Dale Jr Re-signing with Hendrick?

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Too Soon for Dale Earnhardt Jr to Re-sign with Hendrick.

According to David Newton over at ESPN Rick Hendrick is already trying to re-sign Dale Earnhardt Jr to a contract extension, even though Earnhardt still has 2 years left on his current contract.

Before Earnhardt signs anything Rick Hendrick needs to show him that he has the full support of Hendrick Motorsports.  It looks like the move of putting Steve Letarte in as crew chief and moving the No. 88 team in with the No. 48 team was a prelude to get the contract signed.

According to Newton Rick Hendrick would like to race with Dale Jr until one of them retires.

Dale Jr needs to see some results before he commits to another 5 years with Hendrick Motorsports.

Would you like to see Dale Jr race with Hendrick until he retires?




48 Comments on Dale Jr Re-signing with Hendrick?

  1. Becky on
  2. Not at this point. I’d rather see him retire with RCR or his own team.

  3. tom on
  4. no way…. jr brings in more money and fan base than the other three put together.
    funny how jimmie wins 5 championships and the other three can’t even get a win. if he really wants jr. quit gicing everything to the 48 and start sharing. nobody brings in sponsers and fans like jr, and he will take that when he goes. time to way up rick

  5. Jim Chalmers on
  6. I don’t think he will stay ’till retirement. I think Jr. will some day, sign with Richard Childress, which I would like to see. And I don’t want to take anything away from Rick Hendricks as I have a great amount of respect for his intelligence respect for people, and and what he has done for NASCAR racing

  7. Gabe on
  8. He should have had the kind of deal he’s finally getting, when he started with Hendricks. (Finally being on the same page as the rest of the teams.) I’d like to see Dale Earnhardt run, Not walk, to his Uncle and Cousin, and field his own Cup Car. He can race Nationwide with them wathing his back, and it’s fun again! Do that until his Hendrick contract is finished,and get out of there!

  9. Jim Chalmers on
  10. Becky, you are so correct.

  11. Mary Kaye on
  12. YES!

  13. Tom on
  14. I started watching NASCAR in 1993 when Jeff Gordon was just starting out and he got me hook on the sport. Then I started paying attention to Dale Earnhardt and found him to be one of the best driver who knew how to drive a car and win a race the old fashion way. Then after meeting Dale Jr. in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, I became his fan also. Then, Matt Kenseth came on the scene and started rooting for him too, so I have 3 drivers who I like the best and root for all three when they are racing and still have BIG Dale in my heart. I feel Dale Jr. should wait another year to see what happen and if there is improvement, then, and only then would I want Jr. to re-sign with Hendrick Motorsports. But, right now, I think it best for Jr. to wait. There could be other people who would love to have Jr. on their teams also and maybe he could get a better offer from someone else. Maybe somewhere down the road, Joe Gibbs Racing or Rouse Racing would like to help Jr. So, Dale Jr., give it another year before signing with Hendrick. Hope all work out well for you in 2011.

  15. David on
  16. i would like to see him join up with tony stewart

  17. randy king on
  18. i’ll NEVER watch nascar again , if jr re-signs with hendrick…

  19. sharon on
  20. That would be very cool, but would Hendricks stil share his engines with Tony if Tony stole his moneymaker?????

  21. okie88fan on
  22. I hope Dale keeps his options open for a while. If it were me, I’d want to wait and see what 2011 brings in the way of success or failure before I re-signed with HMS.

  23. Carol on
  24. Hendricks I think let Jr down…all he was focused on was wonder boy Johnson…Hendricks could of showed a certain amt. of support,,he hasn’t even showed it to Martin…Hope Jr. just holds off on signing anything & see how the next 2 seasons go but I am afraid now that Hendricks is well aware of the fans & that the wool wasn’t pulled over our eyes so now he’ll make some kind of a show but Jr is not dumb nor are the fan’s but I am a fan of Jr’s & ok with me whatever he decides.

  25. AZomah on
  26. Not only no, but heck no. The people who are controlling Jr. are very unfan friendly, the people at HMS DO NOT even like Jr. let alone his fans. The negativity of that organization is not good for NASCAR. They have emptied seats. Some fans think that if they don’t attend the races folks will notice and change things. That is not gonna happen with HMS, They are way to full of themselves. Three years of this stuff is more than enough. Jr deserves better, he has paid his dues. I am sorry that he signed a five year contract. He never had before. I personally would like to see him driving for his own company. I have said it before – Big E’s children know what they are doing. They remember full seats. Give him a new cc and different location in the garage 3 years after using him as a R & D driver. Give me a break, I smell alot of greed!!!! Please Jr. drive for a company that cares for you. I suggest JRM!!!!

  27. SADIE on

  29. Deborah on
  30. What ever Jr wants that is what I want. Do what ever makes you happy.

  31. AZomah on
  32. Jr. won’t drive for Roush, Jr. is a Chevy man.

  33. Mavis on
  34. I hope he will do what is best for him, but I hope he waits before he signs anything. I would like to see how he does in the other shop with Steve Letarte. I think Jr has been shafted since mid 2008 and deserves better. I would like to see him with his own team but that’s expensive and difficult if you are only running one car. RCR might be good but they have a full house right now.

    Do not sign, get out, pull all the E’s together, get the kin folks, start out on your own, make Jr. motorsports BIGGER, you got the name Hendricks don’t
    Get that darn death skelton off your helmet.


  35. AZomah on
  36. Oh HJ not Bones, I like Bones, have a small replica helmut, then the folks at JRM came out with a full size one. I told my grand kids that Boneses job is to tell Jr. when tv goes to a commercial cause then he can move up the field. That was painted by a good friend of Jr.s’, he sits on the chest of drawers in my room. JRM hopefully can go cup in a couple of years, that is what I am waiting for also.

  37. Sandy B on
  38. NO!!!!!!! I do agree with most of the people. Hendrick is just using him to get endorsements for his teams. I hope that he waits a year before making any decision about staying with him. In a way I would like to see him go to Stewart-Haas.

  39. pat88 on
  40. Tom, Right on..he should wait..what makes anything different today than back when he started with them,even Martin found it out..It’s all JJ with that team & NASCAR…if you cant have more than one driver/car wining then something is really wrong. Dale JR. wait..you have time..lets see what next year is like. God bless you all & have a Merry Cristmas & a safe New Year….
    Yes… Dale will only drive a Chevy…he’s like his Dad….lol

  41. pat88 on
  42. How many of you remember when Jr desided to go with Hendrick..remember all the story’s about Rick Jr. how he told his dad that some day Jr. would drive for them..It’s what Rick Jr. wanted beford he died..WELL..his Dad made it come true for him..so did Dale Jr. Think …why did Jr. sign up for 5 years..I heard Jr. wanted 4..Hendrick’s has done nothing for Jr…BUT Jr. has dont a whole LOT for Hendrick..he’s made a lot of money ,”THANKS” to Jr. more than any of the other’ driver’s. Hendrick is a business man and a great one..he doesnt want to loss Jr. maybe Jr. has had some other team’s talking to him..that is why the rush. Think about it…

  43. Pegi on
  44. Think it’s way too early to sign a contract extention with Hendrick. Jr. is still the most popular driver and will have plenty of options when the time comes. Re-signing at this point only seems to benefit Hendrick.

  45. frank on
  46. I still think that Jr needs to put his heart and soul into racing. Until then he will stay a 20th place race car dirver…Shame

  47. ladyred on
  48. Jr. still has his heart and soul in his racing. He was born to it and with the Earnhardt name and his famous dad, too much is expected of him. But, he can rise to the occassion when and if they come around with the right car set up and right chief. I understand he and Latarte are good friends and Latarte is very thick skinned so can take a lot from Jr. What people don’t realize is what goes on behind the scenes that is never made public. Jr. will never speak up about anything because that is the way he is. I think we will see a different Jr. and a much different season in 2011. Jr. is very emotional in the race car, and so are many others, but with the right guy working with him and knowing how to fix his car, he will be ok.
    I think he will come out with a bang in ’11 and I will watch every cotton pickin’ race just to see him, win or lose. I will not give up being a fan ever!
    Too much is expected of Jr. more than any other driver and pressure has to get to him sometime just like every other human being. People tend to forget he is only human, not superman, not his daddy, but his own man and he shows it many ways. If he thinks it best he resign with HMS so be it, he knows what he is doing or he wouldn’t be the success he is now. Great!!! he was voted most popular again, knocking on Petty’s door. But, who else out there is more popular, win or lose…no one!! So everyone quit putting him down, you can’t be most popular year after year and not done something right.
    Will be with you all the way in ’11!!

  49. REGAN on

  51. stewart on
  52. I think Jr. is a good driver and he should do whatever makes him happy! I don’t think Mr. Hendrick has to prove anything to anybody! Evidence, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie johnson, Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, even Kyle the Brat Busch, Like him or not, one heck of a driver!

  53. stewart on
  54. P. S. : Look out for Kasey when he get”s behind the wheel of a Hendrick car!

  55. racing 1 on
  56. not sure yet about the contract thing. it’s funny jr and jr were great half way through the first year then it all went to hell in a hand basket

  57. Tom on
  58. lol, I just thought of something, maybe Jr’s team can sneak in one night (where they keep their cars and switch all the motors and that way Jr. will have Johnson’s motors and Johnson will have Jr.’s motor. Oh wouldn’t that be a thrill.
    Jimmy would be scratching his head wondering why Jr. is winning all the races that he (johnson)suppose to win. A Jr.’s fan can dream can’t he?

  59. Judy Shaffor on
  60. Hey guys!! Listen Up!!! His sister is looking out for him!! She is good!!! I think that she is working for his own Cup team!!! She is very very smart!!. They are brother & Sister.She looks out for him!! Trust me!! He will have his own car in 2013 !!! With Kelly right there.!!!! She knows the right moves. She loves her brother and she will get the JR Fans going BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!~

  61. AZomah on
  62. We know about Kelley, Pops, and Tony Jr. that is why some of us don’t want him to resign with HMS. For practical purposes it would be good to have two cars on the track. That is a big expense, even with good sponsors which Jr. would have no trouble attracting. Jr. himself said earlier this year that JRM is about 2 years away from reaching that goal. That is what some of we long timers are hoping for, that he can drive cup for the company he founded.

  63. Tom McDonnell on
  64. I would love to see Dale Jr. go to Stewart-Haas Racing if he were to go to another race team. Tony and Dale Jr. always got along great with each others and I know Tony would do everything he can to help Jr. get a championship, Tony the best and he showed it very well this year with the Race for the Chase.

  65. SouthernGuy8503 on
  66. He needs to retire with his own team at JRM. I like that JR said he wants to see results before signing the extension, that shows he really does care about his performance and not just collecting a check.

    By the way, he does have his heart in it. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t cuss like he does on the radio when the car isn’t right. Some people don’t know how to put things together before assuming things. If he didn’t care anymore he’d just retire and focus on JRM, the 2 Whiskey Rivers, DEJ Reality and Hammerhead Entertainment bringing in the money.

  67. goldie on
  68. I feel Jr. not only is an excellent driver, but also a smart man. I am sure he will make the right decision whatever that is. I’m sure he is somewhat disappointed in his time with Hendrick, but arent’t we all disappointed when things do not go right at work sometimes? Let’s let Jr. decide what to do. It’s a well known fact he could retire today and live happily financially the rest of his life, so going into another contract will not be an easy decision to make. He wants someone who will give him the crew chief, the pit crew and the equipment needed in order to get the job done. Time Will Tell……

  69. RJL on
  70. Dale Jr….I wouldn’t resign right now…

    See how the team goes next year and than make your decision.

    I want to see you succeed Dale…think of what YOU want and need, you will know how things are…and can make your decision from there.

    If all that fails….start your own team…than you will be the boss…

    I wish you the best Dale Jr !!!!!! and success !!!!

  71. Nancy on
  72. I agree that Jr needs to see if Hendrick Motor Sports really wants to support him, instead of using Jr’s name & popularity! I have always wanted him to either run for RCR or start his own Sprint Cup team – like Tony Stewart. Merry Christmas to Junior and all the Jr Nation.

  73. AZomah on
  74. SouthernGuy I agree with you all the way. However, next year we won’t be hearing any cussing. He will no longer be allowed to vent. He said in an interview that he has to concentrate on what he says on the radio. I have never minded when he vented or the language, I realize the need to vent. I have always thought that driving a well handling car that has power was more important. After he vented he was able to get back to driving no matter what. The new cc’s children will be listening and others also. That is one of the many reasons I would like to see him out of HMS. Anyone that has been watching him for awhile knows that he drives better after he vents, but these folks just don’t care about results.

  75. David on
  76. good point sharon! but hendricks will still make money off engines if jr running them?!?

  77. SouthernGuy8503 on
  78. He said when Rick tried to get him to sign a contract extension that he wants to wait and see how things go next season. So that shows he cares about racing instead of just cruising around like some people think.

    Also I don’t know if you know but he does have his own team. It’s a 2 car team in Nationwide called JR Motorsports. It’s not easy but he could branch into Cup, since he loves Nationwide so much he’d want at least 1 car in Nationwide.

  79. SouthernGuy8503 on
  80. I know about that interview so maybe Latarte will be better than McGrew since it seems like Lance wouldn’t speak his mind the whole time, I can tell Steve has no problem telling JR what’s on his mind.

    About him driving better after he vents that’s probably true but I remember one race where he was mad and it made him race better. So maybe JR should stay mad and instead of venting just race mad, then vent when he thinks he’s getting to mad where he’s making mistakes as a result.

    I know JR still has it unlike some people that think he doesn’t. Most of those people don’t think before they type or say, if he didn’t have it then he wouldn’t even have any good runs in ’09 or ’10 that he did. Some people will say he got lucky and I know you can be lucky but if you suck then you won’t get lucky, just ask Scott Speed lol.

  82. NO! Jr can do things alot better i think on his own or with RCR. If he does stay with hendricks he should get a deal that Jeff has as a partner in the group.50-50…thats the way i see it.. he will always have JRM.. I the future i see 2 nationwide or whatever it will be called and 2 cup cars with the JRM logo////////

  83. AZomah on
  84. I don’t think a deal with Jeff as a positive. JRM all the way. There are tooo many restrictions with HMS!!!

    I agree with you Tom, I would like to see Jr. and Tony Stewart as a team, also. They do good drafting together and Tony is my second best driver, of course Dale Jr. is my number one driver. I am just wishing the best for them next season. EVERYONE ON RACING WIN HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  85. Buck_shot on
  86. IMO For Dale Jr to resign with HMS, consideration must be given to not only HMS support to Dale JR, but what this means to JRM also. The recent reassignment of Dale Jr to the 24 Team staff ( which was stated wrong here, Dale Jr was reassigned to the 24 team, not the 88 team reassigned to eh 48 Shop). But Dale Jr and Kelley have worked hard to build JRM and this effort much be taken into consideration in a contract extension. It may well be in Dale Jr. best interest to stay at HMS, if this resent reassignment proves positive, but JRM must either merge with HMS, Kelley, Pops and Toney Jr could all be major assets to HMS, or JRM continues on its own, RH divest himself is his interest there and HMS, by contract, allows Dale Jr to continue his efforts at JRM without interference from HMS.
    My point is JRM must be considered in any contract extension else JRM will fade away which is not within the person I see and follow in Dale JR. He is all about family, which is one of the main reasons and mission of JRM.
    Obviously, this reassignment to the new 48-88 shop must prove successful, thats a whole different issue but Dale Jr has publicly stated he has faith in Rick Hendrick.

  87. AZomah on
  88. Buck I agree with most of what you say, but for commercial purposes the break with HMS needs to be complete. Buy their engines or whatever works, but Hendrick even needs to get rid of all financial interests in JRM.. .

  89. SouthernGuy8503 on
  90. If JR did sign the extension it doesn’t mean JRM could fade away. I see JRM crossing over into Cup while still having at least 1 team in Nationwide. The reason I say if he signs the extension it doesn’t mean JRM would fade because his dad owned his team DEI while racing for RCR. So I don’t see a huge deal. I do like that he said he wants to wait until he sees real improcements until he signs an extension because that shows he really does care. If all else fails at Hendrick then he can think about JRM in both Cup and Nationwide.

  91. AZomah on
  92. I understand what you are saying. In the days of DEI & RCR everyone worked together. These days are different. There were 3 happenings that irratated the fire out of me, one concerned Big E’s children, the other 2, JRM. Jr. had to make a move to put a stop to this stuff. Have to stay vague to keep RacingWin out of trouble. I know that Jr. will someday drive for JRM, probably when he feels comfortable doing it without getting his innards all tied up in knots!

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