Dale Jr Has A Problem

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Dale Earnhardt Jr Has A Problem

When Mark Martin claimed his second win of the year Saturday night at Darlington it became painfully clear that Dale Earnhardt Jr has a problem.

The real problem is that no one seems to know what Junior’s real problem is.

Diagnosing the real issue is the first step to a solution.

  • Some people say the problem is Tony Eury Jr – the crew chief.
  • Some say Rick Hendrick is giving the No. 88 team second-rate equipment.
  • I’ve even heard one person say Junior’s entire problem is his spotter.

The spotter?

I don’t think any of those are the case – but something has to change. Some fans are starting to speak out against Dale Jr.

Martin and Earnhardt Share Same Shop

Mark Martin and the No. 5 team operate out of the same shop as Dale Jr and the No. 88 team. The same sheet metal fabricators, engine tuners, shock specialists and chassis guys work on both cars.

Martin has won 2 races in 2009. Dale Jr has won zero.

The other two Hendrick drivers – Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson – have won races, led laps and contended for wins.

There’s a reason Dale Earnhardt Jr is not winning races. I just don’t know what it is.

Why do you think Dale Jr isn’t winning?

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  1. Dana on
  2. based on what you say the only other factor is either dale jr or tony jr.

  3. Amethyst on
  4. I was thinking, lately, that it’s possible with Dale that he has been thinking about owning his own team.

  5. Erin on
  6. I think Junior is suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. He needs to get with a sports psychologist. His body language, poor eye contact and his lethargic speech in interviews tells the tale. If his heart isn’t in this maybe he needs to let Brad take his ride? If he needs some time off why not let Brad run the car? Junior has not seemed himself since speedweeks.Could it be he now wishes he’d stayed with DEI? Maybe seeing the company flounder is really bothering him.

  7. Smitty on

  9. Erin on
  10. I don’t think it’s Tony Jr. I think it’s Junior. Michael Waltrip has always said Tony Jr was great to work with. Michael did have some very good finished with him.The problem is Junior, he’s anxious and stressed. He communicates poorly which does not help Tony Jr or the team know what he wants.

  11. TINY on

  13. Steve on
  14. I really feel that maybe Dale cannot stay focused the whole race and that he maybe can’t provide the proper feedback to make corrections on the car during the race. I think if things aren’t going his way his frustration doesn’t allow clear consise thinking and this is a carry over from the years of frustration at DEI


  17. flyb412 on
  18. Since I am merely a fan, and not a driver, crewmember, or team owner, I don’t have a clue, except that it seems to be within Dale Jr. himself. I sure wish him all the best in getting through this, as I am confident he will.

  19. Glenn on
  20. Ya know I rarely find it productive to place blame on any one particular person or thing. That being said, from my limited, as a fan, viewpoint, it seems junebug is suffering from trying to do too much for too many. He needs to hire someone to run his outside issues and concentrate on driving the #88. Maybe Tony is not the right crew chief for Dale. Too close of a tie there. Jr needs to spend more time getting physically fit and mentally fit and needs someone to hold his nose to the grind stone like his dad did. Maybe he needs to fall flat on his face this season to be able to see the light. I am other true fans will stand by and support him. I think this year is a wash and even though I hate to agree with DW and the commentators there are way too many mistakes being made on pit road. By the driver and the crew. Now the driver has his seat and needs to stay focused on his job. The crew can be replaced, from the box to the truckdriver if need be. Somethings gotta give!

  21. Donna on
  22. I am really not sure what to do and I am sure hendrick organization will figure things out sooner then later we hope ..Maybe the Jr.’s will figure out what to do and I sure hope so as I think T.J Majors is a good spotter for him and I think Tony Jr. is a good crew chief and as I think Jr. is letting the pressure get to him and he should just ignore all that is being said and race the way he should and get on with his team and how things should be ..Although maybe a shake up in the crew would help seems to me they have let him down with some of the adjustments so I have read ..Well anyways I have not really got a good answer just my take on what I think ..

  23. Queenie on
  24. Yes,Get rid of him.

  25. Laura on
  26. I agree with you, none of us can even begin to imagine the stress that he must be under having the last name Earnhardt and then having to live up to his father’s name and then to have a step mom that is the type of person Teresa is, taking your family company away from you. At last nights race when he spoon around you could see how mad he was in his eyes. I hope Rick helps him because he really needs emotional and racing help.

  27. Fish on
  28. Dale Jr. needs to take a look in the mirror.
    Focus, focus!

  29. Harriet on
  30. Because He is Dale, everybody expects him to be perfect and those cameras/reporters are in all the drivers faces way too much. Dale needs to do what he needs to do. I am an Earnhartd fan no matter what. What is NASCAR without Dale….they need him….Just go pick on someone else

  31. Pamala on
  32. I think trying to live up to everyone expections is stressing him out. I think everyone saying to get rid of Tony Jr. is stressing him out. I think Jr. feels guilty for what happened during the Daytona 500 and can’t get passed it. Now he is on probation, for being aggressive, however everyone is telling him to get aggressive. I Love Jr. and I think he is going to win another Championship, yes I said another (Busch Champion 98 and 99) But first he is going to have to quit reading every little thing that is posted on these web sites. Yes he reads them other wise how would he know some of the hateful things that are getting said! I think he has too many people telling him what to do!

  33. Jackie from Daytona Beach on
  34. When you have lost someone you love as he did when his Dad got killed, It takes a long time to get over it. Jr is still grieving over the death of his Dad. Once all this passes you will see the old Jr.

  35. Buddy Graham on
  36. When is the last time he had an eye exam?

  37. Patti on
  38. think that they should mix up the teams – switch with mark martin for a while to see what happens – yesterday again in the pits – 1st he goes over the line and has to back up and a tire goes crazy – this race isnt a good one to judge on – every body hit the wall at least once. after the all star – maybe rick should shake it up like childress did with kevin harvick – or maybe put pops on – move him over from nationwide and see – he has the people – move them around……

  39. vicki on
  40. i agree entirely.

  41. kevin on
  42. Bottom line.Jr. is having a bad year.Last year,Jeff Gordon’s fans were pondering the same questions.They wanted his crew chief’s head on a platter.Look at him this year.Give Jr. and Tony Jr. a break.All sports teams have off years.Nobody expexts thier team to win the superbowl every year,although they want them to.

  43. Donna on
  44. whatever is going on with Dale, Jr. us as fans need to stick by him more than ever…

  45. Karen on
  46. I watched the race on Directv Hot Pass last night. You could hear Dale Jr. give Tony Jr. all the information as to how his car was running. After that it seems that it was in Tony Jr.s hands how to correct the problems that Dale Jr. was having with the car. Dale Jr. did mess up on that one pit stop but he drove his way back up. Tony seems to have a big problem getting the car to drive right. Maybe Tony Sr. should come crew chief the car for a while to help. After all Tony Sr. was the one who helped Dale Jr have all the success in the Busch series. No matter what I will still be cheering for Dale Jr.

  47. Harriet on
  48. Hey Buddy….you got to be Brian Vickers blind yourself. The day you get behind the wheel of a race car and drive, then you can “SEE” what the real story is. Easy to set back and offer up stuff….Everybody has an opinion…..GET BEHIND THAT WHEEL

  49. Harriet on
  50. Ditto Karen, right on….

  51. Sandy on
  52. He needs a new pit crew. Like Darrell Walthrup said,if there was a race with no pits stops Junior would have no problem.

  53. TERRY on
  54. he never was married, so that aint the problem. he has never been the same since he got burned in the corvette at infinion that he was practicing 2 years ago, the time when he felt as though his dad pulled him out of the car

  55. wendy on
  56. First of all, no other driver out there has more pressure on him to win than Jr. Between being an Earnhardt, Nascar’s most popular and having a new ride, he has the weight of the world on him. Now, alot of his problems have been caused by his car or something that happened on that track that was out of his control. Granted some of them have happened in the pits as well. Then you get the fence sitters, that try to call themselves fans, that jump all over the internet complaining when he is not on top of everything. Yes, he has a lot on his plate, just give him time, he will be right back up on top again, soon! He needs the support of us fans thought 1st and foremost. Gordon has not won a championship since they changed over to the new points system. Look how long he has been having a “bad day”. I feel the problem is that there is so much pressure on him from every end imagineable, that he can’t do what he loves, just get out there and race. Get off your soapboxes and let him race! He’ll be back, and then some!

  57. Sandy on
  58. Me too

  59. Betty Pierson on
  60. I thnik Dale goes into every race determined to win, but his equipment (crew & Eury, Jr.)make different ones to his car when he gets to the Pit. I listen to the Nascar Scanner & have the DirectPass on my TV. The last 2 horrible races, Jr. didn’t get mad, constantly gave out what he wnated done, only to have the pit chief and cred give him something he never wanted-Rick needs to look into the whole backup crew,& all the notes for $48,24 & now 5!!LOVE YOU DALE, JR.-KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!

  61. BadBob on
  62. I think that he does not drive aggrestive enough. He does not try hard enough and complains to much. He has too many outside activities and too much money and doesn’t really care. He has to much on his mind. Because of all of these things, he will not win a race this year. Too many mistakes.

  63. carole on
  64. Before the black helicopters start circling, hear me out. I think that Jr was told after Daytona that this was the year for all the resources to be put behind Mark Martin to have him win the championship in 09, that Jr would get the resources in 10 and that Mark would share the 5 ride in 10 with Brad. Jr would be the R/D. Well we see how this played out. Mark will be in the car next year and Brad will be who knows where. I think Jr feels he has been lied to and betrayed. He felt Rick hendricks would be a father figure to him and he is not. It is easy to blame things on Jr, the crew and his crewchief, but I put the blame on Hendricks. I went to the Richmond and Darlington races and heard Jr on the scanner way that the car was a piece of //// at both races that it was that way from the time it came off the car. If you bring junk to the track or an R/D car you cannot run up front with the big boys. Imagine how he felt when he finished in the mid 20′s and every other Hendricks car finished in the top 7.I think there will be a big meeting this week and some changes will be made and he will start getting cars that are competative. As far as him giving good feedback,I listened to his scanner the last three races and it was as good as any of his teammates. I think right now he needs someone to be him a rock for him and the only person who comes to mind is Tony Sr. I cannot imagine Tony Sr allowing Jr to be given cars that are crap. Jr won with him before and I think he will do it again. Do I think that will happen; I hope so, but no I think Rick will let things just like they and keep smiling when Mark wins the champoionship.

  65. Mare on
  66. There might be more than one answer. Who knows!!! When Jr says his car is tight in the middle-or whatever, does his crew chief really know what it takes to fix it????? I think Jr gives good enough response on car handling, I don’t think his chief knows what to do to fix it. Jr can’t fix that part of it but he can fix his mistakes. I really think Hendrick better get a more experiened or more knowledgable crew chief to take control to help better the car as the race proceeds. When Jr gets to the pit and the car comes out positions further, that frustrates him I’m sure and then he gets all worked up. He never comes out of the pits in better position than he enters, now that sure isn’t his fault, that is his crew’s and crew chief’s fault (most of the time), so I don’t think there is one thing that is a problem, there are several and Hendrick had better do something to start to fix some of the problems or is he just letting that team fend for themselves and making sure the 24 and 5 drivers get in the chase this year and win the championship. It’s almost too late for Jr to make even the 12th spot this year–the way things are going. It sure looks (on the outside anyway) like the Hendrick shop doesn’t care. If their fair haired 24 is doing good, that keeps him from whinning. I said at the beginning of the season that Hendrick will put his energy into the 24 this year to keep him happy and that is what it looks like is happening. Someone said not too long ago that Hendrick is a good 2 car garage, but doesn’t do as good with more, so who will excell this year???? The other owners sure keep on top of ALL their drivers and their problems and seem to take action to fix them soon after they become noticeable. A lot of questions and no one seems to be able to answer them all easily. If you don’t like Jr,I’m sure it is easy to just blame him and that would be it, but I don’t think it is that easy. (Just looking at it all from the outside and being bias on what I’ve observed)

  67. Paul on
  68. I believe that his boss should let Jr. crew switch with another crew(Gordon,Johnson,Martin.)It’s been done before with other team’s and even when he drove for his step-mother.There again maybe he has to many iron’s in the fire and needs to turn the responsibility of some of the jobs he is doing to some one else..I was a fan of his Father( I fly his Fathers Flag (#3), at HALF Mast every Daytona500), and fly Jr.’s every race day and will continue.Maybe Rick need to take him out in back of the barn and tell Jr.”this is the way it’s done. HANG IN THERE JR, THINGS WILL GET BETTER


  69. Jim on
  70. I feel first he should have his eyes examined so that he can fine his pit box as he’s missed it in almost half of the season. He should knock off this “KYLE BUSCH” thing about thinking that he’s better than anyone else!! Have Tony Jr talk to Chad and get some Hendrick pointers on how to race the Hendricks way or I feel that the big man is going to shack thing up. As one viewer stated that Jr & Mark share the same garage, equipment etc so why is one doing so well and the other can’t find his pit stall. I’m a Jr fan but can always rely on him pitting ANY chance he has even if he only ha 2-3 laps on new tires (STAY OUT) and get yourself some field position or maybe even lead a lap as you will start going backwards in no time anyways. Sorry Dale,,,

  71. Diana on
  72. I agree with Karen, Jr. seems to be giving all the info to Tony Jr. and he isn’t getting the problem corrected. Maybe they should get another crew chief and make Tony Jr. assistant crew chief. What could it hurt? I cheer for all the Hendrick cars equally. Love them all. Maybe they need to get a bigger pit sign, who knows. Mr Hendrick really needs to check into the problem again. Jr. is better than that, he has proved it time and time again. He just needs to focus more. I’m behind him 100% no matter how bad or good he does. If you care for your driver, thats the way to be.

  73. Shari on
  74. I think Jr. needs to really focus more and be a little more aggressive in his driving. I think
    Tony Sr. should step in for a few weeks and let Tony Jr. sit with him and see how SR would do
    the changes Jr. asks for. I think Hendricks is giving them the same equipment, but the pit crew needs to listen more to solve the problems.
    Tony Sr. is needed real bad………Go Junior,we still love you. Best of luck

  75. Buddy on
  76. Maybe he should get married or at least have a steady girl friend. All these folks that are winning are married.

  77. Pat on
  78. I’m with Karen and the rest. I think it would be a good idea to change crew chiefs for a while. Try Tony,Sr. if that doesn’t work change pit crews around. I honestly believe he has too much going on in his life. I like the old Jr. out having fun and etc. He is just to stressed out. Darn selfish step-mother. She should have sold DEI to Jr., Terry and Kerry and got the heck out of racing. DEI belonged to Dale,SR kids not her. Jr. is spread so thin-he just isn’t able to relax and be just a good ole southern boy. I’ll always love him, but I miss #8 and Bud Car and I feel that he feels the same way. He just can’t be himself. Everyone has him on a silver platter and NASCAR will not let the drivers drive like we all grew up with-driving on the dirt tracks, wrecking and having a good time. He is under too much pressure and has to many people telling him what he should and shouldn’t do. And NASCAR you should let ALL the drivers go back to racing and not driving around in a circle…..that is so boring. Let them Bump and run…show some spunk…get out of my way..I’m going to the front and kick some butt while they are at it. Sure would be a lot more interesting. We all have always loved the Earnhardts and always will but they are the give them hell kind of guys and are what real race car fans like and don’t want these sissy-cry baby guys that you are trying to make Jr. and the rest of the drivers be like.

  79. JAY RAY on
  80. I agree and I believe that Jr. needs to become
    more focused and put outside interests aside and concentrate more on his racing. As we all
    know, he is a great driver, however, I am not
    sure about Tony Jr. and his pit crew. It would be interetsing to see how Jr. would do with a crew chief and pit crew like Jimmy
    Johnson’s crew. I think Rick Hendrick needs to
    get a little more involved in Jr’s situation.

  81. harold bryan on
  82. I think there are a lot of things that might be affecting his performance in the race car. His stepmother teresa, the fact that DEI seems to be struggling, his crewchief possibly, and I wonder if Dale Sr death might be affecting hom in some way. I watched them two race together quite abit and I thought Jr had a similar aggressive style of driving than. Now it seems like, maybe the way his father died is in the back of his mind and tends to make him a little more cautious behind the wheel. I don’t know that for sure but it just seems that way to me.

  83. Dean on
  84. Mare he had a lot of good pit stops. I remember two or three he gained a lot spots. But when the green flag waved he would lose four or five spots in the first lap. He or they unloaded bad and put up bad. I don’t know what the problem is I just hope they get it figured out. And no the 88 is not a r/d car. They all get the same equipment.

  85. Maureen on
  86. I think that Junior and Tony Junior need to look at the tapes of the wins Junior had and then look at some of the races he did not win and compare the difference and then make the necessary corrections, obviously they were doing something right when Junior was winning so something changed, look at the tapes and see what is the difference now that he is not winning and the ones that he was winning.
    or it may be time to try a new crew chief.

  87. dottie benedict on
  88. here is what i think junior needs, this may sound kind of silly to some of you but i believe in my heart junior needs us his fans to encircle him with the light of love and each one of us give him a reassuring hug that we are not gonna run out on him like fair weather fans would. now as awful as his season has been thus far, i will NOT turn my back on that boy i will stand beside him and stand strong giving him a shoulder to lean on and a hand if he needs help. i will always love you junior always threw good and bad.

  89. Erin on
  90. You know I agree his focus has to be off. He needs to focus through the ficus! Hehehe.I’ve often wondered if maybe Junior has a case of attention deficit disorder. When he is concentrating he really has that intense look his dad had but then he looses it and you can tell just by looking at him. He really could use a sports psychologist.He needs someone to talk to that isn’t biased or in it for the money etc. He’s depended too much on Kelley and he really needs someone who will listen and not criticize him or want a piece of them if you know what I mean.

  91. Tom on
  92. Junior is the driver of the #88. His job is to drive, and that is all. He is not responsible for getting into the pitt by himself. That is someone else’s job. Junior does not change tires or fill up the gas tank. That is someone else’s job. Junior is not in charge of the Pitt crew. Some one has to build them into a team, and motivate them to do their best, and be on top of everything for 15 seconds several times a race. Junior does not set up the car. That is someone elses job. Junior does not tweek the car during the race. That is someone else’s job. If the driver has to be concerned about everybody elses job how in the hell can he concentrate on the race. Junior needs to get real, real mad and line up the whole crew, and tell them to join up or get out. Give them a week off to make up their minds. Meanwhile let Pop be the crew chief in Charlotte and use Brad’s crew to do the Pitt work.

    Because all Junior has to do is drive the car he will win the race.

    I’ve spent 60 years working with and helping masses of people. Give me a picture of this group and I can pick out your problem people just by studying the picture. Be sure Junior is in the picture.

  93. Erin on
  94. Good point maybe he needs a good all around physical including mental acuity and an eye exam. Something is off. Heck he could have a thyroid condition or any number of things that are silent.

  95. jo-jr on
  96. of all, these, comments on this article, carole and mara, hit the nail on the head!!! i agree 100%, with both!! great answers!!
    completly, right!! I have always ,been a no.# 1 fan of jr”s and I always will be , if he never wins a race or championship! oh, by the way , i have been going to nascar races ,since back in the 60″s, so i do know a lot about nascar racing. we are still, with you jr.!!!!

  97. kent on

  99. Erin on
  100. I think they could also bring Lance McGrew over on the 88 box when the 25 isn’t running to help mentor the crew. He did a great job with a young Brian Vickers and with Brad last night.I also think the chemistry might be dead with Junior and Tony Jr. Or perhaps Junior just needs someone older? I think he needs someone he respects. He needs someone to just be there for him and listen and give him heck if needed. He is missing that from his dad. I know all too well what loosing a dad so suddenly is like. I lost my dad much the same way. He went to work that morning told us all goodbye and that evening he was gone from a massive heart attack. It’s been many years and you never get over it but a psychologist could help him with that.

  101. Mare on
  102. Dean: I did’t mean he NEVER gains positions off of pit stops. I also didn’t mean in just Ssaturday’s race. It seems so many of the times he doesn’t. Well, doesn’t that mean (most of the time) the crew is’t as fast as they should be???? Doesn’t someone look at that and think there is something they can switch within the crew to see if that helps. I fully realize some of the time Jr caused the problem, but not all of the stops are his fault he is slow leaving the pits. Other teams have switched people around within their pit crews and have helped the situation.

  103. Mary on
  104. I agree Donna. He needs to know we support him no matter what. I think the guy is struggling with something. He will get it figured out and we all have to be patient.

  105. C.A. Semenza on
  106. I believe it’s time now for Mr.Hendricks to step in, enough is enough, the rest of the team is fine, something is very wrong with Jr.He has the best of equipment but can’t get the job done.After last nights race I gave up, only for a short while though, he’s still #1 in my opinion but needs help someone has see whats wrong, clear his head and then he has kick A–.

  107. Larry Kibbons on
  108. Eury Jr needs to go !! Switch with Chad fotr a few races and then see if Jr can race better and maybe Eruy Jr will learn to count his driver down to his pit like Chad has done several times that I’ve heard on the pit radio!

  109. june patton on
  110. I agree with Tom 100%. It’s evident that he has a pit crew problem. If you don’t have a good car, how can you run good. Get Pop back for a few races and see what happens. My driver will always be Jr. No matter what he does. God love him. Keep him safe.

  111. Tricia on
  112. I agree! I think Rick Hendrick hired the name not the driver. He puts on the act like he cares about him but his main concerns are #24 and #48. He would have helped him by now. I think he’s hoping Jr. will want out of his contract. The best thing would be for him to reconcile with his step-mom (at first I thought she was wrong) and get back to DEI to be their #1 driver. She got his dad were he was and her question to Jr. about being a driver or celebrity was right. He’s getting older and pretty soon he’ll be 40 years old and probably just running around the track not making any noise anymore. That would be a terrible end for a promising career.

  113. Steve on
  114. I think Dale has the highest sponsor dollars in Nascar so Hendrick won’t try skimping on the 88 and give it to Martin. Tony Sr would only fix the arguing on the radio cause he’d slap Dale a Good one if he talked to him like Tony Jr. Some bad luck, bad pitting and such put him behind and the problems mount in desparation to catch up. I think he’s syched out somewhat and snake bitten. I think he’s a ok driver, but not on par with Busch, Johnson, etc. If he drove like his dad he’d be on suspension or more in today’s racing. He also doesn’t have Chocolate in the pits like Daddy to protect him, so running people into walls won’t fly for him.

  115. Joe Knight on
  116. Its my fault. Anyone or team I pull for loses. So blame me

  117. HoneyOne on
  118. I was there last night. A lot of Jr. fans were all around me. They were quiet, very quiet. There has to be some changes done and they need to be done now. I think his whole pit crew and Tony, Jr. needs to be changed. He is so loved by all his fans. He has to make something happen. He has to take charge and he has to do it now. This can’t languish any longer…..

  119. Sam on
  120. I think he’s so stuck on himself that he’s not focused on racing anymore, or maybe he needs to get his head out of the sand bucket.

  121. Lynn on
  122. Maybe, better tires would help. I seems to me like he’s had a lot of flats this year.

  123. Bob on
  124. I sat here and read all of the comments, so good, some not so good. But who are we to be trying to fix Dale Jrs. problems? The fix to his problems lies within the scope of Rick Hendrick and Jrs. crew.
    I have no idea on what the exact problem Jr is having and will keep my opinion to myself. I do think, there are many things bothering Jr; too many to list.
    Dale Jr is not some super God; he is only a normal human like the rest of us. He has all kinds of worries, concerns, etc.; we all do. Jr isn’t any different.
    What we as fans need to do is support Dale Jr whether good or bad. Disregard what the Jr haters say and move on.
    So what if he doesn’t win or even make the chase and win a championship. Any true Earnhardt fan knows that he is doing his level best with the weight of the world on his shoulders. All we can do is support him, don’t listen to the negativity, and keep our mouths shut except to say he did the best he could.
    I ask any of you, would any other driver out there be able to carry the responsibility he has as an Earnhardt, be the most popular driver, lose your father (who by the way was his best fan and critic), and still attempt doing what he does….RACE!!!!!
    If there is such a driver, please let me know.

    Another question, do any of you think you can do a better job than Dale Jr?
    If not, quit the complaining and support him the best we can by leaving him alone, let him drive, and be himself.

  125. Donna on
  126. I agree totally. He has alot of stress and it will affect your your life in so many different ways. People need to think about that before they start to criticize him.

  127. Ria on
  128. The corvette fire has been my feelings for some time. It seems like since that fire he has not driven as he did before it. I do not believe outside interest or DEI has anything to do with the problems he is having. His sister and Mother do a lot for him. Junior is the problem for whatever reason.

  129. Donna on
  130. ditto

  131. Huff on
  132. Everyone will hate me for this but, Jr. needs to get shakin’ up a bit, like others I think he needs to focus. Take him right out of the car for 3-5 races, put Brad in the car with the same crew and crew chief and see what that brings, maybe it is the pit crew and/or crew chief. If that doesn’t sit well with people put Mark in the #88 with Tony Jr. and give Dale, Alan Gustavson and the #5 car, but I think you would still see Mark finishing near the front and Jr. finishing mid pack. It’s not the crew chief or the equipment it’s Dale himself he seems to have lost his drive to excel past what he has already accomplished in the sport.

  133. drumarie on
  134. I think Tony Eury Jr is a good crew chief but he and Dale Jr are too close. Dale Jr needs someone he can respect and look up to. He needs a chief that can tell him who is the
    boss in pit lane. He also should not have to deal with pit lane mistakes.
    He needs to only deal with driving.
    Wins will come.

  135. Randy King on
  136. Dale Jr suck’d when he left DEI…

  137. mouse on
  138. Does anyone know how to get in touch somehow with Hendrick, and sejust some of these things to him? Like letting Tony Sr, stand in for a few races, and get Tony Jr. some better feel of how to get Jr. up to the front? I think, if Tony Jr. was to spot more for a while, he could tell what is really happening with car and driver. He should also be more in charge of the crew and tell them to do exactly what he and Dale Jr. say and quit changing things as he comes in to pit. I think Tony Jr. should be more persistant with the crew and demand they get thier act together and get Jr. up there. It seems to me, they’re taking there time and don’t care where Jr. ends up at.

  139. gentry on
  140. I think kyle petty will take over the dale jr. ride. there is not much difference. kyle had a streak of race starts and jrs. getting there.

  141. Randy King on
  142. I 100% agree… Jr was never the same…

  143. Ray on
  144. Change the pit crew, the car is the best money can buy and Junior is good as he can be so the only thing left to try is the crew chief and pit crew. If that don’t help improve Junior’s situation then it must be Junior, maybe we could live with that if Mr. Hnedrick would just do it if only to shut us all up. I will still be a Juunior fan but sure would like to see a shack-up and soon.

  145. janet on
  146. Maybe they ought to try and put TonySr in there
    for a few races, and see what happens, Also JR
    I do not think that he should listen to what all the none doubting fans say and just focus
    on driving that #88, I’m behind you as a fan and always will be. Jr is a good driver, I’m waiting for the time that he drives like his daddy did. Go Jr.

  147. cookie white on
  148. it does seem that his mind & heart are somewhere else besides racing. i’ve been watching his pre-race & post-race interviews & his eye contact & interviews are short, off course.

  149. Alan on
  150. Junior is very poor at communicating what his car needs. He gets emotional when his car is handling poorly and forgets to get Tony jr the input he requires to improve it. Listening to the 48 or 24 communication prior to a pit stop is sooooo different from Dale and Tony’s communication. Junior will say “You’re the F***ing crew chief and it’s your job to fix it”, while others are discussing options that could be implemented. Someone needs to kick Junior’s butt and get him to be part of the team, not just the meat head behind the wheel….

  151. charlotte on
  152. i totally agree! it’s every week there is so much gossip on this about dale jr.!!!!! why don’t yall pick on kyle? leave jr alone!it’s nothing to any of us,if he doesn’t get in the race for the championship! he is trying!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave jr alone! it’s every week this same o same o!!!! and it’s all about dale jr. jr if you read all this garbage, please don’t pay any attention to it. just do whatever you have to. be yourself….. we all love you. i’m an earnhardt fan, and alway’s will be. p-l-e-a-s-e…..leave the guy alone! yall are putting to much pressure on him..

  153. charlotte on
  154. you are so…right! they need to leave dale jr. alone!!!!

  155. Skip on
  156. I think you are mistaken,Theresa did not take anything away from Jr. he left on his own free will after being offered a very generous part of DEI !

  157. Helen on
  158. Junebug will be ok if everyone would leave him alone. Hendrent needs to get behind him more. Tell D.W. to stop running his jaws on Jr.

  159. charlotte on
  160. jr needs all of our support now more than ever! please all of you. give that to him… let hin know we all support him no matter what. all you jr fans please stick with jr…
    look at michale waldrip, he wrecks every week!!! he can’t drive either! no one say’s anything about him… cool it for awhile. let jr do what he wants to do.maybe mark will help him.

  161. charlotte on
  162. what do you m-e-a-n!!!!!

  163. Jimmy M on
  164. Dale Jr. needs to get some rest and out winning on the top of his agenda. He needs to drive like his Dad. “Lead every lap including the last lap”! Put it to the front and keep it there. The only way he would not win is if he wrecks or blows the car. His Dad did it that way. He wanted to lead every lap. Take each race one lap at a time. Each lap and every lap. When the last lap comes he’ll be leading it. His Dad done it that way and it worked for him. But he needs to put that race as the most important part of his life not all the “fluff” around him!

  165. Marilyn on
  166. Way to go Bob! I agree with you totaly Dale Jr. is no Super God and he is a nornal human like the rest of us. People should give him a break and stop complaining and just support him. No one has any idea how much the tragic death of his father has really affected him and now he must feel like he was the weight of the world on his shoulders. Win or lose I will support Dale Jr. Come on NASCAR FANS give him a break!!!!

  167. Frank on
  168. If you think Dale is Mr Nice Guy, listen to his radio traffic. If I had been his spotter last week, I would have climbed down from the spotters tower and given him a lesson in civility. Dale talked to him like a dog. Several others in the net got the same treatment . I know that it is a disappointment when there is a communication problem. Screaming and cussing won’t help. I still say clean house and have the old “Come to Jesus” meeting with Dale. Change of any kind is better than none. He’s still my driver!!!

    Not only is Junior getting some bad cars every weekend, but the PIT STOPS have been terrible. Not only is the team screwing up, but NASCAR has been very hard on the 88 team. When you put anyone under the microscope and they are aware of a problem, they become very conscious of their every move and have a tendency to screw up more so as the eyes of the world are upon them. All this b.s. started right after the general public got on the bandwagon to get rid of Tony Jr.
    The general public and especially the media needs to stop making a big deal out of Junior’s life and let him do his job to the best of his ability and you’ll find there is NO PROBLEM ………

  169. JUDIE on
  170. The problem keeps getting bigger, & the answers are so few. I know we all have our ideas as to what we think abt what maybe going onwith him etc. Rick Hendrick seen something in JR, & felt he had the talent to get the job done,& everybody thought if he had a chance to get on this team etc things would come full circle for JR.Year 2 is here , & Jr is sinking big time. I wouldn’t want to be him, in the stable of talent hes in. To be among the team with some of the best drivers, ever, all with many wins, each, & knowing everyday they are winning, & there cars are suppose to all be set-up the same, but every week, Jr comes up short…Even the rookies are having better luck, with less experience than JR..What is going on..we all want to see Jr do what he is capable of doing..WINNING.

    I have listened to some of Dale Jr’s feedback from his team players and from his main guys on the radio. This is what I could analyze: Everytime Dale Earnhardt Jr. tries to get some confidence back a few of his team members doubt that he is on the wheel. I heard it for myself. He needs more indians than Chiefs right now and let there be just one Chief and that is Tony Eury Jr. Other than that the spotter is the spotter and he needs to report to the chain of command, while the other guys just need to focus on what they do. That is all. Jr. will be strong and on the wheel, so lets get out there team and win a race. Win one for the Gipper!

  171. Carla on
  172. I’m a die hard Dale Jr. fan. I think Jr.s problem is everything. Borm to race. Do it!! I agree with others that his relationship with his crew chief, his pit crews mistakes and Jr.s lack of focus is all part of the problem whether Jr. wants to face it or not.

  173. Tom on
  174. I don’t know for sure, but I think the COT car has him intimidated. I am not sure he can drive it loose enuff to be fast, loose is fast, and he isn’t driving it to its fullest capacity. Maybe the fire did do something to him, to take his drive away. He did better with Eury Sr, because he would take his bs, so maybe he needs him on the box again. Something is wrong with Jr., not the team, not Hendrick, just Jr. Popularity does not win races, look at Kyle Busch!

  175. Twisted on
  176. and you know this ti be true because……?

    Dale Jr. appears to have regressed shortly after his near death experience when the Corvette he was driving crashed and burst into flames during practice for a race. Let’s face it, he was very luckly he got out before being badly burned. Remember, this was soon after Dale Sr. passed in his Daytona accident. The matter at DEI and Teresa also may have made Jr. feel that the important people in his life just disappeared – I think Jr., deep down, continues to have problems working these issues out. I believe many fans feel he should be as good, if not better then Dale Sr. was when he raced. Remember, Sr. never drove the COT or anything close to it. NASCAR also allowed more mistakes to slip by then they allow now. Dale Jr. will be back to his winning ways before long as long as we fans support his driving. Please give him a chance -do not compare him with other drivers. Let’s encourage him to do better and not to be discouraged if he makes a mistake – Jr. must understand that he must be around towards the end of the race to have a chance to win. I support Dale, Jr. as a race driver, car owner, and everything he does – join me in this support. Thank you!

  177. Marilyn on
  178. Just an idea……Jr left DEI because he was tired of being Teresa’s cash cow. He felt like his dad’s business was going under and she was not going to get it where Dale Sr had it,so Jr wanted to buy controlling interest and get it back on top. He was going to improve the company at all cost and bring in new equipment he felt would help them. She refused and he left. Now she(who was supposed to be such a smart business women) has almost lost the whole thing. She hired new management and they are all gone, she had to merge with another company and has had to go by a new name. Don’t you think maybe he feels terribly guilty that his dad’s pride and joy has hit the dumps. I think this bears on his mind all the time and he feels like he has betrayed his dad and should have done more to keep DEI afloat. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming him , I was glad when he dumped the stepmother and moved on, but I still think as compassionate as he is he feels like he should have done more . I think the death of his dad, and all the family he has to support with jobs, he just has so much on his plate it is driving him crazy! If all he had to do was drive the car it might be different but, so many are depending on a salary each week from him it is just way toooooo much. He will ALWAYS be my driver and I will never change even if he Never winds another race. There are none out there like him, caring and kind. I watched his dad from the beginning and loved him and have followed the family for years. I am old enough to be jr’s granny and wish I was. He needs some good ole fashioned huggs from a granny. Go jr we will always be there for you.

  179. John T. on
  180. If Dale Jr. is having poor communicating with Tony then may-be all the other 3 crew chiefs should sit down and listion to the tapes of the 2 of them and tell Dale and Tony what and or how to do it better. I don’t think it is the cars or parts for the most part, Dale does need to learn to sneek throught the pack more like his dad did and stay in the top 10 untill the alst 15 laps then make his move.

  181. Sammi on
  182. It is very clear that the constant scrutiny by everyone puts an unimaginable amount of stress on Dale, Jr. He has a big heart and seems to be a very humble and generous person. What other driver doesn’t have outside interests, etc. to pursue. As much as I loved
    Dale, Sr., having the Earnhardt name is a huge cross to be carrying on your back. People act like he and his dad should drive, etc. as if they were twins. There wouldn’t be half the hype about him if his name wasn’t Earnhardt. His ugly step-mom never helped the situation either.

  183. bill carey on
  184. i think dale and tony and the pit crew need to spend some time apart an for jr to stay out of that dam bar an quit drinking so much it would not be so bad even if he went back to theresa and drove there an get the no 8 back where he belongs

  185. chaz on
  186. jr. and RC need to go wild boar hunting, eat sum schroomz drink sum RC wine and hava talk bout whatz real.

  187. chaz on
  188. then pool up sum $$$ and overtake D.E.I. b4 theresa blowz the legend away on lil boyfriendz.

  189. Richard on
  190. Rick Hendrick needs to shuffel his deck of cards,Tony Eury jr needs to go to the Nationwide series,Tony Eury sr needs to take over Dale jrs team ,he will hold Dale jrs nose to the grind. He knows what it takes to put Dale jr in to victory lane.

  191. Ed Hamerlinck on
  192. Tony Jr. has got to go. He is the problem. Dale Jr. knows how to drive and wants to win. Dale Jr. needs someone to get his head on straight and manage.

  193. G. R. McDaniel on
  194. Dale has had a problem since he left DEI

  195. danger on
  196. Amen Jody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. jeff on
  198. and u know this to be true alan??? well u must be a matt kenstha fan then i think jr only need’s tony sr back and he wiil be like he was 5 yrs ago…. go dale jr

  199. jeff on

    Jr. for sure has a problem, as far as to what it is, I think he has lost his motivation. Why, is the real question. I don’t think it’s just one thing either, I think he has a lot of personal issues, be it family, team issues or what ever, he needs to seek in his on way, ewhatever it may be a way to find peace of mind. He is just under to much pressure.

    Tony JR is the problem, if he would take control of the pits like the other chiefs and reel his driver in maybe then JR would do better. JR also needs to be more aggresive until those things happen nothing good will happen

  201. Edward J Rogers Jr on
  202. I think Dale Jr eeds to consitrait more and have his team work with the other teams in Hendricks motor sports!See what the other Hendrick Teams are doing to make there cars work better on the TRACKS!!!!!!!!

  203. GM on
  204. I love the guy but here’s my perception….when he and his stepmother had the issue over who should have majority in DEI she refused to let him have 51%….that was a HUGE mistake on her part as JR is BLOOD and he made it tick……I think JR has a real problem with that as she will not be successful in it. She cannot draw flies and should have been glad to accept 49% but didn’t….
    Very sad…………….

  205. marcel on
  206. JR should quit racing, he has lost it. Stick with being a car owner only in nationwide. He cant even be interviewed wihout making an ass of himself. Time to hang up the skates JR.

  207. Randy King on
  208. that will NEVER happen.. all Hendrick cares about is the 24 and the 48.. as i see it, Jr’s stuck in a hole and i guess we gotta live with it..

  209. terry on
  210. i believe his time will come and everyone trys
    for some drivers to live up to all the hype
    maybe he is just tired of people pushing who’s
    son he is
    he wants to be his own person

  211. Richard Clausen on
  212. Dale Jr’s spotter must be smokin’ something funny and Tony Jr is not helping. If Dale Jr can’t even find his pit then maybe it is Dale Jr’s fault. It’s time for Hendrick to reorganize that crew.

  213. cookie on
  214. I totally agree with you. I am so sick of hearing from all the anti-fans. If they can’t think of something, they make things up. Have you ever looked at Jr’s face during interviews?
    His eyes tell the story. He just hangs his head, and he has nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of athletes have a slump in their career and the fans and media don’t start with the name calling. Why do they do it to Jr? Does this make them feel like a big man or woman?
    Leave him alone and let him figure it out. All you critics: how would you like this stuff said about you?

  215. Barb on
  216. and you know this how?????? you sound like a jealous man.

  217. Barb on
  218. The kid needs a break. He is overloaded with responsibility of all kinds. A good long (not too long) vacation, more time spent at home and he will be right as new! Who can survive that kind of load and pressure? Surely not us ordinary people! I can’t even imagine how he gets through each day with ALL he’s got on his head! Give him some space, and always give him your support. Look at all he has brought to us and to racing, be grateful people. No one can be 110% under his kind of pressure, no one. And….how can you criticize a person who cuts loose once in a while and has a good time? He certainly deserves to do that! He is not a drunk or an idiot, he is constantly aware of WHO HE IS and WHAT HE IS. Stay positive and he will come back BIG TIME.

  219. harry kimmey on
  220. look you so called fans, junior is one of 43 drivers, which anyone of them including gordon can go threw rough times. how about other drivers that make up the field. i might be wrong but i would say kyle is headed for a bad year. it takes it all to win these days. look at the game of basketball, all players and teams have a pit fall at times. maybe junior needs d.w. to talk him up like he does kyle. leave junior alone ,he will do good this year compared to most of the field. go jeff

  221. Mama Donia on
  222. I’m like most of you, I don’t know what Jr.’s problem is. I will stand by him forever, because I know he can drive a race car as good as most anyone out there. I think Jr. is upset and worried about something we don’t know about, maybe Kelley has the answer, she’s closer to him than anyone. Teresa wouldn’t sell DEI to Jr. and now DEI is basically in someone else hands, Jr. knows how hard his Dad worked to build that company and now Teresa has thrown it away, maybe that’s one of Jr.’s problems, I don’t know. I’ve also heard that Tony, Jr. is one of the best crew chiefs out there, I think Jr. is totally flusterated about something. I do know Jr. hates the COT car, he’s said that many times. DW said Saturday Night that Mr. Hendrick has not been feeling good for the past few weeks, I hope he’s alright, maybe he can get to Jr., somehow, and straighten the problem out.

  223. MoeBo101 on
  224. Michael Waltrip and Dale Jr.–Are you comparing apples and oranges???

  225. MoeBo101 on
  226. Amen to that. Bring Uncle Tony back….

  227. Shamrock on
  228. I’ll wait till Homestaid for my say . See yawll’ then. nuff said!

  229. Mama Donia on
  230. Like the story said, Jr. is under a lot of pressure because of the name “EARNHARDT”. Everyone expects him to be as good as his Dad. Jr. is not Dale, Sr., he is his own person and sometimes when we expect too much of someone it back fires. I personally think Jr. is a great race car driver and yes, he would have been better had Sr. not died. Like someone else said, the best of driver’s can’t have winning seasons on and on, look at Gordon, Kenseth, Kurt Busch and a lot of others, hopefully Jr. will come out of this and win a lot of races in the future.

  231. kim on

  233. Amber on
  234. Dale Jr leaving DEI was the best thing that has ever happened to him. Teresa Earnhardt has ran that company in the ground as you can see, they had to mege with other people when all their drivers left them. He had an awesome year last year that goes to prove it. He had really horrible years the last several years he was with DEI. I believe the problem is all on the pit crew…..we have the pit scanner, so we hear Dale Jr and Tony Jr and all of his spotters talk during every race. Jr is always complaining about that pit situation. The crew just gets slower and slower. Dale Jr is always telling them to hurry when he pits. Also stupid mistakes from pit road has cost him to have penalty laps in several of the races which haves cost him the win!

  235. Amber on
  236. He is hardly at Whiskey River. He doesn’t have time to go there much. So I don’t know why yall are saying that its because of Whiskey River. He has already said in numerous interviews that during the race season he is way too busy doing race related things that he doesn’t have time to go to the bar.

  237. Amber on
  238. I support you 100% I totally agree with everything that you have said.

  239. vette-man on
  240. Jr. needs to take responsibility for his own actions and pull his head out of his ass and drive the race car………….his father would not put up with this sort of driving and performance…………….he is dragging down the team for no reason…………maybe Rick Hendricks should let him set out for a couple of races to wake him up.

  241. lil rau on
  242. ps get a new crew chief and he will start winning.

  243. Katee on
  244. I agree with BOB .I have read all your input and I think Tony SR. should help Tony JR and see what happens . I will stand behind Dale all the way . One of these races he will make it I know in my heart he can do it!!!!!

  245. Harriet on
  246. Until some of these “EXPERTS” get behind the steering wheel,play by all the Rules, listen to NASCAR and the sponsers as well, then and only then, can you truly understand where Dale is coming from. I’d be long gone. I’m am an Earnhardt fan, have been since back in the day, and I might add, “REALLY” watch and listen to all the bull. True “STOCK CAR” racing is dead….If I don’t remember the color schemes of a given car, I miss whos in the car. It is a cookie cutter game and whether Dale wins or looses, I’m for a super kid who keeps trying to “PLEASE” everybody, but himself.

  247. tom on
  248. Am I the only one who thinks Jr needs to get his eyes checked? He continues to blow his pit stops.

  249. Peggy on
  250. I am a huge Dale Jr fan, but I think the problem is with him!! He does not seem to enjoy racing anymore. Darryl Waltrip mentioned before the Darlington race that Jr walked up to him to do an interview and had his head down. Darryl told him to hold his head up–Your an Earnhart! I think he needs a mentor and I hope Mark Martin will step up and fill that spot. Something has to change soon!

  251. wayne bratton on
  252. I’m a big Dale Jr fan,and I fully agree with Bob”s comment”s.Leave Dale alone,he is only human and by picking him apart the way some fans do is just not right.He has a lot of pressure on him and he is only a young man.He has a lot of issues to deal with and at some point he may start getting depressed and then will never recover.Dale will always be my driver no matter what happens.If people do not leave him alone, he may just pack it in,then NASCAR will and the fans will all be losers.May god be with you JR, you are still the best.

  253. Terrie on
  254. I think the problem is his pit crew, very rarely does he go back out in the same spot he comes in, he is usually further back in the field after the pit stop. He won’t ever get a win at that rate, he has to many spots to make up. Tony Jr is fine, get a better pit crew.
    GO JR. from a fan forever, no matter what.

  255. Keri on
  256. Barb i totally agree with you there is way to much pressure on his shoulders.There are plenty of drivers in that feild that hasn’t won races in a while and they don’t make that big of a deal but because he’s nascar’s most popular driver it’s big news. Just give him time he will come around and when he does watch out.Sometimes I do wonder how he gets through everyday costantly on the go always working

  257. Jim Chalmers on
  258. Being as far away from the problem as I am (living room TV set)I believe in Rick Hendrick and all his resourses, I believe in Tony Jr,and I also believe in Dale Jr. I think the problem is in the pit crew itself. Jr. goes in the pit 3ed and comes 11th, goes in 9th, comes out 21st, goes in 7th, comes out 16th. Get it? Better take a close look at that aspect, and I think you’ll find a problem.

  259. Colleen on
  260. I don’t know who’s radio communication you are listening to, but Jr doesn’t do that often, the only time you hear Jr go off on Tony Jr is when he is telling him the same problem over and over again and its not getting fixed. Jr will tell Tony Jr. what the car is doing or not doing, and Tony Jr makes changes, and it doesn’t help, Jr tells him that it’s not helping, so Tony Jr goes and says ok, I’m going to take that adjustment out and put it back like it was, and each week I say WTF??? If it didn’t work the first time, which is why u changed it in the first place, WHY go back to it?? I don’t get that. This happens week after week, he puts a change in, turns around and it takes it out. Last week he told Jr he had no idea what to do, just do his best and drive it like it is… How many crew cheifs do u hear saying that to their driver, esp when they’ve been in the back all night and have been complaining about the same problem all damn night?? I can’t imagine any driver not getting pissed off. I don’t know what, or who the problem is, what I do know is these two are too close to work together as crew cheif and driver. I think both would excel if they both were with different teams. JMO!!

  261. DW, a fan on
  262. Part of the equasion is (like Kyle Petty), Jr. is NOT his father. The fire has to come from within; why it’s not there only Junior can say. When DW interviewed Jr. prior to the last race, the only enthusiasm about winning came from Waltrip. It is true that when a guy gets his bell rung, he has a new respect for the risks. I detest Kyle Bush but regardless of his equipment, crew/chief/spotter, he has the fire to win. Problem is, his aggressiveness usually ends up biting him in the butt. ‘Can’t wait for him to get his bell rung.

  263. Andy on
  264. Come on this kid is a has been, living on his old man’s name, kind of like kyle petty with richard. This kid will never be like is father and I think Hendrick should drop him and get someone who is going to go out there and get the job done. May be he can get a job up in the booth calling a race, oh wait they would have to censor the language. Maybe he would make a good spotter for someone like that new kid that just turned 18 now that is the future of the sport if it survives with all of Detroit auto makers going under.

  265. shaver on
  266. i agree with you i have followed jr from the lower ranks he is a good driver and always will be. they just need to find and strain the problems out one by one they will be back and they will contend for the cup it’s going to take some time. as the part on crew cheif tony jr, spotter, pit crew don’t forget jr has missed his pits alot this season so it’s everybody making problems. for pops “eury sr” yes he was a awesome crew cheif for jr but pops couldn’t put up with jr’s attuide thats why he is cheif for brad but is eury sr and dale jr could get along there would be alot of cups in there cases. all and all i’m trying to say is go 88 team iron out your problems you will get there and i will always be there cheering you on and so will other fans good luck and see you in victory lane your fan shaver

  267. Erin on
  268. He was better with Pops because Pops would not take his crap! Junior is just like his dad he needs to be put in his place when he steps out of line. Mr H needs to tell Tony Jr to not be intimidated by Junior and take control. That is the only problem I have with Tony Jr. He is not firm enough with Junior. One time he’s told him shut up and drive! Maybe they need to put an older more respected man up on the box to help Tony Jr tell Junior and the crew to shut up and do their jobs. I think Mr H needs to listen to the whole race without their knowledge and then lower the boom on those who need it including Junior. I do think he goes from passive to aggressive with his crew and Tony Jr lacks assertiveness.

  269. ken on
  270. first i think junior has alot of other things on his plate. i think seeing his dads company go down the craper is’nt helping matters. but i think he needs a crew chief change he needs to learn to change set ups and trust the chief. you know its hard to work with family and whoever said hendrick is giving him second grade material is nuts. hendrick wants junior to win and win championships. junior has to pick it up plain and simple!!!

  271. Erin on
  272. No eye contact, no inflections in the voice, slow and monotone, looking away etc. Signs of stress and depression and maybe, just maybe he is drinking too much? It’s a possibility that he is using alcohol as a crutch.Last year he was smiling and upbeat, this year he’s too reserved and too restrained. Something has gone way wrong in the past year.

  273. Erin on
  274. Yes, Carl Edwards is not having the year he should be but you don’t see Carl faltering in interviews or calling out Bob and his team over the radio. He is always smiling and pleasant regardless of the outcome of the race. Maybe Junior should sign on with whatever Carl is doing, exercise, diet etc. If he is depressed and stressed exercise and diet could do a lot to cure that.

  275. Erin on
  276. Exactly Peggy! again signs of depression and stress.He is not happy

  277. Helen on
  278. I agree – the Eury’s need to switch places – Sr to Sprint Cup with Dale, Jr.

    maybe it would be better if he got his old pit crew from when he droved at DEI,get rid of the crew he has now, but change the crew with the same crew he was use to and see if things change,

  279. Amy1956 on
  280. I think you are right about Tony Jr. needing to crack down on the pit crew! And also when Tony Jr. was in the spotter’s box at one of the Nationwide races he admitted himself that he learned a lot about what needs to be done. It just doesn’t look like he acted on that information. Dale’s pit crew needs to be whipped into shape with faster times and more efficient work.

  281. Amy1956 on
  282. I agree and praying for him won’t hurt anything either.

  283. Nell on
  284. I support you all the way on this. Just let Dale Junior drive.

  285. Nell on
  286. I agree with everything you have said. Jeff Burton comment was that Dale Jr. had the weight of Nascar on his shoulder,s. Do you think any of driver could have taken all the pressure like Dale Junior. For one, I think he is doing one hell of a job at it. I know I could not have stood up to everything Junior has had to put up with. Just support the man and let him drive.

  287. Marilynn on
  288. I sure hope Dale doesn’t read all of these comments, because if he doesn’t have a problem now, he will when he reads most of these! I sure he feels alot of pressure because everyone thought that going to Hendrick was going to be the answer. I think you need to take into account all the changes that have gone on for him over the last year and a half. I have to admit though, I don’t think Rick is giving him the support he gave him last year. Does he need a new crew? Probably. Why not try it and see if it works. Hearing every TV analysts bad mouth him can not be helping. I am sick of hearing how Kyle is “the man”. Real men don’t whine and cry! If he has a bad night he gets out of his car and stomps off (did anyone see him after Friday nights race?) What an immature little whine ass! You don’t see other drivers react like that. Grow up Kyle! And please, you rude, nasty people out there leave Dale and his personal life alone!

  289. Mavis Rideout on
  290. Fix Jrs problem ?? It would be nice if they could just set his car up the way he likes to drive it. I think the biggest problem is the pressure put on him by the media, the fans, his boss and most of all himself. He wants to do good so much that he makes mistakes. He has done himself in a few times in the pits but so has his pit crew. They need to pay more attention. I know racing is a pressure sport but he said he thrives on pressure but too much can do you in. It seems funny that someone like Jamie McMurray has problems and it’s bad luck. Jr has problems and he’s not in the game, not focusing or whatever. I think there is a lot of luck involved in his problems too. They say you make your own luck but I’m not so sure of that. Maybe if everyone lays off with the criticism he will do better.

  291. BJ on
  292. EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP COMPARING JR. TO SR.!!!! Jr. is a different man entirely. He carries Sr.s DNA and name but that’s all. Let him be himself. Everyone has stressed him out including non-fans, TV commentors (DW) and reporters. Also, leave his personal life out of this! If and when he is willing to share, he will!!

    I think the biggest problem is his crew and Hendrick. If Hendrick has decided to give the resources to Mark Martin exclusively, then shame on him. Maybe Hendrick also has too much on his plate and has a problem handling all his teams. He has several other drivers that depend on him and he needs to treat them equally.

    Also, it’s time to separate Eury Jr. and Dale, Jr. They are more like squabbling siblings than teammates working together. They are TOO close to each other. We’ve seen Jr. do good this year – - he came in second behind Kesolowski two weekends ago. He also came from the back of the pack and was close to finishing in the top ten this last weekend. (Again he had car problems. It’ up to Eury to prevent this.) Furthermore, in my opinion I think it takes a lot of concentration and FOCUS when bump drafting. Other drivers want to partner-up with him during those type of races. Jr. does have what it takes and he will make it to the winner’s circle.

    Just because his name is Earnhardt everyone expects miracles from him and he is constantly criticized by commentators for not winning. There are a lot of other good drivers on the track who have had longer dry spells than Jr. However, they aren’t criticized.

    Like most of you, I will support him during every race and most of all, I want him to be happy.

  293. cindy on
  294. I truly think that it is tony eury jr is the problem. it does not take some risks like chad does and that is why he is not winning races and his pit crew is just to slow.i would get rid of tony eury first then if the pit pick up you know it was tonys calls that made dale not win. a true and loal dale jr fan.

  295. tcbpat88 on
  296. I agree with you fuller but not 100%, his fans MUST stay with him,back him all the way. But some of the things that happend he could of helped,I have been his fan from day 1..he doesnt race like he did, there is something going on. Team,crew chief,Rick,him or all? What? We have no right trying to tell him what to do or how to do it, till WE walk in his shoes we have NO idea what goes on in his world. BUT Rick Hendrick does!!!were is he? Has he sat down alone with Jr. & with Tony Jr.? If anyone could get through to Dale Jr. I think it is Rick! It’s time Dale Jr. settled down and dumped all those friends, he’s not getting any younger and he does need someone in his life that will love & listen to him and never judge him no matter what. And not mommy or sis! All his fans want to help and they as me thinks they have the answer but we dont. We can just be his fans & say a pray. That would help.

  297. bettie Cooley on
  298. “Shave You are absolutely right on in everything you just said, I have always thought something in Jr. changed after the incident in the Corvette then his dad’s passing. We all need to support Jr, and not let him down!!

  299. bettie Cooley on
  300. It was his Dad’s dream to have Jr. take over DEI when he was gone. Teresa drove him out! Plus we all can say what we want, no one knows what really went on behind closed doors.

  301. tcbpat88 on
  302. OK!!! Kyle,JURK,BABY,BAD SPORT,list goes on and on! Leaves his cars on the race tracks, while he runs away from the news reports and fans. Thats good for his sponors. He can drive but he still is a JURK, I wouldnt want ny kids or grandkids to wear his tee’s.
    DALE JR. FAN ALWAYS..just stay with him!

  303. Shannon on
  304. I agree 100% with you…And I think if the media would leave Jr alone and stop adding pressure to the amount he already has on him, maybe he will do better. I am have been and will be a proud member of Jr Nation no matter where he finishes. He is an awesome driver but he has so much pressure on him that it isn’t funny. People just need to leave him alone and let him race. Dale Jr ROCKS!!!

  305. still a jr fan on
  306. drove all the way 2 darlington fron indiana 2 c mountain dew car. win or lose i will b a fan. he needs 2 tell his pitcrew 2 b more fan friendly. at the race the acted like they didnt want 2 take pics with fans. they were just stand n around

  307. Sarah on
  308. I love Jr. and will always be his fan. Losing his Dad devastated him. It takes time to heal from a huge loss like that, and than Jr. is out on the racetrack every week which reminds him of his Dad and just compounds the hurt in his heart. I think Jr. is a super young man and we should pray for him and stick with him no matter what. I am so glad that he and his sister Kelley share a closeness. Our job as fans is not to pick him apart but to love and support him no matter what. Love you Jr, go 88!

  309. Evie on
  310. Give Jr. time and hopefully it will work out. Also might get rid of the pit crew, crew chief. Go from there……..
    Maybe the wicked step mother put a curse on the team.
    Seriously Rick needs to look into to see what is the real problem, get better equipment for the number 88 team then “Let’s go Racin Boy’s”.

  311. YaiYai on
  312. Worst pit crew in the cup with no leader

  313. YaiYai on
  314. I think so to. A companion can keep you grounded. Pillow Talk with someone you love and trust and not just using his name or fame is what he needs. The right one is out there. A companion would help him decompress and to help him enjoy life. I was at the airport in Talledega when he flew in. All of the other drivers, Jack Rousch, etc flew in and talked to all in the terminal., but Jr had his uncle bring the Tahoe and they drive out thru the woods so noone could talk to him. Someone said something to Jeff Burton about how stuck up he’s become and Jeff actually defended him saying he had to much on him. I really feel sorry for JR

  315. Milissa on
  316. I think Jr has a lot on his plate and isn’t focused right now. Honestly, it’s none of our business why. I support him 100% and know that he will get back to winning. In the meantime we need to set back and let him do whatever he needs to and not put so much pressure on him. Jr. some of us love ya no matter what’s going on. Keep your head up bud. Life is a roller coaster sometimes, buckle your belt and hang on and those of us who truly support you will be here waiting when it’s over.

  317. Mark Witt on
  318. I think alot of you are on the right track but maby a little to soon to point the finger. When Dale Jr. was a rookey he constantly recked the car. Dale Sr. told his crew cheif to tell Jr. To knock it off or he would make him put the car in the trailer. Dalr Jr. has not forgot any thing his dad has tought him. I think he is under a lot of pressure. I mean thing about it. Half of the fans he has now were Dale Sr. fans inculding myself. He is trying to do a good job for Rick and us and his dad. Can you imagine the pressure? DEI his dads Co. is in trouble, Wich was founded for Dale Sr.s kids so they would always have a Co. to race for and something to fall back on. I think Treasa took that away from him. It should have been his Co. How would you feel if you were shown a ticket to the future and someone took it away from you knowing your father had built it for you. You would be lost just like Jr. is now. The fire in the corvett was just GODS way of letting Jr. know that Sr. is still here in sprit, and is looking out for his kids. I think Jr. races with a big hole in his heart. The one figure that was the biggest influence in his raceing career is now gone. He is searching for himself, who he is, who is Dale JR. His idol is gone. Who does he turn to, who does he lean on. These are questons that he will have to answer for himself. All we can do is keep suporting him and not just fans but friends. Love him no matter what. As far as changeing the crew. Tony Jr. has to stay as for the rest of the guys they just need more practice and I think they need to sit down with Dale Sr.s old crew and let them explain what its like to work for one of the greatest NASCAR racers of all time. All they need is some support form guys who have been their. ie. Dale Sr. old crew. So don’t be so quick to throw Dale Jr. or his crew to the wolves but support them and believe in them.

  319. Don on
  320. When Jr.first started racing I decided I wasn’t going to like him just because I was a fan of his dads. When sr.would retire i’d pick a new driver. But I found myself rooting for Jr. to get a win over Sr. Alas I became a Jr. fan. One thing that I noticed was Junior ran in both series and did very well. Is it possible he may have felt more comfortable because he had already performed well the day before in the busch series on the same track? Kyle is running both series and doing better than I wish he would. Just a thought. Hang in there Jr. you’ll figure it out I have faith in you and your organization.

  321. Rose on
  322. I think that Jr. has too many things on his plate. I don’t see how anyone could keep up with the schedule that he does and still tries to race. Give the man a break!

  323. Tena Kangas on
  324. Dale just has to believe in himself and RACE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMMORROW!!

  325. mk on
  326. I think Dale Jr. is more worried about what the other drivers think of him than racing hard. He is not like his Dad. He is too laid back and yes he does have too much on his plate right now. I think 3/4 of the problem is Dale Jr. not having the fire in the belly needed to win and 1/4 is the pit crew. Frankly, they suck.


  327. Sharon on
  328. I was at Talladega as well. I had Pit & Garage passes! I was able to get Dale Jr’s autograph 3 different times during the weekend. And a lot of people have told me that it is EXTREMELY difficult to get his autograph, that he must be in a good mood to sign anything. He didnt have to sign anything for anyone. He chose to! He actually walked up to the group of fans to sign autographs!He seemed to be in a really good mood! He absolutely made my whole weekend! It was AWESOME!
    However his pit crew should get their act together. They are making mistakes that could possibly be costing Dale Jr the race!

  329. Sharon on
  330. Dale Jr needs fans who support him win or lose. He doesnt need any fair weather fans! He is my favorite driver whether he ever wins another race or not!

  331. Sharon on
  332. AMEN!!

  333. Sharon on
  334. Jr wasnt offered a generous portion of DEI. He would have had to pay millions upon millions for it! Teresa drove him out! Plain and simple!

  335. Steve on
  336. Boy Poor JR. nobody else has any pressure like poor JR. He laughs all the way to the bank. He has every opportunity that the other Hendrick drivers have. You can’t argue and complain on the radio constantly like his team and expect to be top knotch. They aren’t children anymore. JR has the most money behind him of any team in NASCAR and his sponsors would not allow Hendrick to put all the power behind Martin.They need to start paying attention to the rest of the organization and follow suit. I feel so sorry for him to make millions and perform like a back marker.

  337. BJ on
  338. “Lil Bit” and Sharon, I agree whole heartedly with you all the way. He is my favorite driver and always will be. As long as his true fans stick with him I sincerely believe he will be fine. Every driver goes through a bad period in their career.

  339. j storms on
  340. very easy…..
    let Rick Hendrick pick Jr a CC and I think some of the problems will start to disappear, but it will not be over night
    slowly but surely the 88 team will start to look like and be WINNERS

  341. Kelley on
  342. AMEN!!!! Too many people are just waiting to jump on the “Bad Mouth Jr” bandwagon. Jr has been through some really bad times over the last few years. There are few of us who have ever had to suffer the loses that he has and still keep together a multimillion dollar empire in the meantime. I agree things have not gone well this year, but I have heard Jr say in interviews that he avoids the internet, specifically because of this kind of negative feedback. He says even though he avoids it, there are always those who come to him saying, “did you see such and so on the internet”. If we are truly Jr fans, we will all support him, good times and bad. That’s the true definition of loyalty, not just hanging on to the coat tails of a winner!

    don’t forget that Tony Jr is the go between Jr and the pit crew , its his job to make sure that it all runs smooth and he not doing it. Jr loses spot after spot every time he pits. Makes it up on track( if car was changed right)only to lose again in pits. Also I think its funny when Jr went to Hendricks that instead of getting the 5 team and crew Casey Mears was moved to 5 and Jr got the 25 team which never wins races. Dale Jr drives his heart out every week only to this end result.

    you don’t know what you are talking about, no thinking or watching what is going on so looks to me like you have no reason to even comment here as you don’t know your facts

  343. nascarShirley on
  344. I think Dale is a great guy, but the Media wears him down. It’s all too much. I think he could benefit from a sports psychologist (like Jamie has), more time in the Gym with Mark and Carl, some time with Kyle learning how to describe to Tony exactly what his car is doing; Tony Eury and Chad need to get together to learn how to talk to Dale when he’s driving, and his pit crew needs to get together with “the killer bees” (#17 team). Then a really healthy diet (minus the Bud-lights). Also,he needs a confident wife to build him up,help him settle down, focus, and have something more to look forward too off the track! Then maybe in about 4-5 years some little Dales! That sounds easy enough, huh? Good luck Dale, We still love you even if you don’t win! – Shirley in Riverside, CA.

  345. sharon on
  346. You are not a junior fan or dale sr fan if you think that it was teresa that got sr where he was.she never drove the car,work on the car.She was the one that made sure if anyone used or wanted to talk to dale sr she made money.

  347. sharon on
  348. Dale jr’s problem is his pit crew.Tony jr needs to go and the whole crew.On one pit stop where he missed the pits, the pit sign was on the ground and the crew was sitting on the wall and waved as dale missed it.I will always pull for dale jr no matter what.One thing i believe is hendrick is giving mark martin the better equipment along with gordon and johnson.Rick needs to step in and get a crew and crew chief for junior that wants the win as bad as dale jr does and right now i believe there are members on his crew that are doing everything that can wrong just to make sure jr.looses.Sorry but he needs a crew.Bring in Tony Sr and move Tony jr back to nationwide series.

  349. Karen on
  350. The only thing to do is change his entire team, especially Tony Jr. Jr should have never brought him to HMS with him.

  351. Diane on
  352. Who did Mark Martin turn to after his win to thank? God.
    I think it’s time for Jr. to hit the ground on his knees and ask for help from Above.

  353. Jayme on
  354. There are a few of you I have to agree with.I wish we were all wrong but there is a problem and it is affecting his driving and it is only getting worse as bad as I have to say we did pretty good while Tony was on suspension and now everything is falling apart quickly.I will always be a Dale Jr. fan and not because I think someday he’ll be his daddy,that’s a lot of his problem today people need to just see he is not his daddy he is a completely different driver than Sr was,still love em ………..

  355. jules on
  356. I think the poor fella needs to be left alone..let him do his thing and the media needs to quit being a pain the back bumper and shut up about it..he is not his daddy he is his own man and a good one at that. thats why we love him. if this was any other driver the media wouldnt harp on it so much..everyone needs to GET OVER IT PPL. he’s aloud to make mistakes and have a rough season..HE IS HUMAN!!!

  357. LADYBLUE on
  358. To solve a problem you have to start somewhere.
    I think if you start with switching Tony Jr and Pops and get no results then you move on to the next possibility. Proccess of illimination!

  359. Dean on
  360. Bob
    you just said what i have been trying to say for years. If the true fans would just not sit and spar with these haters everything would be good. Like you i will be a fan as long as he races win lose or draw.whether he wins a championship or not!
    But a great post BOB

  361. Tina on
  362. It’s not just Jr. who’s performing poorly. His entire team needs restructuring. I know he doesn;t want any other crew chief but Tony Jr., but I think that might be what he needs.Maybe they should swap Tony Sr.and Tony Jr. He used to win with Pops. Anyway, he’s still my fav. driver. I believe Rick Hendrick will figure something out and fix it.

  363. jane on
  364. sam r u talking about kyle bush? dale jr isnt in a sand bucket–put youreself in his place –he is an awesome driver if given half a chance to get things straightened around go jr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. Richard Petersen on
  366. I think Dale Earnhardt Jr is not the problem, Tony Jr is not the problem, its Rick Hendrick. Its hard watching Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Mark Martin up front each week and seeing Dale Jr struggling. Sometime I just want to cry cuz its hard. What Junior needs to do is sit down with Teresa Earnhardt and work things out. This is no way for Earnhardts to ack. Earnhardts are suppost to win, not fight basicly. Junior and Teresa need to work together like a family and get DEI back up front. Dale Earnhardt Sr. built DEI so the team can win a championship and some races, not for it to be put in the ground. Them two (Dale and Teresa) need to talk it over, get back together, and go out there and kick Kyle Busch’s ass!!!!!!

  367. Ben on
  368. His name is Rick HENDRICK……………there is no “S” at the end of his last name! How hard is this for people?

  369. Andrew B. on
  370. The 88 team is gitting the same things as the other three but the 88 team is just not using it right. Also i dont like Jrs head is in the car where it need to be.

    i wish you whinney people would get a grip. dale jr is avery good race car driver. duh, its the top of the line ,of the stock car racing. like i have said, if you just cant get behind junior, like a real fan would do. then switch to kyle bush. you deserve him.

  371. Ronnie(thorp388) on
  372. I realy think that junor need to talk to some one out of the raceing loop some body that a fan of him and close to GOD .just set and listen to him and pray and see just what is buging him .Just many the man missess his dad .I thank GOD can do it

    Love you. Thorp388
    Ronnie Ogle
    God bless

  373. frank chastain on
  374. Jr’s problem is he was babied to death at DEI with no responsibality and knew he had a job there regardless. Pobably the same thing at Hendrick. Think that Tony Jr is right by saying he an’t Dale Sr. and never will be. He needs to grow up and learn the ropes like other drivers. If he doesn’t he will end up like Kyle Petty the name and no ride…

  375. Richard Petersen on
  376. Heck, the team Dale JR use to drive for DEI, now EGR, is now in the 2009 Chase for the Cup with Juan Pablo Montoya while Dale Earnhardt Jr is stuck in 21 with that crapy crew chief Lance Mcgrew. I guess Rick Hendrick got rid of Tony Eury Jr beacuse he hated him for a reason. I still think Dale Jr can do WAY better if he left Hendrick Motorsports and went to Richard Childress Racing. I mean face it, whats going to happen when his contract expires in 2012 and he still has no Championship, WHICH Rick Hendrick promised he’d give Dale. Yea, I thought so. Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt Jr are like family. Yea, it may be the same engines that he keep loosing in 2007, bur thats not stoping Juan Pablo Montoya from maqking the Chase this year in a RCR-DEI engine

  377. rodney on
  378. I think Jr’s lost a lot of his fire. I think a lot of NASCAR has become a “job” for him. There are a few places that still spark something in him. Just listen to him on the radio at Daytona or Talladega – especially Talladega – and there’s an entirely different driver inside that helmet. Confidence, command, and an expectation of dominance exude from him at those places. He commands everything and everyone around him – his spotter, crew chief, pit crew, the car, even the other drivers around him-telling them where to go and what to do to get to the front together. But every other week besides those, the lethargy settles back in. Then there’s the constant need to apologize to every driver he fears he may have offended on the track. Earning respect is one thing, but it’s racing, man! Pure and simple burnout, heightened by the inability to come to terms with the new car, have generated a Jr, I fear, who may not be able to rebound without a serious break. It would not surprise me in the least to see him pop up in a year or two and announce a step out of the driver’s seat to focus on JRM and other interests. Dude just doesn’t sound like he’s having any fun at all anymore.

  379. Rob Maxis on
  380. Jr does have a problem! Its called a lack of talent!!! Give up Sprint and stay ay nationwide series. Sprint is for thebig boys!

    When you put anyone under the microscope and they are aware of a problem, they become very conscious of their every move and have a tendency to screw up more so as the eyes of the world are upon them.

  381. Dougie on
  382. I think Dale Jr’s biggest problem is that he is still dealing with the fact of his father Dale Sr. being killed and until he can shake that monkey off his back, and finally come to terms with it, Dale isn’t never going to race the same way as he did before his Daddy got killed.

    I remember back in 99 and 2000 when Jr. first started in the cup series that boy raced his heart out and was winning races but after Dale Sr. got killed it seems like a part of Jr. died as well, and he just doesn’t have the heart for it like he did before,

  383. Tom on
  384. Yeah, I agree with commenters who said that Dale Jr’s is really having a hard time dealing with his father’s death. He maybe often thinks about it and it seems to be affecting his performance in the race. And I don’t believe that He doesn’t have the talent! He just have to still stay in focus.

    A nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  385. web on
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