Dale Jr Confident Amid Disaster

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Dale Earnhardt Jr had a confident tone even after disaster struck  during Saturday night’s Budweiser Shootout. The race ended in a crash for Junior.

“I like this kind of racing better,” Earnhardt said, talking about the big pack style of racing that Daytona is famous for. “At least I know what to expect.  I feel like I have a better chance with this style than I did last year for damn sure.”

“You just hold your damn car where it needs to be and not drive around like an idiot,” Dale Jr explained. “If you want to drive your car in a straight line and be sensible it is possible.

Pack racing fits Earnhardt driving style better. He is a calculating driver when it comes to superspeedway racing. Always thinking a step ahead.

Earnhardt described how the car drives with NASCAR’s new aero package designed to eliminate 2 by 2 tandem racing. “There‘s just a massive closing rate, said Earnhardt.”If you get bogged down guys can just fly around you.”

Earnhardt hopes the Daytona 500 will go a little smoother than the Shootout. “Being 500 miles guys might use a little better judgment, but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a pretty big deal to win and it’s going to be a lot of guys pretty excited about their prospects of winning it. Still pretty much any car can win.  The lottery’s still there for the whole field.”

Earnhardt has a fast car. He qualified 3rd on Sunday afternoon. Next up are the Gatorade Dual 150s.

What do you think about this style of racing so far?





31 Comments on Dale Jr Confident Amid Disaster

  1. Larry Byrd on
  2. I like this type racing more like racing at Daytona!!!

  3. pam b on
  4. I agree with dale, jr. I liked the racing sat. Night except when he got caught up in the Ambrose-caused crash. At least he wasn’t a dog on a leash following his teammate. Can’t wait for the Duels.

    Thanks, Pam Brooks
    GO JR!!!

  5. stash on
  6. This is racing as it should be.

  7. AZomah on
  8. I fell asleep during Daytona and Dega last season, probably won’t this year. After all they are now racing! YEA!! The only thing that bothers me is the smaller radiators that are causing the cars to heat up so fast. GOOOOO Jr.!!

    The radiators may be an issue, especially in a 500 mile race.

    Junior looks like one to be followed this time.

    So do I.

  9. Paul Immel on
  10. Dale Jr.
    Go get em, maybe this will be your year, Has been a long dry spell. I was hoping Stewert Would beat Kyle, But it sure look like Cale driving the 18 on that pass.
    Chillicothe, Oh.

    Kyle Busch timed that one perfectly.

  11. AZomah on
  12. I think it will be, if I am rembering correctly, the air opening is smaller. Jr. wanted to be up front in the open air. I realize that this radiator stuff will cut down on the stupid 2×2 racing, but todays drivers know what to do to race the way they want to. Jr. being in the front row in his duel race is really cool. He did have the best car!

  13. AZomah on
  14. OOPS!! HMS car!

  15. Steve L. on
  16. I loved the pack, they just need to be smarter about how they push. I just hope that means JR got his wreck out of the way and won’t get in a wreck in the 500. Even though I don’t like Kyle because of his attitude, I respect his talent. The way he saved that car 2 times and then made that slingshot move perfect. To bad I missed it all except for the little replay. I was brushing my teeth during the commercial thinking it was going to take longer, then I walk in and hear DW yell “Wild Thing got him!!”.

  17. George on
  18. Jr . is up to his usual tactics . He can’t drive and he is a big loser . Why you people think he is so great is beyond me. He will never win a champinship . Jr is 37 years old and has won less than 20 races in his sprint cup career. He will end up wrecking or finish in the top 15 or 20 in Daytona . He should quit racing. He is an embarrisment to the Earnhart name.

  19. Mavis on
  20. Love it! Hope the drivers can grasp the idea of not pushing in the corners and not pushing on the left side of the car. It seemed that all the major crashes were caused by drivers doing that whether accidentily or on purpose. The 500 should be great. GO JR!

    I don’t know how old you are,but i’m betting you didn’t quit your job at 37. Who cares if he is not like his daddy, I get so tired of hearing, ” Jr will never be like his daddy, He is not his daddy, he is Dale jr and I love hime no matter what.

  21. June Patton on
  22. Shut up George!!!

  23. lady red on
  24. Move on, George. No one is interested in your comments.
    Jr. running out front was great, he got to the front with his talent in driving a race car. His fans will not be deterred, so don’t waste your time trying, makes you look foolish. Guess you didn’t hear the roar of the crowd over the engines, Jr. will always be #1 and he had an excellent chance of winning the other nite…too bad the accident ruined his chances! But, there will be others and I expect to see him running up front a lot!!

  25. swampy on
  26. I want to be at Daytona for the 500…….I was 20 years ago.

  27. Mare on
  28. It was a good change in the draft type as years before. Hopefully every time there is a crash half the cars won’t be taken out. That won’t be fun for anybody. It looks like that may be the difference in the change. Although I know Saturday’s race wasn’t for points so maybe the drivers will use some smarts on the track pushing forward.

  29. George on
  30. You should move on lady red on Yes he gets out front because he has the same equip. as his team mates and then he always crashes or falls to the back and even drives past his pit box on occasion

  31. Jo Ard on
  32. You are so right, Jr. isn’t his dad and he wan’t every be. Jr. can drive a race car and he is good at what he is doing. If Sam Ard said that boy will be someone one day you can bet he will. Jr. remmber you are you amd not your father. You are a good driver and one day some people will eat there words. May God Bless You and TAKE CARE OF YOU. Good luck to you and I will be praying for you.

  33. AZomah on
  34. lady red I get a big laugh out of the idiotic people that don’t like Jr. but read all the articles about him. They don’t have much of a life.

  35. Addie on
  36. i agree….just hope Dale, Jr. is able to stay away from those who are going to drive like they have no sense. Dale, Jr. is a talent on the track and he had a car to contend for the win. whats the saying? That’s racin boy’s! Go get ‘em Jr.

  37. George on
  38. I don’t read the articles about Jr. You just have to watch him on TV and the mess that he makes on the track.

  39. lady red on
  40. Do I detect a little anger, Georgie boy. If you can’t take the heat find something else to do with your time. Do you think we really care what you think?
    You’re just taking up space for the people that do care and why is it you seem to be alone on here…get a life!

  41. sheri on
  42. Dale Jr. has grown up over the past few years as Tony Stewart has also. I’m optimistic that Jr. will have a good season….i just don’t want that little snibbly Kyle Bush to win most of the races and that goes for Jimmy Johnson to.

    The people that don’t like him seem to know everything about him.

  43. Sherri on
  44. So was it Jr’s fault that he was involved in that crash, or was he just in the wrong spot at the wrong time? I think hr did a fine job driving at the shoot-out and he will do the same at the 500. Good luck Jr. and God Bless you and keep you safe!

  45. Justin on
  46. I hope jr wins all but I tell ya, Kyle Busch was awesome in the shoot out. He reminds me of Dale Sr.

  47. lady red on
  48. He must have a lonely life, needs someone to talk to even if he has to gripe and act like a dummie. Don’t like Jr.? Quit talking, reading about him or watching him race!

  49. AZomah on
  50. Next time, you will no better than to brush your teeth!!

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