Dale Jr Holding Off Danica’s Advances — For Now

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Danica Patrick has brought many new fans into NASCAR, People who have never seen a NASCAR race before are now tuning in to cheer for Danica and the No. 10 Chevrolet. She has the fastest growing fan base in all of NASCAR

Patrick won the Most Popular Driver Award in the Nationwide Series for 2012. She is already appealing to fans to vote her into the Sprint All Star Race for 2013.

But Patrick is not as popular as NASCAR’s 10 time Most Popular Driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Yet. Earnhardt still leads in souvenir sales and fan surveys, but Patrick is closing.

The Most Popular river Award is determined by a fan vote, and it may come down to who’s fans are most enthusiastic about actually voting.

Acording to Earnhardt he is very proud of his awards in the past. He described last years’s as a great Christmas gift from the fans.

Should either driver score a race win that will surely drive more fans to vote for them, so in reality winning counts, even in a popularity contest.

The award has been given since 1956 and past winners include Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip and Richard Petty.

You can vote at MostPopularDriver.com. How do you plan to vote?




5 Comments on Dale Jr Holding Off Danica’s Advances — For Now

  1. AZomah on
  2. Dale Jr. of course!!!

  3. Rick Tillman on
  4. Danica of course.

  5. Ernie on
  6. I hope she takes the puke out of the running ! He cant drive or talk ! Just go away marble mouth and take some speach lessons with your money that these sick people keep giving you every week !GO DANICA GO

  7. George on
  8. If it wasn’t, for Dale Sr being so popular Jr wouldn’t ,have any fans at all . As Ernie said he can’t talk and he certainly can’t drive. Jr is riding on Sr’s coat tails.

  9. Lawanna on
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