and if you want to stay Sunday night that is another 440.00. That is what i call a rip off. Then if you stay on the beach then you pay another 30.00 – 100.00 to park. Its getting to where a middle class person can’t afford to go to the races.

  27. Bruce on
  28. Why did it have to wait for JR to raise this issue, NASCAR is at fault for not having made this a major issue before now!!! Shame on NASCAR!!!

  29. Jerry on
  30. He is right. I have been going to Bristol for 10 years. Many of my friends did not renew this year and you can now buy season tickets off the website. Three reasons—1.Cost 2.Not in Chase 3.Now a two groove track. Four tickets together are $800 for spring and $800 for Fall. Camping is $600 for spring and $600 for Fall. Food and gas account for a lot of costs. Lower ticket prices and lodging prices. Give discounts to long time customers. We love racing, but costs will probably cause us to not renew next year.

  31. Donna on
  32. Thanks, Jr. for siding with us fans…I know, being one of your biggest fans.I appreciate it.

  33. Beth on
  34. I’m so glad Dale, Jr. is speaking out and telling the track owners and hotels they need to work together on behalf of the race fans.

    I hope they were listening to JR and will see it’s their responsibility to make it possible for fans to be able to come to an event. Track owners need affordable “race day” packages for those who want to come to a race. Cut the BS in gouging the fan. Lower tickets, hotels costs and watch everyone reap the benefits of attending race fans. Without the race fans they all lose!

  35. Stormy on
  36. JR is right. It is not fair to blame the drivers because of lack of attendance. The fans still like the drivers and the racing but because money is tight they just can’t afford the prices that are being charged to see them.Thank goodness for television and their godd job on televising the races.

  37. Jeannie on
  38. I agree the prices are out of control. However, Maybe Jr ought to cut some of the prices at his haulers as a start. The price of a ball cap start at 25.00 at the hauler. Well why not cut the price there? I will tell ya. Because as long as they can get the money they are going to charge as much as they can. It is no different for the race tracks or the motels or anyone else for that matter. It is all about the all mighty dollar. I dont like the prices. But until they all start coming down. then the others should not point fingers.

    BTW.. I am a Jr fan.

  39. Donna on
  40. Kudos to Jr. he is so right ..So track owners and motel and hotel owners if your listening out there do as he says quit gouging the fans .. No wonder we all love and support Jr. he speaks up for the fans ..way to go Jr. I stand behind you in this effort ..

  41. Eddie Stair on
  42. Junior nailed it. He said what we wanted the promoters, hotel/motel owners and others to hear a long time ago but they don’t hear us. Maybe they can hear Junior loud and clear though!
    I got priced out of my favorite sport a few years ago and miss going to races out of state but I can’t afford three days when I only need one. Wake up promoters and hotel/motel owners!

  43. joshua on
  44. i am not a jr. fan at all, in fact im tired of always hearing about him but i do agree with him 1,000% and it takes a huge star like him to say something in order to get something done.

  45. Audrey on
  46. You got it Junior! You Rock! I live near Bristol, and every motel even remotely close jacks the prices up! Big time too!

  47. sharon on
  48. GOOD JOB Jr!!! looks like the Earnhardt influence is living on!!!about time some one speaks up for us little guys!! when my friend and I attend the race, we come in my explorer find the free parking lot, usually by the dog track and settle in for the night! we bring our own food and drinks and tailgate for a night an a day!! if we had to pay for hotels and food at the track we wouldnt be able to attend because of the cost, so too bad all you overpriced hotels and vendors, some of us have to be creative to survive. thank goodness for porta potties lol

  49. meme on
  50. You go JR.

  51. Tina on
  52. I agree with Jr. 100%. It’s time for track owners to start showing that they want us to buy tickets. Why doesn’t the track owners get together with the hotels and put some kind of racing package together. Like maybe some of the hotels that are already sponsoring a driver. Like Holiday Inn, Best Western, Travelodge.

  53. Nell on
  54. Now maybe someone will listen, since Jr. brought this out into the open. With everyone losing their jobs, people cannot afford tickets to go and see the races. They need to start a package deal where all the fans can go to the races. Thank you Jr. for taking up for the Nascar fan.

    It is nice to see a driver care about the fans. While most fans are Jr. fans, those of you who are not…..where does your favorite driver stand on this issue. Certainly not out front and center with an unpopular opinion for Nascar. The powers that be need to pay attention when a popular driver..Peoples favorite…speaks out.
    Thanks Jr. for thinking about the little guys who support you and want to see you in victory lane every week.

  55. Nikki on
  56. Thank you Jr. for speaking up. If my husband and I didn’t live just 25 minutes from Texas Motor Speedway we would not be able to go to the races. As it is we usualy have to bring our own food and drinks for the day when we are out there. We have been lucky in the fact that we have won tickets for many of the races through our local radio station to attend some of the races. That could be an option for some of you too. You can listen to most radio stations via the internet these days. I know we have been luckier than most because we were the ones who got married at TMS in victory lane in 2007, but we still have to try and win tickets and buy tickets just like everyone else. I know Eddie at TMS has the backstretch tickets at a very reasonable rates right now. I don’t mind sitting on the back stretch because most of the action takes place between turns 2 and 4 any way so It is a good place to be. On the merchandise at the haulers we don’t buy from them because they are to high. We buy from the QVC show For race Fans only, and off ebay, and Wal-mart. There are other places to get your favorite drivers stuff. My husband and I are lucky too because we get money from our parents for our anniversary for the April races, my birthday money for the November races, and my family knows if they buy us gifts for either to get us tickets. Maybe that too would be an idea for people you are needing money to go, put back your christmas, or birthday money, or tell your family members if they are going to get you a gift to all chip in to buy you tickets. Then you wouldn’t have to save up so much for race weekends. We also put back 20 to 25 dollars a paycheck for race weekends. Open up a savings account put 20 to 25 dollars a paycheck back and do it that way. Just some suggestions.

  57. bubba on
  58. hey jr what if you lowered your price at the trailer for hats and shirts,and then you might sell twice as many then you would have at the higher price hey what a concept. you can thank me later,send me a hat!!

  59. Mama Donia on
  60. Junior is absolutely right. If prices were more reasonable more fans would come to the races, seems like the track owners and hotels want everything. That’s why the race attendance was way off last year, “GOUGHING”

  61. John G on
  62. GO 88 Junebug, you are 500% right!!!

  63. barbara on
  64. YEA, JR! You are so right, gone are the days, when we HAD EXTRA CASH to PAY the high prices. My Grandson would love to go but I can’t afford the HIGH TICKET PRICES AND I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR OTHER RACES THAN THE CUP. I can remember when you would go to Richmond to the race, you COULD PURCHASES RACE TICKETS UP TIL
    12:00pm, noon, and still get a PRETTY GOOD SEAT. Then it GOT TO PARKING—OH!let’s charge a fee for that, okay, now you can’t buy the ticket, pay for parking, buy food, drink,etc.
    And by the way, LET’S NOT FORGET THE MERCHANDISE VENDORS, they have to pay for their
    spaces, pay help, blah,blah, blah.
    I love Jr AND I am also a Jimmie Johnson fan, I was excited to say the least when he won the
    championship, both of these boys have nice

  65. Donna on
  66. That’s why we had to quit going. It is totally ridiculous how much money they charge. You go Junior.

  67. Gabe on
  68. Maybe I’m missing something here, Jr says to quit gouging Nascar fans and he’s got cigarette lighters, candy, and God knows how many tee shirts, jackets, and car models for sale at the track and on line……..?! And these people are crazies, with glass coffee table tops supported by tires that some driver wore out, And car parts bolted to their walls…. And they max out credit cards to attend the races….. And you can’t even go to his internet site unless you pay….. He’s laughing all the way to the bank and being critical of the track owners! Give me a break Junior, I love you man, Your Daddy too… But you guys have forgotten where you came from and have prostituted yourselves to the god of “Big Money!” Like my Momma used to say, “Sonny, you need to seen but not heard!

  69. Paula Woods on
  70. I agree with junior.

  71. Jim on
  72. I agree with Jr on the price Goughing in NASCAR but if you now look it’s like that in a lot of major sports IE: Football per say – some of the teams suck but yet they raise the prices of season ticket each year and parking plus all the other goodies just so the players can get that extra few $$Million a year more. This in today money pinch it going to backfire and bite the owners in the butt……

  73. Kristen on
  74. Way to go Junior !! I just recently got tickets to Daytona (and can’t wait to see ya) and when I was looking for a place to stay, all the hotels wanted atleast a 3 night stay (and the prices were outrageous) !!! In todays economy, mannnnnnnnny people just don’t have the extra money to spend on tickets, hotels and food for a race weekend. If the track owners want more fans to attend, then they need to help out the hardworking race fans of today by lowering prices. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that lower prices will attract people. I guess they don’t remember this past holiday season when stores had to cut prices verrrry deeply before consumers would spend any money (which is something they should do). I hope that all racetrack and hotel owners will think now about ways to help out race fans so that the 2009 season won’t be a “burnout.”

  75. Moto x man on
  76. Rock on JR.

  77. John G on
  78. You’re right on Junior, for those that object to the price of collectables, no one has to buy them to see the race, and I bet Jr’s collectables are no more expensive than the quiet drivers.

  79. Donald Albert on
  80. -Jr just earned my respect it is the track owners and hotels that are the ones to bring the fans back i have the money for the first time this year to go to a race and then i compared Kansas race to the other track prices and Kansas is really gouging us fans


  83. Mike on
  84. Right on Junior! Let the other track owners/promoters read this article and be assured that, not only the drivers, but, the fans are watching their every move when it comes to racing events/venues. Keep reminding the track owners/promoters every week that it is up to them to help control the cost of fan participation.

  85. Jimbo on
  86. Oh for sooth, all you fellow race fans. Don’t you know the big market for rooms will be mad up on other travelers? The Hotels will tell use take a hike and book golfers or some dumb thing! We must not forget ‘Who’ owns the market for travel now days.

    Well, the President of the USA can not afford a private jet how come so many nascar drivers have one, to mutch money is throwned at the big
    names in any sports, sure they are paid by the sponcers but WHERE does all that money comes from, every time I buy from the advertisers some of that money goes to thoses big names even if it does not always pleases me.
    The recession we have today is the result of the greed and exageration of some poeple and NASCAR and what surrond them are in the same boat.

  87. Jimbo on
  88. Another thought: How much money is generated in a community when MASCAR builds a track nearby? The local tax base gets help from people who don’t even live in the community. Drivers haulers, track owners, community officials, yada yada yada. The list goes on into another century if we look hard enough. All though I agree with JR, lets not be short sighted by the facts. The economy is supported by we NASCR fans
    who are willing to pay the price!(For now anyway)!

  89. Susan Coley on
  90. All I am going to say is “You tell em’ Dale!!!!
    I would love to go to more races, but just like he said, by the time they jack up the price and make you stay 3 night’s, alot of people can’t afford that! So yea…..what are ya’ll going to do so us NASCAR Race Fan’s can actually come out to a track and watch a race??

  91. Ron Enders on
  92. Thank you Jr. it take somebody like you to say something about all the price gouging. I would like to be able top go to more than a couple of races!

  93. Nancy on
  94. Thank you Jr. for trying to help out nascar fans.
    My husband and I go to the Loudin races to see you and always have a great time. The prices of hotel rooms just keep going up…
    I agree to some extent that the prices for merchandise at the haulers are high but does anyone take into consideration the amount of money that alot of drivers donate to help out sick or less fortunate kids, victims of natural disasters and many other worthwhile causes. Alot of you probably aren’t aware of it because you don’t see many drivers patting themselves on the back or saying “hey look how great I am for helping people”. They do it because they care not because they have too or to impress us.

  95. harry kimmey on
  96. where the other drivers at, back dale jr. up on this. your items are to high, everyone wants a piece of the pie. the pie is about to hit the fan. the races can’t go on if the drivers stick togeather and demand something be done and quick. it’s time not only the fans get a break but also the sponsors who put up much to much money , and a lot of this is wasted on jets , planes, right down to the haulers and many items they don’t need. i think it all needs to be overhauled. i used to love racing, now its getting borring for the most part. rules are good but would you like to watch touch football. i would like to see more red neck driving and less speed and and shorter races. i tape it anymore, cut out the yellow cautions and all the commerials.if the fans stick togeather and stay home on the opening race weekend, that will get there attention big time. greed can ruin racing at this level. so you fans reading and writing on this stay home and eat a pizza, home made and get some off brand beer. had my say.H.K.

  97. wayne bratton on
  98. Thank you Jr.somrthing has to be done to help the fans.there are thousands of NASCAR fans from Canada and it is costing us like many other fans in the U.S,A.too much money.Motel owners are ripping the true fans off.Hope all the other drivers step up and help us fans out.
    Wayne Bratton Ont. Canada

  99. Dan Gaddis on
  100. Way to go JR. You Nailed it.
    But I also, believe NASCAR is to blame, With the COT cars that all look the same that Nascar owns and requires all teams to use thier cars where is the competition in that? (NOt like the old days when a Chevy was a Chevy)
    Now add the fact that Most tracks are owned and controlled by NASCAR which sent the ticket price it is no wonder that the prices are the way they are.
    I don’t blame the drivers never have, I blame NASCAR.

    Yeah Dale Jr.
    You got it right, they need to make more fan freindly. Yes, it cost us to go.MIS.
    3 of us it takes to adford the room. it like with all included food Drink , room , &tickets 200.00 each. that’s with 2 nite stay.
    But, we drive a hour & half,more to get their. We can not afford to get closer,to the track..
    I’m all for better rates!!!!!!!!!

  101. Gabe on
  102. Thanks Greg- I knew about his free site, I bookmarked “The Dale Jr Pit Stop” several years ago… But The really good information’s at the pay site I would imagine…

    I’ve been a race fan since I was 10 yrs old and Richard Petty started the “Tear” that he went on….. It’s even more amazing to me nowdays that he won 200 races against that bunch of thugs he was racing against!

    Dale Earnheardt was the last of the Old time, “Get in my way and I’ll hurt you” racers. But, In the 60s they were all that way, You had no friends when you drove out onto the track….

    Smokey Yunick wrote a book before Lukemia killed him, “Best Damm Garage In Town,” that makes those years come alive.Any serious race fan should read it! He was an Automotive Engineer with an 8th grade education! You can go to his website smokeyyunick.com and get a copy. Cheers!

  103. Terrie on
  104. Jr. you are 100% right. Why can’t they figure out that if they lower all the prices they will get more people to attend. In the end they would make more money than having the prices higher. I would go to more races if I could afford it. As it is I usually go to 1 or 2 a year. I would go to more if I could afford it. PUT THE PRICES DOWN SOME. Thanks Jr. and All Drivers for all you do.

    The drivers have Jets to take them to the different tracks each week. With the schedule they have, this is the best and ONLY WAY to get to point B from point A in such a short time.

    First, my last post about drivers Jets, was directed in response to the post from Jean-Guy Prouly.

    As for the question at hand, I’m sure we all have to agree with Dale Jr. If we are to see our beloved sport continue through this “depression” we are going to have to tighten our purse strings. I worked in the hotel system and they do have packages for big companies and it is up to NASCAR to intervene for their fans. There are those of us who would rather be at the speedway each week instead of watching on TV.

  105. Maureen on
  106. Go Junior! NASCAR needs to listen to Dale Jr. as mostly all racing fans do. What Jr says usually goes. He is an excellent businessman and knows how to make money. First thing NASCAR needs to do is just as Jr says, put packages together. We have the toughest time finding places to stay. However, once we did get a room meant for DEI and the amenities were great……..a memorable memory for life! We have been ripped off many times; but the worst is when we leave the racetrack and the cops reroute us the opposite direction and we drive around all night long trying to find our hotel. We’re two girls and have been petrified at some of the places where we were lost. Nightmares! PLEASE, put packages together. Listen to a genius like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and you will NEVER go wrong. God Bless NASCAR!

  107. Donna Jean on

    Mama, with the 3 Nascar series, do you think they should also drive in the Formula 1 series and maybe some other series…….

    Go Junior!!!! I am a BIG fan of yours and can’t thank you enough for speaking up for us fans,times are very tough right now and extra money to go to the races is hard to come up with, lowering prices on tickets,hotels,food,parking and souviners would be a tremendous help to all the fans, we want nothing more than to be at the track and watch our favorite driver race. Your Daddy taught you right, he knew hard times. NASCAR needs to listen to the fans, if you want us at the track help us out, I think it’s time you came to our rescue, we have been their for you during the good times, now it’s your turn to do something for us……..listen to Junior!!!!!

  109. Hambone on
  110. For the last five years, NA$CAR has blamed falling TV & attendance numbers on everything from the economy, to people under the stands shopping, to NFL football, the price of gas or the deterioration of the ozone. But they have ignored the fact that this decline started w/ the village idiot (B. France), the chase for the chumps points scam, and the killing of THE Southern 500 & Rockingham for such a useless pc. of real estate as Cal. and the like. As usual… TVI will not admit he screwed up by staging the most boring events at the most boring facilities w/ the most conived & blatantly disasterous changes in sports history. TVI has taken what was the best racing in the world and turned it into the biggest joke of the century. And this geneus can’t figure out why his TV numbers have been going south like a duck in the winter since 2003??? After 45+ years as a die-hard fan, I won’t give this silly little series the time of day anymore and I sure won’t give my time or money.

  111. Judy on
  112. Yes it is not the drivers fault. Go Jr. thanks for sicking up for us little guys the fans.

  113. dakotastx on
  114. I’m with Jr. on this subject but, if NASCAR is wanting the drivers to do their part they need to also be willing to lower their prices too. Maybe the locals at the racing areas can come back to the track as well. I’m sorry to say after having to pay $35.00 in the early 80′s for the cheap seats and get sand blasted the first few last were fun but, when the prices went up and the cheap seat area got fewer and far less available I could no longer afford it. Since Florida resident suffer with low wages and higher prices on being a vacation state and economy being even worse then ever. How about they bring their price down as well. Not much to ask for. And Jr your right maybe they need to see how it is to go back to work for their money on a low budget as well.

    I think Dale Jr. should give back 1/2 his salary as well to the poor fans who can’t afford to go to his races, partly because he makes so much money.

  115. jim on
  116. yeah AJ good idea and you should give 1/2 of yours to people that are less fortunate than you are….

  117. LADYBLUE on
  118. Fo Junior, Your absolutely right! Not everyone lives near a track and if they do and want to go to a different race no one can afford the extras. Hope they take your suggestion!

  119. PATTY on
  120. I am glad someone is seeing the light. After many years of racing my husband and I will not be attending any races this year. The tickets, the food, staying in the area, whether motel or camping, has gone to far. They need to wake up and see what the economy is really looking like. Wish I could attend, but I’ll be watching front row in the livingroom.

  121. lynne on
  122. yes! JR is correct! in feb the cheapest hotel/motel was %))/night and it had to be a minium of 5 nights and it wan’t even on the beach / you would’nt take your dog there! and since i have a bad back i could’nt take advantage of the frr track parking so i had to getup @ 4am and drive to a parking space i found for 20/pre cup race to 40 cup races in order to be able to walk to track! the track dosent open till 9am i am done!!!!!i cant afford the hotel prices, and horrible parking
    prices so , not mention the 300.00 price of my tickets ! i am finally retired and can’t even afford to go to daytona for the speedweeks and races and cant drive back 200+ miles each day!

  123. lynne on

  125. Judy on
  126. It used to be fun to go to 5 or 6 races a season, but forget it now. It is no wonder the tickets are not all sold and it appears to me tv tries to not show all the empty seats. What about the tracks that require you to buy tickets to both races whether you can attend or not? That leaves you either trying to sell one set and use the other.
    The sponsors not only fork over big bucks to support the team, but provide other perks to the drivers and teams.
    It is time someone thought of the fans cause if not NASCAR will be a thing of the past and the tracks housing developments.
    I am not a JR fan but agree with him on this subject.
    Thank you

  127. YaiYai on
  128. This is one of the reasons Jr is so popular, he cares about his fans. I could pay the gouging rates at the tracks but I don’t like being taken advantage of. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong. Do the the right thing and I’ll be at most races

  129. James on
  130. It is no different than how the Country is going to hell. Nothing will change until the people themselves do something about it. Stay home for a few races. Make the hotels and the tracks lose money for a change. Then you will see race fan packages coming out your behind.

    I to agree with Junior
    we don’t go to races anymore because of the cost,the towns and the race parks need to wake up and smell the coffee,
    Don’t they know about the recession surely cheaper prices means less empty seats this also applies to motels, food, entrance fees to all events after all it’s no good playing to an empty stadium.

    Jr. is right on.

  131. Holly on
  132. Be careful next time.

  133. Ron on
  134. I saw the Pepsi 400 in 1999 and the shopping centers near the track charged $40 to park……that was 11 years ago.
    The race just chums the water and then the sharks have a feeding frenzy.

    [...] become accustomed to seeing price gouging stories around big sports events: the Rugby World Cup, NASCAR races, NCAA basketball finals, and always the Olympics (a selection: Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, [...]

  135. Dave on
  136. I agree with Gabe. NASCAR sold out the fans a long time ago. Just buy anything that says NASCAR on it. Regulations , restrictor plates , cookie cutter crate engines. They are all the same cars with different sponsors names. Now the car type is not even mentioned. Rusty Wallace said it best “entertainment at the expense of the drivers”. I stopped watching NASCAR when they brought the imports in. This sport was the heritage of the Carolina Moonshine Runner and they sure as hell wern’t driving Toyota’s

  137. ken on
  138. the price rise is clearly cause by high demand my advise is to stay away from
    hotel near the event area and the airport tray hotels that are in the outskirts
    of towns of dallas thay will be in lesser of demand meaning their rates are going to be lower

  139. ken on
  140. the price rise is clearly cause by high demand my advise is to stay away from
    hotel near the event area and the airport tray hotels that are in the outskirts towns of dallas thay will be in lesser of demand meaning their rates are going to be lower

  141. ken on
  142. i would say in hotel that is in the outskirts of town away from the event area as their going to be more less in demand then hotels near the event meaning lower rates

  143. Jack Handy on
  144. Thats Business folks. Supply and demand. Hey JR, Dont you feel guilty at all for the Millions of $$$ you make on product endorsements?? Why not do it for scale?

  145. Danial Spellman on
  146. This actually answered my problem, thanks!

  147. jerry on


  151. Bob hill on
  152. We are staying in a motel that 275 a week but there raising there rate because the rate but the said that they would let stay Friday but if they room they kick us out and give money back just the race is coming to town I really mess up and very upset

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